God Emperor Chapter 2970


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At the moment when the magic mirror of Cangshan Mountain was broken, along with the strong bloody Divine Qi, there was a world space of surging forward with great momentum. In this world space, magnificent magic mountains emerge, the rocks are pitch black and the spring water is like blood.

It is the inner world of Cangshan Demon Lord.

Divine runes, the rules of the Divine Blood Progenitor, condensed into a big, bright hand of rays of light, and pressed straight towards Zhang Ruochen.

I have to say that the cultivation base of the second one blood ancestor is too much better than Zhang Ruochen. When the god hand condense came, Zhang Ruochen was immediately imprisoned, squeezed by the invisible Divine Force, and the flesh and blood continued to shrink inward.

Even the golden light formed by the Sanskrit of the Buddha is constantly dimming.

If you change into any Heaven-Mending Realm God, all you have to do is close your eyes and wait for death.

At the crucial moment, in Zhang Ruochen’s mysterious tire, an aperture and a large amount of Divine Qi burst out.


In an instant, the pressure on his body lightened, and he quickly retreated, rushing to the world space where the magic mountains were located, and distanced him from the blood ancestor of the Second Class.

Just now, what happened in a flash, Blood Jue War God taking in the entire scene, glanced at Zhang Ruochen, and a surprise flashed deep in his pupils. In surprise, there was another smile.

“Second Class, in front of this seat, do you dare to impudent?”

Xuejue War God’s voice was thick and sharp, sitting still on a chair, but the whole world seemed to be under his control, including Heaven and Earth Law and the divine runes rules of Divine Runes became still.

“The aura of the Supreme Void Realm… You are the Blood Jue War God…” There was a hint of terror in the voice of the Second Class Blood Ancestor.

The blood-colored Divine Qi became mad, and the tide receded, rushing out of the Goddess Palace.

“Want to go?”

Xuejue War God spread out his five fingers and raised his hands above his head. The Blood Qi between Heaven and Earth was taken away and gathered in his palm, forming a mung bean-sized Ancestral God body.


The Divine flame emerges from the palm of the hand, and a mark is made from the within the body of the ancestor of the second blood.

Seeing this mark, Xue Jue War God’s face changed slightly, and he said to himself in a voice that only he could hear: “It turns out that he is also a member of the measurement organization.”

Zhang Ruochen vaguely saw that the mark seemed to be a divine symbol shaped like the word “quantity.”

Without much thought, Zhang Ruochen stretched out his arms and swelled his sleeves, suppressing the broken world space exploded by the Zangshan Magic Mirror, and gathered it between his hands.

The inner world of the Supreme Sacred Artifact is no different from the real world.

Once it expands, it will cause considerable damage to the Goddess Building in the world.

“It’s so powerful. I suppressed a great god when I turned my hand. In front of the Great Void Realm, a figure like the blood ancestor of Erjia didn’t even have the chance to escape.” Bai Qinger inwardly startled in one’s heart.

Xue Jue War God saw through her and Zhang Ruochen’s thoughts at the moment, and put the divine symbol “安” and the ancestor of the second blood in the sleeves, saying: “Don’t make a fuss about nothing, he is a trifling Taiyi Realm, in front of Taixu Realm, there is a big gap! However, this seat can suppress him so easily, mainly because the distance is close enough, and his divine body is broken and he is extremely injured.”

“In the starry sky, far enough away, it is not so easy to capture a Taiyi Great God! Ruochen, this is your gift to grandpa?”

Zhang Ruochen said: “It’s a pity, if it wasn’t for Grandpa here, this gift would have escaped! And, maybe, I would be backlashed by him.”

War God’s cheerful haha ​​smiled: “It’s a great gift. Grandpa accepted it! However, in Grandpa’s eyes, the bigger gift is on you.”

Zhang Ruochen knows what Xuejue War God is referring to. Just now in order to break free from the suppression of the two-A blood ancestor, he mobilized the power of Martial Dao. How could this be hidden from Xuejue War God?

Xuejue War God’s face is full of joy, and his temples are about to fly, and said: “It’s really an infinite road. Tell Grandpa, how did Martial Dao recover?”

“In fact, it’s not a recovery, it’s a different road. This is a long story, or…” Zhang Ruochen said.

Xuejue War God said: “It’s a long story, so I said slowly, Grandpa, I have time, and I’m very curious. If you don’t tell me now, it will be torture.”

Bai Qing’er was actually very curious about Zhang Ruochen’s Martial Dao being able to recover. She stood by and listened quietly.

Zhang Ruochen took a look at her and said: “Actually, I can walk on top of another Martial Dao, and I have the guidance and help of the god of wild sky.”

Immediately afterwards, he described his current situation in detail.

Whether it is Bai Qinger or War God, Zhang Ruochen thinks he can be trusted completely, so he didn’t hide it from them.

After listening, Bai Qinger was silent for a long time, looking towards Zhang Ruochen’s young and handsome face, there was something different in her heart. If you have to say what this thing is, it should be a woman’s longing for the realm she wants to achieve, and her worship of a man who can reach that realm.

This kind of subtle mentality, she didn’t even realize it, it just showed invisible in her eyes.

It should be noted that she had made unimaginable efforts for the Grade 2 sacred meaning of the cultivation Perfection.

It’s just to understand how difficult the cultivation of the Grade 2 Holy Intent is, so that it becomes clearer that the Grade 1 Holy Intent is so elusive. It is even more elusive than cultivation success.

There is no doubt that Zhang Ruochen was able to embark on another Marital Dao Path when the cultivation base was abolished. The Grade 1 Holy Intent of Perfection played a decisive role.

How can this not amaze her?

If it is another cultivator who has such achievements, Bai Qinger will definitely not have such a mentality, but will regard the other party as a threat and imaginary enemy, and try to kill him.

Xuejue War God’s eyes changed uncertainly, and he said, “Ruochen, this is a great secret! As Huangtian said, you have jumped out, jumped out of life, not in Five Elements, no future achievements Imagine. If the news leaks, let Qingzu know, he is afraid that he will fight to offend Tianma, and he will make another move.”

Zhang Ruochen was cautiously nodded and said: “So I dare not use Martial Dao Cultivation Base easily.”

Xuejue War God said: “Using Martial Dao Cultivation Base is not a major event. The key is the path you take. In short, be careful not to let too many people know.”

Then he laughed: “If Qingzu knew that it was because of him, that you would be able to break and stand up and fully play the role of Grade 1 holy will, I might sigh, everything is fate!”

“Okay, let’s just do it, I have other things to do, I won’t stay here for a long time! I have time, go back to the family, your mother is very worried about you.”

Xuejue War God was in a great mood, and he got up to leave after confessing such a sentence.

“Grandpa! We haven’t discussed about the Celestial Court army yet!” Zhang Ruochen called him.

“What are you discussing? This is your Xinghuantian business. What are you discussing with the great clan leader of my Blood Sky tribe? Oh, are you worried that the gods of Undying Blood Race have opinions? No need!”

Xuejue War God glanced down, smiling and said: “The value of a great god is far better than several millions of holy food. This is the best explanation for them. The Tibetan Mountain Magic Mirror Give it to me, it’s time to return it to your mother! The sea of ​​blood, hidden mountains, should have merged into one.”

Between Zhang Ruochen’s hands, the broken Tibetan Mountain Mirror and the world inside the broken Mirror automatically flew to the Blood Jue War God, disappearing out of thin air and several feet away from him.

Looking up and smiling, the Blood Jue War God strode away and disappeared in the first Goddess city.

Bai Qing’er stared at the back of Xuejue War God leaving, and said: “Everyone in the world thinks that Xuejue War God is unruly and supercilious, but who can see the situation clearly than him? He doesn’t want to embarrass you, more I don’t want to press you with my identity, so I chose to let go of the Holy Army of Celestial Court Thirteen Realms. Among his Undying Blood Race God at this level, the one who values ​​family affection so much can be counted on one’s fingers.”

Zhang Ruochen is very nodded.


Outside the hall, Xuetu walked out from behind a luxuriant Holy Tree, confirming that the Blood Jue War God had left, straightened his body, and walked quickly towards the Goddess Palace.

He is really afraid to see the Blood Jue War God, after all, he is the only one who knows the secret thing about the Blood Jue War God.

That matter is very important, it is difficult to guarantee blood extinction, War God will not kill people.

Previously, when the bloody war God fought against the Celestial Court gods outside the city, the bloody war God had a deep prejudice against him and didn’t even want to ignore him.

It made him feel a crisis!

Walking into the Goddess Palace, Blood Slaughter heard Zhang Ruochen’s voice: “Grandpa is a man of love and sex, and that’s why he would take the initiative to request the removal of Goddess. This is a dialogue with City The respect of Lord!”

Hearing this, Xue Tu couldn’t help but sneer secretly.

If it weren’t for worrying that the bloody war God has not gone far, he would like to tell Zhang Ruochen: “Senior Brother, you don’t know anything about the relationship between War God and the White City Lord!”

“Senior Brother, where is my bottle gourd? That is the Supreme Treasure given to me by the Master, you must return it to me.”

Zhang Ruochen saw the blood slaughter, turned around and left, saying: “Don’t worry, when I deal with the Third Elder who killed the palace, I will return the bottle gourd to you.”

Using the cultivation base of the Diablood Progenitor, you can smash the inner world of the Supreme Sacred Artifact and escape.

The strength of Third Elder is far better than that of the second-tier blood ancestor. Zhang Ruochen is quite worried. The bottle gourd of the death god can’t hold him down, so he decides to rush to find an alcoholic.

I don’t know if the drunkard wakes up.

Xue Tu saw Zhang Ruochen and he strayed away. His eyes were dark, and his heart sank to the bottom of the valley. He hurried to catch up and said eagerly: “Senior Brother, when Master gave me this bottle gourd, Qian Dingzhen Wan’s charge must not be lost. You know her Senior’s temper.”

“I know? I don’t know anything about the death god.” Zhang Ruochen said.

Xuetu felt even more panicked and said: “Senior Brother, the story of the Endless Purgatory Tower, hasn’t it been turned over? It can’t be like this, it will happen, how can I explain it when I go back?”

Zhang Ruochen was a little impatient, stopped, and said, “It’s just a bottle gourd, are you dignified Divine War Sovereign so stingy?”

Xue Tu secretly said in one’s heart, if I had six Divine Swords, naturally I wouldn’t be so worried about a bottle gourd.

“Let’s do it! In the near future, I will repair the sundial and retreat for a period of time. When the time comes, I will give you a cultivation place.” Zhang Ruochen said.

Xue Tushen’s sentiment was shaken, and he said in shock: “Can the sundial support God cultivation?”

It should be noted that only time, Divine Formation, can support God cultivation.

How scarce is Time Divine Formation?

With the fate of the Divine Palace, there are only two.

One can only support one God cultivation!

But how many Gods are there in Divine Palace?

After the new god stage, I hope to use the time of the Divine Palace of Destiny to Divine Formation cultivation, I am afraid that I can’t wait for a Yuanhui.

Now Zhang Ruochen tells him that the sundial may be repaired and can support many God cultivation. what does this mean?

This means that his blood slaughter is about to be advanced by leaps and bounds, catching up with the God who is stronger than him.

The sundial is much better than the time Divine Formation!