God Emperor Chapter 3196

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Entering Heavenly Demon Mountain, the foot is Black Divine Land, full of blood vine, the air is flashing from time to time.

Among the strong Demonic Energy, there is an abnormal sound, and there is a strong life that is magical. However, they obviously feel the breath of Zhang Ruochen, knowing that CANNOT AFFORD TO OFFEND has retired.

When the world is showing, Demon is self-contained.

Heavenly Demon hill, a built temple, showing the prosperity of the past.

came to the mountains, 蓦, DEMONIC ENERGY, a large number of DEMONIC PATH rules gathered in Demonic Energy, the tiger sounded, a house-like paw, sharp and fierce, from Demonic Energy.

zhang ruochen stares over, and there is a glimfer of the.

densely packed Talism, flying from the eyes, colliding with the claws.

“hong long!”

The claw is torn by Talisman, which is broken.

a light sound, ringing in Heavenly Demon Mountain!

Continental Demonic Energy, condensed into a Demon GOD of a more Than a hundred meters, face, DISHEVELLED HAIR, hand-held blood ax, put “Heavenly Demon Blood Ax] posture.

The blood ax falling, the entire Eastern Domain’s Demonic Energy seems to be in a moment of the Body.

zhang ruochen calm and natural, both hands virtual, 18 space Divine Formation showed, a while, collided with the blood axes.

“hong” sounds, heaven and earth shock.

Blood Light from Blood Ax, Profound Light, which is exuded with Yin and Yang 18th Bureau, divides World into two colors, one after another energy, spreading in in Midair.

The blood ax recovered, Demon GOD dispel into a demononic energy.

The true body of the sentence, appeared in front of Zhang Ruochen, a pair of copper-bell-size eyes, carefully examined him, unbelievable: “Unbelievable, it is incredible, how long you brat Cultivation, Spirit Power actually reached eight Rank 10, than I, Your Father is also strong. Are you really zhang ruochen? “

How can I find out the true and false of ZHANG Ruochen?

This question is purely, don’t want to accept this fact that it is uncomfortable!

zhang ruochen two legs were blown by the blood ax, played into the ground, did not go to the knee, unplugged, and said: “The god of punishment is far away! How, the god has not charged the Heavenly Demon Mountain? “

“A Trifling Heavenly Demon Mountain, is there any collection?”

蚩 蚩 天天 天 一 道道: “However, in Heavenly Demon Mountain, this seat discovered a ban on the ban on the big Bright King, it took a lot of time to refining.”

zhang ruochen facial sees, said: “What is the HEAVENLY DEMON Mountain? As far as I know, Heavenly Devil SECT destroyed in the endless past, then the great appearance did not go out.”

“may be related to the prison of Eighteenth Layer in the normally! The incident occurred in the past, which has passed more than ten yuan, and this seat is only slightly heard.”

The penalty day did not treat Zhang Ruochen as a junior, and any secret can be sent.

It is enough to sit in flat level with his strength today in ZHANG Ruochen.

zhang ruochen once listened to the dragon, the Eighteenth Layer of the Nether Dungeon seems to be held in the existence. The supernatant is to open it there, and he was killed by the beef.

蚩 蚩 蚩 en en: “Kunlun World is ancient Great World, there are many taboos, you brat is best careful, do you want to be CultiVation Base, NOT KNOWING The Immensity of Heaven and Earth. “

While Speaking, the squad of the squad is the boulder of Heavenly Demon mountains.

hundreds of boulders, each piece is up to kilometers, such as stone peaks.

The center of the boulder is a long Tal Ten zhang long Talisman Seal.

The breath of Talisman Seal is independent, independently, does not move Bright King, ancient and thick. However, for many years, Talisman Seal is very light, many of which become blurred, like it is completely disappeared.

Despite this, the CultiVation Base of the sentence is still difficult to refraining, and it takes a lot of time to slowly.

zhang ruochen squats, hand in touching the edge of Talisman Seal, said: “This Talisman Seal is not too strong, it can’t be compared with the power of the craftsmanship, it seems that the big respects just want to hide the Heavenly Demon In the end, it is not to be found. “

蚩 蚩 天 NODDED, said: “Chi Yao is a message to this seat, saying that I may break into Kunlun World at any time.”

“He wants to kill, is me and chi yao. Of course, it may include you!” ZHANG Ruochen.

“is really regardless of the law and of natural morality.”

“is mainly because of no amount of north, he will kill us, and he didn’t know that he was out. To be the first Under the heavens, what else did he still dare to do?” ZHANG Ruochen.

蚩 蚩 h en en: “Take your Spirit Power, as long as the Array led by Island Lord is studied, it should be not difficult to deal with Kunlun World,”

zhang ruochen has not went to the central imperial city, I don’t know how strong the guards left by Taigns and the moat Divine Formation, but the means left by ARRAY, how is it weak?

With his current Spirit Power, do not say full control of Array’s power, you can master one or two rounds, and it is enough to let the mysteria have come back.

The same array, obviously Spirit Power, the stronger the Formidable Power that broke out.

zhang ruochen: “Jujuan is Senior, Junior is naturally a grasp, let him have to come back. But Xuanyi is Xuan Yi, will he face with array? The big god wants to be angry, Just want to say, you are more straightforward and upright than Xuan. “

蚩 蚩 天 色 霁, said: “Your worries, no reason. Kunlun World’s guards are strong, but Kunlun World is too big, unless ARRAY is fully opened, protecting each corner. But so, Divine Vein for Kunlun World is great. “

zhang ruochen: “I am worried that Array will be a hundred mining, but the heart. Kunlun World’s Cultivator, Impossible will never go out. The Cultivator outside is also Impossible will never come to Kunlun World.”

蚩 蚩 蚩 en en: “I want to die for all, I can only have the traitor. You are not a multi-end, why don’t you think, how to bring him Kunlun World, kill him?”

“Senior is serious?” ZHANG Ruochen.

蚩 蚩 en en l 是 中 是 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 一 一 一 一 一 一 一

zhang ruochen shook his head, said: “Never bringing strong enemies to the conspiracy of Great World, even if there is a strong enemy, how many of this world will follow the burial? Get, is it so easy? ”

蚩 蚩 蚩 en en: “Then there is only the second policy, this seat goes to the sea stonestock, find the flower shadow light. He is in the power of our two, so that he can’t be unscrupulous.”

“I am also this!”

zhang ruochen finger writes the following text in the void, the text falls, and it is condensed into a letter.

He will give his letter to the penalty day. /P>

The characters like the thousand bones, enter the sea stonestocks are not returned, Zhang Ruochen is really unassured.

Asked as a Dísciple, the main Dísciple, the cliffs of Star Cliff, is clearly understood by the sea stonestock.

I have passed the letter, and the punishment of the prisoner agreed.

See he promised to be so fast, and ZHANG Ruochen is somewhat not suitable, and a little hesitant is born in his heart. However, the prisoner is straight, and there should be no That Many’s careful thinking.

and, he is good, it is the top of the extent, even if it is not reliable, when is there a few people?

“Play in Jiuli Divine Palace ruins, may have encountered some trouble, have not come out. Anyway, you are now so strong, Kunlun World’s everything is handed over!”

Put this, the penalty is not waiting for it, and the air layer of Kunlun World is rushed out.

zhang ruochen looked at the Talisman Seal in the boulder array, I sighed: “You can give up the HEAVENLY DEMON mountain. It seems that the god of punishment is also awareness of the situation. For the current Kunlun World, Xuan Yi’s threat is too Big! “

ZHANG Ruochen I don’t know, soon leaving Kunlun World soon, the prostitute has rushed to the paradise world.

chi yao newsletter, I told him that the five gods in the West Tianfo circle were temporarily done to Xuan Yi. At that time, the sentence was immediately rushing to the paradise circles, and rescued the Shenxi Princess.

This is an opportunity for Extremely Rare!

knowing the danger, you must also go.

Otherwise, how to ask Heavenly Monarch?

But Mystery is a time to come to Kunlun World, Kunlun World can’t sit in the town, so the punishment is suppressed to the impulse.

until ZHANG Ruochen came, see zhang ruochen’s Spirit Power so powerful, plus the Array left by Island Lord, enough to cause threats to Xuan, and you can leave it.

, to find a flower and shadow, it is reasonable to get it, it is very careful to think that Zhang Ruochen is too careful, knowing that he is going to save people to heaven, will definitely stop.

ZHANG Ruochen how might not stop?

The prisoner escapes from Luozu Yunshan, returning to Kunlun World’s secret, how can it hide?

I am afraid that the Star is a battle, and the major influence of Tiantian has been speculated.

Xuan Yi and other sinister sinister, will you think of the punishment party to save the heavenly borders PRINCESS?

Break into a dominant World to save people, absolutely killing people than Xuan Yi Kunlun World, dangerous.

Nothing, although the northern sign, the no-bound protector, still not the god, can be honest.

The more it seems to be more dangerous, the more dangerous.

zhang ruochen stands in the Heavenly Demon Mountain, looking down below the small top of the three thousand mountains, unconsciously, and then back to Heavenly Demon Ridge, is the most powerhouse of the entire Kunlun World.

at least, it is currently this.

But the stronger CultiVation Base, it means that the more responsibility is, the biggest enemy is currently a big enemy, and he needs him to deal with it.

go to Jiuli Divine Palace ruins. “

zhang ruochen worrying Mu Lingxi’s safety, only to temporarily check the idea of ​​going to the ancestor.

Just entered the wild SECRET Realm, see that dense black dots appeared in the sky.

The black spoke gradually flew down, and the sound of high, and it was a poultry that became a group, and each volume such as hills, fierce, fugging, and going to Eastern Domain.

Rocks in the earth, savage beast in the forest Running.

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