God Emperor Chapter 3049


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“I underestimated the enemy. This child has the Divine King symbol on him. How could there be no talisman who escaped? The one from Xing Huantian, Spirit Power has reached Nine Rank 10.”

Fengyunba used divine sense to perceive the dilapidated Heaven and Earth of primal chaos, and found nothing and regretted it a little.

I knew it a long time ago, I should directly activate the pure Yang God sword and cut it off with a single sword.

Now let the tiger returns to the mountains, it will cause no end of trouble.

Zhang Ruochen looked at the tall silhouette standing on the bow of the ship. There is no divine light ten thousand zhang, only a domineering power from the inside out, giving people the invisible pressure that is hard to breathe.

The armor on Feng Yunba’s body is simple, but bright, with a dragon-head heart shield cast on his chest, and he turned to look at Zhang Ruochen.

Feng Xuan hurriedly stepped forward, telling Feng Yunba something with divine sense.

After a long while, Feng Yunba nodded nodded, and the dignity of his body dissipated a little, and said: “I have known this for a long time! Dao Qingpingzi is not only my Taoist True God, but also kind to Feng Clan. VIP.”

Zhang Ruochen said: “Feng Clan Si Ye is indeed an uncommon military might, and he can be called the No. 1 War God of the Taoist School. However, there is a saying here in Poor Daoist that I don’t know if it should be said inappropriately.”

Fengyunba knows that this man in front of him is also a hateful fellow. In the early days of civilization, he did several major events that shocked the Celestial Court, and he admired his character in his heart.

He said: “Here in this Feng, do not hesitate to say anything if the leader has anything to say.”

Zhang Ruochen said: “Previously, Poor Daoist saw from a distance that the Fourth Master wanted to kill Zhang Ruochen with his peerless sword light. But the Fourth Master knew that when he was leaving, the Supreme Senior had told Poor Daoist that he must save his life. , Capture him alive back to Kunlun World.”

People like Fengyunba only admire people with noble morals, and those with a strong cultivation base may not be able to see him.

When Zhang Ruochen mentioned the Kunlun World Supreme, Feng Yunba’s eyes became constrained and introverted, and said: “Does the Supreme think that he can still get back when he is lost?”

“Taishang did this because of Zhang Ruochen’s father, so he felt guilty and wanted to save his life.” Feng Xuan said with emotion.

Zhang Ruochen said: “Zhang Ruochen is young after all, bewitched by God of Hell World, seduced by Rakshasa Clan, Undying Blood Race, and demonic girl of the Underworld. It is inevitable that he will go astray. However, Tai is a great wise man. It may not be impossible to re-lead him to the upright Great Dao.”

For people like Fengyunba, Zhang Ruochen really has no choice but to lift him out.

If you deliberately explain it, it will provoke dislike, and even make the situation overlord suspicious, it would be better to confuse yourself.

Wind and cloud overbearing: “It stands to reason that Zhang Ruochen was born in Kunlun World. Even if he was to clean up the traitor, he would not have his turn to take a shot. Also, if you meet him again, I will capture him and send him to Kunlun World. Dispose of it to Taisenior.”

Zhang Ruochen cup one fist in the other hand, said: “many thanks to the four masters.”

“The Daoist Master does not need to be polite. Our Daoist cultivator is known as the Fellow Daoist. The so-called four masters are nothing more than the face of the world cultivator to Feng Clan.”

Fengyunba pride ten thousand zhang, he personally led Zhang Ruochen into an ancient palace on the 3rd floor of the Xufengshen ship.

The three thousand miles long bronze ship is amazingly big, just like a Small World.

The difference is that the cultivator that can board this divine ship, at least Saint, wears holy armor, holds lance, iron-blooded and cold.

There is no maid, no banquet.

Even if various flowers and plants are planted on the godship, they are all healing sacred medicine.

Zhang Ruochen walked all the way and found that there were countless arrays on the godship, and some of the restricted areas were portrayed with profound divine runes. The atmosphere was quite heavy, and it was just like an iron-blooded barracks.

Enter the ancient palace, the gods of Feng Clan, and some Great Saints without High Realm, are already gathered inside.

Zhang Ruochen saw Feng Xi, and the two looked at each other and nodded each other.

“Mr. Mo, how far is it from the outside?” Feng Yunba asked.

A white robed old man sits under the copper pillar with a wine bag hanging on his waist. His head is like a peach, his forehead is huge, and his face and chin shrink rapidly.

Peach head Elderly stroked her sparse beard and said: “About half a million steps!”

Wind and cloud overbearing: “Here you can set up a Star Domain Space Transmission Array!”

Peach Head Elderly got up, the wine bag dangled around his waist, and said: “All Spirit Power cultivators follow the old man.”

Four cultivators in a row, leave the ancient palace with him.

Zhang Ruochen knows very well that arranging the Star Domain Space Transmission Array to span a distance of 500,000 steps is not what an ordinary Array Master can do, and it will not take less time.

That peach head Elderly must be an incredible Spirit Power powerhouse.

Fengyunba again ordered: “Bring up the ancestors of Yaksha Race.”

Zhang Ruochen’s heart sank slightly, and even the ancestral world Jie Zun was captured. Little Black and Xuetu are probably bode ill rather than well.

Not long after, the ancestral world Jie Zun, who was locked in a divine wind cage, was taken into the temple by a Feng Clan god.

Fengyunba stood above the 18th-layer stairs, condescendingly, and said: “Hand over the star map in the dark triangle Star Domain!”

Ancestral Realm Jie said: “Four Master Feng makes people do not understand! How can there be any star maps in the Dark Triangle Star Domain?”

Feng Xuan said: “Without a star map, how can you arrange the Divine Formation at a distance of 500,000 steps away? You Yaksha Race should have been exploring the dark triangle Star Domain long ago, right? If Jie Zun does not say, we can only walk blindly in the dark, if we get lost, we can only die together.”

The Ancestor Realm Jie Zun sighed: “Yaksha Race does have a certain understanding of the Dark Triangle Star Domain, but our path is very likely to be wrong. We have been exploring three times along the current path. Thousands of steps, but nothing.”

Feng Clan, the gods did not know the true or false words of the Ancestral Realm Jie Zun, but they were still shocked.

Thirty million steps, even if the Asahi Fengshen is advancing at full speed, it will take a year to fly to reach it.

In this endless darkness, there are so many variables, who dares to go so far?

Wind and wind domineering: “Legend, in ancient times, Yaksha Race was originally a clan in the sword world.”

Ancestral Realm Jie Zun smiled bitterly: “It’s just a legend! The ancient times are too far away, and everything that happened at that time is so far away that people feel that everything is not true.”

“You Yaksha Race spent countless manpower and material resources to explore along this road. I think there must be some unknown reasons. Jie Zun, I will rely on you to lead the way. Take these 30 million steps.” Fengyun overbearing.

Ancestral Realm Jie Zun’s face was tense, but he knew that he had no other choice, so he had to click nodded.

Feng Yunba waved his hand, and the cage that had imprisoned the ancestral world Jie Zun turned into a breeze and dispersed. He said: “Since Jie Zun is willing to cooperate, he is Feng Clan’s guest. Xi’er takes care of our guests.”

Although the cage disappeared, the Ancestral Realm Jie Zun found that he could not mobilize Divine Qi and Spirit Power at all, and couldn’t help but shiver inwardly. The difference between Supreme Unity Realm and Supreme Void Realm was really too big.

Fengyunba’s gaze fell on Zhang Ruochen, staring at the Qingping sword on his back, and said: “200,000 years ago, there was some intersection between this seat and the Shangqing. However, I didn’t listen. Say, he has a dísciple like Fellow Daoist?”

Zhang Ruochen said: “In fact, Master only taught for three years, and then disappeared! Hearing the news of his Senior again, it is time to die.”

“Biluozi really killed him?” Feng Yunba asked.

Zhang Ruochen said nothing.

Fengyunba calmly said: “This seat is reckless, Fellow Daoist is no wonder! It’s because I know that Shangqing is Sword Dao’s upright Daoist True God, and Biluozi Senior is a stranger of a generation. That year, the Shangqing fell. The gates that shook the world were not killed by Hell World, but by Kunlun World, which is really unimaginable.”

Zhang Ruochen said: “Poor Daoist is also confused about this matter.”

A Feng Clan High God wearing a daoist robe in Tsing Yi said: “The world is all about. Seniors in the upper Qing Dynasty have been to the sword world, that is, from the sword world breakthrough to the immeasurable world. Qingpingzi Fellow Daoist appeared here, Do you know some secrets?”

Feng Xuan stood up, coldly said: “Feng Xu, Qingpingzi Fellow Daoist is a distinguished guest of Feng Clan and a Senior whom I admire. You are a bit rude!”

“Feng Clan treats guests with sincerity, not forcing them away.” Feng Xi also showed dissatisfaction.

Zhang Ruochen said: “Xuan Fellow Daoist and Fellow Daoist don’t blame him. It’s normal for him to have such doubts. In fact, Poor Daoist doesn’t know if Master’s breakthrough to the immeasurable state is related to the sword world, but , Do not rule out this probability.”

“Because of this probability, Poor Daoist must come to the Dark Triangle Star Domain to find the answer. At the same time, it is also to find the truth about the fall of the Master, and to return his Senior innocence. Goodbye!”

Zhang Ruochen walked out of the ancient palace just now, Feng Xi chased it out.

“Fellow Daoist, please hold your steps!”

She stopped in front of Zhang Ruochen, the fragrance was faint.

Today Fengxi wears a daoist robe, which is very elegant, giving people a sense of purity and purity.

She said: “Where is Fellow Daoist going?”

Zhang Ruochen walked forward step by step, walked to the front of Yellow Ox on the square, untied the rope, and said: “Meeting is fate, but everyone is just passing by. After all, you have to go your own way.”

Zhang Ruochen is no longer the boy he used to be. Now, there are countless girls who read Fengxi, but he does not want to provoke her.

That’s why I sent her off with these words.

Feng Xi didn’t hear the deep meaning, and said, “Is Fellow Daoist so easy to get angry? In Doust City, because of Xuanyuanlian’s misunderstanding, Fellow Daoist almost turned against Xi. Today, because of Feng’s rudeness, I want to leave with anger? But Feng Clan has wind as well as wind.”

In addition, she said: “Uncle Seven also admires Fellow Daoist.”

Zhang Ruochen said: “Poor Daoist and Fourth Master Feng are Fellow Daoist. In the future, I will invite Miss Xi and call Poor Daoist the Dao Chief. We are short of generation!”

Feng Xi has a clear heart, and said: “It turns out that Fellow Daoist didn’t leave because of wind deficiency, but was hiding from Feng Xi.”

In fact, Zhang Ruochen would like to say that Poor Daoist is hiding from your father.

Fengyunba’s cultivation base is too high, and his eyes are fixed on Zhang Ruochen, as if he can penetrate people.

When Fengyunba questioned Zhang Ruochen’s identity, he was shocked by Zhang Ruochen. Fortunately, we have encountered enough of these scenes to calmly and calmly respond without revealing a weak spot.

Where Zhang Ruochen dare to stay, if he doesn’t leave, he will be exposed sooner or later.

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