God Emperor Chapter 3422

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The 17th floor of Sword Pavilion is vast and vast, with a length of over 100 million miles, which is comparable to a Great World.

Before, Zhang Ruochen retreats here for thousands of years. Oasis, vegetation, and rivers appeared in the land of hundreds of thousand li, and the landform changed drastically.

Over the years, as the Sword Pavilion continuously absorbed Qi of Heaven and Earth and revived in the deadly silence, the traces of life on the 17th floor spread to farther places.

In addition, Zhang Ruochen climbed up layer by layer and found that the Tenth Layer, the 11th layer…each layer has a different degree of vitality, and it is no longer like there was only yellow sand on the ground.

The Venerable mysterious said: “The 18th Layer of the Sword Pavilion is probably the Primogenitor World left by the Sword Ancestor. The 17th layer goes all the way down to the Tenth Layer, and most of it is the outer circle area of ​​the Primogenitor World.”

Zhang Ruochen had the same guess.

Because, starting from the Tenth Layer, the world gate of each layer looks like a stone material, but in fact, the inside is full of Ancestral God Founder patterns.

Jie Venerable said: “The Sword Ancestor and the Sword Pavilion are too far apart from this era. The Artifact Spirit of the Sword Pavilion, I don’t know how many generations have been changed, has inevitably erupted in a shocking battle. Tenth Layer to the 17th floor of the world Beaten to death, barren, as desolate as the surface of the Death Star.”

After looking at it, I found that Begonia’s mother-in-law was not there, Jie Venerable whispered: “Now Begonia has reached God Realm, Sword Pavilion has become a Divine Artifact again, and the entire 18 layer world of Sword Pavilion will inevitably undergo an amazing transformation. It won’t take long, but at most Ten thousand years later, the 18 world inside the Sword Pavilion will be Heaven and Earth turning upside down.”

The Time Flow Speed ​​of each layer inside Sword Pavilion is different from that of the outside world.

In the past ten thousand years outside, in Tenth Layer, it was two hundred thousand years.

In Seventeenth Layer, it is one million years.

But not everyone can enter the Tenth Layer, you must understand the sword ten.

Nevertheless, Sword Pavilion will also become Kunlun World’s cultivation Supreme Realm, which will promote the rapid development of Sword Dao in Kunlun World.

Moreover, this is still the case where the 18th Layer is not opened.

If the 18th Layer of Sword Pavilion is really Sword Ancestor’s Primogenitor World, the value of Sword Pavilion will be even more extraordinary, and it will definitely enter the first chapter of “Taebaek Divine Artifact Chapter”.

Because it will no longer be just a tool, it will be given more value and meaning.

Zhang Ruochen looked at Jie Venerable with strange eyes, clapped his hands and said: “Admire, admire, I am really convinced you Senior at this moment. Didn’t expect, you have such a deep layout, you have been planning Sword many years ago. Pavilion. If my guess is right, you will stay at the Sword Pavilion. Healing your injuries is false. It is true to take this peerless Divine Artifact.”

“haha ……”

Jie Venerable’s laughter gradually stopped, his face was unkind, and he said: “What do you mean, true body seems to be very sinister. Zhang Family wants to grow and grow, to rise again, and to reproduce the glory of the ancestor family. A lot of cultivation resources are definitely needed, and Sword Pavilion can provide it. Besides, if the true body hadn’t made Haitang the Artifact Spirit of Sword Pavilion, Sword Pavilion would be just a place to enlighten the sword.”

“You are out to provoke right and wrong all day long, where do you understand the painstaking effort of true body?”

“By the way, can you add another man and a half to Old Zhang’s family over the years?”

Every time I can’t do without the topic of family revitalization, but he didn’t work hard, Zhang Ruochen didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and walked to the stone gate of the 18th Layer of the Sword Pavilion.

On the stone gate, jade-like vines grow out of the gap between the two doors.

Compared with the last time I saw it, the vines are denser, and the longest is tens of meters long.

Jie Venerable told Zhang Ruochen that he brought Granny Haitang through the stone gate to the 17th floor of the Sword Pavilion by virtue of Divine Qi and the rules of the ancestor. However, the Sword Dao Ancestral God Founder pattern on the 18th Layer stone gate is too strong to be shaken by his current cultivation base.

“I have completed the eighteenth sword, I should be able to try it.”

Zhang Ruochen’s palm was slowly pressed up, and the Sword Intent of Sword Eighteen erupted.

This Sword Intent resonates with the Sword Dao Ancestral God Founder pattern on the stone gate.

“hua! “

The stone gate burst out with brilliant white light, and every light was a sword, rushing towards Zhang Ruochen surgingly.

Oddly, these sword qi white light automatically slid away from Zhang Ruochen’s side. The Jie Venerable at the back was not so lucky. Seeing hundreds of millions of sword qi pouring in, he immediately supported the Nine-Colored Shenxia and wrapped himself.

Hard to resist.

Jie Venerable retreated quickly, bursts of roar broke out in his body, and a heavy sky rose above his head.

When the sword qi white light disperses, Zhang Ruochen has disappeared.

The stone gate closed again.

The jade crown on the head of Jie Venerable has been cracked, discevelled hair, cursing: “The true body is the ancestor of the cultivation base, but I can’t enter a stone gate. Is it really necessary to concentrate on cultivation Sword Dao?”

Mother-in-law Haitang walked over and said: “If you condense the twentieth heaven, you might be able to break in.”

Jie Venerable tidyed up his appearance with graceful demeanor, and said: “No, true body must enlighten the sword. If you do not enlighten the eighteenth sword, you will never leave the Sword Pavilion in this life. Haitang, I will stay in the Sword Pavilion to accompany you!”

Repair the 20th Heavenly Universe?

Jie Venerable I feel a headache just thinking about it. There’s no possibility for hundreds of thousands of years.


Passing through the stone gate, there is white fog in front of me, and my line of sight can only reach several dozen li.

Zhang Ruochen lowered his head and glanced. On the ground, there were long vines and vines, thumping the ground into green.

Last time, it was a Sword Dao Soul who entered, so I had no scruples.

But now it is the real body, here is the death of an ancestor, no one knows what dangers are hidden, so naturally you have to be careful.

Zhang Ruochen waved his sleeves, forming a hurricane and blowing away the white mist.

Gradually, the whole land became clear, peaks, plains, and deep valleys appeared. There were towering ancient woods, like pine trees, but the needles exuded the silver white brilliance, giving people an extremely dangerous feeling.

The wind blows away thousands of miles away.

Zhang Ruochen put on the Ancestral God Founder suit, inspiring the “universe boundless” shape of truth, turning his body into a sea of ​​stars.

Holding the reverse Divine Tablet in one hand and the tripod in the other hand, strode forward.

Zhang Ruochen avoided the densely patterned area of ​​Ancestral God Founder and walked along the path in his heart to Silver Matsushita.

The trunk of the silver pine is as strong as a mountain peak.

The bark is like metal armor.

Zhang Ruochen’s hand, just touched it.

The trunk of the silver pine shook, and the needles flew down like sword rain from above, and the sky was full of silver light.

“bang bang.”

Zhang Ruochen propped up the tripod.

The needles collided with the tripod, making a clanging metallic sound.

After a while, Zhang Ruochen removed the tripod and the ground was covered with pine needles.

“Fortunately, only the basic spiritual wisdom was born.”

There are towering ancient pine trees here. I don’t know how many roots. With simple wisdom, they can burst out Saint-level attack power.

A few hundred thousand li ahead, Zhang Ruochen saw an ink-black ancient pine king. The tree is huge. Compared with the Peach of Immortality Tree, the Breathing Technique can release pure Heaven and Earth. Divine Qi.

It is a Divine Tree!

Zhang Ruochen tried a bit and was attacked by ink-black’s sword rain.

It was a defensive attack. It did not actively pursue and kill Zhang Ruochen. The battle strength level was only at the pseudo-god level.

It can be seen that the ancient pine king is just a relatively special divine wood, with limited wisdom, and no cultivation technique and Divine Ability.

This kind of divine wood that grows naturally, the pseudo Divine Level battle strength is the limit.

Unless you set foot on the path of cultivation!

This made Zhang Ruochen secretly relieved. What he was most afraid of was that the 18th Layer of the Sword Pavilion, like the sword Divine Palace, gave birth to the god-level powerhouse with absolute autonomy like the ladder and bloody mud people.

It’s impossible to think about it. Even if the 18th Layer of the Sword Pavilion is Primogenitor World, it is impossible to be independent of the universe. It needs to absorb the various Spiritual Qi, Sacred Qi, and Divine Qi between Heaven and Earth to support the world. living creature cultivation. Otherwise, there must be an upper limit.

When there is no Artifact Spirit in the Sword Pavilion, the Tenth Layer and above are completely closed and cannot be connected to the outside world at all.

On the other hand, the sword Divine Palace is always in the mighty universe, which provides conditions for the ladder and bloody mud people to enter the level of the gods.

At the same time, Zhang Ruochen did not believe that after the death of Sword Ancestor, the 18th Layer was completely closed, and certain periods in history must have been opened.

Inside the Sword Pavilion, the Tenth Layer to the 17th floor were completely dilapidated, and the 18th Layer was probably also hit to a certain extent.

All the plants that Zhang Ruochen sees now are the ancient Song King, but they are no more than ten Yuanhui.

Moving on, Zhang Ruochen saw a lot of rare medicines and divine wood similar to the king of ancient pine. Under the ground, found the Divine Stone Mine and some treasures that can be used to forge Supreme Sacred Artifact and even Divine Artifact.

His heart was shocked. If the 18th Layer of the Sword Pavilion is opened and the living creature here can be successfully cultivated, the overall strength of Kunlun World will reach an extremely terrifying point in a short time.

A pine tree can be transformed into a Saint.

Divine wood like King Gu Song, once set foot on the path of cultivation, the future battle strength must be advanced by leaps and bounds.

The 18th Layer of the Sword Pavilion is too vast. How many divine woods have been born from heaven knows? Maybe, it can be compared to the Wood Element family of the demon Divine World.

However, Zhang Ruochen is very sensible and knows very well that more cultivators will consume more resources. Really want to educate all the living creatures here. Kunlun World’s current cultivation resources are simply not enough. It must launch a war, plunder, and expand like Hell World.

Everything needs the push of step by step. Once it has passed, it is not far from destruction.


Take the sword world.

Following the heart’s perception and moving on, Zhang Ruochen discovered that the living creature here is indeed no more than ten Yuanhui.

This shows that the 18th Layer of the Sword Pavilion must have shattered once ten Yuanhui.

This point in time is very delicate.

In addition, Zhang Ruochen also discovered that the Time Flow Speed ​​here is the same as the outside world, but different from what was estimated. After all, on the 17th floor of the Sword Pavilion, the ratio of time to the outside world has reached an astonishing one to one hundred.

For the ordinary Saint Realm cultivator, the current 18th Layer of the Sword Pavilion is very dangerous, and it can be described as murderous intention everywhere.

For overwhelming majority God, this place can also be called a forbidden place. Once the Ancestral God Founder pattern is touched, it will probably fall. Not every God has a perception ability like Zhang Ruochen!

I don’t know how long it has been, Zhang Ruochen once again saw the tall Divine Tree of crimson. The trunk was covered with scales and the leaves were like red gems.

Very far away, Zhang Ruochen stopped immediately.

If nothing happens, the bones of Sword Ancestor will be under the Divine Tree.

Last time, Zhang Ruochen’s Sword Soul was wiped out by the sword qi that burst out of Sword Ancestor because he wanted to get close to the bones of Sword Ancestor.

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