God Emperor Chapter 2930


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Heavenly demon Divine Tablet has a curious picture and text. Under the urging of demonic energy, it looks unusually heavy. The Mi Lian Mountain, which displays the strongest Divine Ability, is shot horizontally and pressed into the ground.

If Mi Lianshan hadn’t been wearing a mountain armor, it would really make people wonder if his god body had become bloody mud.

The black Heart Demon master disheveled hair, the horns are bright, and the second heavenly demon stone carved Divine Tablet is shot and flies straight to the sky.

Suddenly, the thousands of Fire Dragons dropping from the sky dimmed and were swallowed by demonic energy.

“bang! bang! Bang…”

The Fire Dragon is all broken, and the rules of spear are broken by the power contained in the heavenly demon stone carving. The magic image on the stone carving is almost alive, turning into an ancient three-eyed god demon, protruding its claws to attack Hai Shangming Palace Go down.

The color of Haishangming Palace suddenly changed, triggering the gate of destiny suspended in the sky and hitting the three-eyed god.

The two forces impacted together, the voice of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering burst out, the gate of destiny and the illusory shadow of the three-eyed demon shattered at the same time, turning into chaotic Divine Qi.

Hishangming Palace suffered trauma and divine blood overflowed in his mouth.

“hong long!”

“Damn it, it has become so strong, it seems that today is not just a simple review.”

Milian Mountain rushed out from the ground and shot the heavenly demon Divine Tablet that was pressed on the body. A wild beast-like roar was emitted from his mouth, and his armor burst out with a gorgeous black light.

In the black gloom, a magnificent Divine Mountain appeared.

Divine Mountain is like a real existence, the soil is scarlet, and there is a dry bone standing on the top of the mountain, exuding a majestic imposing manner.

Lord Black Heart Demon called out two heavenly demon Divine Tablets in a row, adding up to four pieces, suspended in four different directions around the body. The patterns on the tablets are all different, exuding a strange charm.

Actually, only 36 heavenly demon stone carvings of Divine Tablets add up to one, and they are considered as real Divine Artifacts.

Milian Mountain and Haishangming Palace are both the generation with great temperament, and they have not been frightened by sudden changes. I know that only a short delay, Qianmosang and Capricorn will be able to arrive.

When the time comes, the one who should escape is Lord Black Heart Demon.

“It’s now.”

Seeing that Milian Mountain and Haishangming Palace once again attacked the Black Heart Demon Master, Bai Qinger flew out, protected her body with a bronze chime, and rushed into the area where the Space Transmission Array was located.

She injected Divine Qi into Array, and nine amethyst towers about one zhang high rose on the edge of Array.

When Bai Qinger adjusted the nine amethyst towers and locked the coordinates of Space Teleportation, Zhang Ruochen appeared between the Space Transmission Array and the three major God battlefields, supporting a defensive barrier with Spirit Power.

Although Zhang Ruochen’s Spirit Power strength is seven Rank 14 Middle Stage, but it can mobilize the Power of Heaven and Earth blessing, which is enough to match the seven Rank 15 Spirit Power God, a defensive barrier mention on equal terms.

“Black Heart Demon Lord!”

A sound that can shock Divine Soul came from outside, from far to near.

The Divine Soul of the Black Heart Demon was traumatized by the four-character divine sound of Qian Ma Sang, Hai Shang Ming Palace found the opportunity, and a spear pierced his God Realm world.


The long spear of flames and white bones collided heavily with a heavenly demon carved Divine Tablet. The black Heart Demon master was shaken out, and a large piece of demon robe shattered. God Realm world was severely damaged.

Zhang Ruochen looked to the direction outside the Heavenly Venerate Divine Palace ruins, and could already feel the strong lifelessness, and said: “Come on! This god Soul Power is really too imaginary level, it deserves to be over An ancient god who will be in disaster in the fifth dimension.”

“Okay! Go!” Bai Qinger said.

Space Transmission Array is running, white light emerges, and strong space fluctuations burst out.

The Black Heart Demon looked back, a tricky smile appeared in his eyes, and he rushed to Space Transmission Array.

When Milian Mountain and Haishangming Palace arrived, the reason why he did not get away immediately was because he knew that under normal circumstances, he was basically impossible to escape from the hands of Qian Mo Sang and Capricorn.

The only chance is the Space Transmission Array here.

Only Bai Qinger knows the method of opening Space Transmission Array.

He was betting that Zhang Ruochen was also afraid of Qianmosang and Capricorn, and would run away, so he deliberately fought with Haishangming Palace and Milian Mountain and waited for the opportunity. The only thing that exceeded his expectations was that Haishangming Palace and Milian Mountain were too strong and almost fell in the sewer.

“Ruochen child, this constellation takes a huge risk and stays in Xinghuantian because of you. Where do you want to escape?”

The Black Heart Demon slammed through the Spirit Power barrier and grabbed Zhang Ruochen with his hands.

He knew that Zhang Ruochen had Buddha Relic’s body, so he left 30% of his power. The demonic energy and rules gushing out of his palm were like a net, entwining from all directions to Zhang Ruochen.

As long as you catch Zhang Ruochen, the reward is comparable to killing a top god.

This is enough for many Gods to fight for their lives!

The Jade Dragon Fairy flashed out from behind Zhang Ruochen, holding the Divine Sword sixth in both hands, a sword that was ready to turn into flames, unrolled bolt of white silk, and slashed straight to the close black Heart Demon Master.

The distance is too close to avoid.

Master Black Heart Demon sensed the terrifying power erupting from Divine Sword, his face changed, and he immediately turned his entire body Divine Qi into motion.

However, the distance was too close to mobilize four heavenly demon stone carvings, Divine Tablet.

“Stab it!”

All the bodyguards of Lord Black Heart Demon, Divine Qi, are torn apart by Divine Sword.

The flames on the Divine Sword went straight to his door.

However, the Great God is a Great God after all, and within the body there are a large number of divine runes, which counteract the bursting power of Sword God. When Divine Sword’s sword edge fell on his divine body, the edge was also scattered.

Even so, the sudden sword of Jade Dragon Fairy made the Black Lord Heart Demon sweat all over.

The Black Heart Demon was undecided, but he saw Zhang Ruochen’s body spinning and his back turned to him.

However, what Black Heart Demon saw was not Zhang Ruochen’s back, but another beautiful woman holding a mottled ancient sword. It was Chi Yao who changed into Lu Yi’s appearance.

Chi Yao swung his sword horizontally, and the sword qi flew out like a crescent.

Lord Black Heart Demon’s whole body defense was broken by the previous sword of Jade Dragon Fairy. Where can I stop this second sword?


He raised his right arm, circled Divine Qi, injected the copper ring on his arm, and collided with Divine Sword.

The copper ring of Heaven Level Supreme Sacred Artifact in the town, exploded directly and broke into pieces of copper.

The Lord Black Heart Demon was smashed and flew upside down. A deep blood mark appeared on his right arm, and his entire arm was almost cut off.

“Two handles…Divine Artifact level Divine Sword!”

The Black Heart Demon Lord is both angry and to be wild with joy.

The anger is that even with powerhouses like Haishangming Palace and Milian Mountain, after fighting for so long, a magic robe was broken and no injuries were sustained.

However, now, a woman whose cultivation base is far inferior to Haishangming Palace and Mi Lianshan nearly cut her arm with a sword.

The power of Divine Sword can be seen.

How can we not be angry?

How can you not be happy?

At this moment, Zhang Ruochen, Bai Qinger, Yulongxian, and Lu Yi are all entering the Space Transmission Array.

“Want to go, how can it be so easy?”

The black Heart Demon master shot out in a single blow, smashing an amethyst formation tower.

The Space Transmission Array was slightly slow for a moment, and it was at this moment that the Black Heart Demon rushed in.

“hua! ”

rays of light flickered, and everyone in the array disappeared.

Milian Mountain and Haishangming Palace arrived a little later, and their bodies were fixed on the edge of the Space Transmission Array. Haishangming Palace immediately calculated the spatial coordinates of their departure.

“Don’t to act blindly without thinking, this is the site of Heavenly Venerate Divine Palace.”

The burly figure of Qian Mo Sang came here and stopped Hai Shang Ming Palace. He just used the power of destiny boldly and suffered a big loss.

Hishangming Palace also realized that it was wrong, and quickly dispersed to Destiny Rule.

“Meet Mosang War God!”

Xuetu and Yan Yu rushed over and saluted Mosang War God cup one fist in the other hand.

Qianma Sang nodded, said: “This Space Transmission Array has been damaged by the black Heart Demon master. In a short time, I am afraid it will be difficult to repair.”

“This is a big trouble! The Black Heart Demon is teleporting away with Zhang Ruochen. With the strength of his Taiyi Great God, Zhang Ruochen is afraid that it is bode ill rather than well.” Yan Yu’s face was worried.

Qian Mo Sang said: “Isn’t it better? Black Heart Demon killed Zhang Ruochen, and he will surely shock Tianma. As long as Tianma is born, Celestial Court will surely collapse faster. For Hell World, it can be said to be Great thing.”

Yan Yu saw Qian Mosang’s position, so he stopped talking.

Xuetu lowered his head and moved the corners of his mouth, and finally endured it, saying: “Since there is no way to calculate the space coordinates and it is difficult to repair the Space Transmission Array, let’s get out of here!”

He took the lead to fly out and rushed to the Goddess Palace immediately, wanting to inform the White Queen.

Even if the White Queen doesn’t save Zhang Ruochen, it is always impossible to watch her daughter die in the hands of Master Black Heart Demon, right?

However, when the blood Tu Jin entered the Goddess Palace, he discovered that the God Capricorn of the dark Divine Palace was sitting inside, Spirit Power formed a powerful Domain, and the White Queen could not leave the Divine Palace at all.

Xuetu secretly cried out.

In front of these ancient gods who have cultivated hundreds of thousands of years at every turn, I am a new god, after all, he is still too young to be able to get over the waves. Now, I can only hope that Zhang Ruochen can once again show off the divine might and escape from the master of Black Heart Demon.

Of course, Xuetu knew in his heart that this was almost impossible.

Next, Goddess Twelfth Square will inevitably break out in great turmoil. Xuetu is afraid to stay, and laughed at Capricorn and the White Queen, saying: “So the two great gods are there, sorry, sorry, interrupted! “

Leaving the Goddess Palace, he immediately left Xinghuantian.

Capricorn and the White Queen, one in the heart figured how to handle the Goddess Twelve Squares, one with a lot of thoughts, and did not care about the little-known new god of Xuetu.

After flying out of Xinghuan Tian, ​​Xuetu looked back at the muddled world under his feet, secretly said in one’s heart: “Zhang Ruochen should not be killed so easily, but the overlord will fight the Heavenly Divine Sovereign. whereabouts unknown, who should I find to save him? Fulu God?”

“No. I am sitting under the seat of the god of death, I am going to see the god of Fulu, I am afraid it is not good.”

As Xue Tu was racking his brains to think about countermeasures, two beautiful and slim silhouettes, one white and one black, came from the starry sky.

The white man, wearing a white buddha garment, is sacred and flawless, Lotus Blooming at Every Step, but he has a fairy face that reverses all living beings.

The black man is extremely coquettish and wears black lace.

Xuetu saw the white clothed bald nun and was so frightened that she shook her legs and immediately fleeed.

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