God Emperor Chapter 3052


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Fengyunba looked at Sword King and Xuanyuanqing in the sky, and said, “What is your opinion?”

Clear Sky Sword King had sharp eyes and said: “No matter what choice Feng Clan makes, this seat must stay in the dark triangle Star Domain and fight the dark Divine Palace, even if it is killed. Going back now, There is no face!”

Xuanyuanqing stood in a cloud of light, with a fuzzy figure and a clear voice: “If the sword world really exists and is found by the dark Divine Palace, the strength of Hell World will inevitably increase as a result. This It will have a huge impact on the war that is not conducive to Celestial Court. In short, the light Divine Palace will never be frightened by the dark Divine Palace!”

“Since the two of you said so, I know it!”

Fengyunba’s gaze was firm from beginning to end, and said: “The godship continues along the route discovered by Yaksha Race.”

As a distinguished guest of God and Feng Clan, Zhang Ruochen’s residence on the godship is located on the 3rd floor. It has a large space and an elegant environment. There is a red Blood Qilin Holy Tree planted.

Swallowing this fruit can quickly make up for the Blood Qi of the cultivator.

The courtyard of the Sword King in the clear sky is located next to Zhang Ruochen, with Array restrictions in between.

But these restrictions can’t stop Zhang Ruochen’s perception.

For seven consecutive days, Zhang Ruochen paid attention to the Sword King’s every move and found that the Sword Dao who had lived two Yuanhui rarely secluded cultivation, very leisurely and elegant, and everyday all was caring for flowers and plants.

“Maybe I am really worried about it!”

On the Xufengshen ship, Zhang Ruochen was very afraid of Fengyunba, and even if a deceptive Array was arranged in the courtyard, he did not dare to open the sundial. Without the assistance of the sundial, if you want to raise Spirit Power to Seven Rank 17 in a short time, it is simply impossible.

These days, many Gods come to visit.

2nd day, Feng Xu came to apologize.

Shang Hong and Jia Linnan once came to discuss Sword Dao. It was not a provocation, but a kind of temptation.

Obviously, heaven has some precautions against Kunlun World’s God.

Of course, the most popular cultivator is Fengxi. She would come over often to talk about Taoism with Zhang Ruochen. Zhang Ruochen was very interested in Feng Clan’s Taoist classics, and the two chatted very speculatively.

He often talks all night long and talks in a candle.

All this fell into Feng Yan’s eyes.

Finally, Feng Yan came to visit in person, walked into the courtyard, looked at the huge Red Blood Qilin Fruit Yuanhui Holy Tree, stroked the tree trunk with his palm, and said: “The chief Taoist knows that this Red Blood Qilin fruit Holy Tree, you can only survive the catastrophe at most once? The second dimension will fall, and it will be scorched by lightning?”

Zhang Ruochen sighed: “Really? Putting it that way, how long will this red Blood Qilin fruit Holy Tree not survive?”

Fengyan nodded, said: “The Daoist is 200,000 years old, right?”

“More than!” Zhang Ruochen said.

Feng Yan pretended to think of something, and said: “Yes! Kunlun World used to open the sundial. The Taoist must be cultivated under the sundial for tens of thousands of years, right?”


Zhang Ruochen already knows his intentions.

Feng Yan said: “Doesn’t it mean that Dao Chief will be overwhelmed by the second dimension soon?”

“Alright!” Zhang Ruochen said.

Feng Yan looked regretful and said: “It is said that only if the cultivation base reaches Truth Realm, can the cultivator survive the second dimensional society catastrophe. Is the Taoist leader sure to step into the true truth before the Yuanhui disaster comes? ?”

“The gods of the world stand in great numbers, but the great gods are few and far between, and all are the overlords of the world.” Zhang Ruochen said.

Feng Yan bowed to Zhang Ruochen and gave a salute, saying: “It’s not surprising to ask the Daoist Master, Junior has a sentence in the heart for a long time. Since Dao Chang has little life essence, my elder sister has just been coming. God, you have boundless prospects in the future, you are really not suitable.”

Zhang Ruochen said with a smile: “Little Brother, you have thought about it. Poor Daoist and Xi Fellow Daoist are just dharma exchanges, and it is absolutely impossible to have any other relationship mixed in.”

Feng Yan showed joy, and said: “If there is a leader, Junior is relieved! Also ask the leader not to blame Junior’s impudent.”

“How about Poor Daoist? Go!”

Zhang Ruochen waved his hand.

Feng Yan had just walked out of the gate, and when she saw Feng Xi on her face, her smile froze.

“Come with me!”

Feng Xi’s expression is calm, but Feng Yan smells a dangerous breath.

Away from the courtyard where Zhang Ruochen lived, and came to a strange stone garden exuding starlight, the wind stopped and said: “When did you start, there is already a bile to control me?”

Feng Yan said: “Sister! Qingpingzi is cultivated almost two Yuanhui, still High God, his potential has reached the top, and there is no great god. Soon he will fall into Yuanhui’s catastrophe and turn into A sacred bone, even the sacred bone will not be left behind. Then, what will you do? The reality is so cruel, God will fall.”

“I object to you, really not because of the age difference, but because I don’t want you to live in regrets in the future. After so many years, you said at the beginning that you don’t talk about feelings, just because of feelings under God Realm , Like a candle, it is too short to last until dawn. Now that you step into God Realm, why choose someone who is destined to be impossible?”

Feng Yan knows that Feng Xi has made a decision, and no one can change it. These words she said have no effect at all, and they might even anger her.

However, the waiting storm did not come.

Feng Xi fell into a certain special emotion, was silent for a long time, and said: “Go, I want to meditate here alone for a while.”


Fengyan’s words, Zhang Ruochen naturally smiled, but the heart of breaking the realm became more urgent.

There are too many variables in this trip to the Dark Triangle Star Domain, which is simply expert as clouds.

There are many powerhouses in the dark, such as Wuyue, Frost City Demon, Rain Master, Qianheng Yizhu, etc. In the dark, there are opponents like Shang Hong who regard Kunlun World God against the enemy.

Even the Feng Clan gods, who are still friends, will attack him in groups when his identity is revealed.

Too dangerous!

Although Zhang Ruochen still has dark chess, but when the real danger comes, there is no doubt that his own cultivation base is the most important.

Zhang Ruochen went to visit Fengxuan and asked more questions about Daomen.

Feng Xuan is the God of intensive Taoism in Feng Clan, which is slightly different from the God of Fengyun Ba who majored in Sword Dao and the Tao of Truth.

Heard of Zhang Ruochen’s intention, Feng Xuan said with a smile: “Because of Yan’er’s words, Fellow Daoist is so eager to break through to Truth Realm?”

Zhang Ruochen startled, how did Feng Xuan know this?

Could it be that the Array you set up in the courtyard can’t even stop the divine sense of the wind hanging?

Feng Xuan said: “Just now Fourth Brother came to me and talked to me about it personally.”

Zhang Ruochen suddenly realized that it was Feng Yun Ba.

It turns out that Fengyunba is also secretly paying attention to this matter, which is not surprising, after all, Feng Xi is her daughter.

Depressed, something completely unnecessarily made is actually well known!

Feng Xuan always had a smile on his face and said: “I am not against it at all. We cultivators pay attention to love and harmony, never reluctantly, and never improvise. All Following Heart!”

Zhang Ruochen hurriedly said: “I have misunderstood, nothing. Poor Daoist really wants to discuss the Dao with Xuan Fellow Daoist and conspire to break the Taizhen law.”

Feng Xuan became cautious, after all, he is now High God Great Perfection Realm, only one step away from Taizhen.

Zhang Ruochen’s age and knowledge are much different, but in terms of Taoism, he accumulates the strengths of “First Heavenly Dao magic” and “Luoshu”, and the height difference between the two is not big. , More in-depth than talking with Feng Xi.

“The so-called Taizhen means that God organizes and summarizes all the Dao of the cultivation, and finally gathers them into the Dao of the major. It is like, in the Peril Realm, the holy meaning of the cultivation is the Sword Dao The Heavenly Fire Sword Dao is a fusion of Dao of Fire.”

“Then, after stepping into God Realm, God should major in Heavenly Fire Sword God Dao. The rule divine runes from cultivation is also the Heavenly Fire Sword Dao divine runes between Heaven and Earth unique and unmatched.”

“Only when the Heavenly Fire Sword Dao divine runes accumulate enough and dominate absolutely, can the quantity change to the qualitative change, and the real breakthrough in one fell swoop.”

“When you reach the immeasurable state, you will become more pure. It is said that the overwhelming majority God, within the body, has only one rule divine runes, but as long as thoughts move, thousands of divine runes can be derived It can also easily control the world’s ten thousand things. One is ten thousand, ten thousand is one.”

Feng Xuan continued: “As a pure Taoist cultivator, we are a little different from them. Taoism pays attention to Yin-Yang Harmony, and Taoism is natural.”

“The so-called Taoism is natural, and let it go. The more you force it, the less you get it.”

“It’s a bit difficult to want Yin-Yang Harmony. After all, as men, our own attribute is yang. Wanting vagueness, impartiality, and harmony with nature is not a temporary success. However, the dark triangle Star Domain is right For us, it is a wonderful place that is broken. This is the rare Land of Extreme Yin in the world, which can suppress us within the body’s yang attribute.”

While Zhang Ruochen and Feng Xuan were having a long conversation with Feng Xuan, a pleasant voice came from outside, saying: “Xuanyuanqing visits the seventh young master!”

The two stopped.

Feng Xuan secretly sounded a sound transmission to Zhang Ruochen, saying: “This woman is no small thing, she is the daughter of Heavenly Venerate, and cannot be offended.”

“The daughter of Haotian?”

Zhang Ruochen astonished, said: “What is the relationship with Xuanyuanlian?”

“It’s his sister.”

Feng Xuan got up and went to open the door to greet him.

Zhang Ruochen was even more surprised. In Xuanyuanqing’s body, he did not sense any aura fluctuations similar to Xuanyuanlian’s. The two are actually siblings?

After all, she is the daughter of Heavenly Venerate. He is no more than a High God, so he naturally has to get up to meet her.

Xuanyuanqing’s body is powerful in light, and the white divine light is dazzling. Only a suffocating illusory shadow can be seen. The slender and concave curves can’t be drawn by any magic brush.

“I have seen a great god.”

Zhang Ruochen salutes with the wind.

“Two people don’t need to be too polite.”

Xuanyuanqing walked straight over, light and rain falling from the sky, and Light God flowers blooming on the ground.

Zhang Ruochen did not look up at her, staring at the glittering and translucent Light God flower on the ground, not wanting to meet the characters at this level, so as not to show the weak spot, and said: “Since the great god is here to visit the Xuan Fellow Daoist, Poor Daoist Say goodbye first!”

“Dao Qing Pingzi don’t want to leave in a hurry, in fact I mainly want to see you.”

Xuanyuanqing stepped on the Light God flower and walked in front of Zhang Ruochen. The fragrance was fragrant and the white gauze fell on the ground. The white divine light gradually dissipated, revealing his true body.

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