God Emperor Chapter 3237


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Scarlet light burst out of Huang Evil God, a scarlet Little Pagoda, flying out of his body, making a loud bell.

The corner of the tower of scarlet Little Pagoda is full of bells, and the surrounding divine runes are densely covered, becoming larger and larger, turning into magnificent tower peaks, crashing into the Time Imprint ocean, and hitting the ocean still quiet.

“Red Ran Pagoda!”

A touch of surprise appeared in Hai Shang Youruo’s eyes, immediately retracted the sword, and used the movement technique to avoid dodge.

This tower is rumored to be Divine Artifact made by Chiran, one of the four largest corpses in the history of the corpse, named after it.

Divine Artifact is powerful, who dares to head-on?

The strong waves erupting from the Chiran Pagoda are all overwhelming, dispersing the Time Law between Heaven and Earth, and not giving the sea a chance to use the power of time.

Zhang Ruochen seized the opportunity and stepped forward, slamming his body on the ground tripod.


The powerful impact, accompanied by the divine light, spreads to the arm of Huang Evil God through the tripod body.

Huang Evil God Lord took a step back, the ground under his feet shattered, his invincible Domain suddenly loosened, and he had to pay more attention to Zhang Ruochen.

At this moment, Zhang Ruochen abandons the tripod and soars, Fist Dao rules flow on his arm, making a roar of gods and demons, throws a punch.

As a last resort, Huang Evil God Lord can only put away the palm of his hand on the ground tripod.

A palm shot out to meet Zhang Ruochen’s fist strength.


Fists each other.

Huang Evil God Jun withdrew for seven steps in a row, but when he retreated to the seventh step, the god destiny in his body turned to Peak, his palm turned into a blue sea, and the air wave surged out.

Zhang Ruochen flew upside down and landed on the top of the tripod. He stepped on the tripod and crashed a large area of ​​the earth.

Huang Evil God was about to chase him, and suddenly felt that Time Flow Speed ​​slowed down rapidly and his body became stiff. Hai Shang Youruo appeared diagonally above him, cast Time Sword Art, and slashed down diagonally.

“The sea is still quiet, who gives you the confidence to be an enemy of this Monarch?”

Huang Evil God Jun’s eyes were cold and severe, ignoring the suppression of time, and his speed was like a ghost. Before Hai Shang Youruo slashed down with this sword, he appeared to her side and grabbed her neck.

Just an afterimage!

If the movement technique is brilliant, Haishang escaped the blow of Huang Evil God.

“One Hundred Thousand Yin Bird!”

Cang Jue hit the ground with both hands, Ghost Qi spread out layer by layer.

The densely packed black Vermilion Bird flew out from the ground, and was about to chase after the secluded Huang evil god package.

Seizing this short opportunity, behind Hai Shang Youruo, a bright gate of destiny emerged, raising the ice crystal cold sword above his head and cutting out the Peerless Sword.

The sword qi of hiding the sky and covering the earth, all fall.

“hong long! “

The Chiran Tower flew back and hit the ground, crushing all the black Vermilion Birds into aerosol.

Huang Evil God Lord’s face sank, and the Chiran Tower flew out with a wave of his sleeves. The blood-colored divine light overflowing from the tower shattered all sword qi.

The power of Divine Artifact is unstoppable, chaotic all the rules of the world.

Seeing that Hai Shang Youruo was about to be hit by the Crimson Pagoda, the tripod flew from the ground, carrying the original divine light vortex.

One tower and one tripod, two Divine Artifacts collide.

A powerful wave of energy spread to all directions, and the mountains where it passed by collapsed and turned into sand.

“Young Master, I will help you!”

Cang Jue turned into a huge skull, spitting out a large amount of Divine Qi from his mouth, rushing towards the tripod. The divine light on the ground tripod became brighter, one after another pattern, as if to come to life.

The world evolving from Huang Evil God cannot withstand the collision force of two Divine Artifacts. It quickly collapsed and decomposed and became riddled with holes, revealing the ghost city of the capital city outside.

Suddenly, the Red Ran Pagoda flew away, and Huang Evil God Lord disappeared.

“Sorrow, you wait!”

A threatening voice echoed in Zhang Ruochen’s ears.

Zhang Ruochen immediately put away the tripod, the smelly Blood Qi appeared in his mouth, he swallowed it back forcibly, staring at the direction Huang Evil God was retreating, and finally did not catch up.

In fact, this confrontation, combined with the strength of Zhang Ruochen, Cang Jue, and Hai Shang Youruo, still fell to an absolute disadvantage.

If there is no earth tripod, Huang Evil God Lord will have even greater advantage.

If this piece of world is not penetrated, he will not retreat at all.

Fighting in the ghost city of Fengdu, no matter Huang Evil God or Zhang Ruochen, they are all tied and unable to let go of a fight.

A strong jealousy appeared in Hai Shang Youruo’s eyes, and he did not follow Huang Evil God. This battle made her deeply aware that fighting against such a powerhouse alone is bound to bode ill rather than well.

Compared with the powerhouse of the cream of the crop, there are still several gaps in the cultivation base.

Seeing Hai Shang Youruo flying here, Zhang Ruochen immediately took Cang Jue away.

“Zhang Ruochen!” she called.

Zhang Ruochen stopped and looked at all around vigilantly, as if looking for signs of Zhang Ruochen.

A weird look appeared in Hai Shang Youruo’s eyes, why is this guy so many?

She said: “Don’t do it again. Prajna has already informed me of your identity. If I hadn’t helped you just now, you might not have been able to escape from Huang Evil God Lord.”

Zhang Ruochen smiled coldly, hoarsely said: “Many thanks You Ruo girl helped, but this is a sorrow, you have admitted the wrong person!”

Hai Shang Youruo flew to the front, his body glowing like rain, exuding a charming fragrance, a girl-like innocent face, a displeased look appeared, saying: “I’m not testing you, Prajna really told you who you are. Me.”

“This is impossible!”

Zhang Ruochen never believed that Prajna would do it.

Hai Shang Youruo gave him a cold look, and said: “In Space Transmission Array, when Prajna left, I was already suspicious. Later, when Prajna brought Tang Lan to see me, I understood, It’s definitely not sorrow.”

“So, I had a conversation with Prajna alone and told her the consequences of not telling the truth. So she told me everything!”

Zhang Ruochen took off half of the bony mask on his face, his appearance changed rapidly, and he recovered his heroic posture, saying: “What are the consequences?”

Hai Shang Youruo said: “I told her that the ghost city of Fengdu is very dangerous, and Xue Changjin and Huang Evil God Lord will kill you. I also told her that in the Five Realms Heaven, we forged a deep friendship, my You passed Time Sword Art, I can trust it.”

Zhang Ruochen re-examined Hai Shang Youruo from top to bottom, and said: “Your appearance is really deceptive. In the final analysis, it is an Old Guy who has lived for hundreds of thousands of years and has many tricks. “

Hai Shangyouruo said: “I didn’t lie to her, why do you say me like this? My Time Sword Art can go further, you can do it. Moreover, as a cultivator, I should have left my youth long ago. And the concept of elder, everything is determined by the cultivation base.”

“If so, shouldn’t you call me a big brother?”

Hai Shang Youruobai gave him a glance.

Zhang Ruochen felt instinctive and said: “Go, leave here first.”

Soon after Zhang Ruochen, Hai Shang Youruo, and Cang Jue left, a god of the ghost family landed outside the broken world that Huang Evil God evolves and sealed the city.

Coming to a higher Divine Mountain, Zhang Ruochen stood on the top of the mountain and looked far away. The divine sense was placed outside, and the entire ghost city of Feng Capital was taking in the entire scene.

This feeling is very similar to the lord of sentient beings looking down at Heaven and Earth.

“hua! “

“hua! “


I saw a bright Array beam of light burst out of the five-sided Ghost Emperor Mansion and hit the sky.

Array Inscription spreads across the city with the beam of light as the center, greatly increasing the defense in the ghost city of Fengdu, and the space is stable to the point that it cannot be moved or penetrated.

This is not the Divine Formation of the moat, but the Divine Formation of the Wufang Ghost Emperor Mansion.

Obviously several major events have occurred in a row. Even if the truth has not been spread, the god of ghosts in the city has noticed the unusual atmosphere and has become cautious.

This is a good thing, which means that it is impossible for the mass organization to think about it!

Hai Shang Youruo grew taller again, like a white-clothed girl, with ups and downs in her chest and no blemishes on her skin, like exquisite porcelain.

Her eyes were annoyed, and she said: “In the Five Realms Heaven, someone keep on saying that we are friends. But because of a tripod, she didn’t trust me at all. I even tried to save me before. You.”

Zhang Ruochen smiled bitterly. This time I was really hurt by Prajna, and said: “Is it my fault, OK? Next time, if you get into trouble, I will help.”

“hmph! “

Hai Shang hummed quietly.

Naturally, she was not really angry. Whether it was the trip to the ghost town of Fengdu, it was of great importance, and it was indeed a secret that should be hidden.

If Zhang Ruochen had not been careful, he would die without a burial site!

But, since you have grasped Zhang Ruochen’s handle, if you let it go easily, wouldn’t you be sorry for yourself?

With Zhang Ruochen’s current cultivation base and future potential, his promise is extremely precious.

Hai Shang Youruo solemnly, said: “The five-party Ghost Emperor Mansion should have been guarded, and the amount of organization is impossible. It is a pity, beat the grass to scare the snake, otherwise this time, it will definitely be able to find one A large number of members are organized to eliminate Hell World.”

“At least the big fish, Huang Evil God Lord, was exposed, and with the addition of Xue Changjin, the amount organization has already suffered heavy losses.” Zhang Ruochen said.

Hai Shang Youruo asked: “How did Huang Evil God find you?”

Zhang Ruochen told about Zhao Wu.

Hai Shang Youruo’s beautiful eyebrows frowned slightly, and said: “You should give Zhao Wu’s Divine Soul to the Divine Palace of Destiny. Based on this evidence, Huang Evil God will have a hundred mouths to argue.”

Immediately afterwards, she added another sentence: “Huang Evil God Lord’s identity and potential are very large, and he can’t easily be touched. This kind of ironclad proof is needed.”

“Give it to you? You are the one who was killed just now!” Zhang Ruochen said.

Hai Shangyouruo said: “Don’t worry, there will be a large number of Gods coming to the Divine Palace of Destiny, and there will be more Gods coming. Only he Huang, the evil god, has the ability of Heavenspan, and can be compared with the Divine Palace Contend?”

Zhang Ruochen pondered for a long time, and said: “How many envoys do you think have come this time?”

Haishang Youruo was a little surprised. I don’t know why he suddenly asked this, saying: “According to the understanding of the fate of Divine Palace, there is a deep defense between the quantity and the quantity, and will hide their identity.”

“In the turmoil in the ghost city of Fengdu, there must be more than one emissary involved. It should be inside Hell World. Someone guessed the identities of the other emissaries before they united and planned this action.” [19459002 ]

“There will never be too many people involved, but there should be more than two people.”

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