God Emperor Chapter 3426

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Zhang Ruochen will give Heavenly God Dan a thousand bone empress and Huangtian one.

The two naturally won’t want Zhang Ruochen’s medicine pill in vain, and both promised to do something for him in the future.

In fact, even if there is no such favor, Zhang Ruochen is really going to have some trouble. If he asks them to do it once, most of them will not refuse.

But, nothing in this world is as it should be by rights.

Everything as it should be by rights will pay a greater price for it.


The impact is immeasurable, divided into four stages.

The first stage is called “Quantity Hunting”.

In Li Hentian, measure everywhere.

However, it takes a lot of time to sense the quantity and attract the first ray of force into the body, the Great God of Taixu Peak.

This is the process of searching!

In the 200-year cultivation of Li Hentian, Huangtian and empress both passed this Rank 1 stage.

As far as Zhang Ruochen is concerned, this Rank 1 segment can be ignored, and the Limitless Divine Way can be used to absorb the power directly.

Rank 2 paragraph is called “quantity body”.

It is the power that constantly absorbs the quantity, changes the divine body and the Divine Soul, and cultivates the quantity. Reaching this step can be called a half-step Divine King.

The Rank 3 paragraph is to comprehend the essence of the quantity, so that the rule Shenwen and Divine Qi will also be changed.

After completing this step, you can be called “Divine King”.

But Divine King has shackles, will be imprisoned in the immeasurable world, unable to achieve the immeasurable freedom.

Therefore, there is also the Rank 4 paragraph, to understand the quantity, and then realize the immeasurable, so as to get rid of the shackles of the cultivator by the quantity.

In other words, quantity is actually a springboard for the cultivator to hit the limitlessly.

Learn it, but surpass it.

Four stages, increasing difficulty.

Huangtian and empress are both Yuanhui-level powerhouses. The perception is not comparable to other Taixu Peak gods. In just two hundred years, Rank 2 is almost complete!

Not too fast, but never too slow.

When Zhang Ruochen came here, he found that the Time Flow Speed ​​here was the same as the real world, and he was quite confused.

Because, Li Hentian is full of slow flow areas where Time Flow Speed ​​is several times slower.

Slow flow area of ​​dozens of times is not difficult to find.

If Huangtian and empress enlighten the Tao in those slow-flow areas, now, they are estimated to have reached the immeasurable state.

It was the Supreme Admiral who brought them here.

The height of Taishang’s standing can clearly see the pros and cons more clearly, and there must be deep meaning in doing so.

Zhang Ruochen stopped thinking about it and released the Supreme Ultimate Yin-Yang Diagram. Divine Mountain, Divine Sea, and jade tree Moyue all kinds of wonders appeared one after another, and the speed was getting faster and faster.

“hua! “

Li Hentian’s Power of Heaven and Earth, like a tide, madly converged in the Supreme Ultimate Yin-Yang Diagram, and continuously entered Zhang Ruochen’s body.

Not only Fleshy body and Divine Soul are rapidly quantified, Spirit Power is also growing.

Huangtian sensed this tremendous change and felt a huge shock in his heart. Did this directly cross the Rank 1 stage? Seeing Zhang Ruochen’s absorption speed, he will soon catch up with himself and complete the Rank 2 stage.

Is this Grade 2 and gap of one grade?

empress stood up on the mirror-like water surface, the ice silk dress fell naturally, the skin exuded six colors of brilliance, and the bright eyes stared forward. I saw that Supreme Ultimate Imprint was flooded in all directions, resonating with the power of quantity.

Chi Xingtian is familiar with the road, enter the Supreme Ultimate Yin-Yang Diagram, take a ride, and directly absorb Power of Heaven and Earth.

Regardless of the damage to the foundation, first measure the Body Cultivation.

Li Hentian’s Power of Heaven and Earth is the power of quantity.

Zhang Ruochen sent an invitation to Huangtian and empress. They did not hesitate and turned into two light beams, which fell on Divine Mountain and below the black moon in jade tree respectively.

They don’t want to fall behind Zhang Ruochen on the cultivation base.

Huangtian feels that he also has the qualifications, and borrows the shareholder style of Limitless Divine Way. After all, Zhang Ruochen was able to cultivation out of the Limitless Divine Way, which he contributed to.

While Zhang Ruochen condensed the lunar yin, he borrowed the Profound Truth of Time from empress.

It’s hard to talk about who will help who, I can only say that in the mutual help again and again, deep friendship has been continuously established.

Yuyao has also entered the Supreme Ultimate Yin-Yang Diagram cultivation, the power of quantity is of great help to the promotion of Spirit Power.

Time flies.

Huang Tian and empress took the lead in condensing the mass body. Fleshy body and Divine Soul realized a qualitative leap in an instant, reaching ten percent.


It continues to improve.

Other Taixu Peak gods cultivation out of volume, Fleshy body and Divine Soul are less than ten percent immeasurable, you must complete the Rank 3 stage.

In the past two hundred years, Huang Tian and empress have long understood the essence of quantity. Therefore, after the cultivation is out of the body, they directly release the regular god pattern and enter the rank 3 transformation.

“Two new immeasurables will be born soon in the world, without any suspense.”

Chi Xingtian felt quite uncomfortable after seeing it.

Now, I can only pin my hopes on Zhang Ruochen. The Limitless Divine Way is so mysterious, maybe it can really help him repair his foundation.

In the process of changing Rank 3, Huangtian and empress both deduce “infinite”, wanting to escape from the quantity.

If you can’t realize “infinite”, you can only become the Divine King.

In fact, there are more Divine Kings in the universe than gods. Of these characters who can cultivate the King of Becoming God, which one is a simple character, and which one does not want to realize the immeasurable?

But within a certain period of time, if you can’t realize the immeasurable, the body and the rules of the god pattern will be solidified, and the body of the Divine King will be achieved, and you will no longer be able to become a god.

It can be said that even if it is a Yuanhui-level powerhouse such as Huangtian and empress, it is not 100% able to realize the infinite, there are too many uncertain factors.


Kunlun World, Sword Pavilion.

The five dragons of Divine Sovereign are golden, saying: “What a Limitless Divine Way, it can actually help the cultivator to cross the rank 1 and speed up the rank 2 and rank 3. In the future, I will repair the Divine King god. Is it still difficult?”

Many Taixu Peak gods were consumed in Rank 2 and Rank 3. It took hundreds of thousands of years, and the life essence was exhausted and could not be broken through.

Too Shang said: “We still have to understand! The power that can absorb quantity may not be able to comprehend the essence of quantity. Being able to cultivation to produce quantity, may not be able to pass quantity and realize immeasurable quantity.”

Wulong Divine Sovereign said: “It is already very impressive, enough to double the probability of the cultivator’s infinite success. Moreover, the Limitless Divine Way can help Taixu Peak to break through, so for Saint Realm and God Wouldn’t it be greater? Speaking from a certain perspective, this is the way to win the sky, the way to break the sky, and break certain rules between Heaven and Earth.”

Taishang Road: “The way to capture the sky, the way to break the sky, will not be contained by Heaven and Earth.”

Divine Sovereign of the Five Dragons said: “This Sovereign doesn’t matter that many, anyway, you and Jie Venerable have agreed to this marriage. In addition, there are several Taixu Peak gods in the Heavenly Dragon world. If the impact is immeasurable in the future, Zhang Ruochen must Help. As for Fangcun’s matter, I’ll take it!”

Taishang said with a smile: “I haven’t said a word about marriage.”

Five Dragons Divine Sovereign said: “When Jie Venerable accepted the dowry, I mentioned that it will be witnessed by your Senior.”

Jie Venerable secretly voiced to Tai: “Promise him first, anyway, we won’t suffer. Zhang Family is missing a dragon baby, what if a second Jiwang is born? I have thought about the name, and it’s called Zhang Wang !”

Tai Shang really doesn’t want to get involved in the marriage. Divine Sovereign is very serious and prudent, but Venerable is very trivial.

This matter may be self-defeating.

Jie Venerable said again: “Today is absolutely impossible and peaceful, and the true body has already smelled a dangerous aura. If Divine Sovereign lets go in one breath, Ruochen and Qingchan will be very dangerous. Don’t worry, Zhang Ruochen. Let me fix it!”

“hong long! “

There was a thunder!

Over the entire Kunlun World, the clouds were surging rapidly, and some special Heaven and Earth Law became active.

The places where Qiangu empress once stayed, such as Shenshen Island, the central imperial city, Divine Mountain… are all falling rain, glittering and crystallizing, and condensing into luminous petals.

In addition, everywhere in the universe, where Qiangu empress has been, it is also raining, and spiritual spring is gushing out of the earth.

The dunya cultivator is unknown, so I thought that something Heaven and Earth rare treasure would be born.

The God of all parties understood what was going on, and they were amazed one by one, peering into the sky, showing a look of longing and yearning.

Tiannan, located in the extreme south of the dead Star Domain, is full of life, and the entire Star Domain is yellowish brown.

In the hinterland of Tiannan, there is a starry sky tree called “Time Death God Tree”, which uses star fog as its trunk, branches and leaves, and planet as its fruit.

Seven Sir stood under the tree of life and death, looking into the distance, and muttered to himself: “The immeasurable passing, Heaven and Earth flow marks. In the world, another immeasurable was born, and I do not know whether it is the Divine King or Gods?”

“Not one but two.”

A voice came from in the sky!

Seven Sirs immediately released the Spirit Power probe, but unfortunately nothing was found, and my heart couldn’t help being shaken.

Who are you in the end? Nansheng Death Market?

“hua! “

Outside the Death God temple, one after another rules and wisps of black mist appeared out of thin air, intertwined, primal chaos and chaos, full of ghostly air.

A silhouette stood in the nether air, tall and proud, and said: “Hua Ying Qing Cicada and Huang Tian have completed Rank 3, if you go further, they will be the gods! They all have the gifts of the heavens, Heavenly Venerable, do you really want to let them break through?”

In the Death God temple, an old voice rang from the sky: “The old man has promised the Great Emperor, and the Quantitative Organization will never go to the Birth and Death Ruins until it has been found out.”

that silhouette said with a smile: “Celestial Court and the sword world are two infinite potentials, this is the Supreme contribution to Hell World. Besides, with the strength of Qingtian’s cultivation base, you may not be afraid of the ghost city of Fengdu A Great Emperor?”

The Death God temple was silent and there was no response.

That silhouette has gradually solidified a lot, and there are dark world lights and shadows around the body. These worlds are like real existence, full of horrible and chaotic power fluctuations.

If the wonderful Zen girl is here, you can recognize him, it is the Palace Lord of the Underworld.

Palace Lord of the Palace of the Underworld said: “If Celestial Court is missing a perfect person, Hell World will be able to grasp a greater advantage in future battles. Kunlun World has too little life essence, why not take this opportunity To kill him?”

After a long while.


The door of the Death God temple has opened!

Qingtian came out.

The Palace Lord of the Palace Lord smiled slightly, knowing that once this strategy came out, he would be able to speak to Qingtian. With Qingtian taking action, today’s things can be done!

Qingtian’s gaze looked towards Li Hentian, looking through time and space, and the imposing manner gradually sharpened, saying: “The old man sensed another breath! Today, it is indeed necessary to take action.”

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