God Emperor Chapter 35003492

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2021-11-22 Author: Flying Fish

  Chapter 3492 Winds and Clouds Exchange gathering   In order to completely cover up the breath, the Spirit Power aperture of Fulu Godzun covers only a few light-years in diameter, which is less than one trillion li.

  For those who have no lack of heaven, this range is like the palm of one’s own, which can control everything. Just like the Absolute Control of Star Sea anglers against Xingtian Cliff and Xinghuantian!   The other heavens and Hell World heavens, who are tens of thousands of light-years away, how many absolutely li, can’t cross the void, how can they sense the secret of Rakshasa Clan’s deliberate change?   However, Fengdu’s Great Emperor was super-minded after all. He had deduced various results and printed Yellow Springs in the starry sky ahead of time. While displaying the Thousand Stars Link, it quietly evoked the Yellow Springs seal.

  At the moment when Yellow Springs broke the Spirit Power aperture, the secret of this Star Domain was sensed by the powerhouse of the cream of the crop in the universe.

   Without going through the wormhole, the spread of news and the spread of destructive power will have to wait tens of thousands of years before being noticed.

   But the secret of heaven can be insight at a thought.

Major events of   this level will also form a natural phenomenon in the universe. Because of the far-reaching influence, heavenly opportunities appear everywhere.

  Starry Sky Battlefield, Shura star pillar realm.

  ”hua! ”

   A sword glow, rising from the Asura star pillar realm to the top of the Great World, after stopping, it condenses into a silhouette of the empty sky.

  Xutian’s eyes are so sharp that he can penetrate the void and peer into the direction of the Luozu Yunshan realm.

   “Shua! Shua! shua… “

  one after another Streaming light exuding immeasurable aura, flying from all over the battlefield, converging to the Star Domain near Xutian.

  Xuehaidi Jundao: “Yellow Springs seal, Heavenly Venerable warning, probably… probably from the Star Domain where Rakshasa Clan is located. Oh, Rakshasa Clan must have changed dramatically.”

  Darkness Divine Palace broke through the space, and arrived here, the voice of Heavenly Sovereign from the Divine Palace: “It’s not a warning, but Heavenly Venerable has fallen! Luozu Yunshan realm has his residual aura, but in the universe , There is no chance of him anymore.”

   “Don’t you see that, World Tree is getting dim, Ghost Qi in the ghost city of Fengdu is disintegrating, and the momentum of Divine City has also fallen by a large amount. The solitary soul, unbound ghost of Santu River Basin are crying Howl.”

  Everyone believed in Heavenly Sovereign’s words.

  Because he has the strongest cultivation base at the scene, he can see through distant space at a glance, breaking the boundary between time and space, nothing else can do.

  For a time, the countless present were confused, and all kinds of worries rose in the mind.

   “This matter must be hidden from Haotian, Celestial Court will definitely take the opportunity to attack us, we have to make preparations in advance!”

   “This matter cannot be suppressed. If the gods of Hell World know the fall of Heavenly Venerable, they will be in a state of chaos.”

   “What happened to Rakshasa Clan? Trifling several chaotic Demon Gods, not enough Heavenly Venerable. One hand suppressed, who is it? Who did it? Haotian went to Rakshasa Clan?” [19459002 ]

   “Rakshasa Clan must be over. I really don’t know how terrifying this undercurrent is. Maybe it will affect the nearby Undying Blood Race and the Star Domain where the Santu River Basin is located. We have to rush back right away while staying. A considerable part of the force resisted the counterattack of the Celestial Court army.”

   “Couldn’t it be an undercurrent at all, that is, the heavens that Haotian led the Celestial Court, taking advantage of the emptiness behind us, the layout killed Heavenly Venerable?”

   “Impossible, Xu Tian and Qing Tian are both in Starry Sky Battlefield, Celestial Court, if the breath of any of the heavens disappears, it is impossible to hide their perception.”


   Xutian has been making calculations, suddenly coldly shouted: “What is noisy, what is afraid of, even if Heavenly Venerable really falls, Hell World powerhouse as clouds, as long as you are not messy, what is undercurrent, what is Celestial Court army? , Who would dare to act rashly? Besides, Heavenly Venerable did not fall at all!”

  As soon as I said this, the immeasurable presence at the scene became weird, and he couldn’t help looking towards the dark Divine Palace.

  They are very worried that at this critical moment, Xu Tian and Heavenly Sovereign sang the opposite stage.

   After all, Heavenly Venerable passed away, Hell World, who can hold the two in front of you? Xu Tian deliberately stabilized the military’s mind, and said in an absolutely certain tone of the results of the calculations and guesses: “It was tellurium, the mass organization, and the chaotic Demon God. The Emperor Kuiliang covered up that piece of Star Domain. It’s a secret, so we didn’t notice the change of Rakshasa Clan.”

   “We regard Celestial Court as our main enemy and Thunder Clan as a potential threat, but we ignore the mass organization and the troubled Demon God who has a deep hatred with us. This is the price of underestimating the enemy, and Hell World is so proud For too long, I was so arrogant that I did not pay attention to the organization and the chaotic Demon God at all, thinking that they had been defeated.”

  A Ghost Emperor asked: “But the heavenly opportunity of Heavenly Venerable has indeed disappeared. The changes in the Sky Elephant in the ghost city of Fengdu have also proved all this.”

  虚Heavenly Dao: “You should have sensed the abnormal fluctuations of time before? If what is expected today is not bad, Heavenly Venerable should be fighting with tellurium to the future.”

  Seeing that there are still doubts in the Divine Eyes, Xu Tian said again: “You need to know, with the Heavenly Venerable cultivation base, even if it is Te, Kuilianghuang, and Qiang Shak together to shoot together, it is impossible to be in such a short time. Within time, kill him completely.”

   Hearing this, the faces of the gods eased.

  Yes, how could a cultivation base like Heavenly Venerable fall in an instant? In the dark Divine Palace, the voice of Heavenly Sovereign sounded: “Xu Tian is reasonable, he is the perfect one, and his perception of the universe must be clearer than this Sovereign. Earlier, it was this Sovereign who failed to speak!”

  Xutian seems to be calm and collected, but in fact, he is very angry and has many speculations.

The Spirit Power of   Quizhuanghuang is a lot stronger than him, and most of it has reached the 9th Rank 12. Not to mention far away in Starry Sky Battlefield, even in the Divine Palace of Destiny, he may not be able to detect the changes of Rakshasa Clan.

  After all, “Destiny Heavenly Book” is lost!

  He really can’t figure it out, who exactly is Kuilianghuang?   Spirit Power reached that level, only three or four people. But these few people can now be excluded!

   “Don’t let I, your father catch, if you catch I, your father can fight you for ten thousand years, no, one hundred thousand years!”

   Xutian was very excited. After Xu Mi died, it was the first time he was so excited. He wanted to find Emperor Queliang to fight. If you don’t kill the opponent, there will be endless fighting.

   is the same as Saint Monk Xumi back then!   Xu Tian was about to leave, and immediately rushed to Rakshasa Clan.

  He felt that no matter how much Kuiliang Emperor covered up, a Heavenly Venerable battle broke out, it would definitely leave traces. As long as you find the traces, you can pull out the Emperor Kuiliang.

   “Hell World must not be without Heavenly Venerable for a day. Someone must come out to preside over the overall situation and deal with the current crisis. This Sovereign proposes that Xu Tian can temporarily take over the position of Heavenly Venerable!”

   Heavenly Sovereign said again: “Starry Sky Battlefield is handed over to Heavenly Venerable, this Sovereign will go to Rakshasa Clan.”


   Xu Tian moved out and blocked the front of the dark Divine Palace, saying: “Heavenly Sovereign Divine Ability is vast, ashamed of being inferior, you come to be Heavenly Venerable, and you deserve it. Rakshasa Clan, or the original Go to heaven!”

Xu Tian is indeed interested in the position of Heavenly Venerable, but what is the meaning of a temporary Heavenly Venerable?   To be Heavenly Venerable, it should be dignified who is beating the Fengdu Great Emperor and seizing the position of Heavenly Venerable from him.

  Furthermore, Heavenly Sovereign did not follow any kind intentions, and made it clear that he was pushed to the position of Heavenly Venerable and forced Haotian.

   Before there was no cultivation success Sword Two Fourteen, Xu Tian went crazy before going to compete with Haotian.

  ”Yi! ”

  蓦地, Xu Tian looked at the Yellow Springs Star River.

  I saw the tail section of Star River, the Star Domain near the dark abyss, the Glittering Group of Stars, and the heavenly secrets run through the world.

   Suddenly, Xu Tian burst into laughter, and said: “No need to push! She is born, and now the crisis of Hell World is solved. I, your father has long said that those turbulent Demon Gods are courting death. Whoever has a bad idea, must move the Luozu Yunshan realm. Rakshasa Clan is very weak, but as long as there is a grandmother, their strength is the top three of the ten clans.”

   then pointed to the dark Divine Palace and said: “Your life will be difficult in the future!”

  The dark abyss belongs to the influence range of the dark Divine Palace. When Tianma walked out of the dark abyss, no one would suppress the monsters inside. For the dark Divine Palace, this is definitely a huge challenge!

  ”hua! ”

At the foot of   Xu Tian, ​​a Star Domain-level Space Transmission Array is automatically condensed.

  between Heaven and Earth’s Space Law, madness rushed to him.

   “Xu Tian, ​​take this emperor for a ride!”

  Xuehaidijun flew into the Space Transmission Array.

  In an instant, he and Xutian disappeared over the Asura Star Pillar Realm.


Divine City of   Undying Blood Race.

   “Goddess is back!”

  Old Patriarch laughed with his hands on his hips, like a child, and then rushed out of the clan house, towards Rakshasa Clan, barefoot.

  In addition, the Peak powerhouses of all races who stayed behind in Hell World, after arranging defensive measures, all rushed to the Luozu Yunshan realm.

  Of course they know what the Yellow Springs print warning and the changes in the capital city ghost town mean, but Tianma is back!   Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the grandmother could be invincible. How powerful is it now?   With a scroll of heavenly decree, he overwhelmed Qingtian and forced him to let him go. This matter, among the gods, spread to the gods.

  It is said that it was told by Undying Blood Race patriarch himself, which is extremely credible.


  Thunder Punishment Heavenly Venerable left the world of nothingness!   He has a bigger plan, and he must never be known to people. He has been to the Luozu Yunshan realm.

  Fu Lu began to clean up the traces in this Star Domain. Where the lamp had been shining, everything burned into nothingness. Including, Heaven and Earth Law!

   “I have to go to Rakshasa Divine City and cut her off for you so that no one will know your identity anymore and you can continue to hide it.”

  Qiang Shak glanced up at the blood moon above, very disappointed.

  He has already explored it. It is very possible that Luo Zu Yunshan Realm is really the remains of the ancestor of the demon ancestor. There are many strange places, and he can’t understand it with his current cultivation base.

  If he can integrate this Great World refining into the Demon Body, let alone restore the cultivation base, maybe he can realize the way of the half ancestor by this.

   But, in this situation, he has no time at all and must rush to Rakshasa Divine City immediately.

If    can rush to win Divine City before the arrival of Tianma and Hell World powerhouses, when the time comes, the cultivation base can be restored, and the Array of Divine City can be used to push the cultivator of Hell World horizontally.

  Fulu God Venerable looked at Qiang Shak who was leaving, with dark eyes and a sneer.

  He understands that even after the secret has been exposed, Qiang Shaq still dared to go to Rakshasa Divine City, not to save Gu Xin and the others. Rather, simply don’t fear Tianma.

   worked so hard for so long, how can you give up halfway?

After seeing the power of Thunder Punishment Heavenly Venerable and Fengdu Great Emperor, Qiang Shaq’s desire to maintain the majesty of the Supreme Four Pillars and his contempt for the current world is bound to be very urgent for restoring the cultivation base, and for Zhang Ruochen’s earthly tripod. , Reverse Divine Tablet, also have a huge desire.

   Winning Rakshasa Divine City means restoring the cultivation base, means a large amount of Profound Truth, more Profound Truth than Thunder Punishment Heavenly Venerable, means a powerful Divine Artifact battle weapon…

  There is a big desire in it!   Of course, the God of Fu Lu wanted to go to Rakshasa Divine City, but he restrained himself. Compared with the gambling on everything in Rakshasa Divine City, the identity of “The God of Fu Lu” is more important.

  Of course, such a big thing happened. No matter how you cover it up, there will definitely be a weak spot. It is difficult to keep this identity. It is extremely dangerous to return to the Divine Palace.

   But there is nothing dangerous in the world?

   is like Qiang Shak, can you be absolutely safe if you escape now? No, Tianma will chase him to the ends of the earth.

   “I hope you can really kill her!”

  Fu Lu said this, and then disappeared into the void.

  This she is obviously not referring to Tianma.

  (End of this chapter)

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