God Emperor Chapter 3051


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The silhouette of Wuyue and Frost City Demon appeared in another void.

“Fengyunba, you can’t help me. This battle is going to make no sense.” Wuyue’s voice is calm and distant, and then: “Not equal to me, do we make a deal?”

Fengyunba’s body burns with the scorching Divine flame, his hair is red, and he said: “It seems that you don’t know this seat at all. You are trading with the dark Divine Palace. Are you dreaming?”

“Don’t rush to refuse.”

Wuyue spreads out the right hand palm, the five fingers are soft and beautiful, like a white lotus blooming.

A man in his thirties, sitting cross-legged in her palm, only the size of a bean, sometimes frowned, sometimes gritted his teeth, sometimes showed pain.

On the Xufengshen ship, the wind suspension complexion changed and said: “It’s the Sword King in the clear sky.”

“Is this moonless also too afraid right? With the cultivation base of Sword King in Clear Sky, she was captured alive by her, and she seemed to be trapped in an illusion and unable to come out.”

“Don’t worry, the two True Gods of the dark Divine Palace are still in our hands. How about the Sword King of the clear sky without a moon.”


Feng Yan’s face was extremely heavy, and said: “The King Keshi Sword King Sword Dao powerhouse, the first-class Sword Dao powerhouse in the world, reached the level of the Great God many years ago. Zhao Gongming, one of the nine War Gods of Heavenly Palace, was born In the Sword King world, I once pointed out the clear sky Sword King. There is a feeling of master and disciple in it. At this time, father is a little difficult!”

Father’s brows frowned slightly, and said: “Father never compromised with Hell World in his life, but he had a lot of friendship with Qingkong Sword King. Impossible saw Qingkong Sword King die in front of him. , Will be guilty for life.”

Zhang Ruochen said: “Look at what conditions the dark Divine Palace puts forward. As long as it is not too excessive, saving the life of a great god is more important than anything else.”

Zhang Ruochen’s gaze was fixed on Feng Yunba’s face, and for the first time he saw a hint of hesitation on that tough and iron-blooded face.

In the sky in the distance, Wuyue said: “A great god, change me to the darkness. Divine Palace and two True Gods in the heaven-filling realm. Do you think this deal is a good deal? If you agree, your servant will put it now Clear sky.”

Everyone on the Xufengshen ship is sighed in relief.

If it’s such a deal, obviously they have taken advantage of it and can agree to it.

Feng Xi was even more worried, saying: “She is trying to force father to compromise, so as to break father’s mood.”

“Yes! A person who will never compromise with Hell World has an impeccable imposing manner on his body. He can be strong when he is strong, and he can go forward bravely and never retreat. However, once he retreats, the psychological defense is defeated , That imposing manner is weakened!” Zhang Ruochen said.

The confrontation of the cream of the crop powerhouse, the psychological fighting method, are often very important.

It’s like two mortals fighting, one of them can swing a stick and a knife, even if the other is stronger than him, he will be scared back. But if this desperate person, because of something he cares about, suddenly chooses to retreat, his opponent will no longer fear him, will take advantage of the situation to counterattack, and will be able to quickly defeat him.

Obviously, Wuyue does not want to provoke the Fengyun Ba who is now imposing manner Peak.

It looks like a very cost-effective transaction, but it can destroy the imposing manner that Feng Yunba has accumulated over hundreds of thousands of years.

Advance is yang, and retreat is yin.

The so-called pure Yang can only enter, not retreat.

Feng Yunba’s eyes burned, loudly shouted: “Bring out the two True Gods from the dark Divine Palace!”

“Very well, this transaction is considered to be earned by you! After all, your servant cannot abandon the two True Gods of the dark Divine Palace.” Wuyue said.

The two dark Divine Palace True Gods who were brought out by the wind hanging out, when they heard this, their eyes were grateful.

Zhang Ruochen’s heart is secretly sighed. It is worthy of being a figure who can recruit a large number of experts to form a spiritual hall. It has achieved the goal and bought people’s hearts. In the future, these two True Gods will surely serve her.

The process of the transaction went smoothly. Soon, the Sword King was brought back to the Asahi Wind Godship. The cultivation base is still there and it has not been abandoned.

In the distance, there are two True Gods from the dark Divine Palace, one-knee kneels are in front of Wuyue, I don’t know what they are talking about.

“hong long!”

The pure Yang God sword slashed at them, carrying a piece of flame sword rain, reflecting the dark void into crimson.

“Let’s go!”

With a wave of the moonless sleeves, the gods of the dark Divine Palace disappeared in the sky.

“If I want to go, even the immeasurable God can’t keep it. Your sword will consume Divine Qi. Wind and cloud tyrants, the dark triangle of Star Domain is still long on this road, and I may appear at any time In front of you, it is best to defend the Xufeng Shenship.”

The voice of Wuyue faded away.

Furthermore, it goes far from all directions, very weird.

Zhang Ruochen said: A very terrifying character, leaving such a sentence before leaving is enough to make all of us fall into a tight state of sleep and food in the next time. “

“Darkness was originally her world. Coupled with her deep and unmeasurable Spirit Power, it is almost like a ghost, coming without a shadow, without a trace. Here, God in the immeasurable realm, I am afraid it is true Can’t stop her.” Feng Xi said.

Fengyan said solemnly: “That also depends on what kind of immeasurable realm!”

Fengxi looked towards Zhang Ruochen and said: “Fellow Daoist, don’t leave the Xufeng Godship, God of the dark Divine Palace, it is very likely that he will be hovering nearby.”

Zhang Ruochen agreed.

Feng Yan looked towards Feng Xi’s eyes, then looked at Taoist Qingpingzi, his face sank.

Fengyunba and Xuanyuanqing are both the Divine Formation that entered the Xufengshen ship.

Zhang Ruochen and Fengxi returned to the ancient palace on the 3rd floor of the divine ship, and saw that in the God Realm world of Xuanyuanqing, God and Great Saint walked out of the bright Divine Palace.

Zhang Ruochen saw Shang Hong and found that he had broken through to the Supreme Unity realm and became a great god.

However, he was extremely injured, with more than a dozen terrifying sword marks on his body, and it seemed that he had been chopped into pieces by Dark God Sword before.

The sword mark contains powerful dark sword qi and Sword Intent, which are impacting his divine body.

He swallowed the Healing Medicine Pill and sat in the corner of the great hall, refining within the body of the Power of Darkness and Sword Dao.

In addition to Shang Hong, Zhang Ruochen also saw the True God Jialinnan in the Divine Palace of the Bright Divine Palace. In the Great Saint, he saw a familiar figure wearing a light armor.

Whether it is God or Great Saint, they are all Sword Dao experts.

Listening to the exchange between Guangming Divine Palace and Feng Clan God, Zhang Ruochen learned that it turned out that Guangming Divine Palace also had a divine ship, but it was sneaked in by the Frost City Demon and destroyed from the inside out.

On the godship, many cultivators died tragically. It was Xuanyuanqing who brought them into God Realm World in time to save their lives.

Feng Clan all the gods can look ugly. Since the divine ship of the Guangming Divine Palace can be destroyed from the inside out, if Wuyue sneaks in, I am afraid that they will also be destroyed by the ship. .

A God showed joy and said: “Wake up! Sword King is awake!”

With the help of Fengyunba, Sword King walked out of the illusion, opened his eyes, and his eyes gradually became brighter.

Knowing that he was captured by Wuyue, Clear Sky Sword King was ashamed.

After learning that because of himself, Fengyunba compromised with Wuyue and let go of the two True Gods of the dark Divine Palace. The Sword King was even more angry. If he did not kill the two True Gods of the dark Divine Palace, this life Wu Yan returned to the Sword King world.

The Sword King world is the top 100 strong world in Celestial Court. Among the Sword Dao worlds, the second only to the sword Divine World.

Of course, this is because Zhao Gongming has been stationed at Heavenly Palace all the year round, and has almost never returned to the Sword King world, and has not participated in the war of merit on behalf of the Sword King world. Sword King’s merit value is naturally not as good as sword Divine World.

Today’s Sword King world is entirely supported by the clear sky Sword King alone.

Of course, the Sword King world can rank in the top 100, and it can be in the battlefield of merit. The influence of “Zhao Gongming” naturally accounts for a big reason.

Zhang Ruochen killed the Great God Lixiao, obtained his dark Profound Truth, and placed it in the Tai Chi circle. At this moment, within the body’s dark Profound Truth, a subtle wave appeared.

Zhang Ruochen’s gaze immediately followed the clear sky Sword King.

However, the fluctuation of the dark Profound Truth disappeared in an instant, and Zhang Ruochen felt it again, but found nothing.

“Impossible, Clear Sky Sword King is a veteran god and a half descendant of Zhao Gongming. Impossible is related to the dark Divine Palace. Moreover, if he has Dark Aura within the body, when Fengyunba helped him out of the fantasy , Impossible to perceive.”

“Could it be because the dark Profound Truth I just got is still tinged with the aura of Lixiao, some of which are out of my control?”

Zhang Ruochen secretly suppressed the doubts in his heart, but became vigilant about the Sword King in the clear sky.

Don’t be afraid of ten thousand, just in case.

Wuyue uses a veteran god in exchange for two True Gods of the Heaven-filling Realm, which is not reasonable. Her Spirit Power is the strongest, with Zhang Ruochen’s current cultivation base, it is not easy to guess.

It’s a pity, it would be nice to invite the alcoholic!

To deal with such an unpredictable Spirit Power powerhouse, we must rely on stronger characters from Spirit Power.

After this happened, the plan to arrange the Star Domain Space Transmission Array had to be shelved, and the Feng Clan gods began to discuss whether to move on or leave the dark triangle of Star Domain.

“This God believes that we should leave the Dark Triangle Star Domain first. After all, the enemy is in the dark and I am in the light. I can’t always turn on the frigate Divine Formation like this, which consumes too much Divine Stone. Once Divine Stone When exhausted, we will be more passive.” One of the Gods said so.

Feng Xuan said: “If we, Feng Clan, would be scared off just because there is no month to say a word, won’t we be ridiculed by the cultivator in the future?”

“At least for now, we have no loss. However, if the dark Divine Palace and other influence powerhouses of Hell World come together to attack, the Asahi wind god ship may not be able to stop it.”

“We are here to find the sword world, and we have been psychologically prepared to deal with all dangers.”


While everyone was arguing, Elderly, Peach Head, who was called “Mr. Mo” by Fengyunba, got up and said: “Everyone has ignored one of the most important issues. If the God of the dark Divine Palace has been hidden near us, You will not be able to leave a space mark, nor will you be able to arrange the Star Domain Space Transmission Array. It will be very dangerous if you continue to drill down, and you may never get out again!”

Hearing this, the atmosphere in the ancient palace became more serious.

Even Fengxuan, who advocated to keep going, fell silent. After all, the decision they are making now concerns the lives of thousands of cultivators on the godship.

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