God Emperor Chapter 3238


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Zhang Ruochen said: “I have a big plan in my heart, I want to eradicate the entire measurement organization in one fell swoop. But before that, I have to kill all the measurement agents in the ghost emperor Fengdu!”

“What do you mean?” Hai Shang said quietly.

Zhang Ruochen said: “I want to become a real measuring machine! However, Xue Changjin knows that I am a fake, and the measuring agent who has been in contact with Xue Changjin must also know that I am a fake.”

Hai Shang Youruo was really taken aback by Zhang Ruochen’s bold plan, and said: “So, what kind of help do you need?”

“As long as Zhao Wu is still in my hands, Huang Evil God Lord will definitely come to kill me. I want to use the power of Divine Palace of Destiny to get rid of him.”

Zhang Ruochen said coldly: “As long as Huang Evil God is dead, there is no need for any evidence!”

“Okay, I will help you! But Huang Evil God Lord is extremely shrewd, and it is not easy to get him to the bait.” Hai Shang said quietly.

Zhang Ruochen separated a Divine Soul, condensed into a ball of soul light, and handed it to Hai Shang Youruo, saying: “At this moment, most of the evil gods are hiding somewhere and watching us secretly, waiting for an opportunity. I’m separated from you After that, I will immediately drive to the ghost Divine Palace, Huang Evil God Lord will definitely take action to intercept and kill me.”

“And what you need to do is to bring God from Divine Palace to help me in the shortest time possible. At this time, I will find a way to hold him and not give him the chance to retreat.” [ 19459002]

“With this group of soul light, you can find my place at any time.”

Hai Shang Youruo took the soul light and said: “It’s too dangerous! The three of us are the safest. Huang Evil God will not dare to act rashly. We can go together to meet the God of Destiny Divine Palace, or we can be together Go to Divine Palace.”

“If this is the case, Huang Evil God Lord will be completely hidden and will never show up again.” Zhang Ruochen said: “To do a major event, you must take big risks. Although Huang Evil God Lord is strong, I am not weak now. , It should not be difficult to entangle him for a while.”

“Okay, if you say more, you must say that I do things hard. That’s it, I will lead the destiny Divine Palace gods to rescue you as soon as possible.”

“hua! “

Haishang’s body disappears, as if merged into nothingness, disappearing into nothingness.

There is no way for her to repair Void Refinement. In such a complex place in the ghost city of Fengdu, it is not difficult to avoid Huang’s perception of evil gods.

Haishang Youruo promised to be so happy, but Zhang Ruochen was puzzled.

She believes Zhang Ruochen, Zhang Ruochen can understand. But why can she persuade the gods of the fate of Divine Palace to deal with Huang evil gods together?

Because she is a descendant of the last life god?

Because of Tang Lan’s one-sided words?

Zhang Ruochen always felt that something was wrong with Hai Shang Youruo, and even began to suspect that Prajna revealed the authenticity of his identity. With the character of Prajna, one should never let go.

But if Hai Shangyou wants to harm him, Zhang Ruochen absolutely doesn’t believe it.

At this moment, a large cloud appeared on the top of Divine Mountain, and the smell of corpses spread to the mountain. Huang Evil God Monarch sensed that Hai Shang was leaving quietly, and couldn’t wait to make another move.


As soon as Hai Shang Youruo got off Divine Mountain, he came to the bank of a yin river and paid a salute: “See Fengtian!”

On the banks of the Yin River, a Willow Tree covered with purple and black.

The branches flutter, like the hair of a densely packed person.

Hai Shang whispered quietly, telling Zhang Ruochen’s plan again.

Mu Lingxi’s Fengtian, standing under the tree, with a slender and beautiful figure standing in the shadows, said: “Incarnate the body to measure the machine, destroy the organization, the cultivation base is not high, the heart is not small, it seems to be harmonious The upper level at Celestial Court reached an agreement.”

“This is indeed an opportunity! Let the quantity organization continue to be destroyed like this, maybe someday it will lead to catastrophe, just like today’s Fengdu ghost town.” Hai Shang said quietly.

Mu Lingxi nodded, said: “Go, in my name, mobilize the destiny of the gods of Divine Palace.”

“But… Fengtian didn’t say that there are ghosts in the Divine Palace of Destiny. The secret of your return to Hell World can’t be revealed?” Hai Shang said quietly.

Mu Lingxi said: “This day is to take this opportunity to draw the ghost out. By the way, I will also draw out all the amounts hidden in the dark, and catch them all at once. Zhang Ruochen wants to do things, and what he wants to do today Whatever you do, you have to help him today.”

Hai Shang Youruo had a look of doubt in his eyes, but he didn’t ask much.

After she left, Mu Lingxi walked out of the shadows, star-like eyes, looked at Divine Mountain shrouded by Corpse Qi in the distance, and said to herself: “Yuding, Tianding, Divine, I was born because of you. Are you the one of the Nine Cauldrons predicted on the Heavenly Book of Destiny?”


The entire Divine Mountain is shrouded by the God Realm world of Huang Evil God.

Only Fengtian can see through God Realm world and see Corpse Qi enveloping the mountains. In the eyes of other cultivators, there is still calm, no power fluctuations.

The God Realm world of Huang Evil God is full of clouds and corpse rivers. The regular divine runes are dense, without any light, and the eyes are useless.

In the darkness, there was a dull voice: “If the sea is still leaving, it should be the gods of the Divine Palace to find the fate? Don’t worry, before they arrive, this Monarch will end your life, and then Kill Yaoguang.”

“This Monarch will tell the destiny of the gods of Divine Palace, shake self-destruct Divine Heart, and be perish together with you!”

“After that, this Monarch took another chance to clean up Hai Shang Youruo and Tang Lan, and all traces were gone. This Monarch is still the Number One Powerhouse of the corpse clan. And you are stricken by the painstaking practice of several Yuanhui, In the end it disappeared, and it will end up as a traitor to Hell World.”

Shenyin is getting closer and closer.

The sound of breaking wind sounded one after another.

Suddenly, a Thunder Beast Divine Ability attacked from the left.

A thick-mouthed Zen stick fell from the sky.

A weaponized corpse soldier appeared in Zhang Ruochen’s perception and attacked from all directions.

“bang bang! ”

Zhang Ruochen held a tripod in one hand, fisted and squeezed out the attacking corpse soldiers one after another.

A yin Qi Sea ocean evolves under Cang Jue’s feet, and the green Ghost Fire burns, illuminating the darkness. In the Yin Qi Sea, huge waves of thousands of zhang highs were set off, and the rushing corpse soldiers shot flying.

“Sorrow, let you see today, what is the immeasurable Divine Ability of Great Accomplishment.”

Huang Evil God Sovereign was suspended in the air, surrounded by corpses and rivers, slowly raising his hands. The densely packed divine runes and the thick Divine Qi gush out from the palms of both hands.

The sound of Jin Ge iron horse sounded deafening.

Above the Huang Evil God Lord’s head, hundreds of millions of corpse soldiers appeared, some wearing armor, some riding Divine Dragon, some holding war weapons, swallowing mountains and rivers in an imposing manner, divine might move the world.


The corpses will swoop down from the sky, all murderous aura rushing to the sky.

Cang Jue complexion greatly changed, 100,000 Yin Bird flew out of Qi Sea under the foot to meet the corpse soldiers in the sky.

“This Monarch called Divine Ability, cultivated for half a million years and reached a high realm, can you stop it?” Huang Evil God Jundao.

One hundred thousand Yin Bird was like a wild duck in front of the corpse soldiers and generals, trampled explodingly, unable to stop them.

The immeasurable Divine Ability of Great Accomplishment, which claims to crush everything under the immeasurable realm.

Zhang Ruochen’s face was solemn, and Divine Qi burst out from his body, pouring into the tripod.

The Ding Ding violently rotates and becomes the size of a mountain, and strikes towards the corpse soldiers dropping from the sky.

“bang bang! ”

The corpse soldiers exploded in a large area, but there is still an endless supply, like moth flies into the flame.

The impact was too strong, Zhang Ruochen took a step back, followed by the 2nd Step…

Cang Jue was besieged by dozens of Artifact Spirit corpses, and he was overwhelmed by himself. Ghost Qi was swallowed in one bite, and he couldn’t come to help Zhang Ruochen at all.

Zhang Ruochen gave a long roar, and the divine blood in his body burned, and the blood merged with the earth.

On the earth tripod, the witchcraft flickered one by one, and after the unknown geography of mountains and rivers invaded the blood, it actually extended out in space and unfolded into a vast and luminous ancient world.

After the flying corpse and soldier corpse are crushed by the earth tripod, they become the original particles and continue to merge into the ancient world.

The power erupted from the Ding Ding became stronger and stronger, and its power overwhelmed the corpse soldiers and corpse generals, and countered the Huang evil god.

Huang Evil God Jun’s eyes were full of wonder, and he immediately changed his tactics, pinching his hands.

Suddenly, the densely packed corpses will collide with each other, making a roar and explosion, and finally, condensed into a corpse ancestor with the sky above its head and its feet on the ground.

The corpse ancestor glared fiercely, covering the Star River with his palms pressed down like a cloud covering the sky.

Zhang Ruochen held a tripod with both hands, like a giant propped up in an ancient world, with his eyes turned into the sun and the moon, imposing manner against the mountains and rivers, and blasted against the palms of the ancestors.

Mu Lingxi, who broke into the God Realm world quietly, saw this scene from a distance and said: “It is worthy of being a tripod, with Zhang Ruochen barely stepping into the cultivation base of the Taixu realm, borrow Its power can actually surpass five or six realm levels, and the explosive battle strength is already better than the old ghost of the dead soul. Unfortunately, compared with Huang Evil, the cultivation base is far behind. At this point, it is the limit!”

Her palm flipped, and Tianding flew out from her palm.

Tianding did not emit any divine light, but it was extremely heavy, like a steel mountain, with pure power, it hit the Huang evil god.

Where did Huang Evil God Lord expect a tripod to fly out suddenly?

Has Nine Cauldrons been so prevalent?


Before he could react, Huang’s body was hit by Tianding, the flesh and blood exploded, the bones of the gods shattered and turned into a blood mist.

Where is Zhang Ruochen willing to let go of this opportunity?

The tripod was crushed upwards, and the ancient world smashed the body of the corpse ancestor, and collected the blood mist of the evil god Huang into the tripod.

Zhang Ruochen flew to the top of the tripod, sealed the mouth of the tripod, and refining with all his strength.

Huang Evil God Lord’s cold voice came from the cauldron: “Who is it, who attacked this Monarch with Tianding sneak?”

Mu Lingxi took back the Tianding, and walked over here with bare feet and footwork.

It is a pity that Huang Evil God has been refining and turned into a mass of original particles. If you let him know that it was Feng Tian among the twenty heavens who sneak attacked him, perhaps he would be honored.

Or maybe… desperate!

Zhang Ruochen fixed his gaze on Mu Lingxi, and saw her appearing here by such a “coincidence”, and immediately understood everything.

Mu Lingxi’s red lips crystal clear and near-transparent, indifferently said: “Do you know why Huang is dying, you have to ask that sentence?”

Zhang Ruochen said: “This Huang evil god is a bit weird. Although the cultivation base is very high, the Corpse Qi in his body is not the evil Corpse Qi, but the gloomy Corpse Qi.”

Mu Lingxi slender jade finger, stroking it on the ground tripod, and said: “The three evil emperors have three Head Disciples, respectively cultivation the three Absolute Art of the three evil emperors: Yin, Yang and Huang. I didn’t expect it this day. Emperor Sansha loved this youngest dísciple so much, and at the same time passed both the gloom and the evil to him.”

Zhang Ruochen said: “Perhaps even the sun’s disaster was passed on to him. Feng Tian meant that the corpse of the evil god Huang was killed by me, not his body?”

“That’s right! This Huang evil dares to claim himself as a god. It does have some abilities. It really got the true biography of the three evil emperors. If he breaks the immeasurable realm, the corpse clan will have another extraordinary god.” Mu Lingxi said.

Among the great gods, there are very few who can get such an evaluation from Fengtian.

Zhang Ruochen meditated and said: “The cultivation method of the three evil emperors is somewhat similar to the Shang clan’s “Three Corpses Refining Dao”, and I don’t know if there is any origin.”

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