God Emperor Chapter 3423

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“Junior Zhang Ruochen, meet Sword Ancestor!”

Zhang Ruochen was ten thousand li beyond, standing in the wilderness full of azure flowers and weeds, and bowed in the direction of the crimson Divine Tree.

The wind is rustling.

No response was received.

In the Divine Palace of the source, Zhang Ruochen encountered the sword of Sword Ancestor, and he has a surviving spiritual memory. It can be seen how powerful the ancestors were, even if hundreds of millions of years passed, they could retain something.

But here, nothing seems to be left.

The crimson Divine Tree is the only living creature in the 18th Layer of the Sword Pavilion that is more than ten Yuanhui. It is extremely old. The leaves swayed, and the Heaven and Earth Law in the entire time and space became chaotic, with red clouds, spatial ravines, sword qi rivers and other wonders appearing.

Zhang Ruochen did not directly break through, because the Ancestral God Founder pattern is dense here and cannot be avoided.

Not to mention him, it is those who are free and immeasurable, and even the heavens, they must be cautious when facing the Ancestral God Founder pattern.

Zhang Ruochen took out the six Divine Swords. They were once the swords of the Sword Ancestor. Although the Artifact Spirit is no longer the Artifact Spirit, the sword is still the same.

Zhang Ruochen releases Six Paths divine sense, which is placed in Six Paths Divine Sword.

“shua shua !”

Six Divine Swords flew out together and gradually approached the crimson Divine Tree.

The divine sense in the sword, once again saw the withered bones sitting under the tree. Wearing a silver white divine cloud, pinching the fingers of the sword in one hand, and holding a branch in the other, draw sword-dancing villains on the ground.

It seems to be deducing some kind of profound Sword Dao!

In Zhang Ruochen’s mind, with the six Divine Sword and Six Paths divine sense, Six Paths consciousness and six viewing angles appeared, and he kept getting closer to the Sword Ancestor.

No attack like last time.


Six Divine Sword encounters a strong aura pull and accelerates to the Sword Ancestor withered bone, inserting in six directions of the withered bone.

The sword body trembled and couldn’t fly again.

The boss of Divine Sword was shocked and said: “It is worthy of being the ancestor of Sword Dao in the past, the very powerful Sword Domain aura.”

“This is the ancestor of Sword Dao, the Sword Dao Number One Person since ancient times!” Divine Sword is the fifth old man.

“Unfortunately Sword Ancestor has passed away.”

“What Sword Dao is Sword Ancestor deducing? They are deducing when they are dying, it must be the sword of invincible in the whole world!”


Zhang Ruochen’s Six Paths divine sense, tried again with six Divine Sword, but still couldn’t break the ancestor aura of Sword Ancestor.

I can’t imagine how terrifying the Sword Ancestor was when he was alive!

Then Zhang Ruochen’s Six Paths divine sense, looked towards the sword-dancing villains on the ground.

Suddenly, these villains came to life directly, evolving one after another exquisite sword style. Some can traverse the Star River with one sword, some can pierce the sky with one sword, and some can break through time and space…

After only a moment of insight, Zhang Ruochen’s Six Paths divine sense was unbearable and almost disintegrated.

ten thousand li beyond, Zhang Ruochen’s real body opened his eyes, and after careful calculation and research, a wisp of Divine Qi was shot out from his fingertips and flew toward the direction of the crimson Divine Tree.

He wants to use Divine Qi to try to recover a Divine Sword.

At the same time, the Ancestral God Founder pattern and the ancestor Sword Domain are also being tested.

Divine Qi is away from crimson Divine Tree and several hundred li. I don’t know what I touched. Suddenly, in the sky, a fiery and powerful brilliance burst out.

Zhang Ruochen immediately backed up, blocking the reverse Divine Tablet in front of him.

“hong long! “

Guanghua hit the Divine Tablet, and the tablet and the people blasted Zhang Ruochen out, hit the ground, and retreated a hundred miles.

When Zhang Ruochen settled down again, he found many cracks on the reverse Divine Tablet.

These cracks condense quickly.

“So awesome!”

Zhang Ruochen secretly assessed that with his current cultivation base, even with various Supreme Treasure support, it would be difficult to get past the Ancestral God Founder pattern and the ancestor Sword Domain.

However, Sword Ancestor is an ancient ancestor who has passed away for too long after all, and the power left behind is already quite weak.

As long as the Four Elephants Great Perfection and the cultivation base advance, it may be another result.

Zhang Ruochen left Six Paths divine sense in Divine Sword, stayed at Sword Ancestor, and then left the 18th Layer of Sword Pavilion. On the way, I picked some rare medicines.

Jie Venerable was waiting on the 17th floor. Seeing Zhang Ruochen walking out, he immediately rushed over and asked: “How is it, what treasure did you get?”

Zhang Ruochen looked cautious and said: “The inside is wider than the 17th floor, with spiritual medicine everywhere, can be seen everywhere Divine Tree divine fruit. By the way, the most precious thing is to count the sword bones. Sword Ancestor died during The meditation is inside, there is… nothing left, hey, what a pity!”

Jie Venerable didn’t believe in Zhang Ruochen at all, and said anxiously: “Since the Sword Ancestor died during meditation, there must be countless relics, how can there be nothing? You just missed it!”

“There really is nothing left. After so many years, even if anything is left, it will be turned into ashes.”

While talking, Zhang Ruochen walked quickly towards Sixteenth Layer.

Jie Venerable saw Zhang Ruochen leaving in such a hurry, and it was even more impossible to let him go, saying: “To deceive Old Ancestor, it’s a thunderstorm.”

Zhang Ruochen hesitated again and again, seeming to be engaged in a psychological struggle, and said: “Is the ancestor Divine Qi in swallow boots enough?”

Zhang Ruochen has been on the 18th layer for nearly ten days, and the 17th layer has been almost three years in the past.

Jie Venerable took out the swallow boots, but immediately took them back.

“I have never seen such a stingy Old Ancestor, what you promised to give, why do you want to regret it?” Zhang Ruochen said.

Jie Venerable asked: “What did you get in the 18th Layer?”

Zhang Ruochen took the swallow boots and put them on directly, saying: “I want the relic left by the Sword Ancestor, unless you exchange it with the relic left by the Great Lord!”

“No, really no! Why don’t you even believe in Old Ancestor?” Jie Venerable said.

“Jie Lao, no matter how you think about it, the few things left by Sword Ancestor are too precious. If there are not enough benefits, I’m impossible to divide you up.”

Zhang Ruochen is going to leave.

Jie Venerable stopped him again and said: “Why is youngster so impatient? Talking about things and business, the key is a word. You wait…”

Jie Venerable secretly looked towards Zhang Ruochen, seeing his arrogant and disdainful look, clenched the teeth, took out a bronze door and placed it heavily in front of Zhang Ruochen.

The bronze gate is eight meters high and half a meter thick, with Jin Yi cast patterns on it.

There should be two bronze doors, this is the one on the left.

Zhang Ruochen releases Divine Qi to lift up, which is too heavy to say. It’s not God, and most of them can’t afford it.

Zhang Ruochen had a strange look in his eyes, and said: “Jie Lao, you…you are less filial than me. You won’t tear down the Tianyu that the Great Lord left behind, right? Is this one of the doors?”


Jie Venerable said: “This is a bronze door of Zhang Family Mansion House ten Yuanhui before. It contains an ancestor Divine Qi left behind by the Great Lord to protect the family. Unfortunately, Zhang Family was destroyed, all Everything is burned.”

“This door, I dug out from the ground, is the only remnant of the former Zhang Family.”

Zhang Ruochen frowned and said: “There is only the thin Divine Qi, why is there no Ancestral God Founder pattern inside?”

“A device that can withstand the Ancestral God Founder pattern itself is not much worse than Divine Artifact. It is extremely rare. What do you want to do with a pair of swallow boots?”

Jie Venerable is really angry. If it weren’t for the great expectations of the Sword Ancestor’s relic, it would be impossible to reveal his wealth and take out this treasure.

Zhang Ruochen said: “Then you help me inject more Divine Qi into the door.”

“Without the Ancestral God Founder pattern, the door can’t carry much Divine Qi, the ancestor Divine Qi is now in the limit state.” Jie Venerable has no patience, and wants to put the bronze door away, saying: “Do you want love?”

“Why are old people so impatient?”

Zhang Ruochen held down the copper door and immediately put it away. After that, he took out a fist sized black pine cone from his arms and handed it to Jie Venerable.

Jie Venerable took a pine cone and looked at it.

Contains divine material, which should come from a divine wood. It’s okay, if you barely accept it, it’s a filial piety for this kid.

He spread out his hand and said: “Quick, quick, the Sword Ancestor relic, quickly take it out and let the true body pick one.”

“Didn’t you just give it to you?”

Zhang Ruochen inspired the power of swallow boots and disappeared on the 17th floor of the Sword Pavilion.

Jie Venerable howled and screamed and chased out the Sword Pavilion, only to find that Zhang Ruochen had disappeared and he did not know where he was hiding.

After half a month, Kunlun World became calm and tranquil. Zhang Ruochen walked out of the north cliff of Shushan Mountain, quietly went to Eastern Domain, entered the ancestral land of King Mountain, and came to the tomb of Heavenly Venerable.

Above the Heavenly Venerable Tomb, the twenty 7th Heavenly Layer universe condensed by the nine-color primal chaos Divine Qi and primal chaos rules, there are ten layers left, and the remaining seventeen layers have been absorbed by Zhang Ruochen and Chi Yao.

Zhang Ruochen has fully understood the meaning of the 18th layer of the Bright King boxing and flew directly into the Jiucai primal chaos Divine Qi.

“hua! “

A large number of primal chaos Divine Qi and primal chaos rules flooded into the abdomen.

Qi and rules ran a great circulation in the body, and then sank into the xuan fetus again. However, the quality of Divine Qi from Zhang Ruochen has been rapidly improved during the operation.

Fleshy body and Divine Soul are also growing.

Soon after, the sky above the Heavenly Venerable tomb, only the 9th layer remained.

Zhang Ruochen feels the power in his body carefully, and it is clearly strengthened, and the strength of the cultivation base brings it up a level. However, according to Tai Master, it will take a long time for him to accumulate for the Great Perfection.

Zhang Ruochen arranged a time Divine Formation in the Heavenly Venerable Tomb, using the Profound Truth of Time of the main Divine Level as the core to promote the operation, so that the time ratio of Divine Formation reached one to thirty.

Here, Zhang Ruochen has completely entered a state of retreat to consolidate the cultivation base and enlightenment.

Mainly focus on Dao of Space and Light Dao, and also cultivation not to move Bright King Boxing, Time Sword Art, Sword Nineteen, Blue Sky Yellow Springs, and various Divine Ability tricks.

Only when you understand the 19th heavy punch of Bright King, can you continue to absorb the nine-color primal chaos divine light and primal chaos rules.

Time flies, things change and stars move.

Major events of Heaven and Earth turning upside down are happening one after another in the universe, but no one will bother Zhang Ruochen.

Including Jie Venerable, he sensed the changes in King Mountain’s ancestral land, but did not go to Zhang Ruochen to settle the accounts, silently took out a small notebook to write down a sum, and was planning revenge in his heart.

In the time of Divine Formation, six thousand years have passed!

Outside, two hundred years have passed.

On the 17th floor of the Sword Pavilion, 20,000 years have passed.

The distant sword world, under the sundial, more than 70,000 years passed.

On the 17th floor of the Sword Pavilion, Tai Shang and Jie Venerable are sitting together, discussing some specific matters about opening the 18th Layer of the Sword Pavilion.

The stone gate of the 18th Layer can block the Venerable, but it can’t block too much.

Taishang has placed Divine Formation on the stone gate.

With the Divine Formation, the stone gate can be opened to penetrate Kunlun World and Primogenitor World inside.

“I think you can wait. The current Primogenitor World has only restored ten Yuanhuis. The entry of a large-scale cultivator will definitely destroy the ecology inside. You can try to teach some living creatures of plants first, or you can choose A small number of cultivators with the capital of becoming God enter the experience and look for opportunities.” Tai Shangdao.

Jie Venerable said: “You have to worry about these trivial matters, and you are not afraid to kill yourself?”

Taishang said with a smile: “My time is running out, how much I can do, and I will rely on you and Jiwang to support Kunlun World in the future. The Primogenitor World left by Sword Ancestor, for the time being I will guard and pick up Enlightenment and enlightenment, I will leave it to you in the future…Huh…”

Taishang peeped into the direction of Eastern Domain King Mountain and said: “Almost, Ruochen’s cultivation base has achieved a major breakthrough. The accumulation should be enough, and now I will pick him up to Li Hentian Breaking the Boundary.” [19459002 ]

“This kid is only big in the God Realm world. The cultivation base is already so good. Once you enter Boundless, you can still get it? Can Blessed Universe Peak hold him down?”

Taishang said: “His future road is farther than us, and more difficult. He shoulders responsibilities that we are not capable of.”

“Isn’t it true that the true body can deal with him?”

The Venerable foul-mouthed, left the Sword Pavilion and went to King Mountain.


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