God Emperor Chapter 2971


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When Zhang Ruochen came to Weiming Mountain Villa again, the drunkard had already woke up.

He took Purple Qi Yingying’s bottle gourd from Zhang Ruochen, took a look, and said: “This day, the special bottle gourd is Feng Caiyi’s handwriting, this woman, you still don’t want to provoke it.” /p>

Zhang Ruochen couldn’t help rolling his eyes, and wanted to say that your Senior’s thinking is really beyond ordinary people’s understanding. Others are the gods of death, and now they have to be called Fengtian respectfully. With his current cultivation base, it is difficult to meet each other as heavenly ascension, even if you want to provoke it, you can’t provoke it!

The drunkard was on the ground by the lake, sat down and said: “Tell me what you think, how do you plan to deal with this old man?”

Zhang Ruochen said: “Naturally, he cannot be sent back to Celestial Court. It would be too wasteful to practice him directly. Your Senior Spirit Power is powerful and the means are brilliant. I wonder if there is any secret technique to refine him into a guardian world. God general?”

The drunkard is nodded, coldly said: “Come to my Xinghuantian show off one’s military strength, death cannot wipe out the crimes. But, Spirit Power God, Spirit Will is very powerful, if it doesn’t destroy his Spirit Will, it’s perfect The guardian god, it will cause no end of trouble. But once Spirit Will is wiped out, his battle strength will inevitably drop drastically, and it will be an ordinary god level, which is useless.”

“Ordinary great god level, it’s useless.” Zhang Ruochen read out another sentence.

If you let those great gods hear these words, will they be ashamed to death?

A great god, no matter how weak, can already become the master of a strong world and master the fate of a living creature. When I got to him, it seemed to be not worth mentioning.

This makes Zhang Ruochen, a cultivator that is far inferior to the great god, why is it so embarrassing?

The drunkard thought for a while and said: “Let’s do it! Refining him to improve the Spirit Power medicine pill.”

As soon as these words came out, bottle gourd visibly trembled.

Zhang Ruochen said: “Make a god into medicine pill?”

The drunkard looked at him with a look of idiots, and said: “In Hell World, it is normal to use God as medicine to refine Divine Pill.”

“You have to know that a Taiyi Great God has not lost a divine medicine.”

“This old man’s Spirit Power, looking at the entire universe, is considered extremely strong! Pill concocting with him is better than divine medicine. If it falls into the hands of the gods of the ghosts, the underworld, and the dead, it’s not even more Pill concocting is needed. I am afraid that I will swallow it directly. I slowly refining in my stomach, and the cultivation base will be transformed.”

“Refining Divine Pill, which can wipe out his Spirit Will and soul impurities, but also seize his Spirit Power to the greatest extent, is the most suitable for you God whose Spirit Power is not strong enough.”

Zhang Ruochen was excited to hear, and gave birth to a lot of thoughts, saying: “In that case, please Senior to take a pill concocting now.”

The drunkard waved his hand and said, “No, no, I can’t!”

How can a powerhouse like you say that you are not good?

Zhang Ruochen said: “With the Spirit Power of Senior, there are all kinds of ways in the world, but not have the words at hand? Even if Divine Pill is refined, how difficult is it?”

To refine Divine Pill, the threshold for Alchemist is indeed extremely high.

But, Spirit Power has reached the level of alcoholic, where is the threshold in the world?

In one day, you can study a Sacred Dao until God can’t reach the level.

In an instant, you can cultivate a method.

The drunkard is rare and modest, and said: “It is not difficult to refine Divine Pill. But this old man is a great medicine. I want to refine him into enough Divine Pill in a very short time. And the grade is even higher, which is very difficult!”

“Old man, my cultivation is more complicated, and my accomplishments on Pill Dao are average. If you really want to make a great Divine Pill, you still have to be brilliant!”

Zhang Ruochen understands that the time spent refining Divine Pill is indeed very important. It takes thousands or tens of thousands of years.

I really can’t wait that long.

Zhang Ruochen said: “What Senior said, please be brilliant. Who is this brilliant referring to?”

Outside the manor, a voice came in: “Junior Yan Yu, meet nine days ago.”

The drunkard said with a smile: “Come on, this is not here!”

Zhang Ruochen knows that the brilliant referred to by the drunkard is naturally impossible to Yan Yu, but the great Pill Dao of the Yan Luo clan.

“Have you Heaven Sealing?” Zhang Ruochen asked in a low voice.

The drunkard grinned and said: “Nine days is the name of the old man. Heaven Sealing? Hey, the old man disdains sealing the heavens! Tell him, the old man cultivation base is extremely high, and Spirit Power is already perfect. Can a junior see if he wants to?”

After saying this, the drunkard’s body faded away and disappeared.

Zhang Ruochen walked out of the manor and saw Yan Yu who was waiting outside, said with a smile: “second uncle! Senior said that he was badly injured and needs to be recuperated and he didn’t see anyone!”

Yan Yu was moved and said: “Shangtian’s cultivation base is so powerful that it can severely damage a Spirit Power Nine Rank 10 powerhouse to the point where it must be recuperated?”

Zhang Ruochen’s heart is shocked, Spirit Power 9 Rank 10?

Clash with Shang Zu?

He knows the Spirit Power of the alcoholic is strong, but where did he think that it can be so exaggerated?

In Zhang Ruochen’s view, Xuanyi is already unparalleled in the world, like a magnificent peak, difficult to cross.

As for Shangtian…

It was an ancient existence that Xuan Yi wanted to visit, it was like the great legend between Heaven and Earth.

Zhang Ruochen looked back at the manor, where the drunkard had sat, and felt very uncomfortable. Is this a Sloppy Old Man who is addicted to alcoholic life really sits on a level with the rest of the world?

This kind of character, just pulling hair from him, is invaluable, and the benefits are endless.


Yan Yu called him.

Zhang Ruochen came back to his senses and said: “The second uncle visits nine days ago. I don’t know why?”

Yan Yu knows that Zhang Ruochen is the Heaven Realm of the Star Huan appointed by Nine Heavens, and also knows that Zhang Ruochen is behind the great patron of Tianmu, but he is already such an identity, but still not arrogant or arrogant. , Which made him feel better.

The two walked side by side, walking in the Aoki Corridor.

Yan Yu said: “It’s the Tai who sent me the news to pass on the attitude of the Yan Luo family to the generation of nine days ago. If the Divine Race meets a crisis again, you can move to the Yan Luo Heaven Beyond the Heaven, and the Yan Luo family can give shelter.”


Zhang Ruochen said with a smile thanks.

I knew that if it weren’t for Tianma’s strong, one person to stand up to the front and bear the pressure, I am afraid that the Yan Luo people would simply not want to take this muddy water, anyway a matter of no concern to oneself.

The statement now can only be regarded as the icing on the cake. How can provide timely help be precious?

But the Yan Luo clan can be regarded as kindness.

“Xing Huantian’s shocking change made me deeply moved, and the future situation will only become more severe. This time I go back, I will secluded cultivation, and I will never be born unless I reach High God.”

Yan Yu said again: “Ruochen, before leaving, there is one more thing, second uncle wants to know your attitude.”

Zhang Ruochen said: “Second uncle refers to Yinger?”

“There is only a shadow in your heart, where is Xian’er?”

Yan Yu said with emotion: “You really cannot blame you for this fate between you and Xian’er. Even the Yan Luo clan has several points of debt to you. But, do you know that that girl seems to have moved you? Truth, I learned that you were hit by the Dao Cultivation Curse, but I went to Tai Shang for a long time and used all the methods! Later, you were abandoned by Qingtian Martial Dao Cultivation Base. Although she didn’t say it on the surface, I can I can see that she is very worried.”

“Second uncle can see that although your Martial Dao is deactivated, Spirit Power has outstanding talent. It just so happens that Xian’er’s talent in Spirit Power is also outstanding, and you are really suitable!”

“If you have time, come to Yan Luo Heaven Beyond the Heaven to see her, she should be very happy.”

Zhang Ruochen saw that Yan Yu was about to leave, and said: “second uncle!”

“What’s the matter?”

Zhang Ruochen said: “This is the case. Maybe in the near future, I can restore the sundial. When the time comes, it can support multiple God cultivating together. I want to invite Miss Yan to come to Xinghuantian cultivation.”


“Sundial repaired!”

Yan Yu is shocked, her mood fluctuates a lot.

Zhang Ruochen said: “It has not been repaired yet, but it may succeed. If it succeeds, I will definitely give you a second uncle place.”

Yan Yu was in a good mood and said with a smile: “If the sundial can be repaired successfully, it will definitely cause a sensation. Back then, Saint Monk Xumi used the sundial to make Kunlun World so powerful in a very short time. Myriad Worlds is invincible. If there is a place, second uncle will be really grateful!”

Zhang Ruochen said: “Ruochen actually has something to ask for.”

“In front of the second uncle, why bother to be so twitchy, but if you have anything to say, please.” Yan Yu said with a smile.

Zhang Ruochen took out the bottle gourd and said: “I want to refine the Third Elder into a Divine Pill that can improve Spirit Power. In the world, the Alchemist who can make good use of this great medicine in a short time, only too On.”

Yan Yu understands!

The cultivation quota of the sundial must be obtained by countless influences. Why should the quota be allocated to the Yan Luo clan?

It is conditional.

This is normal, he can understand.

Sentiment returns to sentiment, but only the sentiment is paid without the slightest return. After all, this sentiment will be exhausted.

“Okay! You and I will go to Yama Heaven Beyond the Heaven, Great Grandfather, there should be no problem.”

Yan Yu is considered to be the outstanding character of the Yan Luo clan, and it is very likely that he will become the successor of the Yan Luo clan. With such an identity, the words spoken naturally have extraordinary weight.

Zhang Ruochen handed the Tianshu bottle gourd to Yan Yu and said, “I am not going to repair the sundial and refine the Divine Pill. I can only ask for the second uncle.”

Yan Yu glanced down at Tianshu bottle gourd, with a meaningful smile, and said: “This is the Third Elder of the Palace of Extinction, a great powerhouse of Spirit Power! You can rest assured, hand it over. Me here?”

Zhang Ruochen pretended not to understand what he meant, and said: “Nine days ago, the generation has used Spirit Power and sealed the bottle gourd again. No matter how strong he is, he can’t escape.”

“Okay! Since Ruochen trusts so much, second uncle must live up to his trust.”

Yan Yu was also refreshed, took the Tianshu bottle gourd, and carefully put it away.

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But deep friendship starts with mutual trust.

Zhang Ruochen watched Yan Yu leave and headed to the Yuchen Temple, preparing to go underground again to confirm something.