God Emperor Chapter 3048


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“What kind of power is this? Only Dao of Space impossible has influenced a great god.” The great god Li Xiao was horrified.

Zhang Ruochen squeezed Sword Art with his fingers, his arms circled, and the six-handled Divine Sword turned accordingly, and the continuously sword flew out of his sleeve, turning into a mighty river of swords, fiercely hitting the body of the great god Lixiao.


In an instant, the bones of Lixiao Great God burst open and turned into a black Divine Qi ocean.

Divine Physique bursts, Divine Sea is immortal.

The great god Li Xiao tried to regain his body several times, but was overwhelmed by hundreds of millions of swords and turned into bone meal again.

“Zhang Ruochen, don’t blame this seat for self-destruct Divine Source, perish together!” In the ocean, the divine sense sound of the divine sense sounded from the black Divine Qi.

Zhang Ruochen controlled hundreds of millions of swords, and said: “Practice is not easy, are you willing?”

“If you leave this seat on a path of life, from now on, we will be friends but not enemies.” The Great God Li Xiao finally compromised, although he was very unwilling, he had to do it.

Zhang Ruochen said: “You are too weak, and I am not interested in keeping your life. I want to kill you to tell the Lord of the Dark Divine Palace that it will cost me to offend Zhang Ruochen.”

The anger of the Lixiao Great God has caused strong storms in the void world.

The Great God Li Xiao feels that nothingness is constantly eroding his Divine Sea. Rain Master is now powerless to defend himself, and it is impossible to save him. There is only one way left for him.

“Then burn both jade and stone, this seat will eradicate your enemy from the darkness.”

The Great God of Li Xiao inspired Divine Qi in the Divine Sea to gather towards Divine Source.

Zhang Ruochen is waiting for his self-destruct Divine Source. Although it is a bit risky, Divine Source will be exposed at the moment of self-destruct Divine Source.

“I saw it!”

Zhang Ruochen’s God Eye of Truth, saw the flashing light in the boundless Divine Sea, reached out his palm, and took it away in the air.

The unwilling voice of Lixiao God came from Divine Source: “Zhang Ruochen, you are the enemy of darkness, and sooner or later you will be swallowed by darkness!”

Zhang Ruochen holds the Divine Source in his hand, indifferently said: “The Great God doesn’t seem to be that hard to kill, and then slowly refining your Divine Soul and Spirit Will.”

Seal the Divine Source and put it away.

“shua shua!”

Billions of swords flew back into the sleeves.

Using Zhang Ruochen’s current cultivation base, it is completely possible to hide the universe in the sleeves and collect the world in the robe.

The vast darkness in the void world, Divine Qi, the ocean and the divine bone meal, recondensed into the divine bone body of the great god of Lixiao Hundred zhang high. In the body, Spirit Will is immortal, and the idea of ​​Divine Soul is still cursing Zhang Ruochen.

Most of the ideas of Spirit Will and Divine Soul of the Great God are in Divine Source.

However, there are still a lot more, blending into the body.

If you let Xiao Da Shen leave in this way, even if he loses Divine Source, after a period of cultivation, he can still have at least Middle God’s battle strength.

With Zhang Ruochen’s current cultivation base, it will take a long time to completely refining the Spirit Will and Divine Soul ideas of the Great Saint.

This is why the Great God is so hard to kill!

Fortunately, here is the Dark Triangle Star Domain, a world of nothingness. If it is outside, Zhang Ruochen has not beaten Li Xiao to death, the Lord of the Dark Divine Palace has already found him.

Suppressing the divine body of the great god Li Xiao, Zhang Ruochen erased all traces of the void world, only then broke the space and returned to the real world.

As soon as he returned to the real world, Zhang Ruochen noticed something was wrong.

It’s so quiet!

Can’t sense the breath of Ancestral Realm Jie Zun.

Zhang Ruochen became vigilant, and Spirit Power explored more distant places, but even the breath of the gods of Little Black, Blood Slaughter, and Dark Divine Palace disappeared.

Suddenly, a dangerous breath that made Zhang Ruochen have one’s hair stand on end burst out, and his spine was cold.

not even think, Zhang Ruochen immediately took out the Divine King symbol, activated it, and turned it into a golden light brilliant shield, blocking it overhead.

“hong long!”

A thousand miles of flame and sword light fell from above, slashed on the Divine King symbol, and shot Zhang Ruochen away several hundred li away.

In an instant, masculinity filled Heaven and Earth, and the temperature of the icy Dark World rose rapidly, making it even hotter than boiling water.

“This is a pure Yang God sword!”

Zhang Ruochen has never seen a pure Yang God sword, but this idea came out unconsciously in his mind.

The opponent’s cultivation base is too high, even with Divine King’s Divine King symbol, it won’t last long. Zhang Ruochen burned life essence directly, stepped out of God’s step at the fastest speed, and escaped into the darkness.

Didn’t expect just solved a great god, and he fell into such a sad state.

Zhang Ruochen looked back, and in the deep space of the universe, he saw an ancient bronze divine ship, huge, with nine iron cloth divine sails hung on it, imposing manner turbulent.

At this moment, Zhang Ruochen can no longer think about whether Little Black, the Blood Slaughter, and the Ancestor Realm Jie Zun have escaped. The other party just cut it with a sword, and it is almost to take his life.

Zhang Ruochen knows that Feng Clan Fourth Master Fengyunba is the ruler of the pure Yang God sword, nature like a Raging Fire, hatred as hatred.

One hundred thousand years ago, at the Divine Palace of Truth, he was very optimistic about Huangtian. Although there was a big gap between the age and the cultivation base of the two, because they had both been cultivated under the seat of the Lord of Truth, so they considered senior and junior brothers Proportionate, friendship is not shallow.

Huangtian’s betrayal made Fengyunba both distressed and angry, and vowed to slay him under the sword of pure Yang God.

In the eyes of Feng Yunba, Zhang Ruochen is the second wild day. He climbed the Divine Mountain of Truth and got the great opportunity given by the Divine Palace of Truth. But he betrayed the Divine Palace of Truth, betrayed the Celestial Court, and was on the battlefield of Hunting Sky , Killed countless Celestial Court cultivators.

Such a traitor, such a treacherous evil, crime deserving ten thousand deaths.

“There is a Divine King symbol, let’s see how many swords this symbol can block this seat. Start at full speed and catch up.”

Fengyun dominates the body like a mountain, with cold eyes, a sword light flies out from the left pupil, dragging out a sword glow for thousands of miles.

Beheading a trifling Zhang Ruochen will not activate the true body of the pure Yang God sword,

The pure Yang sword qi in the pupil is enough to kill him.

At the beginning, he was named Sword God, he stood still, and with two eyes in the eyes sword, he broke the strongest “love sword” among Zhang Ruochen’s seven swords and almost killed Zhang Ruochen. .

Standing at the heights of Fengyunba and Sword God, it’s hard to meet opponents under boundlessness, and you can make your eyes as sharp as the God Sword One.

“Four Lord, what do they do?” a Feng Clan God asked.

Little Black, Blood Slaughter, Ancestor Boundary Lord and two True Gods of the dark Divine Palace were suppressed in five divine wind cages, all with scars.

Little Black has no fear, and said: “My master is Kunlun World Supreme, who dares to attack me?”

The ancestral world respect said: “Yaksha Race and Feng Clan lacking hatred and enmity, and rarely participate in the war between Celestial Court and hell. If this world respect is killed by Feng Clan, I am afraid that it will force Yaksha Race and Hundreds of Royal City participated in the war.”

Seeing that both of them are relying on, the blood slaughter regrets in his heart, knowing that he shouldn’t have jumped out for a few Divine Sources. This is all right, what should I do?

Can’t bring the death god out?

I’m afraid I will die faster.

Low-key, low-key, at this time must be low-key, you can’t say a word, it’s best to be treated as air. As long as you can save your life, who knows if there will be a turnaround?

One of the True Gods of the Dark Divine Palace is very hard, saying: “We have left space marks along the way in the Dark Divine Palace. The Frost City Demon Sir will soon catch up. When the time comes, I have to take a look. The pure Yang God sword is powerful, but the Dark God Sword is stronger.”


Fengyunba stared at the past, Divine Qi and sword qi gathered in the pupils, and the sword light flew out, shattering the True God of the dark Divine Palace into a black mist.

The True God was not dead, and he recondense his body, but was extremely weak and did not dare to speak again.

“Keep them for their lives and detain them.”

Although Fengyunba has a strong personality and decisive killing, he is not an impulsive and ignorant person. Since the dark Divine Palace, Yaksha Race, and Undying Blood Race all have powerhouses to enter the dark triangle Star Domain, then they can be left behind to catch the big fish.

Zhang Ruochen fled quickly. After the Divine King symbol in his hand blocked the Fengyunba Shishu Sword, a crack finally appeared.

But, I couldn’t get rid of that bronze godship.

“This Wind and Cloud Tyrant is also too strong. In front of him, it is as difficult as heavenly ascension to escape. The Divine King symbol can block six or seven swords at most.”

Zhang Ruochen tried to escape into the void world, but was forced out by Fengyunba.

Such a powerhouse, afraid of releasing the soul sword, can’t fight him.

Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen felt happy, and rushed forward at a faster speed.

“The road to heaven is endless!”

Ahead, in the dark in the sky, a primal chaos area appeared.

Here is densely packed with space fragments, where reality and nothingness coexist, and the scope is extremely wide. You cannot see the boundary of the primal chaos zone, like the primal chaos universe when Heaven and Earth first opened.

“Catch it in.” Feng Yunba ordered.

Xufeng Shen ship can ignore the broken space.

“hong long!”

In the depths of the primal chaos zone, two bright sword lights suddenly rose, and two completely different sword qis collided together, as if two Sword Dao Gods were fighting.

When the time comes, I saw a Taoist riding a Yellow Ox, holding a battle sword that flashed with cyan ray, and shouting: “Zhang Ruochen, you traitor, where do you want to escape? ?”

The man was full of murderous aura, rushed into the void world, and went to pursue him.

Standing on the battleship, Feng Clan Qiye hangs in the wind, showing joy, and said: “It’s Kunlun World’s Qingpingzi!”


Wind suspension flew out of the godship, followed by Zhang Ruochen, who was incarnation as Qingpingzi, and chased into the void world.

After a long while, the two returned.

At the invitation of Feng Xuan, Zhang Ruochen took Yellow Ox and boarded the Xufeng Shen ship.

Zhang Ruochen’s eyes were cold, his murderous aura on his body was not eliminated, and he said angrily: “Damn, that traitor must have a secret treasure on his body, he escaped!”

Feng Xuan seemed quite calm, said with a smile: “In the world, there are so many people who want to kill Zhang Ruochen, but is it a fluke that he can escape every time? How did Fellow Daoist come in the dark? The Big Triangle Star Domain?”

Zhang Ruochen sinks for a moment, puts the Qingping sword away, and vaguely said: “Poor Daoist also heard that all influences are looking for the sword world, so he came to see it.”

Feng Xuan knew that the other party was hiding something, but he knew it. After all, the reason why so many sword cultivators came to the Dark Triangle Star Domain was a big reason that Qingping Sword was born.

It’s normal for Qingpingzi to appear here!


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