God Emperor Chapter 2969


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How could Zhang Ruochen let Bai Qing’er come out and talk to Luo Ji?

He knows very well that Luo Yi impossible really wants 10,000,000 holy eclipse.

After all, God of Rakshasa Clan didn’t make any shots at all, and there were no casualties. It was not even Xing Huantian invited them to come.

It’s just that the Saint Realm army of tens of millions in Celestial Court is right under their noses. First, the gods of Rakshasa Clan are really salivating, wanting to eat their flesh and drink their blood.

Secondly, they want to take this opportunity to force Xing Huantian to the Hell World camp in this way.

However, as long as Zhang Ruochen is tough enough, he can give nothing.

What about the gods of Undying Blood Race and Rakshasa Clan?

They didn’t dare to attack Xing Huantian at all.

Unless they are determined to take down Xinghuantian, they must be sure to suppress and kill the drunkard in one fell swoop.

Who can be so sure?

Who can afford the price of failure?

It’s just that Xinghuantian can survive the crisis this time, and there are indeed reasons why Undying Blood Race and Rakshasa Clan’s divine might be frightening. If Zhang Ruochen has done everything right, the next time he encounters such a situation, I am afraid that God of the two races will really just stand by.

Besides, Bai Qing’er, Yuyao, drunkard, and Divine Race clansman who hides in nowhere, have a sword hanging above their heads.

Relying on the shelter of Tianma alone is not enough.

Undying Blood Race and Rakshasa Clan have to be drawn together and tied tightly together to be more secure.

As a world respect, Zhang Ruochen’s work is naturally different from before. He must be considerate and not rash.

Luo Yi’s pair of sparkling beautiful eyes, staring at Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen turned his eyes to look at Rakshasa Clan God wearing a black Divine Armor, with a deep breath, and asked: “I haven’t asked how this great god is called?”


In the black Divine Armor, there was a full of breath.

Where did Zhang Ruochen think that the other party had such a big backing, he was in awe, and said: “It turns out to be the Yuying War God of Divine Kingdom of Tianluo.”

Luo Yi’s two snowy green jade fingers tapped the bronze table case lightly, and said: “Jie Zun, don’t divert the topic, where is Bai Qinger?”

“Xinghuantian matter, I can call the shots.”

Zhang Ruochen thought for a while and said: “The 10,000,000 holy eclipse is definitely not for you.”

Luo Yi raised her eyebrows slightly, and said, “I know, you Xinghuantian dare not offend Celestial Court too much. 8 million will do!”

“No one will do!” Zhang Ruochen said.

At this time, not only did Luo Yi’s beautiful eyes condense, but in the War God black Divine Armor of Yuying, there were bursts of terrifying divine might, like a star about to explode.

Zhang Ruochen’s actions made him quite unhappy.

Zhang Ruochen calmly said: “But, the Princess Palace Lord, Yuying War God, and the Rakshasa Clan gods have come all the way, and we are naturally grateful for Xinghuantian. What is 10,000,000 holy food? I give it away You hundreds of Divine Source!”

Yuying War God’s eyes were puzzled.

He was wondering if Zhang Ruochen had no idea what he was talking about.

Hundreds of Divine Source?

This can create hundreds of false gods, which are of great value, far more than 10,000,000 holy food!

Raksha was clever, and instantly cleared comprehension, saying: “Jie Zun refers to the hundreds of evil divine corpse that burst out from the ground? Do you want to use the power of Rakshasa Clan to suppress them for the stars Get rid of the troubles?”

“The princess Palace Lord is questioning the sincerity of this world deity! My Xing Huantian is also a peerless powerhouse. Is it difficult to suppress them?” Zhang Ruochen said.

Luo Yi lowered his eyes in thought, laughed: “Why don’t you add the old ghoul sealed on the flame beam?”

Zhang Ruochen took out the spelling order, played with it in his hand, and said: “That old ghoul, maybe it will become the Guardian of our family.”

He put the word “we” very hard.

Then Zhang Ruochen said again: “Her Highness the Princess is sure to give the old ghoul to the gods of Rakshasa Clan?”

Luo Yi holding a staff, got up and walked outside the Goddess Palace, and said: “Well, this Princess will go with Yuying War God to suppress those evil divine corpse, Jie Zun, you still have some sincerity.” /p>

“Wait a minute.”

Zhang Ruochen summoned them and said, “Thank you to the gods of this world deity Rakshasa Clan. Soon, the sundial should be repaired. I must give Rakshasa Clan some cultivation places. This is the real deity of this world. Sincerely!”

Hearing this, Luo Yixue’s face was as white as jade, and a charming smile appeared: “This place, this Princess is about to be fixed!”

Out of the first Goddess city, Yuying War God admired: “The value of those evil divine corpse is far more than 10,000,000 sacred food, Zhang Ruochen is worthy of my family’s Prince Consort.”

Luo Yi lightly snorted: “That guy is shrewd! Uncle Ying, you should have heard what he just secretly sent me a sound transmission, right?”

Yuying War God said: “You two are flirting and pretending, why should I listen?”

“He said that he would give the Divine Kingdom to Tianluo Divine Kingdom as a thank you.” Luo Yi said.

It is based on Yuying’s War God’s experience and state of mind, and is also moved, saying: “One of the eight volumes of the Mingshu “The Underworld”? This is a good thing! If we master the “Underworld”, we You can control those evil divine corpses and refine them into a powerful army, although the number is less.”

Luo Yi squinted a pair of eyes, said with a smile: “He controlled the divine corpse of the Jade Dragon Fairy with the secret technique in the “Nether Soldier Scrolls”, and this is impossible to hide. Nether Palace and Dark Divine Palace How could he not find him? However, he only needs to pass the “Nether Soldier Scroll” to Divine Kingdom…the pressure he has to bear is much less! This is just one of them!”

“Secondly, he knows that I have a divine lotus, cultivated dementor pupil, and can control the Great Saint corpse. If I cultivation “Nether Soldier Scroll” and control the divine corpse, it will not be difficult.”

Yuying War God said: “don’t let one’s own fertile water flow into others’ field. In this way, it seems that hundreds of divine corpses were given to Rakshasa Clan, but they were actually given to Her Highness the Princess. You.”

“Let’s go! Rakshasa Clan, he has passed this level! What a pity, what a pity.”

Luo Yi’s eyes were filled with regret, and it was a pity to read two consecutively. This turned into a stream of light and flew straight to the gray fog of death in the distance.

As for what she is so sorry for, Yuying War God is completely incomprehensible and does not want to think about it.


The representative of Undying Blood Race is the Blood Jue War God.

Before entering the city, Blood Jue War God met the prison gold Heavenly God.

The prison gold Heavenly God stood in a chaotic time and space, with a golden glow in his body, and said: “Dazu, Xinghuantian, this constellation has a negative request.”

It stands to reason that the cultivation base of the prison gold Heavenly God has reached the Void Realm, and there is no need to personally come to Xuejue War God to explain anything.

However, at this moment, such a powerful and ancient existence, in front of the Blood Jue War God, has a trace of fear in his tone, as if he is afraid of something.

Blood Jue Zhan Divine Tiger has a straight body and bright armor, and said: “Don’t say much, don’t blame you for this, you go back first!”


The space trembled violently, and the world as vortex became calm.

Golden glow and God breath, the tide generally recedes and disappears into the sky.

Xuejue War God’s eyes flashed with a sharp light, and he was about to enter the city, but he saw Zhang Ruochen and the two owners of Goddess Twelfth Square, who had come out to greet him in person.

“Welcome to Dazuzai!”

Two workshop owners, one is Liu Qingcheng, the owner of Snowland, and the other is misty and dusty. He has a faint temperament and does not have the breath of a dusty woman. People think that they are the Divine Immortal son of Celestial Court Taoism.

Xuejue War God’s face melted from the frost, and a smile appeared, saying: “Yes! My Sun Ruochen did not disappoint my grandfather. He has changed and is already the lord of Xinghuantian. These two also want to marry into the blood Is it in the family? Not bad, they are all True Gods, and the children born will never be bad.”

The two proprietors are both God, and their expressions remain unchanged.

But there are fluctuations in their hearts.

After all, the one who said this was Blood Jue War God. If you changed to another character of this level, the words spoken were Oracle, one word worth nine sacred tripods, no one could violate it.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t dare to provoke the girl from Goddess Twelve Square easily, and quickly averted the topic, saying: “Grandpa, Ruochen wants to apologize to you first…”

Zhang Ruochen was about to bow and salute, but the entire time and space was frozen, and he couldn’t worship at all.

Xuejue War God said solemnly: “You are now the realm of Xinghuantian, the goddess of Tianma, you are also God, your status is not below me. Before people, you must have the spirit of a region’s Overlord , Even if you see the gods, you only need to show some respect. You don’t need to look up at anyone in the limit! Go, if you have anything, you can talk to the city.”

In the Palace of Goddess, Bai Qinger came out to greet him.

The Great Saint powerhouse with Building Master level will be delivered with the best divine brew from Goddess.

Xuejue War God waved his hand and said: “Which wine should you drink during the great mourning? Let’s take it down?”

In the eyes of the two proprietors, there were expressions of surprise.

They couldn’t imagine that such an identity as Xue Jue War God, such an arrogant person, could actually consider the feelings of others in this way. Is it really because you respect the White Queen?

God brewed away.

The two proprietors retired afterwards.

Xuejue War God did not go to the top position of Divine Palace. He sat down in the first position to the right and said: “It is Huangtian who killed Heavenly Divine Sovereign. He appeared with you outside Goddess. , Who is it?”

“This is exactly what Ruochen wants to explain!” Zhang Ruochen said.

Xuejue War God said: “Explain what? Are you afraid, because the reverse of Divine Race will adversely affect the Xuejue family?”

Zhang Ruochen said: “At the time, I had only this strategy…”

“A great idea!”

Xuejue War God said with a smile: “This is great, why should I apologize? Why should I explain? I, Xuejue and my grandson, together to protect the future grandson and daughter-in-law, it is only natural! Even she What about the reverse Divine Race? Because she is the reverse Divine Race, I have to stand by while I am absolutely bloodless? Don’t people in the world look down on me.”

“Ruochen, you should have a little confidence in your grandfather, and you have to move forward courageously. Don’t worry about this. Do you think that your grandpa has been cultivated for so many years and doesn’t even have the means to protect yourself? “

Zhang Ruochen was moved in his heart and didn’t know how to speak.

Bai Qing’er is not as cold as it used to be, she is so well-behaved as a girl who has not yet come out of the pavilion, Shi Shiran salutes, saying: “many thanks Dazuzai!”

“Thank you, grandpa, what did I do? It wasn’t me who made the shot.”

Xuejue War God looked away from Bai Qing’er, stared at Zhang Ruochen, and said: “Who is it that shot? There are so many battle strengths in the world. I can’t think of it. , Who are you calling?”

“Grandpa will naturally know in the future.”

Zhang Ruochen sold a pass, and immediately took out the Tibetan Mountain Magic Mirror, said with a smile: “I have a great gift here to honor you Senior.”


Before the words fell, a broken sound rang out from the mirror surface of the Tibetan Mountain Magic Mirror.

A large amount of Blood Qi gushes out of the mirror, shaking the sky, flooding the entire Goddess Palace.

In an instant, Blood Qi, like a dragon and a dragon, spread out of the Goddess building in the world, enveloped the first Goddess city, and dyed the sky around one million li red, making the cultivator of Xinghuantian become people were alarmed again.

A cold and hateful voice came from the Magic Mirror of Tibetan Mountain, shaking the Goddess Palace trembling: “Ruochen child, do you think trifling a supreme Sacred Artifact can trap this seat? ”

It’s the voice of the second blood ancestor.

Peng sound is loud, the mirror surface of the Zangshan Magic Mirror is completely shattered, the lens flies from Zhang Ruochen’s cheek like a knife, and the tyrannical Divine Qi and regular divine runes spray out from inside.