God Emperor Chapter 2929


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“hong long!”

The tall body of Mount Milian flew down like a cannonball and fell into the ruins of the Heavenly Venerate Divine Palace, with endless laughter.

A double head-sized eyeball, excited and hot, looking at the black Lord Heart Demon, as if looking at a beautiful girl who was completely stripped.

Fighting Hell World God, you can’t fight to death.

For Battle Madman Mi Lian Shan, it is impossible to have fun at all.

Meeting God of Celestial Court, especially the powerful existence of Shang Hong and Hei Heart Demon, he naturally sees others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again, wishing to fight for nine days and nine nights, ice and fire 10th Layer.

Yan Yu and Xuetu walked out of the darkness one after another and stood behind Haishangming Palace and Milian Mountain, occupying the north and the south respectively.

The four gods are in a fan-shaped formation, which means to prevent the Black Heart Demon from escaping.

The fire on the back of the blood slaughter condenses into Phoenix feathers. The proud ten thousand zhang said with a smile: “Senior Brother, the blood slaughter is here to help you and fight the Celestial Court together.”

The blood slaughter naturally knows that with its own cultivation base, it is as difficult as heavenly ascension to block the Black Heart Demon master with one blow. However, the main battle is Haishangming Palace and Milian Mountain. He and Yan Yu only need to harass one or two when the Black Heart Demon wants to escape.

The appearance of Haishangming Palace and Mount Milian made the heart of Lord Black Heart Demon sink. I really don’t understand that the Heavenly Venerate Divine Palace ruins can resolve battle fluctuations. It should be impossible to disturb the God in the Goddess building. .

There is only one probability.

In the Goddess building under Heaven, Zhang Ruochen discovered his breath and secretly contacted Haishangming Palace and Milian Mountain.

The spiritual sense of this child is too terrifying, and there is no way to hide the great god.

Haishangming Palace was not in a hurry to take action, and said: “Let’s say, come to Xinghuantian and sneak into the world’s Goddess building, what is the plan?”

How shrewd the Lord Black Heart Demon is, guessing that Heshangming Palace is delaying time by asking these nonsense questions.

They must have passed the news to Qian Mo Sang and Capricorn outside the world.

There is not much time left for myself.

“Stop talking nonsense, just let this seat weigh you, the ancient god son.”

The Black Heart Demon raised his right arm, and Warhammer waved out in six directions.

Warhammer rose in the wind and became huge, like a steel Divine Mountain, exploding with unparalleled power.

“I will fight you!”

Mi Lianshan was covered in black armor, punched out, thunder and lightning shot all over, colliding with the six-sided Warhammer.

“hong long!”

People spear Unity.

Haishangming Palace turned into a fire, and from another direction, it attacked the Black Heart Demon.

“bang! bang! Bang…”

The black Heart Demon master one against two, and the Iron Fist of Milian Mountain, the flames and spears of the Haishangming Palace, the space trembles, and a lot of Heavenly Venerate divine runes appear.

While avoiding Heavenly Venerate divine runes, they fought life and death, fighting thrillingly, and each hit was a meet force with force.

“Spear Dao Messenger!”

Zhang Ruochen smiled slightly, not surprised. If Haishangming Palace and Milian Mountain are not outstanding in a certain path and have a lot of Profound Truth in charge, how can they have the strength to face the great god?

How can it be possible to attack the gods in the future?

“hong long!”

With a loud noise, the Divine Force fluctuates, shaking Xue Tu and Yan Yu upside down.

Even Zhang Ruochen and Bai Qing’er, who had a stronger cultivation base, retreated again and again, into a dilapidated palace.

In the center of the battlefield, divine runes are intertwined like thunder and lightning, and the fire is burning and the dust is flying.

Zhang Ruochen looked intently and found that Lord Black Heart Demon was actually repelled by Milian Mountain and Haishangming Palace, and he half kneeled on the ground. In front of the demonic energy cloud, the earth is cracked and dilapidated.

Mi Lianshan held the Iron Fist the size of a water tank, said with a smile: “Is that not enough? Lord Black Heart Demon, are you worthy of being a great god?”

“Brother Shan, if you say that, you are a bit humiliating Lord Black Heart Demon! Judging from this Sovereign, Lord Black Heart Demon can be called the weakest god.” The voice of Blood Slaughter came from a distance.

“haha! The weakest god, this title is good.” Mi Lianshan said with a smile.

The black Heart Demon master’s eyes were cold and grim, and slowly stood up again.

“It’s amazing!” Zhang Ruochen said.

Bai Qinger’s eyes were cold and extremely proud, and said: “There is nothing to envy. They cultivated 100,000 years to achieve today’s achievements. I am sure that it will only take 10,000 years to reach this level.”

Zhang Ruochen suddenly frowned, his eyes confusing.

“What’s wrong?” Bai Qinger said.

“Something’s wrong!”

“What’s wrong?”

Zhang Ruochen said: “The demonic energy escaping from the main body of Black Heart Demon has become a little different!”

A cold voice sounded behind Zhang Ruochen and Bai Qing’er, saying: “The demonic energy of the Lord Black Heart Demon has undergone a qualitative change. If I guess correctly, his demonic energy is undergoing transformation. Demonic energy. It’s even possible that the transformation has been completed.”

Bai Qing’er looked back and saw that Lu Yi was standing under the rock wall with a cold face and a haughty and honorable attitude.

“It turned out to be you, but I missed it before!” Bai Qing’er’s eyes shone brightly.

Lu Yidao: “I have had the experience of fighting against the Black Heart Demon Lord. At that time, he was far from being compared with the present. With my Low God’s cultivation base, I can contain him in a short time. And now, Even if Milianshan and Haishangminggong go all out, they are probably not his opponents. We must leave as soon as possible.”

Bai Qing’er stared at Zhang Ruochen.

She has fully understood that the letter Chi Yao sent out earlier was not a farewell letter at all, but a means by Zhang Ruochen to contact Hell World God to deal with the Black Heart Demon Lord.

This time, she has lost to Zhang Ruochen everywhere in the sense and response to the crisis.

After suffering a lot of losses, Zhang Ruochen has the ability to get along with two or more women.

The best way to deal with it is not to favor any one, and to lead the contradiction to the outside.

Zhang Ruochen stared at the battlefield closely and said: “The Lord Black Heart Demon must have obtained part of “Heavenly Demon Stone Carvings” in Kunlun World. Therefore, he can transform within the body demonic energy into demonic energy. In this way, he can break through to the level of the great god so quickly, hiding it deep enough.”

He did not get the “Heavenly Demon Stone Carving” and the black Heart Demon Lord who transformed the demonic energy. In the Taiyi Realm Initial Stage, it is very possible that he is really the weakest god.

But it’s different now!

Zhang Ruochen stared at Bai Qinger and said: “Can Space Transmission Array still be activated?”

“There should be no problem. I will be responsible for this. However, the Space Transmission Array is close to where they played against, which is a bit troublesome.” Bai Qinger said.

“Leave this to me.” Zhang Ruochen said.

You have to leave immediately. When Qian Mo Sang and Capricorn arrive, more variables will be added.

Zhang Ruochen took out a rusty iron bar and stroked it with his fingers. Suddenly, one after another brilliant light appeared on the iron bar.

It is the sixth of one of the six Divine Swords in Divine Palace.

“Sixth, it’s time for you to show off divine might!” Zhang Ruochen said.


The rusty iron bar made a sword cry, jumping for joy.

Zhang Ruochen did not personally use this divine sword, but gave it to Yulongxian. Only in her hands, Divine Sword can burst out the strongest formidable power.

In the distance, Lord Black Heart Demon’s piercing laughter resounded through the Heavenly Venerate Divine Palace ruins, saying: “I didn’t want to be exposed, you have to force me. Let’s let you see today, what is the devil !”


Black Heart Demon’s head and feet are filled with black pressure demonic energy, countless magic patterns, flowing in the mist.

Haishangming Palace and Mi Lianshan looked at each other, and each displayed Spear Dao and Fist Dao’s strongest Divine Ability, and attacked the past.

“The flying dragon is full of sky.”

A spear of Haishangming Palace stabs into the sky, and the flame spreads at the tip of the spear, turning into hundreds of Fire Dragons, attacking the black Heart Demon from the sky.

The roar from Mi Lian Shan’s mouth is endless, and with each roar, the body grows by one foot.

“hong long long!”

His steel body, stepped on The earth shook and the mountain quivered, and immediately rushed to the black Heart Demon master.

Fisted out.

The rules on the fist are gushing, revealing the illusory shadow of the golden iron horse and the warrior of the gods.

“In front of Divine Artifact, what are your tactics?”

The black Heart Demon’s eyes were contemptuous, and he slapped out with a light palm. A heavenly demon carved Divine Tablet suspended in the billowing demonic energy flew out from the palm of his hand. World Destroying Might crushed all the Fist Dao illusory shadows.

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