God Emperor Chapter 3047


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“Divine War Sovereign, also known as Hell World God, you hit a person when he’s down, are you not afraid of being caught by the Divine Palace of fate and pushed to the Divine Stage?” A True God in the dark Divine Palace roared, The heart has monstrous hatred.

The blood slaughter drained the divine blood of a dark Divine Palace false god, dug out the Divine Source, saved the divine corpse, and prepared it for auction on the Star Sea Black Market.

He said righteously: “Tu Tian Young Master is the son of our ice prince. You besie him, you want to kill him, the means are very ruthless, this Sovereign is rescued by righteousness, what’s wrong? Fight! For this cruel world, fight for justice!”

The blood slaughter manifested a giant divine body the size of a star, and captured a false god who was burning divine blood and wanted to escape.

The pseudo-god’s body burst into pieces and turned into a ball of divine blood blood mist, which was sucked into the nostrils by the blood slaughter.

I put away the second Divine Source, but the blood slaughter was too excited, a little overwhelmed, and madly said with a smile: “This Sovereign is the destiny Divine Palace, who dares to arrest?”

The gods of the dark Divine Palace have already used the forbidden technique of escape to break through in all directions.

However, Little Black’s Divine Formation is powerful, encompassing a vast Star Domain, even if True God wants to break the array method, it’s difficult as heavenly ascension.

On the other side, the Lixiao God who has been trapped in the yin for nine formations, within the body darkness Divine Qi and regular divine runes rush out crazily, releasing God Realm world. The God Realm world everywhere has grown from one thousand li to ten thousand li.

Then, ten thousand li……

He wants to borrow God Realm world to break through the shadows.

The two forces erupting from the space Divine Formation and God Realm world oppose each other, causing this dark void to evolve into a splendid and mysterious appearance, constantly roaring.

The Great God Li Xiao knows his current situation very well, and he must do his best, roaring: “Ten Fang White Bone Army, go with me.”

The numerous bones in God Realm world awakened, climbing from the ground, either in human form or animal form, with sacred bones and even god bones. They are arranged neatly, flying into the void, and attacking the yin to escape nine formations. Divine Formation world of nine seats.

The Lixiao Great God who uses the bone Ancestral God technique can wound the Ancestral Realm Venerable in the Middle Stage of Supreme Unity Realm with a single sword. You can imagine how powerful his battle strength is at this moment.

The sacred bone body of Qianzhang High, holding a dark lightsaber, slashed straight towards a Space God Tower that Zhang Ruochen shot.

“hong long!”

Space God Tower was split by a sword, and the corresponding space Divine Formation showed signs of breaking.

The murderous aura of Li Xiao is bitter, and said: “The so-called Nine Array of Shadows, Zhang Ruochen, will let you know how terrifying the great god’s anger is today.”

“Dark Sword Art, a sword of dead soul!”

The great god Li Xiao holds the sword in both hands, billions of Sword Dao rules flow around the sword body, strands of dark air entangled between the Sword Dao rules, and I don’t know how many black sword shadows appear.

Zhang Ruochen certainly knows that the Nine Arrays that he has refined cannot compete with the mention on equal terms refined by the Fangcun master, and it is difficult to suppress the Lixiao God after the operation of the Ancestral God.

At this moment, the great god of Lixiao, I am afraid that he can compete with the great god of Supreme Unity Realm Late Stage.

But, as long as you can hold him down.

Once the bone Ancestral God surgery has passed, Zhang Ruochen can easily clean him up.

“hong long!”

The sword of the Lixiao Great God smashed the space god gate formed by the accumulation of Star Fragmentation Chen. Thousands of rubble fell from the sky and the Array Inscription collapsed.

The second space, Divine Formation, was damaged.

“You are a trifling Spirit Power God of Seven Rank 16, thinking that through Array, you can fight the Supreme Unity God, it’s naive.”

Invincible from the great god of Xiaoxiao, pushing horizontally in the nine formations of Yin Dun, the dark lightsaber in his hand broke the Divine Palace and destroyed the black hole of space. Any Array attack initiated by Zhang Ruochen is impossible to withstand a single blow under his sword.

However, Li Xiao is not in love with battle. He knows that he can’t maintain the current strong battle strength for a long time, and is always looking for opportunities to break out of the Array.

Zhang Ruochen is very calm, constantly repairing the Divine Formation of the space, trapping the Lixiao God.

Even if he is strong now, as long as he can’t escape the Nine Array, the victory or defeat is still unknown.

Gradually, Li Xiaoshen was no longer calm, and found that the single-seat Divine Formation was easy to deal with, but after the nine-seat Divine Formation was combined, it couldn’t get out.

The ancestral world Jie Zun has already refining the dark sword qi that invaded within the body, and the sword marks on the body healed.

He looked at the fighting technique in the Yin Dun Nine Arrays, and he was secretly surprised: “Zhang Ruochen’s Array attainments are so high that he can continuously depict the Array Inscription with only the Spirit Power idea. Divine Formation in the nine-seat space It was like the nine chains entangled in Lixiao Great God, one of which was broken, but the last one was continued by Zhang Ruochen.”

“The attacking power of the Nine Arrays of Yin Dun can’t threaten the life of the Great God Li Xiao, but it can trap him to death.”

Ancestral Realm Jie Zun in the heart calculates, if you are trapped in the array, will you have the ability to break the array?

The Ancestor Realm Jie Zun naturally also has the secret technique, and some incredible hole card methods, and the result is that as long as Zhang Ruochen’s Spirit Power does not break through to Seven Rank 17, Yin Dun Jiu formation can’t threaten him.

However, Spirit Power like Zhang Ruochen has increased its speed and broke through to Seven Rank 17, which can’t be waited long.

“the younger generations will surpass us in time”, these four words appeared in the heart of the ancestor Jie Zun.

Darkness in the sky, the sky full of Inscription is suspended, condensed into a group of several tens of thousands of li. The vast colorful clouds are colorful and magnificent.

In the formation, the Great God Lixiao became more and more eager, and roar said: “God of Crossing Dragon Pearl!”

A bead the size of a human head flew out and burst open on the top of Lixiao Great God’s head, forming a dazzling light. A winding Divine Dragon flew out of the bead, rushed straight up, and forced a breakthrough for nine formations.

“Zhang Ruochen, you caused this seat to lose a Dragon Pearl, the god of transcendence, and this enmity will be reported in the future.”

The Great God Li Xiao followed Divine Dragon closely and rushed out of the array.

Dragon Pearl is the most important life-saving trump card of the god Lixiao, and there is a powerful dragon soul sealed inside. But if it is detonated and the dragon soul is released, the beads will be destroyed and the dragon soul will dissipate to between Heaven and Earth.

Zhang Ruochen watched Li Xiaoda break the array and left, secretly regretting that it was too difficult to kill a great God with his current Spirit Power!

Every great god can be the master of a strong Great World.

“Want to go, how can it be so easy?”

The Ancestor Realm Jie Zun used secret techniques to intercept the way of the Great God Li Xiao, and an ancient temple emerged in front of him, and a huge shadow of the gods was faintly visible in the temple.

The Ancestor Realm Jie Zun dare not let go of Xiao Great God and escape, naturally he has to fight for his life.

“hong long!”

The two touched and flew out at the same time.

The Great God of Li Xiao fell back to the Yin Dun nine formations, screaming incessantly, and finally, using Divine Soul to control the flying Divine Dragon light and shadow, burst out shouted: “shatter space!”

Divine Dragon light and shadow use the last power to hit the space, one after another Space Crack spread out.

The space collapsed, shattered, and the shadows fell into the void world.

Obviously, Li Xiaoshen intends to use the trick mentioned in Qifeng Lianhuan Mountain. As long as the Yin Dun Nine Array is dragged into the void world, Zhang Ruochen cannot mobilize Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi and Heaven and Earth Sacred Qi with Spirit Power Keep Array running, Array will be self-defeating.

After the Nine Array of Yin Dun fell into the void world, the Inscription was constantly eroded by the void, and the Array was dissipating.

Lixiao Great God’s face looks sinister, laughs freely: “As a Spirit Power God, your weakness is too obvious!”


Zhang Ruochen looked up and saw that the ancestral world Jie Zun was shocked and flew out. He hadn’t chased into the void world yet, so he called out six Divine Swords.

Under the urging of Divine Qi, the six-handled Divine Sword shines like a star.

“This…this is not Spirit Power Royal Sword…”

The voice of the great god Li Xiao changed startled, and immediately raised the dark lightsaber, mobilizing within the body Divine Qi with all his strength.

However, after the previous encounter with the Ancestral Realm Realm Sovereign, the Bone Ancestral God technique has begun to dissipate, and the body’s breath has returned to the initial stage of the Supreme Unity Realm.

Moreover, it’s still declining.

Becoming weak constantly.

“Six Unity Swords Surprised Divine Formation!”

Zhang Ruochen controls the six Divine Sword and provokes the Divine Sword sword array, instantly attacking the Lixiao God.

“Dark Sword Art, a sword is dead…”

Just as the Great God Li Xiao pierced the dark lightsaber, the sword body was shattered by six Divine Swords and turned into a cloud of light mist.


The six-handed Divine Sword hit his eyebrows, hitting him so that he flew out of the way.

On the bones of the great god, tens of trillions of body protection divine runes appeared, but they blocked the Divine Formation from the Unity sword.

The bones of gods are broken.

The six-handled Divine Sword broke into the Divine Sea in the skull of the Lixiao God, and wanted to break the Divine Source with a single sword and severely wound him.

However, after Six Swords tore the Divine Sea apart, they found that it was vast inside, and it was impossible to find the specific location of Divine Source in a short time.

“It turns out that your Martial Dao is not used! Damn it, how could this be?”

The Great God Li Xiao punched out and hit Zhang Ruochen.

Now that the distance is close, it is inevitable. Zhang Ruochen had to form a palm seal in a hurry, deriving a dragon shadow elephant shadow, and hitting Lixiao Great God.

“hong long!”

The two flew out at the same time.

The head of the Great God Li Xiao was smashed into pieces by the six Divine Swords, turning into pieces of bones. A large amount of Divine Qi vented out of the Divine Sea.

The Divine Sea of ​​the Great God is already in the form of a Domain. The Lixiao Great God is just a thought move. The bones are recondensed, and the Divine Sea reunites, as if there is no injury at all.

“The Divine Sea boundless of the great god, Divine Source is hidden invisible. If you want to destroy the Divine Source of a great god, are you dreaming?” Li Xiaoda said.

In fact, Zhang Ruochen had already severely damaged Divine Soul of Li Xiaoda in that blow.

However, after breaking away from the confinement of the Nine Arrays of Yin Dun, Li Xiao is fearless. In this void world, even if it is not Zhang Ruochen’s opponent, it is with no difficulty to get out.

“Zhang Ruochen, today you gave me too much shock, but you will no longer have the opportunity to grow!”

The Great God of Li Xiao directly burns ten thousand years of life essence, bursts out swiftly, and flees into the depths of the void world.

“Bring me back!”

Zhang Ruochen shouted loudly, pressing his palm forward.

Suddenly, Space Distortion, time changes.

The great god Lixiao flew straight forward, but, affected by the space and time in the Tai Chi circle, the flight trajectory turned into an arc, drawing a circle in the void world, and returning to Zhang Ruochen’s body before.

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