God Emperor Chapter 3455

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Gu Insect, close and numerous, flew over the sea, swallowing Xuan Yi’s blood Qi and Divine Soul thoughts.

The Heavenly God tree is suppressed in the red sea, towering like a cloud.

Yin Yuanchen sat under the Divine Tree, absorbing the Slaughter Dao Profound Truth, and melting Xuanyi’s Heaven and Earth Heart.

Over the years, he has been concealed, and his true cultivation base has reached the level of a great god, otherwise he would not be able to survive from A’Le self-destruct Divine Source.

Xuan Yi’s energy was spent on planning troubled times and immeasurable impact, so he could not find this.

This battle was carefully laid out by Yin Yuanchen. He thought it would be very difficult, but he didn’t expect Xuan Yi to be so badly injured that only one Divine Heart was left to escape. Moreover, in Divine Heart, there are not many remaining thoughts of Divine Soul and Spirit Power.


Yin Yuanchen let out a long breath. After absorbing 20% ​​of Slaughter Dao Profound Truth, he obviously felt that his perception of Heaven and Earth became more acute.

However, the killing thought in my heart has also become heavier!


The extinguished star under his body showed a dark red brilliance, and then accelerated and moved toward the night soil.

Yin Yuanchen suppressed the killing thought with his thoughts, got up, and returned to the ancient war chariot.

Take a look at the child in the car.

The child named “Yun Qing” has woke up and is looking at him with fear.

A pair of familiar eyes, just like him back then.

There was no emotion on Yin Yuanchen’s face, and he said: “Now, I give you two choices! One, I will leave you on this star and use Array to temporarily protect you. There is more than 70% chance that your father’s That good brother can sense your location before the destruction of Array and save you.”

“Two, follow me and go to Foreign Domain. Maybe…”

Yin Yuanchen looked towards the endless darkness ahead, without a star in sight, and said: “Perhaps, one day in the future, we will be able to come back. Or maybe we will die alone in the endless darkness.”

Yin Yuanchen did not dare to stay in the disillusioned Star Sea, let alone return to the Celestial Court universe and the hell universe. The Thunder Clan and the Quantitative Organization could not spare him.

The death of A’Le and the death of countless Kunlun World cultivators are directly or indirectly related to him. It is also impossible for him to seek refuge in Zhang Ruochen, or grandmother.

Having lived by his orders for so many years, he finally cut the chess player as a chess piece. In the future, he doesn’t want to take orders from anyone!

The future…

He wants to live out his true self and walk his own way.

“Your tongue, I have helped you grow it again. You won’t be scared anymore, will you? You can’t speak?”

Yin Yuanchen shook his head slightly. The ancient Buddha Yunqing is so sacred in wisdom. Even the sixth ancestor and Yin Xuetian were dísciple under his seat, but the reincarnated Buddha boy failed to inherit the slightest wisdom, which is really disappointing.

However, he thought of himself when he was seven years old, but he was frightened and paralyzed on the ground, even more unbearable than Yun Qing.

How can a child not fear death?

“If you don’t speak, I will take it as your default!”

Yin Yuanchen boarded the ancient war chariot, sat on the carriage, thought for a while, the space in his sleeve trembled, and took out a cucumber and threw it to Yun Qing.

“Let’s go, here to the Foreign Domain, if you are alone, there is at least one person beside you who can talk, so you can’t just talk to the fish in the water, Gu Insect in the soil, and tell your thoughts, like a madman!” [ 19459003]

Yin Yuanchen laughed at himself thinking of his previous self.

cart drags a thunder and lightning tail, rushes out of the disillusioned Star Sea, and disappears into the endless darkness.


The entire starry sky is falling downward, and the force of squeezing is coming from all directions in the universe.

“pa pa! “

The blood-leaf phoenix tree couldn’t stop it at all, the branches and leaves turned and powdered, and the trunk appeared cracks.

The same situation occurs in the Bodhi tree at the next level.

These two Divine Trees are like two umbrellas guarding Zhang Ruochen.

But the umbrella has broken open.

It’s going to be scattered ashes and dispersed smoke!

At the same time, Zhang Ruochen was attacked by a tyrannical Spirit Power, and Sword Soul flew out of the body, slashing in all directions. The ground tripod and the bright mirror platform are suspended on the left and right sides, opposing the invisible Spirit Power.

Replaced by another Divine King of the Immeasurable Initial Stage, I am afraid that Divine Soul has been crushed.

Zhang Ruochen knows very well that Fengtian and Star Sea anglers in Yetu must be able to sense the changes here, impossible and stand by. I only need to hold on until they come!

“It’s amazing, Spirit Power must have reached 9 Rank 10 or higher, and the real body must be somewhere in the disillusioned Star Sea.”

There are close and numerous cracks on Zhang Ruochen’s body, but the lotus roots are broken and tenacious, and they can always remain unbreakable.

At the moment when Feng Tian Zhanyi left the night soil, above Zhang Ruochen’s head, a translucent Great Hand Seal condensed, which was 30 million li long, and the space was constantly shattered.

“hua! “

At this extremely dangerous moment, the six-party Heavenly Venerable tripod flew out of the divine rune space in Zhang Ruochen’s sleeve.

Zhang Ruochen was surprised and looked up.

The Artifact Spirit of the six-party Heavenly Venerable tripod has automatically awakened. Is this to protect the Lord?


Zhang Ruochen has never been the master of the Hexagon Heavenly Venerable Artifact Spirit.

In fact, Zhang Ruochen was afraid to release Divine Soul and enter the inner space of the six-party Heavenly Venerable tripod because of fear of Artifact Spirit.

The Artifact Spirit who was sleeping is awakened by himself!

The six-sided Heavenly Venerable Tripod is a small brass cauldron with six legs. Each foot has Divine Beast carvings. They are Phoenix, Divine Dragon, Red Centipede, Magic Spider, White Fox, and Golden Crow.

At this moment, all these carvings came to life, forming a miracle of six beasts guarding the body.

In the hollow pattern on the tripod body, the Power of Darkness escapes, exuding the cold power of the swallowing heaven devouring earth, after colliding with the translucent Great Hand Seal falling from the sky.

Suddenly, the handprint that could smash Zhang Ruochen’s fleshy body was pierced by it.

The terrifying pressure between Heaven and Earth disappeared!

Zhang Ruochen was completely shocked and couldn’t believe that the Hexagonal Heavenly Venerable Ding was so powerful that it was a divine technique that can break through the sky and make the perfect.

Even if the sky is perfect, the formidable power of the divine technique is drastically reduced in a distant place trillions of miles away, but it is still very important.

Let alone Zhang Ruochen, even Fengtian, who rushed to the nearby Star Domain, had his eyes condensed.

“hua! “

The six-party Heavenly Venerable tripod disappeared.

However, Zhang Ruochen and Feng Tian can both sense it, and it flies towards Ye Tu!

“The six-party Heavenly Venerable tripod is actually the mysterious tripod, the tripod of darkness.”

Feng Tian glanced at Zhang Ruochen, and then, transformed into the Lord of Darkness, mobilized the Darkness Rule between Heaven and Earth, and entangled the six-party Heavenly Venerable tripod to conquer it.


The six-party Heavenly Venerable tripod crashed through the Darkness Rule condensed by Fengtian and went away.

Huangtian’s divine body reunited, looking at the six heavenly Venerable cauldron disappearing in the induction, slightly lost.

It’s just a tripod, too heaven defying!

The divine technique of breaking the sky first, and then the indestructible Divine Ability.

Feng Tian’s two slender eyebrows were tightly twisted together, because she was wearing a veil, and she couldn’t see what she looked like at the moment.

She looked towards Zhang Ruochen, with the meaning of inquiring about sins, saying: “Nine Cauldrons have Artifact Spirit?”

The crack on Zhang Ruochen’s body has healed, and the fleshy body has recovered as before, saying: “The true body is also just now that the six-party Heavenly Venerable cauldron is one of the Nine Cauldrons! Di Ding does not have an Artifact Spirit. As for Tian Ding, does it have an Artifact Spirit? , Can you hide from Fengtian Sir’s perception?”

“The six-party Heavenly Venerable tripod is special, probably because it was once practiced by the six ancestors of the six night demons.”

The divine rune and the Space Law divine rune appeared around Feng Tian’s body, and he was about to chase the six Heavenly Venerable tripod, but he stared at the four directions and finally stopped.

Pursue the residual breath in the space, and perceive the perfect person hiding in the dark.

Zhang Ruochen put hundreds of Devouring God Insect into the bronze coffin again.

The survival of these Devouring God Insects depends on Zhang Ruochen’s timely action to collect them into the Divine Mountain in Shaoyang and hide them in the Xuanbei. Now they are all half-dead, and in a short period of time, it is difficult to wake up.

The wild sky drew Qi of Life in the starry sky to help the severely traumatized blood-leaf phoenix tree and Bodhi tree re-grow branches and leaves.

However, the Chiran Tower, which was originally suppressed by the Blood Leaf Wutong, disappeared!

Apparently Tianshengjun took advantage of the chaos and escaped!

Zhang Ruochen came behind Feng Tian and looked at her slender and graceful figure closely, with lithe and graceful curves, and her hair hanging down to her waist and hips.

He respectfully saluted, saying: “Thank you Fengtian!”

This time, Zhang Ruochen is really grateful.

You don’t have to guess, Ye Tu’s battle must be critical and dangerous, but in order to save him, Feng Tian came immediately!

Just now, she could obviously chase the six-sided Heavenly Venerable Cauldron and collect the Treasure Cauldron, which represents the darkness, but because she was worried that the Heavenly Venerable who was hiding in the dark would make another move, she stayed.

Huangtian walked over and also saluted and thanked him.

Today, Sir is indeed owed love! Huang Tian has always gratitude and grudges are clear, and he would never be arrogant and self-sufficient if he should bow and thank him.

“It has nothing to do with you. I came this day for the blood-leaf phoenix tree.” Fengtian said indifferently.

Zhang Ruochen said: “The Spirit Power giant hiding in the dark has a high probability of reaching Tianyuan. It is very likely that it is the largest of the four great emperors. Fengtian Sir, can he calculate his position? “

The Tianshu needle is suspended in front of Fengtian, but it points to chaos and vacillates.

“You don’t have the right to let him use real power. The aura is very weak, and he should be a trillion miles away. Be very cautious, afraid of revealing his identity, so hiding his aura, then it means that the emperor Quiliang is not Thunder Punishment Heavenly Venerable.”

After a few more breaths, Feng Heavenly Dao said: “He has gone far, already not in the disillusioned Star Sea, he can’t catch up if he wants to chase him!”

Zhang Ruochen could feel the biting chill emanating from Feng Tian.

Suddenly, Feng Tian said again: “Now, when the Celestial Court and the hell are in a decisive battle, almost all the heavens have taken action! There are only eight Spirit Power Gods with perfect heavens. Who is not on the battlefield, who It’s the emperor Kuiliang. It’s not hard to find!”

“Blood Leaf, look at Zhang Ruochen, don’t let him slip away, wait until the matter in the night soil is resolved, you must make good use of him today.”

Fengtian disappeared and he has rushed to Ye Tu.

Zhang Ruochen looked solemn and said: “Celestial Court and hell are in a decisive battle…what does Fengtian mean?”

In Li Hentian, Zhang Ruochen actually guessed that the real world must have undergone tremendous changes, otherwise the situation is so critical that it is too impossible to come personally.

But, why did it evolve to the point of a decisive battle?

There is Haotian in the starry sky defense line, and it is impossible to break it so easily.

“It seems that the turmoil of Li Hentian and Disillusioned Star Sea are just two small dishes. The main course is still in Starry Sky Battlefield!” Huang Heavenly Dao.

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