God Emperor Chapter 3195

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100,000 years ago, Kunlun World, the gods Stand in Great Numbers, Powerhouse, but only three Divine Palace, called DíSCIPLE all over the world, the gods off the law.

Human Race god aggregated Heavenspan Divine Palace.

Dragon Race and some Savage Beast ethnic group gathering Dragon Divine Palace.

Jiuli Xi nationality and another part of the Savage Beast ethnic group gathered Jiuli Divine Palace.

The next one-class PowerHouse is a prisoner of Powerhouse, which is only the Qing Li Wang of Jiuli Divine Palace. It is conceivable that the three major Divine Palace is strong.

The end of the ancient times, the three Divine Palace destroyed.

The territory of Jiuli Divine Palace, turning into a long yellow sand, over 100,000 years, Barren, no longer see the brilliance of the past. The ruins of Divine Palace are buried under thick yellow sand and become a forbidden place for Kunlun World.

Under the Huangsha, full of dangerous, giving birth to countless strange living creature and dead spirits.

The space is broken, zishes, Divine Force confusion, real world and virtual WORLD connections, with Primal Chaos, from virtual WORLD.

Mu Lingxi, white, standing below a towering, pending the far chal chaos Vortex of the farm.

The Primal Chaos Vortex is located in virtual WORLD, with a diameter of more than 100 million, extremely awkward people, is god approached, it is afraid that it will be extruded into a fragment.

This kind of Vortex is more than one!


Vortex, there is a broken Divine Corpse, there is also a Battle Weapon fragmentation that is like mountain.

can be a Divine Corpse that is not broken in Vortex, at least it is the corpse of the gods?

Nothing World and Real World are definitely two different sub-dimensions, because, from Kunlun World otherwhere, you can’t see this shocking sight.

“call -”

primal chaos hurricane scraped from the direction of Vortex, issued a Divine Beast roaring earthquake sound, awkward people.

The space here is broken, but the primal chaos hurricane has not entered the real world, which is blocked by the power of the sacrificial sacrifices next to Mu Lingxi.

The sacrifice is a piece of Scarlet stone, which is round, tall and honest, like Phoenix Nest.

On top of the sac, there is a phoenix bone, even if the endless years have passed, on the bones, there is still a silky cold. In vitably, you can see a flame of delayed Blue, flow on the bone texture.

mu lingxi enters Jiuli Divine Palace ruins for decades, initially, is based on the induction of the WIODLINE BLOODLINE, found here.

Didn’t Expect, but is trapped here, no longer go out.

until the Half a Month …

Mu Lingxi steps step by step, on the sacrifice, the Blue light marks are constantly flashing.

Come to the top of the sacrifice, I saw a girl in a big red robe, sit cross-legged in Phoenix bone, the skin was pole, there was no blood color, which contracted with Black hair.

mu lingxi worshiped her, be careful, said: “Primal chaos hurricane is blowing!”

This girl is particularly strange. Before the Half a month, it is very powerful from the primal chaos hurricane. CultiVation Base is very powerful, just a look, you can let Mu Lingxi Unable to move.

At the beginning of this place, Red CLOTHED GIRL was still very nervous, and his eyes looked tightly without world, like what Terrifying is chasing her.

Later, Red CLOTHED GIRL calm down, boarded the sacrifice, observed for a long time, told Mu Lingxi, “Every primal chaos hurricane, come over,”, it turns into dumb, no more words.

The other party Cultivation Base is powerful, and you can live from the PRIMAL Chask wind, Mu Lingxi thinks to CANNOT AFFORD TO OFFEND, only to take it.

PRIMAL CHAOS blows all three days, this rule, Mu Lingxi has long been known.

Every time you come over, Red CLOTHED GIRL is Motionless, and MU Lingxi has learned. However, this time, when she is finished, the Red CLOTHED GIRL suddenly opened his eyes and exposed a deep and vast eye.

a beautiful pair of eyes, but mu lingxi did not dare to stare, because just looked at it, there was a urge to commit suicide, and the negative emotion of Cultivator was unlimited.

“Three days, the law is obvious, the Primal Chaos Vortex here has been born, just like Primal Chaos. It seems that this is the placement of fate!” Red CLOTHED GIRL Self-speaking Tao.

The world is beginning to open, the universe primal chaos, there is no life.

The initial Taikoo Living Creature is the Spirit of Primal Chaos.

It can be said that the Spirit of Primal Chaos is Innate life, which is the source of life.

Red CLOTHED GIRL is not someone else, is the death of God.

That battle before Half a month, God God Self-Destruct Divine Source, Feng Tian is close to the recent, in addition to the day of the day, the Cultivation Base of Same Realm, so, has never been seriously injured, Falling in virtual WORLD.

is more dangerous, she was destroyed by the shares and shocked to the party of the heavens, and was chased by Shangtian.

Although in the virtual WORLD, this is also dangerous to the extreme.

If he returns hell world, it will hit it with Shang Tian, ​​and even the Tiantian other Powerhouse will be encountered. However, continue to move forward, it will enter the hinterland of the heavens, which is dangerous.

is in this entry, refundable moments, Feng Tian decisive, fleeing to Kunlun World from yourself.

殒 殒 island Lord and the extreme look at the Star Airlines, in terms of Powerhouse of her level, Kunlun World is almost unfair.

The most important thing is that 殒 殒 island Lord and extremes are not indifferent generations, as long as she comes to Kunlun World, I have a big chance to return to Hell World.

, with the sensitive relationship between heaven and Kunlun World, 殒 殒 island Lord and extremes will never allow business days to close to Kunlun World. Because Shangtian can take the name of her, falling to Kunlun World, destroying this realm in God’s war.

She enters Kunlun World, Kunlun World can also live.

The ancestor is close to Kunlun World, Kunlun World is destroyed.

I don’t have her megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload I don’t know if he stopped it, or was intercepted by the 殒 殒 island Lord with a powerful Spirit Power.

but, there is also a thing that is expected to be expected. In the virtual WORLD, it actually discovered a strange time and space. After breaking it, the feeling of the outside world disappeared.

What is this unimaginable thing?

Is there such a place in the world?

Initially, she instincts, is the arrangement of 殒 殒 island Lord, after all, SPIRIT POWER Niyuan has some means of deficiency Powerhouse, indeed, is indeed.

100,000 years ago, 殒 殒 island Lord Spirit Power First Under The Heavens, Array Reception First Under The Heavens, who faces such Powerhouse, will there be no jealous?

but, gradually, she found that the island Lord did not appear, and this world did not have Array traces.

, she had to doubt, I can’t break it under the opportunity of myself, and I is Island Lord, I am very expensive, even Shang Tian, ​​are all blocked?

is the virtual wind, which is the virtual air of Number One Person, and may not fully understand.

See the Phoenix bone at the top of the Bloodstone and the top of the sacrifice, and Feng Tian suddenly understands a lot.

Feng Tian finally watched Mu Lingxi, showing an unexpected look, said: “I perceive ZHANG Ruochen’s breath, what is your relationship with him?”

Mu lingxi is uncertainty this Red CLOTHED GIRL and ZHANG RUOCHEN is the enemy is a friend, said: “Reporting Back to God, Junior and Zhang Ruochen is aware, but just know, no deep.”

“What is your name?” Feng Tian asked.

Mu Lingxi: “Duanmu Xingling.”

Mu lingxi’s name may hear, but Duanmu Xingling This name, the Cultivator in Kunlun World knows less and less.

“Some little smart, but in this seat, there is no meaning. This is zhang ruochen, but also barely enters the eyes of this seat.”

Feng Heavenly Dao: “Tell me how you entered here?”

This, Mu lingxi did not hide, and did not dare to continue concealment, the other party’s eyes Too Terrifying, as if I can directly peek her consciousness and soul.

After reading, Feng Tian Shen, said: “It turned out to be the ruins of Jiuli Divine Palace. Is it the unique environment here?”

Feng Tian thought of the legend of Jiuli Divine Palace in Jiuli.

many secrets in the world, how much is it.

can block the 殒 殒 island Lord, can isolate her for the outside world, only the power of the power!

Mu lingxi testing: “Do you ask Senior how to call?”

“Fengcai Wing!”

“It turned out to be Feng Senior.”

Mu lingxi has not heard this name, but it is also facing respectful color, while Sighd in relief, since there has not heard the name, it should not be too terrifying Powerhouse, wait until Adoptive Father comes in and saves her, should be sufficient.

The name of Feng Tian, ​​between the world, there is not much Cultivator, and Mu lingxi natural impossible has been heard.

mu lingxi asked: “Feng Senior is Phoenix Race?”

“is not enough.” Feng Tian naturally saw that Mu Lingxi awakened the Phoenix Bloodline, cold and flat: “When Zhong ancient times, Kunlun World also had a family phoenix, it is the descendant of Yuanyuan Phoeno, I am proud of Kunlun World, and even the Washing Universe, but unfortunately the Phoenix Clan in the ancient battle is all in the forefront, now only one Phoenix Half-Human Race! “

Mu Lingxi: “Junior discovered ancient Phoenix article on this sacrifice, is it a bone of ancient phoenix?”

“Is an ancient ice phoenix, this disinclined to pay attention TO, but this is a Phoenix bone, there is no nirvana, it is unexpected.”

Feng Tian stands up, suddenly rises as an ancient Divine Mountain, supporting the entire universe, forming a gas field that caught Mu Lingxi can’t breathe.

Wait until Mu Lingxi is slightly smaller, it has been found that he has already flying out of the sacrifice, falling below the sacrifice.

The top of the sacrifice, a Phoenix filled with Death Aura, there is Sun, Moon and Stars appeared, and YELLOW SPRINGS STAR RIVER flows, and there is a surrounding abyss suspension.

Red CLOTHED GIRL stands at the center of Phoenix Illusory Shadow, is similar to the heaven and earth, said: “When you are seriously injured, the spirit of reflection and Primal Chaos will be the meaning of fate. Today, this seat Nirvana, success, regularly, fail, scattered ashes and dispersed smoke. “

next moment, the whole space violently shocks, a glue color flame in the Phoenix bone, flocking to her. At the same time, in the virtual WORLD, one diameter exceeded the Primal Chaos Vortex in diameter, hit it here.

This kind of Vortex, any impact Kunlun World will devastate disaster.

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