God Emperor Chapter 3115


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Yuqing said solemnly: “What a virtuous and respectable old God, the migration of civilization in the early days of the sword world is even more a matter of the rise and fall of a civilization. You are a junior, don’t you think it’s a trifling matter? The old God can rest assured Life and death, leave it to you?”

“It is indeed more appropriate for Sect Founder to talk to the old God.”

Zhang Ruochen looked towards Luo Ji and said: “The old God and Yu Divine King may not have trusted us, but you have seen the sword world with your own eyes, and you will not lie to them.”

Luo Ji heard the meaning of Zhang Ruochen’s words, and said: “You won’t let us go to Tianchu Civilization?”

If there is no moon, Zhang Ruochen is naturally impossible to tell Luo Ji, “Sect Founder goes with you, it is easier to persuade the old God than I go. Once you decide there, my place will naturally operate immediately. . On the Hell World side, I still have very important things, and now I can only divide my troops.”

After Yuqing left with Luo Ji, Zhang Ruochen condensed his breath and flew towards the ancestral world of Yaksha Race.

There are hundreds of millions of miles away from the ancestral world, and Zhang Ruochen is blocked by Array Inscription. in the sky, one after another The planets are arranged in a strange pattern and turned into an Array fortress.

There is another battle city made of steel, floating above the atmosphere, and countless cultivators are rapidly gathering.

Yaksha Race activated such a high level defense, obviously not caused by the battle between the dragon lord and King Scarlet. Prior to this, the defensive circle had been opened.


One day ago.

The Jade Spirit God wears a three-color 100-scale divine cloud, standing on the bank of the misty holy lake, quietly listening to Mr. Ai Lian’s report about the recent affairs in the Royal City of the 100 races.

The dark Divine Palace army entered the city, violently annexed the property of Yaksha Race in the Royal City of the Hundred Races, killing blood flowing into a river, making her even annoyed.

However, the dark Divine Palace Palace Lord climbed to the Seven Peaks Mountain in the Holy Land of the Demon Wolf family, but she gave her the feeling of if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves, endlessly afraid in her heart.

Lian Jun continued: “Apart from this, the seventy-two life planets, dominated by Kong Yuexing, Zhixing, and Huangshixing, were all slaughtered by the cultivator under the dark Divine Palace seat, and Yaksha Race clansman died. Turn into soul food.”

“The masters of the planets and some Saint Realm cultivators were captured alive. Now, like slaves, they are bullied and played on the street by the cultivator of the dark Divine Palace in the Royal City of the Hundred Races.”

The Jade Spirit Divine Heart is extremely regretful, and I shouldn’t have listened to Zhang Ruochen’s words at the beginning, and actually wanted to play a game with the dark Divine Palace.

Now the revenge of the dark Divine Palace is coming!

However, if you didn’t make a move at the beginning, you could only sit and wait to die, let the dark Divine Palace eat away at the Royal City of a hundred races step by step. How can the ancestors’ inheritance hand over others like this?

In the final analysis, the original decision was not wrong, but I didn’t expect that the dark Divine Palace would attach so much importance to the sword world. Not only did Wu Yue go there in person, but even the Palace Lord of the dark Divine Palace went!

winner is the king, loser is the villain!

Elian Jundao: “Master, we must make a decision as soon as possible? Otherwise, their next step must be to capture Yeyuhai and destroy the Great World territories outside of our race. When the time comes, the casualties are more than this Point, but it really hurts the bones.”

The name speaks for itself, the name speaks for itself, the skin is like jade, the eyes are spiritual, and the body is plump and graceful, enough to make any man in the world salivate.

She opened her red lips lightly, and said: “The Divine Palace Palace Lord of Darkness sits in the Royal City of the Hundred Races, but he hasn’t taken a shot for a long time. He just let the cultivator under his seat deal with Yaksha Race. Obviously, he is not trying to treat Yaksha Race declares war, but to force Yaksha Race to give in. It is for me to take the initiative to bow down to him and confess my guilt to the dark Divine Palace.”

“From then on, Yaksha Race will belong to the Dark Divine Palace.”

“If you master the Yaksha Race, you will get the entire Royal City.”

Ellian-kun knew that the Master was in a bad mood, so he dared not raise his head, and whispered: “Since the dark Divine Palace has this plan, then we have a bargaining chip. Now, is it necessary to wake up the two Old Is it time for Ancestor?”

Jade Lingshen sighed: “Master has been to Gu Mohai, but the two Old Ancestors did not respond. Maybe they have already…”

The injuries to the two Old Ancestors were too serious!

That’s the case, Jade Spirit God has the guesswork, but he can’t bear and dare not say the next half sentence.

Ailian Jun as if was struck by lightning, face deathly pale.

The two Old Ancestors have always been the source of the confidence of the Yaksha Race, and even the dark Divine Palace Palace Lord did not act rashly. There is a big reason for this.

If the two Old Ancestors have fallen, it would be a disaster for Yaksha Race.

Besides, the Jade Spirit God has always been unattainable in front of his dísciple, like a Goddess in the cloud, and has never shown a half-weak appearance. But just now, he sighed.

This shows how helpless and weak her heart is.

The god of Divine Eyes of Jade Spirit suddenly fell cold, and instantly frozen the holy lake, saying: “You must not reveal half a word in this matter.”

“dísciple dare not.”

Mr. Ailian was shocked by the divine might aura of the Jade Spirit God, and was immediately one-knee kneels.

“Master, where’s the Uncle Master in the night sky?” Ailian asked cautiously.

Yaksha Race has another great god of the emptiness, which is the god of the night sky mentioned by Mr. Ailian.

Yu Ling Shendao: “At the beginning when I was a teacher and Zhang Ruochen cooperated, he disagreed very much. He felt that being a teacher was a gullible child and should not be an enemy of the dark Divine Palace. Now that this happened, he was afraid It will be totally blamed on me. If I guess it is correct, with his temperament, he is already kneeling in front of the boundless at this moment, selling me, and making a living for himself and Yaksha Race!”

The expression in Mr. Ailian’s eyes became more dim.

Speaking of the god of night sky, Yuling Divine Eyes is full of disdain.

The cultivation base is very powerful, but unfortunately, the Essence, Qi, and Spirit of my youth have long disappeared, and I don’t want to reach immeasurable levels in this life.

To reach God Realm, because of the life essence of more than 100,000 years, I became slack and became greedy for life and fear of death. Jade Spirit God has seen too many.

God who can always go forward without changing his original intention is rare.

The ancestral world Jie Zun walked quickly, stood opposite the frozen holy lake, smiled bitterly at the jade spirit god, and said: “The messenger of the dark Divine Palace is here, they must see you.”

Yuling Shendao: “See you then!”

The big-headed rag doll “Earth” and human skin lanterns have been waiting in the Divine Palace. The divine might be released at the Foreign Domain, and the entire Yaksha Race cultivator in the Divine Palace was kneeling in fear. Ground.

Before I changed it, I wanted to give Yaksha Race some face. In its ancestral world, it would not be so domineering.

The big-headed ragdoll looked at the gods of Yaksha Race, laughed endlessly, making the gods tremble, just as if it would pounce on them at any time and eat them alive.

“If the Jade Spirit God does not show up again, I will catch a True God for an appetizer.”

The big-headed rag doll put out a furry hand, and suddenly, Spirit Power thread flew out from the fingertips, confining a Yaksha Race Middle God, and pulling it to his side.

The gods of Yaksha Race took action one after another, but they were suppressed by the Spirit Power Domain of the big-headed ragdoll, making it difficult to move.


A streak of divine light flew out, cutting off the Spirit Power thread between the big head rag doll and Yaksha Race Middle God.

The Middle God’s face turned pale from fright, recovered, and looked at the Jade Spirit God who came to Divine Palace with joy.

The big-headed rag doll stopped shooting, looking at the Jade Spirit God, and laughed louder: “Finally appeared, I thought you would abandon Yaksha Race, and escape into the dark triangle Star Domain to avoid disaster!”

The Jade Spirit God is cold, with a divine might covering a large-headed rag doll and a human skin lantern, and said: “Say, what are the conditions for the dark Divine Palace?”

“Fresh! The Jade Spirit God is more courageous than the Night Sky God!”

The human skin lanterns sounded somber and hoarse, saying: “According to the Palace Lord order, Yaksha Race pays the dark Divine Palace ten Great Worlds, 1,000 mineral planets and life planets, and 30 million Divine Stones. The position of patriarch is from the night sky. God is in charge.”

“Yaksha Race, the original patriarch, the original ancestor of the world, the unforgivable sin, should be punished by digging the source and refining the soul, it has frightened the world’s disrespectful dark madmen.”

“Han Yuling, the god of sin, should proclaim himself a cultivation base and enter the dark Divine Palace to repent for thousands of years. If he can repent and believe in the darkness, he will be free after thousands of years.”

“If you don’t follow, ten days later, Yaksha Race will be a soul food, and Hell World will eat it together.”


In Divine Palace, all the gods of Yaksha Race exploded, all glaring at human skin lanterns and big dolls. There are more than three or five God who want to self-destruct Divine Source and perish together with them.

bully intolerably, Yaksha Race now has only three 18 Great Worlds left, and the dark Divine Palace is about to draw ten circles at once.

Not to mention the rich resources contained in these ten worlds. What about the trillions of Yaksha Race clansman in the ten worlds?

All become servants and soul food of the dark Divine Palace?

The compensation of 30 million Divine Stones is not only to hollow out Yaksha Race, but also to make Yaksha Race owe huge debts, which will be repaid by slaves for generations.

The execution of patriarch and ancestral world Jie Zun is absolutely unacceptable.

The big doll with powerful Spirit Power suppressed the will of the Yaksha Race gods to self-destruct Divine Source, and said with a smile to the Jade Spirit God: “Knowing that you are hard to agree to, so Palace Lord gave Ten days to consider.”

“Ten days later, if the Yulingshen has not named himself a cultivation base, I will go to the Royal City of a hundred races to visit and apologize. Palace Lord is a wise martial artist, and naturally will do what he says. Hell World eats together!”

“Yaksha Race is no different from the livestock that are kept in captivity. There is only one meaning of living, which is to be eaten.”

The eyes of Jade Spirit God are already freezing cold.

A High God shouted angrily: “You dark Divine Palace can cover the sky in Hell World? And the destiny Divine Palace, the ghost city of Fengdu, and the Yan Luo clan. Will they allow you to bully Yaksha Race like this?”

“Do you not know what Zhang Ruochen did in the dark Divine Palace? You Yaksha Race and Zhang Ruochen are so close, the fate of Divine Palace and the ghost city of Fengdu will be settled on you one day. Without the shelter of the dark Divine Palace, wait for the extinction!”

Human Skin Lantern said again: “Jade Spirit God, look at the faces of the two Old Ancestors of Yaksha Race, Palace Lord has treated you well enough! If you know the current affairs, don’t do stupid things.”

“If you want to take the Yaksha Race ancestral world and escape into the dark triangle Star Domain, you must first weigh your own cultivation base, whether you can really escape.”

“If you want to take refuge in Celestial Court, it’s a way to die.”

Jade Lingshen tried to do it, so he restrained it, his red lips seemed to bite out blood, and he watched the big-headed rag doll and the human-skin lantern laugh and leave.


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