God Emperor Chapter 3427

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The birth of any immeasurable person is a major event between Heaven and Earth, enough to trigger many strange sights.

There will be a mark on the place where boundless has walked. In the Great World where immeasurable is located, Heaven and Earth Law will be more active, and Divine Qi will be more abundant.

One person gains the Tao and lifts the world to heaven.

The news of Qiangu empress’s entry into boundlessness spread, and the starry sky defense line boiled over. The Gods of the Great World and ancient civilizations that had been acquainted with Kunlun World sent congratulations to Chi Yao and Princess Princess.

With an infinite number of people, the overall strength of a Great World can be greatly improved.

Celestial Court has Myriad Worlds, but there are countless Great Worlds, only dozens of them.

Some are happy and some are sad.

The God of the heaven faction is in a heavy mood.

Especially God, who had a deep hatred with Kunlun World, felt an invisible pressure. Taishang and Dragon Lord are inconvenient to make a move due to their identity, but will Qiangu empress make a move?

The “Death God Soul Halberd” in the Divine King Physique of Ke Yangshan and Dai Fei has dispersed, and they are considered free.

But before, Chi Yao relied on the light charms left by Nine Heavens to threaten them with Death God soul halberds, forcing them to swear in public at an important venue where God gathered on the star defense line, regardless of the predecessors, and live in harmony with Kunlun World .

Ke Yangshan acted very freely, telling the God of the heaven faction that the story of the goddess Princess’s murder in the heavens has been turned over, and no one will mention it again in the future.

Divine King even declared that Celestial Court can no longer be consumed internally. Although Dwarf Race suffered a catastrophe this time, he can forgive Princess Princess on behalf of Dwarf Race. And tell everyone that only by unity can you fight Hell World, and all contradictions can be resolved. When is the injustice reported?

Many Gods think that they are just talking about the scene, and there must be big moves next.

Who knows, Ke Yangshan and Divine King made an oath in the name of light on the spot. That oath was very ruthless to themselves.

In the eyes of many Great Worlds in Celestial Court, this is a happy thing for everyone!

Heavenly Palace commended Ke Yangshan and Divine King on the same day. Heavenly Venerable personally wrote “Great Righteousness” and “God’s Example” as a gift to them. At the same time, she ordered the goddess Princess to pay the Divine Stone to compensate for the loss in the heavens.

After all, Princess of the goddess married to the heaven realm and is regarded as the God of the heaven realm. Even the Heavenly Realm itself is not held accountable, and Heavenly Palace is not too easy to be held accountable.

But, who can understand the aggrieved feelings of Ke Yangshan and Divine King?

“Didn’t expect Hua Ying Qing Cicada broke infinitely so quickly.”

Ke Yangshan has both envy and jealousy in his heart.

His cultivation base has reached cardiac arrest a long time ago, but the cardiac arrest is difficult to break.

If you don’t break your heart, you are not qualified to leave Hengtian and immeasurably impact!

Heart stop is the biggest restriction on Taixu Peak. In this realm, the mood will be very unstable, and many cultivators will lose their enterprising, enlightened, and discerning hearts.

Divine King stood in the void, and the divine light spread thousands of miles, saying: “Not only her, but also the sky. The two broke infinitely at the same time. With their aptitude and accumulation, once they break through, this seat may not be their opponent. . Once attained the Tao, it has been superior to the gods ever since.”

Wuliang and Great God, in the status between Heaven and Earth, are more than ten times different.

If it was before, Ke Yangshan still had the ambition to compete with them, but now, he can only look up!

Suddenly Divine King noticed something, and two several hundred li long beams were lased from his pupils, looking towards Kunlun World.

In the universe of endless darkness, a starry sky moves towards Kunlun World.

Ke Yangshan also found out, and screamed: “How is this possible? That starry sky, there are thousands of stars and galaxies, countless planets, moving so fast, is this to destroy Kunlun World?” [ 19459003]

Someone drove a vast and boundless Star Domain, and ran into Kunlun World for trillions of miles.

naked eye The changes in the starry sky can be seen.

The Saint Realm cultivator of the dunya was stunned and realized that there was a tremendous change.

“The sea of ​​stars moves, Heaven and Earth Law is boiling, are there heavens to destroy Kunlun World?”

“I just received the news that Qiangu empress has broken through the borders. The changes in the starry sky may be related to this matter!”


in the sky, one after another divine light flies over.

A tense atmosphere spread across the Great World of ancient civilizations on the Star Defense Line.

The peace of two hundred years has been broken!

The junction of Santuhe and Kunlun World, in the Divine Mountain ridge of Eastern Domain.

At this moment, on the other side of the Santu River, a thick gray life gushes out, like a cotton cloud coming toward Kunlun World.

The howl of ghosts, howling of beasts, and the sound of killing and killing… Constantly spread from the gray dead air, making the Kunlun World cultivator guarding the riverside all turned pale in fright, panicking.

The undead sergeant riding three corpse dogs, the Bone Dragon with blue flames and the ghost shadow of dishevelled hair, appeared one after another from the gray death.

“bang! “

The Blood Spirit fairy drove a bone altar, rushed out of Space Crack, and landed heavily on the Santu River.

Over the years, he has been guarding here.

Yin-Yang Sect.

Gai Tianjiao, who was cultivating in the ancient Divine Mountain, suddenly opened his eyes. Then, he walked out of the Cave Mansion and looked down at the sacred peaks of Divine Mountain at his feet. The voice spread throughout the hundreds of thousands of li mountains and rivers, saying: “Santuhe Changes, Yin-Yang Sect cultivator, follow me to guard.”

Gai Tianjiao rose to the sky, behind him countless Sword Dao Saint Realm cultivator, like a meteor shower, followed behind him with swords.

“The Divine Mountain ridge is filled with death. Where is the Eastern Domain cultivator? If you are not afraid of death, join me on the expedition.”

Chen Wutian turned into a beam of light and soared into the sky from the Eastern Domain Holy City.

The entire Holy City, in the form of a planet, fell to the ground. At this moment, densely packed bright beams flew out of the planet, disappearing into the horizon together with Chen Wutian.

The Western Regions.

Indra Master Luo and Lidi Master drove two golden Buddha clouds. There were thousands of Saint Realm monks standing in the clouds, rushing to Eastern Domain.

“The three-way river falling on Divine Mountain is the only gap in Kunlun World. If there is breached, Kunlun World will be fragmented again. I don’t know how many people have their homes destroyed. Although I am not God, I have a blood to spill.” [ 19459003]

Zhongyu, Tiantai Prefecture, a Heaven’s Chosen who had reached Great Saint Realm’s cultivation in 300 years, said goodbye to his family and hugged his lover, then resolutely raised the long spear and left.


Without God’s decree, the Saint Realm cultivator of Kunlun World all gather towards Divine Mountain.

Chi Kunlun and Bei Gong Lan stood on a god ship. The ship was full of cultivators wearing Battle Armor, with flags fluttering and killing.

“It must be the empress that broke the border, allowing Hell World to see the opportunity to attack, and the two hundred years of peace was finally broken! Can we stop Hell World?” Bei Gong Lan said.

Chi Kunlun said: “You can’t stop it, you have to stop it. On the Santuhe River, it is definitely just a feint, intended to contain too much. However, if it is really breached, let the Hell World army break in, when How many people have to die for the time comes?”

“Santuhe has the Divine Formation arranged by Taishang, which is not so easy to be breached.” Beigonglan said.

“We are here to defend the Divine Formation and keep the enemy on the other side of the river.”

Suddenly Chi Kunlun felt intimidated and looked up.

His eyes shrank suddenly, and the whole person was suffocated!

The sky became brighter and brighter, and there appeared rounds of small suns, and the rays of light were bright and hot. And these suns are constantly getting bigger!

The heavy air pressure of apocalypse permeates every part of Kunlun World.


Under the Sword Pavilion.

Tai Shang was always calm and sighed: “Qing Cang has finally made a move!”

“This old ghost is one of the most savvy people in Hell World. He always likes to wipe out threats when he is weak.” Divine Sovereign’s eyes are cautious, his body is getting stronger and stronger, and his skin is scaled. .

“It’s a pity that Nine Heavens is not there, he should be the best candidate to contain Qingcang.” Tai Shang said.

Jie Venerable heard the overtones and said: “The Taishang thinks that this matter will be a big trouble today?”

I closed my eyes too much, and after a long time, he said: “Except for Qingcang, I sensed the Yan Luo tribe, the Destiny Divine Palace, and they are all covering up the secrets. They are very careful, very subtle, and almost impossible to find out. If it hadn’t been for the starry sky hiding the sky and covering the earth, and exposed some traces, I would not have felt it.”

Jie Venerable’s expression immediately changed, and said, “I will go to Santuhe.”

Divine Sovereign, the five dragons, felt a huge shock in his heart.

As one of the twenty heavens in Celestial Court, he has no sense at all.

Even the Supreme God of Death, who claims to be the No. 1 Spirit Power today, only gave birth to a subtle sense. It can be seen that Hell World’s three indispensable people, the Yama family, the fate of Divine Palace, Xutian, and Tiannan Qingtian. , It should have joined hands, and performed the trick of concealing the sky and crossing the sea.

Divine Sovereign of the Five Dragons releases divine sense and wants to penetrate Heaven and Earth to spread the sense of the Supreme Being.

However, it was unsuccessful.

The power of nothingness cut off his divine sense.

“It’s the end of the wind!” Five Dragons Divine Sovereign said.

“Don’t worry! Once they act, they will leak their breath! Heavenly Venerable sits on the starry sky defense line. With Heavenly Venerable’s cultivation base, what can be hidden from him in the world?”

When the majesty said this, Hu Fa flew up in an instant, imposing manner as an out-of-the-sheath Divine Sword. A tyrannical Spirit Power storm burst out of the body, and in the atmosphere of Kunlun World, it condensed into a white silhouette larger than Kunlun World.

The white silhouette collides with the flying starry sky.

“hong long long!”

One after another star annihilated and turned into a fragmented Fireball, flying towards all directions.

The vast void suddenly turned into a sea of ​​fire.

In Kunlun World, all living creatures can see the sky burning when they look up at the sky.

The rays of light flashed, too high flew out of Kunlun World, standing in the center of the fire sea, looking towards the dark and deep void, saying: “Across the uncertain Divine Sea and enter the Celestial Court universe, what a bold force! Are you afraid of going back and forth?”

In the dark, there was no response.

Far away, unknown place, a round of blood sun, from shallow to deep.

blood light illuminates the void and dyes it red, like the entire world is dripping blood.

Supreme, including the Star Domain where Kunlun World is located, was actually shaken by the power of the blood sun, slowly rotating, millions and millions li space was controlled by it, Heaven and Earth Law completely invalidated, and it was all killed by Spirit Power Off.

The entire Star Domain is turned into an irregular restricted area.

“You are not Qingcang!”

The wrinkles on Taishang’s face deepened a bit, and he waved his right arm. A Divine Stage flew out from the sleeve.

The Divine Stage is square, with countless road marks, and densely packed light texts emerge.

The light and text fall off and drift to the four directions. I don’t know how many billion times the gravity spreads out, fixing the millions and millions li Star Domain.

This is a Spirit Power battle. Every thought is a peerless Divine Ability. The entire starry sky is their chessboard, and all matter and energy are controlled by them.


Li Hengtian.

Strands of dark mist were born out of thin air, twisted and turned into a tornado storm, flying in the colorful clouds. Wherever he passed, the clouds faded and became gray.

Under the Supreme Ultimate Yin-Yang Diagram, Mr. Zhang Ruochen found out.

Huangtian and Qiangu empress, who are comprehending “infinite”, have also sensed something. A sense of crisis from deep in one’s heart hits the soul.

“roar! “

Huang Tian kept the posture of enlightenment and opened his mouth.

In his mouth, Death Qi spit out.

The Divine Level Supreme Sacred Artifact class companion stone axe flew out with the Death Qi storm, spinning extremely fast, and slashing towards the dark black fog outside the hundred thousand li.

Huangtian is now the Divine King, possessing an infinite realm. This blow is naturally not trivial and has the power to cut the world.


In the dark mist, a fist struck out, smashing the stone axe to pieces.

With a sound of “pu”, Huang Tian vomited blood and was severely traumatized. He said: “It’s a curse… the other party, the other party is the best powerhouse of the Underworld…”

A fist smashed Huangtian’s companion stone axe to pieces, and all the people present were shocked.

“Go, break through separately.”

There is no way to contend. It is definitely the most terrifying old monster of the Hades. Zhang Ruochen took out the heavenly demon spear and a door panel, and drove the Divine Qi to activate the swallow boots.

“The space is locked, I can’t walk away! Look at the top!” Qiangu empress said.

Everyone looked up.

I saw a underworld full of cemeteries, I don’t know when it has been suspended above their heads. The large tombs are filled with cross tombstones, and there are scarlet rivers on the ground.

“Even if it is the Palace Lord of the Underworld, I don’t want to keep us.”

Chi Xingtian was extremely domineering, took out the wolf-skin battle flag, held the flagpole, and faced the flying dark mist.

With a howl of a wolf, a Demon Wolf light and shadow up to several hundred zhang flew out of the battle flag, exuding the Divine Force of the ancestor, rushing towards the dark mist.

Zhang Ruochen also shot, stabbing the heavenly demon spear.

The light and shadow of a heavenly demon, as tall as a mountain, appeared.

It is not the dark mist that thorns, but the underworld above.

The opponent’s cultivation base is obviously not what they can deal with now. Only when Chi Xingtian was constrained by the wolf skin battle flag and broke the underworld above, they could get out today.

Huangtian, Qiangu empress, and Yuyao have all shot, each with their strongest methods.

However, before the Divine Ability was displayed, a curse fell on them, the skin became ash-gray, and the strange power invaded the flesh, skeleton, and Divine Soul.

Demon Wolf Light and shadow can’t stop the dark mist at all, it shatters instantly.

The heavenly demon spear shot by Zhang Ruochen, the heavenly demon light and shadow shot, all the power of the ancestors released, just like throw a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea, disappeared without a trace.

“With this power of the ancestors, I also want to break the heaven and earth of this seat?”

The dark mist rushed to Zhang Ruochen and the others at an incomparable speed.

Fierce brilliance soared to the sky, Death Qi brushed his face, trying to destroy everything in front of him.

“bang! “

Suddenly, in front of Zhang Ruochen and the others, a bright golden wall of light appeared, blocking all the dark fog.

Divine Sovereign of the Five Dragons, wearing golden armor, standing in front of Zhang Ruochen’s group, standing in front of Zhang Ruochen, his palms pressed into the void, and immediately turned into an unbreakable golden light wall.

“Dignified Palace Lord, what’s the meaning of fighting against a few juniors, this Sovereign will come to you for a while. You must break the border quickly, and time can’t be delayed, otherwise you will be trapped forever in the future.”

After dropping the next sentence, Divine Sovereign’s body spread out, turned into thousands of Divine Dragons, and flew out, colliding with the dark mist.

All kinds of Divine Ability skills, broke out between Heaven and Earth.

Zhang Ruochen, Huangtian, Qiangu empress, and Yuyao all looked at Chi Xingtian. What a nasty mouth is this, summon the Palace Lord of the Palace of the Underworld!


Above, the underworld is gray and cold. Suddenly the whole world shook violently. At the center, there was a golden crack that was hundreds of thousands li long, and it was pierced!

A tall and magnificent Divine Pagoda emerged from the cracks.

Above the Divine Pagoda, circling the sun and the moon, primal chaos light and fog flow around the tower.

Standing on the top of Divine Pagoda, the dragon lord reached out to the void, grabbed the five Zhang Ruochen into his palms, and said: “Hurry up and break the border with comprehend, and leave it to us!”

At this moment, the dragon lord, a palm is thousands of miles long, and every fingerprint is a mountain.

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