God Emperor Chapter 3197

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ZHANG Ruochen is trying to release Spirit Power to explore the sorrow of the Secret Realm, see the end of the horizon, there is a colorful cloud group, so that the mountains are mixed.

A phoenix is ​​transmitted, resounding Kunlun World.

zhang ruochen feels a Have You’s Hair Stand On End Terrifying Aura, some seem to have met, so it is a GOD step to approach.

There is no way to retreat, because Fengming is from the orientation of Jiuli Divine Palace ruins.

came to the edge of the desert, ZHANG Ruochen found that Huangsha on the ground became color, distributed a silky. The five-color cloud group in the sky, which is covered with the land of Million Li, forming a Divine Qi Storm.

The hidden room, it can be seen that a Phoenix Illusory Shadow is a thrown in the cloud group, which has changed the Sky Elephant change, and the light flash thunder.

Kunlun World’s CultiVator is amazed.

, but dare to break into the special SECRET Realm exploration, but there are few days.

Chi Yao first arrived, came to Zhang Ruochen, look at the sky, said: “What happened?”

zhang ruochen’s face is dignified, gently shaking his head, saying: “You entered Jiuling Divine Palace, you can know what is the fierce thing in the seal?”

“Among the fierce, it is also like this.” CHI YAO.

She takes out a Jun King Sacred Artifact Battle SWORD and waving.


Battle Sword Just fly into the dust, it is fragmented, and it is part of the dust.

zhang ruochen calm That Many, rushing to the desert, but it is hit by a Phoenix Yin Illusory Shadow, and the body flew out, and smashed three mountains.

Based on the desert, there is a crack of One after ANOTHER, and spread to Ten Thousand LI.

Desert is dead to the ground.

Chi Yao starts, suspended to the half-empty space from the ground, release the Spirit Power, and pilot the corner of the guardian of the tensile array.

in the sky, a Densely Packed Xuanqi Formation Mark, from above the cloud, has been connected to the earth, locking the space, does not allow this devastating power to spread.

After half of it, the five-color Divine Cloud Rays of Light over the desert suddenly fierce several tens of times, and then it is like a tide shrinkage, pouring into the ground.

This is the breath of Destroying Heaven Extinguishing Earth, Disappeared.

Breaking the SECRET Realm, it becomes strange.

zhang ruochen is cautious, to the desert approached.

found that the vast desert is completely depressed, and sinking thousands of meters.


Rays of Light of Ice Blue, flying from Huangsha, followed by falling on the ground.

is Mu Lingxi, a strong coldness from her, is condensed in a thick glacier in the desert.


zhang ruochen immediately rushed, put her up, hugged in his arms, put on the palm, just released the Divine Qi wants to enter her within the body.


Terrifying’s cold, anti-coming from her Withnin the Body, frozen the entire arm of Zhang Ruochen.

Fortunately, Zhang Ruochen CultiVation has a Shaoyang, which prevents the cold from being in the shoulder.

But, the shock in my heart is already unable to describe words. Imagine, if he doesn’t have a Cultivation out of Shaoyang, it is not a unable to move.

mu lingxi opens his eyes, the eyes are dark, and it can be swallowed in the world. Give her the corpse, immediately … now … “

ZHANG Ruochen has previously induced a familiar and unusual breath. At this moment, he listens to “this day”, and it is more confirmed to guess.

How can this?

How can she appear in Kunlun World? What Body appears in Lingxi?

zhang ruochen eyebrows, wrinkles, eyes deep. However, you can’t ask for your doubts because Mu lingxi is closed again, I don’t know if I have lost my consciousness.

can make her so anxious, but also called “immediate”, “now”, obviously what horror Major Event will happen. ZHANG Ruochen does not dare to think, and immediately picked the mu lingxi.

Chi Yao came over, flying to the ground, asked: “What happened?”

ZHANG Ruochen does not dare to tell Chi Yao after all, don’t know if it is not dangerous, once you know, you can’t live!

Feng Tian is not a good generation.

“here, don’t tell anyone.”

See chi yao eyes confusion, Zhang Ruochen said more: “Hurry back to the central imperial city, wait for me to come back.”

zhang ruochen hugs with Mu Lingxi Space Teleportation, goes to the endless abyss, long-term low looked touths, her smooth, the cheeks of jade, the eyes are getting more and more strong, and the cold is getting deeper.

Kunlun World, it is difficult to calculate the place, there is such a few.

, but can make the danger of the phoenix tense, obviously non-simple.

This kind of indisputable place is not good!

In fact, the recent departure is definitely a King Mountain ancestral place, a Heavenly Venerate tomb.

In addition to Zhang Family, don’t move the big tomb of Bright King, who dares to go, who dares ketudent, who can calculate?

The three Divine Palace of Kunlun World were destroyed, but the Bright King’s tomb did not move, but it intact. The robbery is seriously injured, but hiding into the King Mountain ancestral land, it will be robbed.

Don’t move the Bright King, the big meeting, but Yu Wei still lets the characters like the Qing Tian, ​​is because of fear, will be scrapped in the CultiVation Base of ZHANG Ruochen.

However, how can ZHANG Ruochen be taken with Feng Tian into the ancestor, go to Heavenly Venerate Tomb?

The endless abyment has become his first choice, just the second gradient under the abyss, I have mysterious.

arrived at the second gradient, Mu lingxi once again opened his eyes, and the breath became more stable, and he pressed in Zhang Ruochen’s chest, and pushed him to ten several zhang away.

She steadily fell to the ground, smashed the four parties, and she took a cold omp on Imposing Manner.

is obviously the appearance of mu lingxi, but gives people the Oppression.

“Endless abyss, it is indeed a good place to cover people, but this is the enemy of the Billy Fall, but also can’t stop the calculation of the person.”

Mu Lingxi is free from Aloof and Remote, said: “You, open the road in front.”

zhang ruochen is opposed to her, how is you? “

“listening to this day ordered, she naturally can live.” Mu Lingxi said.

“shua! Shua! Shua …”

Six-handed Divine Sword fly out, surrounded by Zhang Ruochen.

zhang ruochen eye suffering sharp, said: “How do I know that she is still alive?”

“Do you dare to do this day?” Mu Lingxi face frost, and the murderous inteention is revealed.

What exists in Feng Tian, ​​it is GOD to see her, you have to worship.

a big god, dare to be bright in front of her?

This is already a big sin offending, can’t forgive!

ZHANG Ruochen seeing that the phoenix state is very unsatisfactory.

“Sword, you can guess your guess, she has been killed!” Mu Lingxi’s eyes indifferent, the back on a pair of Phoenix wings, Rays of Light, the cold .

“you are courting death, 斩!”

zhang ruochen double eyes red, Killing Intent is big.

Despite the special Heaven and Earth Law, endless abyment, suppressed ZHANG Ruochen’s Cultivation Base power, but with the six-handed Divine Sword dialogue, Divine Artifact Wendun broke out.

Billion Sword Qi is presented, with Sword Array, go to Mu Lingxi.

mu lingxi a finger pointed, hit in the void.

suddenly, including the six-handed Divine Sword, with hundreds of thousands of sword qi, all are frozen, stopped in the air.


All SWORD QI explodes.

The six-handed Divine Sword is together with ice crystals, falling into the ground.

“CultiVation Base This is a big progress, it is no wonder that dares to be so impudent in front of this day.” Mu Lingxi.


zhang ruochen once again evokes the six-handed Divine Sword, and the sword is caught in the hands.

A sword is like light, Like a hot knife throughter, normally, direct Mu Lingxi’s eyebrows.

“Act Recklessly.”

Mu Lingxi moves the rules of Killing Intent, Withnin The Body Divine Runes and Divine qi.

However, each rule Divine Runes, each divine qi, all the knives are general, cut her own Fleshy Body, completely unbearable.


a mouthful of blood, spit out from her mouth, the powerful Imposing Manner instantaneous disintegration.

zhang ruochen discovered that MU Lingxi’s eyes change.

Her pupil has a jagged, seeing the Sword Glow close at hand, it is an amazing, which is completely different from it. ZHANG Ruochen is not aware of nothing, he is cheated by Feng Tian!

I quickly and striking swords.


zhang ruochen is attacked by himself, and the body will take out after the body, and the mouth is also spit out of blood.

The full sword under the anger, which is so easy to get back?

mu lingxi slowly stands up, the eyes become indifferent, but it has some changes in the past, said: “Each love, for a woman, dare to pull the sword to the sky. You zhang ruochen is a one. Heterogeneous! “

zhang ruochen stood up and lifted the sword again.

“This day, Nirvana rebirth, you need her Fleshy Body as the shell, gestated new body. You really want to fight, this day can kill you, but this day will also fall the edge of the shell. WHEN THE Time Comes, your little lover, natural scattered ashes and disperse smoke. “Mu Lingxi.

zhang ruochen: “Nirvana rebirth? Are you not possessed?”

“What qualifications she have to make this day Body Possession?”

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