God Emperor Chapter 3113


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The Spiritual Qi and Sacred Qi on the Greenwood Continent are abundant, and Divine Vein flows through the ground, forming a Divine Land everywhere, nurturing a large number of cultivation resources, Divine Mountain, Qigu, spiritual river densely distributed

Taiqing and Yuqing are not at all preaching on a large scale in the sword world. Therefore, although the cultivation environment is excellent, the living creature cultivation base born is not strong.

Just like the original Jiannan Realm, only relying on local living creatures to explore the cultivation method on their own, to reach the Great Saint Realm, is already a talent in the world.

The cultivation environment of the sword world is much better than that of the southern sword world. In some remote ancient ruins, there are indeed very intelligent living creatures who have reached the God Realm by virtue of the incomplete cultivation method left over from the ancients.

But, in the eyes of immeasurable Gods like Taiqing and Yuqing, what is the ordinary God Realm?

Not yet eye-catching.

In the azure ocean at the extreme east of the Aoki Continent, Heaven and Earth Law rioted, and the air currents formed by the fusion of the two worlds made the tsunami violent wind erupted.

World fusion is a slow process…

3 months later, a magnificent continent appeared, separated from the Greenwood Continent by a strait several dozen li wide.

This continent is Heaven and Earth World.

Heaven and Earth World is already large enough, but compared with the Greenwood Continent, it is actually like a larger island.

Zhang Ruochen dispersed the divine light that sheltered Heaven and Earth World, fell from mid-air, and stood under the Heaven Connecting Divine Tree, feeling the Sacred Qi in the sword world blowing in the wind, blowing on his face, showing a cheerful smile .

Under the ground where Heaven and Earth World is, there is a main Divine Vein flowing by. As the Heaven Connecting Divine Tree takes root into the Divine Vein, Innate Divine Qi keeps spitting out from the divine wood leaves, making the surrounding Heaven and Earth change all the time.

“From now on, this is the Continent of Universe.” Zhang Ruochen said.

Kong Lanyou stood beside him, her white hair fluttering in the wind, and a smile on her cold face: “Cousin is going to restore the country on this continent and regain the glory of the Holy Ming?”

In Heaven and Earth World, there are a large number of descendants of the old ministers of Saint Ming. After years of reproduction, the population has increased by a hundredfold.

In Zhang Ruochen’s view, the significance of rebuilding the Sacred Bright Central Empire is no longer significant, but there are many cultivators who still remember in the heart, which is the memory of the sage of the past.

Kong Lanyou is one of them.

Kong Lanyou knows that Zhang Ruochen’s vision and pattern has already jumped out of one family and one country, but focuses on the entire universe, but still said: “There are already many human beings on the Universe Continent. There are many cities, sect, family Gangs and gangs all appear. With the cultivation environment blessed by heaven here, the population will definitely explode in the future, and continuously genius and powerhouse will be born.”

“If there is no country to teach, rule, and guide, there will be endless internal struggles. From a long-term perspective, building an empire is imperative.”

Zhang Ruochen said with a smile: “You stay in Heaven and Earth World all year round, and you know this world better than I do. Okay, I will leave it to you to build the kingdom!”

Kong Lanyou said: “I can help my cousin build an empire, and I can also rectify the continent for a period of time. However, the leader of the empire must be surnamed Zhang.”

Zhang Ruochen frowned slightly and said: “I don’t have time to be a secular emperor on the Continent of Universe.”

Kong Xuan, standing not far behind Kong Lanyou, crafty said with a smile: “This is not simple. Chi Kunlun can be the emperor of the First Central Empire in the Kunlun world. Can’t the Young Master and the Master also be born An emperor comes out?”

Hearing this, Kong Lanyou did not scold Kong Xuan.

speaking of which, in the thousand-year cultivation of Heaven and Earth World, Zhang Ruochen and Kong Lanyou’s relationship has long been profound, but they are both like family love and friendship. Of course, there is also the kind of affection between men and women, but The proportion is not large.

Zhang Ruochen’s eyes were calm and warm, looked towards Kong Lanyou, and said: “What do you think?”

Kong Lanyou could have been calm and indifferent, but when Zhang Ruochen asked such a question, she suddenly turned into a stream of light and left.

Kong Xuan has refining Divine Source and has become a false god. His eyes are full of blame, and he said: “How can Young Master ask Master like this? Master has been waiting for you for so many years, and even willing to leave everything behind Kunlun for you. , Whatever you want, north and south. You really don’t understand her mind?”

Zhang Ruochen stared at her carefully, a false god, who dared to reprimand him as a great god.

Kong Xuan feels that he is on the right side and has no fear in his heart. He looks at Zhang Ruochen and wants to be fair to the Master.

Zhang Ruochen’s eyes gradually eased, and said: “You are my servant girl, how do you speak to outsiders? By the way, how long have you been to the teacher?”

“Apprenticeship is for cultivation Spirit Power. In the future, I will use Spirit Power to ferry the yuan to disaster.” Kong Xuan added: “In your eyes, Master is an outsider?”

“Kong Xuan…”

Zhang Ruochen yelled, dropped the phrase “Hello, do it for yourself”, and then pursued where Kong Lanyou left.

Three days later…

Three days here means three days.

Three days later, Zhang Ruochen stood on a eight-zhang bamboo-leaf boat, flew in the darkness in the sky, and left the sword world.

This bamboo-leaf boat is a Divine Boat refined by Yuqing. Although it is not big, it is surprisingly fast and cannot be compared with ordinary divine ships.

The loss of Wuyue will inevitably cause an uproar outside. Although Zhang Ruochen believes in the abilities of Xuejue War God and Xinghuantian, how could it be possible to hide in the sword world and let them fight with the enemy? ?

This matter is not trivial, it will kill many people.

Leave aside other places, Zhang Ruochen had to walk around alone on Xutian’s side.

He has already thought very clearly, in case the imaginary innocence is really forced into the main battle faction of Hell World, carrying the power of the fate of the Divine Palace, let alone the bloody War God, the situation will become dangerous, Xinghuan I am afraid that both Tian and Xingtian Cliff will be unplugged by Hell World.

Although to meet Xutian, you have to take a big risk.

But, in such a turbulent situation, what can be done without risk?

Only go forward courageously, before you can see the sun.

Kong Lanyou stayed in Qiankun Continent, but Luo Ji must go out with Zhang Ruochen. She believes that only she has the opportunity to move the old God and change her mind.

At this moment, Luo Ji is asking questions about Yuqing Dao Fa.

Standing at the stern of the boat, Zhang Ruochen finally couldn’t help but ask the Dragon Lord: “Yuqing Sect Founder and Taiqing Sect Founder have been quiet for 200,000 years, and they have forgotten the commonplace. How did Uncle Long move? Their?”

The dragon lord calm as water and high as a moutain, he has the imposing manner of Only I Am Supreme on his body, but the smile on his face dilutes the domineering Dragon’s Might that refuses to be beyond a thousand li, and said: ” Do you think that just relying on meditation, the cultivation base will be able to continuously improve? Characters like Xufengjin are still very quiet and thoughtful.”

Zhang Ruochen said: “Uncle Long means that the two Sect Founders have long been born?”

The dragon lord nodded, said: “Even if I don’t come and walk around, the two of them will probably return to Kunlun when they learn that I and Taishang are not dead. Will they fight for the Celestial Court? Okay! However, there is another premise, we must first figure out the cause of death of the supernatant! This point will never be ambiguous.”

“I’m afraid it’s not just because of this, right?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

The dragon lord laughed and said: “Yes! God of immeasurable realm, how can he really be the kind of cartilage head willing to accept his fate and calmly add his body without resisting? Ruochen, actually the biggest reason On you.”

Zhang Ruochen smiled bitterly: “Uncle Long will not really pin the heavy task of fighting the calamity on me? In my opinion, you have the resources of matchless in the world, Uncle Long, and you will be able to quickly invincible the heavens. Much more reliable than my junior.”

How amazing is the dragon lord, is there no arrogance?

After hearing what Zhang Ruochen said, the dragon lord indeed saw showing off one’s ability, such as two rounds of eternal sun, but soon shook his head and laughed, saying: “I am me, you are you. I have my own universe collapsed. And to support the ambition of Heaven and Earth, what about you? Ruochen, you have something I don’t possess! I am more optimistic about you than myself.”

The Dragon Lord didn’t want to say much, affecting Zhang Ruochen’s cultivation state of mind, saying: “Try hard to cultivation! It’s too far to talk about the calamity now. For you, there are many difficulties you need to go through. Every level is It’s the tribulation of life and death.”

There is no need for the dragon lord to say anything, Zhang Ruochen himself can imagine how difficult the situation will be after going out.

Just the Martial Dao Cultivation’s exposure of this level is a bit more dangerous than a monthless poisonous scheme.

“The Divine Pill given to you by Sect Founder, you are too clear, take it now, and increase cultivation base as soon as possible. If you… don’t say there is an immeasurable cultivation base, but there are many things that have a cultivation base that is too virtual. It will be much easier to use. Your difficulties will also be easier to overcome.” Long said.

Zhang Ruochen said: “Although the memory of the name Sword God is erased and there are traces, I think it can be remedied. The secrets of the sword world can be exposed one day later, and our advantage will be bigger. “

Would the Dragon Lord not understand this truth?

As long as Sword Dao Profound Truth and Mingjun Jian are exposed later, even if there is suspicion in life, it doesn’t matter.

Taiqing is not only a Sword Dao expert, a daoist sect giant, but also a Great Accomplishment contributor from Spirit Power and Pill Dao, and gave Zhang Ruochen a Supreme Unity Divine Pill.

Yes, it’s just one furnace.

I don’t know whether it’s because the pill concocting materials are too rich in the sword world, or because there is not a dísciple under Grand Purity Sect that can be used for the Supreme Unity Divine Pill. Anyway, I handed over a divine pill that had accumulated dust. Zhang Ruochen.

It is claimed to be practiced by cultivation Pill Dao tens of thousands of years ago, and it has never been used.

One furnace, a total of eight.

Supreme Unity Divine Pill is indeed rare, but it is priceless to High God Great Perfection and Supreme Unity. But, why are you polite with your own Sect Founder?

Zhang Ruochen immediately accepted, not daring to reject it halfway.

To count the cultivation realm, Zhang Ruochen positions himself as the Middle Stage of Supreme Unity.

To upgrade from the Supreme Unity environment Middle Stage to the Supreme Unity environment Peak, at least the number of rule divine runes within the body needs to be ten times the current. Zhang Ruochen estimated that it would take thousands of years of hard work to do it.

Even if there is a sundial, it will take two to thirty years.

But with Supreme Unity Divine Pill, this time will be shortened by more than ten times.

Starting the sundial, Zhang Ruochen swallowed a Supreme Unity Divine Pill and started cultivation on the bamboo leaf boat.

It is not only as simple as refining Divine Pill, but also to borrow the unique environment of the Dark Triangle Star Domain, comprehend Dao of Darkness and Dao of Time.

Of course, with the severe Sect Founder Yuqing on board, how can Sword Dao fall?

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