God Emperor Chapter 3236


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After leaving the Central Ghost Emperor Mansion, Zhang Ruochen gave Zhao Wu’s Divine Source and Divine Soul to Cang Jue in a secluded place.

A great ghost of the ghost tribe is a great supplement to ghosts and beasts, and it can make up for the lack of Divine Soul.

Cang Jue was delighted and excited, said with a smile: “many thanks, Shaojun!”

“Follow me, you will have a lot of benefits in the future, it will be infinitely broken, just around the corner.” Zhang Ruochen said.

“I would like to fight the world with the young master, even if I die without regret.”

Zhang Ruochen didn’t care about the truth or falsehood of Cang Jue’s words. As long as he was infinitely broken, Cang Jue naturally knew that he should make such a choice in the face of powerful strength.

Powerhouse will not lack followers.

Cang Jue’s human body decomposed and turned into a huge skull, swallowing Zhao Wu’s Divine Soul and Divine Source into his mouth together.

Ghost Fire on the skull is green, absorbing the Divine Soul and integrating the spirit refinement source.

Zhang Ruochen asked: “How long can I thoroughly refine and turn his Divine Soul into his own cultivation base?”

“Zhao Wu has a deep cultivation base, and his will is immortal. He will not be able to do it in a few years,” Cang Jue said.

Zhang Ruochen said: “Can’t wait that long, you have to immediately change into Zhao Wu’s appearance, and rush to the Eastern Ghost Emperor Mansion with me, and take down Xue Changjin.”

“But Shaojun told Wuyin earlier that Huang Evil God Lord will see what happened in Qingcang Divine Palace based on Zhao Wu’s Divine Soul.” Cang Jue said, somewhat puzzled.

Zhang Ruochen said: “That’s just a rhetoric for Wuyin! Earlier, I concealed the secrets. Even if Huang Evil God masters Zhao Wu’s Divine Soul, he may not be able to gain insight into the battle results in Qingcang Divine Palace. Take a step back and talk about it. , Even if he knew about the Qing Cang Divine Palace, it was only him, not Xue Changjin.”

“I want to compare the speed with the quantity organization, and fight time.”

As long as Xue Changjin is taken down and the amount is organized in the ghost city of Fengdu, it will be difficult to do anything.

This is a once and for all!

Quantitative organizations have been frustrated one after another, their secrets have been exposed, and their enemies are numerous, they will inevitably be shackled and obscure. The favored party now is Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen rarely encounters such an advantageous situation, so he is naturally fearless and can be bolder in his actions.


Zhang Ruochen wanted to fight Huang’s evil god, betting that even if the Huang evil god masters Zhao Wu’s Divine Soul, he cannot break the Limitless Divine Way and calculate their whereabouts.

But obviously, Zhang Ruochen still underestimated the strength of the corpse Clan Number One Powerhouse.

On the way to the Eastern Ghost Emperor Mansion, Zhang Ruochen suddenly stopped and looked around when passing a bustling ghost market.

The heart of truth gives birth to a sense of danger.

A wisp of cold wind, passing through the ghost cultivator on the street, is like a stream flowing through the stone source endlessly.

No abnormality was found, but when Zhang Ruochen looked forward again. But I saw a tall and thin silhouette standing there in the endless stream of ghost cultivator.

On one side is a jade-like face, on the other side is rotten flesh.

Huang Evil God Monarch wears a white conical top hat with silver rings on his ears. One arm is behind him, and the other hand is soft and delicate, with five slender fingers, more beautiful than women’s hands. The location of the tiger’s mouth has a picture of orchids.

The two are only nineteen feet apart, looking at each other.

Zhang Ruochen inwardly startled in one’s heart, because he has never fought against Huang Evil God, but the other party can stand eighteen feet away with his keen sense.

It’s not that Huang Evil God Lord didn’t dare to enter Shibazhang, but came here to tell Zhang Ruochen, “Your secret can’t be kept from this Monarch.”

Huang Evil God Lord spoke and said: “This Monarch doesn’t know what means you used to cover up the secrets, but knowing that this Monarch uses Zhao Wu’s Divine Soul and may find you, he dare to go to the East Ghost The imperial mansion, with this courage, is enough to make this Monarch take a high look!”

In fact, as long as you don’t hand over Zhao Wu’s Divine Source and Divine Soul to Cang Jue, leave them in the Central Ghost Emperor Mansion and give them to Wuyin, Huang Evil God Lord, no matter how powerful it is, it’s impossible to break the Limitless Divine Way and find Zhang. Ruochen.

Zhao Wu’s Divine Source and Divine Soul are the only weak spots, and they are also places where Zhang Ruochen is betting.

Under Zhang Ruochen’s half-bone face mask, his muscles relaxed, said with a smile: “The ghost city of Fengdu is the first Divine City in Hell World. I look at you high.”

The ghost lights on the street are shaking, and the fog is fascinating.

The earth, mid-air, and sky were all shrouded in the divine runes of Huang’s evil gods in an instant, turning into a dim world space.

Like God Realm world, but also like the world that has just evolved.

All the sights on the street disappeared, and there was boundless darkness in front of me. Only the light from Huang’s evil god illuminates the world.

“hua! “

Densely packed dark tentacles gush out from the ground, wrapping around Zhang Ruochen’s legs and body, spreading to the top of his head.

“hong long! “

The ancestor of the god of the underworld appeared, his body was tall, and the light was like a blazing sun, shattering all the dark tentacles.

Zhang Ruochen certainly does not have the cultivation “Hair God Scroll”, but he has fought against a number of cultivators who have cultivated the “Hor God Scroll”. With the Limitless Divine Way, he can probably derive the ancestor of the Hell God.

There is no way, the identity must not be exposed, otherwise it will cause no end of trouble.

Huang Evil God Sovereign smiled coldly, his figure shook, he appeared in front of Zhang Ruochen and pressed him with a palm.


The powerful shadow of the Ancestral God, instantly shattered.

Zhang Ruochen tried his best, with both palms out, the rules divine runes continuously flowed out in the body. However, before he came into contact with Huang Evil God Lord, all the internal organs had been torn apart, and the body flew out.

The gap is too big.

Obviously, Huang Evil God has already broken through the state of staying, and fleshly body strength is much better than Zhang Ruochen.

Taixu Peak is not in the realm of standing still.

The great god of Taixu Peak still needs cultivation for a long period of time. When the physical body has grown to a certain level, it reaches a certain limit, and it is considered to have reached the body stop.

The body stop is the first stop.

Refers to the fleshy body strength and power of Taixu Peak, which stops growing. The growth rate of other aspects such as Divine Soul, Divine Qi, and regular divine runes has slowed down significantly at the same time.

The overwhelming majority, Taixu Peak, was stuck at this level, and even unable to break through for life.

However, once the body breaks and stops, the fleshly body strength immediately increases, reaching the point where “10% is limitless”.

It means to have one-tenth of the fleshly body strength of God. And, before the second soul stop comes, fleshly body strength will continue to grow.

Of course, not every Taixu Peak God’s body is stuck to death.

Some of the gods of the special cultivation Grade 2 Shinto, Shinto itself can accumulate the physical body and strengthen the physique with the cultivation base. In the Initial Stage of the Supreme Void and the Middle Stage of the Supreme Void, it breaks infinitely.

This kind of physical heaven defying character often has a higher barrier to stop.

After stopping, you can have an infinite fleshly body strength of 20% or even 30%.

Just like Xue Jue and Huang Tian, ​​they are the representatives of the powerful physical body. In the Initial Stage of the Supreme Void Realm, they can cultivate the fleshly body strength to the point where they are close to 10%. You can defeat the Peak of the Supreme Void Realm.

Actually, Zhang Ruochen’s fleshly body strength has reached ten percent, which is better than the overwhelming majority peak god, which is not weak.

But what he faced was Huang Evil God Sovereign who reached the third state of Taixu’s cessation of heart. Although the fleshly body of Huang Evil God Sovereign did not enter the fleshly body strength list of “Great Theology”, it also exceeded 20%.

“Sorrow, it’s been a hundred thousand years, are you so capable? Just stopped?”

Huang Evil God Lord changed his body and did not give Zhang Ruochen a chance to catch his breath. He shot again and slapped Zhang Ruochen on top of his head. He had to do it quickly.

The palm of the hand is like a five-finger-shaped sky, making Space Freeze and time seem to stop.

“hua! “

Cang Jue showed up and strikes out.

A fist impact, like two stars colliding, ripples of energy spread outward like huge waves in the sky.

Huang Evil God Lord and Cang Jue flew out at the same time.

Cang Jue is a treacherous beast. It has long since reached the state of soul cessation, and the power of the ghost has reached 20%, which is weaker than Huang Evil God Lord.

However, Huang Evil God did not dominating the world with his body, he was ranked first in the corpse clan because of his cultivation base.

“The Theory of God”‘s cultivation base list, ranked seventh.

Divine Ability ranked third.

With these two rankings, it is enough to establish his infinite Peak powerhouse position. The cultivation base is worse than his powerhouse, without his Divine Ability, the battle strength is obviously not as good as him.

Divine Ability is better than his powerhouse, but not as good as his cultivation base.

Only these few Yuanhui, the born Yuanhui-level genius, can overwhelm him. Or the master god who holds a large number of Profound Truth can fight against him.

Regardless of the fact that the seventh rank in the cultivation base list may not seem to be very high, but all those who can enter the cultivation base list are Old Guy who has reached the third stop state.

This kind of Old Guy, overwhelming majority, is unstable because of cardiac arrest, or has a mentality problem, and is rarely born, and hides it.

Moreover, the cultivator that reaches the state of heart stop has a very small cultivation base gap, and the main ones are Divine Ability, Divine Artifact, and Profound Truth.

Zhang Ruochen shook his body, his injuries recovered instantly, his internal organs were reborn, his life was prosperous, and his recovery was fast, and he was by no means weaker than the sky.

He immediately took out the tripod and activated it with Divine Qi.

For a powerhouse like Shanghuang Evil God Lord, how can I have the slightest reservation, since I can’t use other Divine Artifact and Divine Ability, I can only use the exposed earth tripod.

Huang Evil God Lord’s eyes were fierce, and he said: “Diding! No wonder the Central Ghost Emperor Mansion burst out with such a tyrannical amount of source power. This Monarch originally thought that you got a lot of original Profound Truth, so it was because of it!”

Zhang Ruochen didn’t fight against Huang Evil God at all, but waved the tripod and smashed into the void.

In the ghost city of Fengdu, the one who dared not reveal his whereabouts was Huang Evil God. Just breaking the world that he has derived from is enough to make Huang evil god refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases.

However, Zhang Ruochen’s blow to the void was caught by the palm of the evil god.

The speed is too fast!

Divine Qi and regular divine runes surged out of Huang’s evil god. His body was a hundred times brighter than a star, and he wanted to take the earth tripod away from Zhang Ruochen’s hands.

Zhang Ruochen grasped Diding tightly, and his body was quickly wrapped by Corpse Qi, as if submerged to the bottom of the boundless deep sea.

“Destroy the Soul!”

Cang Jue displayed Divine Ability, his hands were slashing.

A handle of heavenly blade dropping from the sky, breaks Corpse Qi open, and cuts to Huang evil god.

Huang Evil God Lord smiled heartily, pressing one hand on the ground tripod, and raising the other hand to the top of his head, his palm flew out of a river of corpses, banging against the heavenly blade.

The corpse river spread out, following the blade, rushing towards Cang Jue.

Cang Jue’s complexion changed drastically, and with the rules of divine runes, he formed one after another defensive mask to resist the corpse river.

Huang Evil God Sovereign completely suppressed Zhang Ruochen and Cang Jue, and his body rotated. Zhang Ruochen and Cang Jue, who were enveloped in Corpse Qi and the Corpse River, also rotated.

Divine Qi in their bodies was continuously sucked away by Corpse Qi and Shihe.

“hua! “

In this chaotic world, a thirteen-fourteen-year-old white-clothed girl appeared, as if she had walked out of nothingness, and had come across space.

The movement technique is weird.

It is Hai Shang Youruo who has performed the timeless movement technique, forcibly passing through the evolving world of Huang Evil God to break in.

She has a pair of light wings on her back, the majestic Qi of Life, and she holds an ice crystal cold sword.

Since seeing Tang Lan, she has been tracking Huang Evil God Lord.

Without any words, the sea is as if a sword broke through the air, Time Imprint is as gorgeous as the Divine Sea, and the figure is like a flying fairy from the outer world, piercing the heavenly spirit on the head of Huang evil god.


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