God Emperor Chapter 3424

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Jie Venerable entered the ancestral land of King Mountain and came to the tomb of Heavenly Venerable. I saw Zhang Ruochen standing under the body of Jin Yi Divine Beast, holding something in his hand.

He said in an angry voice: “Is it true that you have realized the 19th heavy punch of Bright King?”

“No, that’s so fast, only half of the realization.” Zhang Ruochen said.

Jie Venerable’s face looked a little better, he straightened his chest, and said: “Why do you suddenly increase your aura?”

“There is a big breakthrough in Dao of Space, and Divine Ability’s extremely dark Gravity Space ’cultivated to Dacheng, so Extreme Yin Yang is more stable!”

Zhang Ruochen said indifferently, and didn’t think it was a great thing to cultivate an infinite Divine Ability.

Jie Venerable saw Zhang Ruochen holding a hollow golden ball in his hand, with a purple gem inside the golden ball, and roared: “You unfilial offspring, that is what Jin Yi Old Ancestor wears. You can take everything. Put it back quickly.”

Jin Yi is the mount of the Great Bright King that does not move. His cultivation base is tyrannical. In that era, the children of Zhang Family must respect the absolute transcendent position and call it “Jin Yi Old Ancestor”.

The blunt hollow stone inside the hollow golden ball, Jie Venerable has been coveted for a long time, and has been entangled. Worried about Jin Yi Old Ancestor not dead, and Spirit Will is not dead.

Why don’t you think Zhang Ruochen is so simple, just take it off, the early bird catches the worm?

It seems that I was worried too much before!

Jie Venerable persuaded each other bitterly: “Jin Yi Old Ancestor has accompanied the great master all his life, conquering the forbidden territories of the universe, all the way to invincible in the whole world, we Zhang Family children must be respectful. How can you Disturb its Senior peace? Go back quickly, otherwise the true body will deal with it.”

“Let treasures in the dust, never seen the daylight, is unfilial. If Jin Yi Old Ancestor is still alive, I definitely hope that I can use the blunt hollow stone properly and raise the reputation of Zhang Family. Jie Lao, you let me go back, Don’t you want it?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Jie Venerable trembled with anger, and said: “Fart! True body always pays attention to etiquette in everything, not everything.”

Zhang Ruochen slowly unscrewed the hollow golden ball in a circle, and the earth shook suddenly, and the space gravity in the ancestral land reached ten thousand times the usual.

The divine light sacred light gushes out of the large tombs to resist gravity.

“Stop! Are you going to destroy the ancestral land? Once the seal disappears and the blunt hollow stone is exposed, the space gravity will instantly reach one billion times, and the entire Eastern Domain will be flattened, without any living creatures. Survive.” Jie Venerable said.

Zhang Ruochen said: “It’s okay, this blunt hollow stone has been sacrificed and turned into a weapon, and its power is controllable.”

Even though he said that, he did not continue to twist and restore the hollow golden ball.

The gravity in the ancestral land is restored.

This blunt hollow stone is rare treasure. Once combined with the Dao of Space of his cultivation, it can explode more terrifying power.

Jie Venerable put his hands together, did not take seriously the dignity of the gods, and knelt directly in front of the tomb of Heavenly Venerable, saying: “old man I’m sorry, I’m sorry Jin Yi Old Ancestor, Zhang Family has such a bastard in later generations, come Looking for things in the ancestral land, the ancestors and the ancestors can’t be peaceful, and the old man is guilty! What do you think?”

Zhang Ruochen naturally had an opinion. He felt that Jie Venerable was not qualified to say that to him. After all, everyone was all the same.

Jie Venerable got up and said, “Do you still want to dig up all the tombs of your ancestors?”

“Are you telling your own psychological words? You said at the beginning that the door was dug out, where was it dug out? It wasn’t dug out from a certain ancestor’s tomb, right? You give it to me, do you feel ashamed?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Jie Venerable pointed at Zhang Ruochen and shivered with fright, saying: “You brat, less bloody!”

Zhang Ruochen’s heart beats.

Could it be that I was right, that door really was dug out by Old Guy from an ancestor’s tomb?

Jie Venerable guessed what Zhang Ruochen was thinking, angrily roared: “The true body is not so unfilial! That door, indeed, came from under the ancestral grave, but it was when he hid in the underground slumber 100,000 years ago. Discovered by accident.”

Zhang Ruochen was too lazy to argue with Jie Venerable, saying: “When I took the blunt empty stone, I had already worshipped Jin Yi Old Ancestor, which is different from you.”

Afterwards, Zhang Ruochen turned his gaze to the twelve Stoneman with thousands of zhang high and said: “Jie Lao, do you think it is possible to take them out? With them, Zhang Family can immediately become the tenth in the universe. Great Family.”

Stoneman’s battle strength is comparable to Taixu Peak.

The twelve Stonemans sit in a family, and they can definitely look over the world and look down upon the stars.

“Don’t dream, they are the Guardian of the ancestral land, and they will turn into yellow sand when they leave the ancestral land. To become the tenth Great Family in the universe, you have to work harder. If the Zhang Family can have hundreds or several Thousands of Heaven’s Chosen like Kunlun, Kongle, Hongchen, Yuyan, the future is bound to flourish.”

Jie Venerable saw that it was impossible to swindle the blunt empty stone from Zhang Ruochen’s hands, and said: “Let’s go, leave Hengtian, and break the border as soon as possible is the top priority. There are many major events in the universe, which is precisely the changeable situation. Time.”

A worried look flashed in Zhang Ruochen’s eyes, and he immediately asked: “What happened?”

“With your current cultivation base, what’s the use of telling you? These things, at every turn, involve the fight for kings and titles, and even the heavens are behind them. Wait until you break the limitlessly, when the time comes, you can mix one or two.”

Jie Venerable and Zhang Ruochen went to the heavenly demon mountain first, and brought Chi Xing Tian.

Originally one hundred thousand years ago, Kunlun World was a passage between the heavens and the heavens, but it has collapsed in the battle of gods.

Jie Venerable intends to take the two to the passage of Celestial Court, but…

I saw Zhang Ruochen standing on the top of the snow mountain, releasing the Supreme Ultimate Yin-Yang Diagram, and working hard.

Dark clouds are overwhelming, and thunder and lightning are flickering.

Above the sky, a passage appeared, and a considerable force spread to Kunlun World.

Jie Venerable was disillusioned and felt that he had underestimated the power of Limitless Divine Way. He waved his hand and said: “Go, Huaying Qingchan and Huangtian are in Wuliangjingtian. I have already told you about the location.”

Zhang Ruochen said: “Old Jie will not go with us?”

Jie Venerable said: “I am a pseudo-god, and I don’t impact Boundlessness, what do you do with Qu Li Hentian?”

Chi Xing Heavenly Dao: “Today’s Li Hengtian is quite dangerous, not only the ancient Heavenly Venerable haunt, but also the ancient existence of successful body possessions like Afuya and Bess.”

Zhang Ruochen said: “When I leave the hated sky and break the realm, I definitely can’t conceal the calculation and perception of the heavenly perfect person. Qingtian impossible allows me to enter the immeasurable. In addition, the amount of organization…”

Jie Venerable waved his hand and said: “Don’t talk nonsense. Although we are in Kunlun World, we have been paying attention to Li Hentian. Once something happens, we will naturally take action. Although you are not filial, but who calls you good luck, Is there an Old Ancestor from Chief-In-Charge?”

Immediately afterwards, Jie Venerable said again: “The secret of your two’s body has been concealed too much. Just be careful, and you will not be noticed before breaking the border. The true body goal is too big. If you walk with you, it will be It’s easy to go wrong.”

Zhang Ruochen has come to understand, Old Guy must be scared too, worried that the source of Ancestral God Founder will be taken away. No wonder he stays in Kunlun World all the year round, even if he goes out, he is sneaky.

Old Guy is indeed an existence that is not contained by the God of the World. Heaven defying integrates the Ancestral God Founder source, and can use a ray of ancestor Divine Qi and a few ancestor rules. The relics of the ancestors that have exhausted their power can be reinjected into the ancestor Divine Qi, and an incomparable power can burst out in an instant.

Today, he is alone!

Those heavens, their interest in Jie Venerable may still be higher than Zhang Ruochen.

Send away Zhang Ruochen and Chi Xingtian, Jie Venerable back to the central imperial city, under the Sword Pavilion, meet again with the Supreme.

A burly and sacred silhouette, standing in a golden halo, is a human form, with a dragon horn growing on its head, and its imposing manner can be compared with Heaven and Earth.

He said: “Qing Cicada, Huang Tian, ​​Chi Xing Tian, ​​Zhang Ruochen, any of them have unlimited potential, and their future achievements are absolutely extraordinary. Now that they are gathered together in Li Hentian, someone will take the risk, too, you Is it on purpose to invite this seat to Kunlun World?”

Jie Venerable laughed: “Heavenly Dragon world and Kunlun World same qi, connected branch, how do they share each other? If they break infinitely, it means Heavenly Dragon world has more allies too?”

The mighty man covered in golden glow said: “If something really happens, I will certainly not stand by. But if something happens in the Heavenly Dragon world in the future, will they help? Who knows What?”

Jie Venerable said: “Divine Sovereign wants to be paid?”

“Divine Sovereign is not such a snob.” Too smiled and said: “Divine Sovereign thinks that the alliance between Heavenly Dragon and Kunlun World is indeed very close in this generation. But in the new generation of youngsters. China, but it seems too strange, want to strengthen the relationship of allies?”

The mighty man with a dragon horn in front of him is the “Five Dragon Divine Sovereign” in the Heavenly Dragon world, the fifth brother of the dragon lord and the eight-winged Yaksha dragon, and the one of the twenty heavens in Celestial Court one.

Jie Venerable stopped speaking and understood the concerns of Divine Sovereign. After all, everyone in the world knew that it would not last long. When his Senior passed away, the only connection between Heavenly Dragon World and Kunlun World was the Dragon Lord. .

Jie Venerable said: “Didn’t Chi Xingtian and the eight-winged Yaksha dragon fight fiercely? The two of them should have been together long ago!”

“hmph! “

Wulong Divine Sovereign has a deep voice, saying: “Everyone is a sensible person. Who doesn’t know that the core of Kunlun World in the future is Zhang Ruochen? This lineage of this seat has a woman with extraordinary aptitude who can marry Zhang Ruochen. If the two of you agree, everything will be easy to say.”

Fairy Maiden Ling Long walked out of the golden halo, appeared under the Sword Pavilion, and saluted Tai Shang and Jie Venerable respectfully.

The expression in Taishang’s eyes is meaningful, and he looks at Jie Venerable.

“Okay! It’s so decided on this matter, and true body agrees to Zhang Ruochen.”

Jie Venerable’s heart has blossomed, but he still restrained himself, changed the conversation, and said arrogantly: “However, Zhang Ruochen’s potential, cultivation base, and identity are now first under the heavens, etc. Zhang Family is the ancestor family. , The house is not so easy to enter.”

“Divine Sovereign, to put it bluntly, although this woman in your family has a good aptitude and a first-class appearance, she still wants to marry Zhang Ruochen, the future ancestor, but she is still a tall one. This dowry, we have to do well. Talk!”

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