God Emperor Chapter 3295


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In the Black Sea, a Great World where 90% of the area is covered by the ocean, like a black ocean suspended in the universe, with a diameter of more than three thousand ten thousand li.

The living creature in the sea is more than billions, rich in resources, and bred many rare minerals and rare sacred medicine.

It is a world, but it is more like the treasure of this piece of Star Domain.

On the largest continent in the Black Sea, there are seven Divine Palaces. This is the hub of the Great Array of the Guardian. It was originally guarded by the seven gods of the dead.

But at this moment, these seven Gods, all of which had their legs broken, knelt outside Divine Palace.

They can’t get up, there are one after another tyrannical rules of divine runes like a rain curtain, all over them unable to move even a little bit.

Farther away, the Saint Realm cultivator of the dead was kneeling down on a large area, densely packed, countless, but very quiet. Because, those who are not quiet have been swallowed by Sacred Soul by Xiuchen Heavenly God and turned into abandoned corpses.

Zhang Ruochen stood in one of the Divine Palaces, and the Spirit Power thought was released, manifesting the Avatar of thousands of thoughts, and analyzing the Inscription in the temple.

After the analysis is complete, all Spirit Power thoughts return.

“Interesting is worthy of the Array arranged by the gods. Without Spirit Power, using Divine Soul to outline the Array Inscription is a different way.” Zhang Ruochen said.

Cang Jue stood aside, contemptuously said with a smile: “What about the Array arranged by the gods? Array masters like Shaojun can resolve it in no time. Divine Soul spreading array is not as good as Spirit Power after all!”

Zhang Ruochen did not humble himself, and asked: “How are you recovering from your injury?”

Cang Jue’s ghost body was crushed, and the injuries were not light. Although it is not visible on the surface, the intensity of the breath has dropped a lot.

Cang Jue said: “With the help of the sundial, the old servant refining Zhao Wu a large number of Divine Soul and Divine Source, the soul body has recovered more than half. In a few days, it will be completely refined, the injury will inevitably recover completely, and the cultivation base should be able to bring it up a level .”

Under the sundial, a few days are a few years.

“We are afraid that there is not that much time!”

Zhang Ruochen stepped out of Divine Palace, always thinking in his eyes.

The Lord Scarlet Soul and Lord Heavenly Monarch, who were kneeling on the ground, looked towards the heroic Zhang Ruochen, and they were full of emotion in their hearts.

The youngster who used to be only worthy of competing with their young son is now a towering giant in the universe, and their life and death can be determined in one word.

They watched Zhang Ruochen grow up, become a Jie Zun, and become a region’s Overlord step by step.

“Jie Zun Sir!”

A burly silhouette with broad shoulders and broad body rushed over, and one-knee kneels came to Zhang Ruochen, with a sincere attitude, saying: “Jie Zun Sir, do you remember the next?”

Zhang Ruochen looked at Xiuchen Heavenly God, then looked towards the man who was kneeling on the ground, and said: “Oh Sen Luo Huang, where have you been all these years?”

“In front of Jie Zun, I dare not call the emperor.”

Omori Luohuang’s face was a little embarrassed, and said: “In these years, the villain has returned to Divine Palace cultivation.”

“It seems that the memory is restored!” Zhang Ruochen said.

Sovereign Dao: “But the respect for Jie Zun Sir is even deeper!”

“Go ahead, why did you come to see me?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Emperor Omori glanced at the Scarlet Soul Monarch among the seven Gods kneeling under the Divine Palace, and said, “I want to continue to follow Jie Zun to do things, even as a slave.”

“Don’t you ask me to let your father go?” Zhang Ruochen said with a smile.

Dasen Luohuang shook his head and said: “The villain knows his own weight and dare not ask for such extravagance. Jie Zun is the hero of the cream of the crop since the ten Yuanhui. Any villain who can follow Jie Zun as a slave , It’s an honor already.”

Omori Luohuang used to be mad, and once looked at the world’s talents, but now the cultivation base is so far from Zhang Ruochen, how can he be half arrogant?

The reason why he wanted to follow Zhang Ruochen was entirely to preserve the influence of the Scarlet Soul Monarch. No matter what, he had to keep part of the clansman.

Otherwise, the lineage of the Scarlet Soul Lord will be over!

Zhang Ruochen thought for a while and shook his head: “No, with your current cultivation base, even if you are a slave, you are not qualified enough. You can persuade your Father God, he is qualified! High God Great Perfection , Wherever it is placed, there are still some uses.”

The emperor Omori showed a sense of sorrow, knowing that he had missed the opportunity after all. If Zhang Ruochen was the Great Saint Realm at the beginning, he would go back to the past, at least today can save a lot of clansman.

He looked towards Lord Scarlet Soul, not sure if God Father would put down his face and become a junior god slave.

As a prestigious dead monarch, he is in charge of a Divine Kingdom. If you want him to be a slave, it is better to kill him directly.

Lord Scarlet Soul closed his eyes tightly and did not compromise for the time being.

On the side, Yuan Heavenly Monarch’s eyes flickered, and he suddenly said: “If Chen Jie Zun, this God is willing to submit. From now on, I will serve Jie Zun and Xing Huan Tian to the death.”

“a wise man submits to circumstances, the source of Heavenly Monarch is the best of you.”

Zhang Ruochen walked quickly over and helped Master Yuan Heavenly Monarch up.

The broken legs recover in the divine light.

Source Heavenly Monarch Lord until now is very good at judging the situation. Zhang Ruochen once killed one of his sons, but he told his children not to take revenge. At that time, Zhang Ruochen was just a Great Saint. He had seen Zhang Ruochen’s extraordinary, and he didn’t dare to forge feuds.

The source Heavenly Monarch released a Half Divine Soul and handed it over to Zhang Ruochen, and said: “Jie Zun, this God has a daughter, has stepped into God Realm, and cultivation has gone out of Peak’s Grade 3 Shinto, with endless potential in the future. , If Jie Zun can point her to one or two…”

Zhang Ruochen accepted Divine Soul, and said: “I won’t talk about this for now. From now on, you can do things with Cang Jue!”

Source Heavenly Monarch The daughter of the Lord, Yuan Shu, is indeed a first-class Heaven’s Proud Daughter. Among all the women born in this Yuanhui, it is definitely in the forefront. But she was reduced to a hole card in the master’s hand of the source Heavenly Monarch, used to please her backer influence.

The dead gods who were still kneeling on the ground all showed contempt.

“The gods of the empty silkworm Sir and Hell World are bound to come soon, the source of Heavenly Monarch, the Lord, you will not only lose the face of the dead, but will also ruin their own lives.” Supreme Unity God’s eyebrows coldly said.

Master Heavenly Monarch didn’t feel ashamed, and said: “You fools, you can’t see the situation at all. If the dust world is a Heaven’s Chosen Child with a destiny, let alone the heavens in the future, it will be Heavenly. Venerate has a chance. Following the Lord, after reforming, is the real Great Dao!”

“You are just afraid of death that’s all!”


“Why did the dead have such a spoiled seed? Kill, kill, kill me first.”


Xiu Chen Heavenly God showed joy and asked Zhang Ruochen, “Should you kill them all?”

The six Gods who were kneeling on the ground still had their waists straight, but they were instantly quiet.

Because they knew that Xiuchen Heavenly God really wanted to kill them, and then swallowed their Divine Soul.

Zhang Ruochen deliberately showed a look of thinking and hesitation, which made the dead gods nervous, and there seemed to be strong murderous intention in the air.

Xiu Chen Heavenly God said again: “Kill them, it’s best to kill all the Saint Realm cultivators under their banner, you must cut weeds and eliminate the roots. In this matter, this God can do it!” [19459002 ]

All the dead gods scolded in their hearts, thinking that Xiu Chen was too vicious and merciless. If Xiu Chen was not the head of Innate Earth, he would have cursed her ancestors for thousands of generations.

After thinking about it for a long while, Zhang Ruochen looked up and felt one after another tyrannical Divine Force fluctuation.

The tense gods of the dead race looked at each other, and their faces were full of joy.

Hell World’s powerhouse is here!

And Divine Force fluctuates one after another, some of which are extremely powerful, obviously too imaginary. They want to laugh, feel that Zhang Ruochen is coming to an end, and at the same time, they are grateful that they have just taken the pressure.

But they dare not laugh, nor can they laugh, after all, dignified God kneels neat and tidy, and is discredited.

“Zhang Ruochen, immediately release all the dead God and Saint Realm cultivator, otherwise this seat will now suppress and kill the phantom emperor.” A loud sound fell from the Nine Heavens, causing a large area of ​​the ocean to wave hundreds. zhang.

“Young Master, Hell World seems to look down upon you a bit. There are no powerful people here, so the old servant will go and clean them up. Do you want to take some measures?” Cang Jue asked quizzically.

“What’s the measure? The various races in the Royal City of the 100 races were slaughtered like this. The envoys sent by Zhang Ruochen were suppressed by them. It is unbearable or unbearable. Cang Jue, don’t go. This God, the killer cultivator of Asura Race, is out, and if you don’t kill them, how can you stand up?” Xiuchen Heavenly God looks solemn, and his murderous aura is strong.

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