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2021-11-23 Author: Flying Fish

  Chapter 3493 The Return of Tianma After both Tellurium and Feng were exiled by the Great Emperor, Thunder Punishment Heavenly Venerable thinks that now only Haotian can fight against him and sit and see each other in the universe. As long as restraining aura and concealing the heavenly secrets, no cultivator can sense and calculate. He has been to Luozu Yunshan Realm.

  The void world is more natural, an environment that conceals the breath.

   However, on the way back from the void world to the indefinite Divine Sea, he was still intercepted by the heavenly grandmother.

  The girl who was shocking and stunning back then, after experiencing ten years of baptism in the Yuanhui, has stood at the top of the universe, and her eyes are full of indifference to the world.

  That is a kind of lonely lonely at the top! Fortunately, Thunder Punishment Heavenly Venerable stopped, said with a smile: “The lineage of the demon ancestor, the body refinement of the heart. Didn’t expect, you cultivated the demon to such a strong point, you can actually cross the endless void and sense the original Seat.”

   Tianma said: “Many things can be concealed, but the truth remains in the world forever.”

  Thunder Punishment Heavenly Venerable sighed: “I wanted to rush to the Luozu Yunshan Realm to help, but after all, I was a step late, lest it cause a misunderstanding, and then grabbed my breath. Now it seems that this misunderstanding has really happened! “

   “Thunder Punishment, a person like you can become a side powerhouse, but can never become a Heavenly Venerable. Heavenly Venerable does not necessarily need to be just and honorable, but it needs to be magnanimous. The heart is not magnanimous, why the heavens Respect together?” Tianma said.

   Obviously, Tianma’s words not only negated Thunder Punishment Heavenly Venerable, but also negated many Heavenly Venerable in history!

   is only qualified to say such a thing when she stands at her height.

  Thunder Punishment Heavenly Venerable smiled, handsome and Yingwei’s face became solemn, and said: “So, what advice do you have, based on your projection, want to stop this seat?”

   “I will definitely visit Wuding Divine Sea myself!” Tianma said.

   “Come on! In the uncertain Divine Sea, I unrivaled beneath the heavens. If you come, I will bury you.”

  Thunder Punishment Heavenly Venerable thought, a cold light flew out in his eyes, tearing up the Heaven and Earth projection of the heavenly grandmother in the void world, turning it into strands of blue smoke.

The cultivation base of   Tianmao is beyond the estimate of Thunder Punishment Heavenly Venerable. It seems to be closer to the half ancestor than the Fengdu Great Emperor, and has already stepped in with one foot.

  It is this extraordinary variable that disrupts all plans of Thunder Punishment Heavenly Venerable. Many things have to be rearranged!   ”The risk is still too great to deal with the game of Fengdu!”

  Thunder Punishment Heavenly Venerable There was a trace of regret in my heart, but the regret was cut off in an instant.

Since    has done it, there is no need to regret it.

  With the current chaos in Hell World and Celestial Court, I still dare not easily move Thunder Clan. If you want to take the initiative in this turbulent world, you must use a more radical strategy!   For a moment of contemplation, Thunder Punishment Heavenly Venerable gave up the decision to return to the uncertain Divine Sea and went to Li Hentian.


  Rakshasa Divine City is located within the Spirit Power aperture of Fulu God. Just like this, the Heavenly Venerable level confrontation that broke out in the Luozu Cloud Mountain Realm was immediately sensed by the immeasurable in the city.

   But the secret is covered up, they can only sense the breath of Fengdu Great Emperor and Qiang Shak.

   Fierce battles are happening everywhere in the city, not only the Great Firmament Divine Palace, God Prison, Clan Mansion, Ancestral Mountain, but also other endless battlefields. Not only Gu Xin, a chaotic Demon God, is in the city.

  Divine City Many places are turned into ruins, turned into scorched earth, and burned.

The Saint Realm cultivator of   Rakshasa Clan fell into pieces, but the skeleton doesn’t exist. They were all beaten into blood mist and turned into blood food for the ancient Demon God.

   Fortunately, the Divine Formation of the Great Firmament Divine Palace was opened, which greatly increased the defensive power of the Divine City. Otherwise, the city would have collapsed.

  But the cultivation base of Luo Yi and the others is not infinite after all. It can stimulate the Divine Formation of the moat, but it is very difficult to support. If you want to use Array Inscription Guardian God City, you cannot use Array, suppress and kill the immeasurable in the city.

   Their Divine Soul and Spirit Power are not so strong yet!

  Attack and defense, you can only choose the same.

The Divine Palace in   Great Firmament Divine Palace collapsed dozens of places, the Divine Tree turned into a Fireball, and the Linghu Lake became dry. There are broken formations everywhere, and the regular divine rune floods the space, condensing into various destructive Divine Forces.

  Zhang Ruochen’s abdomen was split by the yin and yang double halberd, and a bloody mouth of half chi long appeared, and the whole person was almost cut in two.

   Behind him is the tower of Divine Formation, 37th-layer high, crystal clear and white, and square.

   Ding Zu, armor covering the whole body, the yin and yang double halberd in his hand emits bright blue red light, dividing the space where the Great Firmament Divine Palace is located into half red and half blue.

   He pressed forward step by step, saying: “Fengdu Great Emperor has fallen, Hell World has changed, the universe has changed, you continue to block here, but mayfly shaking a tree, meaningless.” [ 19459002]

   “You really think that you are sure to win! The heavens of Hell World will come soon.”

  Zhang Ruochen’s face is bloodstained, one hand is holding the ground tripod, the other hand is squeezing the fist prints, and the Great Firmament Divine Seal is suspended above his head. The broken four elephants surround the body, resisting the suppression of the divine rune rule of the ancestor.

  This is a confrontation with a huge gap in the cultivation base. Even if you borrow the power of Divine City, you can’t fight against adversity.

  Only to fight to the end, waiting for variables to happen.

   Dingzu smiled contemptuously: “If the Fengdu Great Emperor wants to elicit the Emperor Kuiliang, he must do it quietly and absolutely impossible to alarm the other heavens in Hell World. This is a life and death game where both sides are betting! But obviously, he and Luo Yan lost. Not only did they fall, but Rakshasa Clan would also be buried with them.”

   Dingzu didn’t want to delay any longer, he jumped and cut out a double halberd.

   The violent and tyrannical force, the mountain cry out and the sea howl are average, smashing down Zhang Ruochen who is almost exhausted. He believes that this is the final blow, enough to win the immeasurable youth in front of him.

  Zhang Ruochen fighting intent boiling, step forward, punch out, hit the double halberd.


  The power of overwhelming mountains burst out from Zhang Ruochen’s fist, and fell on Ding Zu like a pouring, throwing him away.

   “bang! “

  Zhang Ruochen was extremely fast, hitting the second punch, breaking the rules of divine rune, and hitting Dingzu’s chest.

  The armor on Dingzu’s body was sunken, his body shot, fiercely hit the ground, and dragged a deep ditch of several hundred meters long on the ground.

   Dingzu squatted on the ground, placed the yin and yang double-dent in front of him, looked at Zhang Ruochen in horror, and trembled: “Tianma, this is the power of Tianma!”

  Zhang Ruochen stood upright, every hair was emitting a bright divine glow, saying: “I am the goddess of heaven, and the god of heaven has been born, I can lend her 10% of the Divine Force for my own use. You can now, you can Can you still laugh?”

  Dingzu naturally can’t laugh anymore!

   Hundreds of thousands of years ago, Tianma was Rakshasa Clan’s Number One Powerhouse, who was the most admired and admired figure of Ding Zu and the Great Emperor when they were young.

   Faced with such a character, even if Dingzu is already very comfortable and boundless, he still feels terrified, just like an unfilial son who committed a terrible mistake, fearing the old father.

   is both respectful and fearful!


   Dingzu rushed out and escaped!

   “Tianma is back. To escape, you must escape. You must rush to a place far enough before she returns to Divine City…” Ding Zu said silently.

  At this moment, how can he have half the majesty of a powerhouse?

   “You can’t leave!”

  Zhang Ruochen right hand lifted over his head, drew the Great Firmament Divine Seal, pulled the Divine Seal, and suppressed Ding Zu.

The moment    Tianma walked out of the dark abyss, Zhang Ruochen felt the special Divine Force gushing out of his body. With the blessing of this special Divine Force, he feels that he can fight the heavens.

   Ding Zu propped up the yin and yang double prongs, spread the bone wings on his back, and derive the God Realm world, spare no effort to resist the Great Firmament Divine Seal.

   But the power of the Great Firmament Divine Seal is far more tyrannical than before, pressing him to tremble and his legs slowly bend. The yin and yang double halberd in his hand seemed to be broken, making one after another crackling sound.

   “Ruochen child, do you dare…”


The bone wing on    Dingzu’s back was broken, and he was pressed down by the Great Firmament Divine Seal, his voice was covered up, and the ground was razed to the ground. Even his God Realm world collapsed!   Zhang Ruochen only borrowed 10% of Divine Force.

   But this Divine Force was enough to suppress Ding Zu.

Although    Tianma hasn’t arrived yet, as Zhang Ruochen inspired the Tianma Divine Force, her light and shadow appeared in the Great Firmament Divine Palace. It is as tall as a mountain, and as powerful as Heaven and Earth.

   “My God is back! My God is back! Rakshasa Clan is immortal!”

   “Langu Demon God, traitor, mass organization, you all have to die, and Tianma will kill you all!”


In   Divine City, including God, all Rakshasa Clan cultivators are excited with blood boiling, fighting intents.

  All fear is gone!   All worries, all dissipate.

   Tianma is the spiritual banner of the family. As long as the Tianmao says a word, they dare to swing their swords at any powerful enemy.

  Ding Ancestral Mountain.

  Two Sir In order to contain the Rayan Great Emperor, the god body has been blown twice, and it is only by Spirit Power that it can support it until now.

   After feeling the breath of Tianma, he finally got a sense of retreat in his heart, knowing that the situation is over.

  Although the heavenly secret of the Fengdu Great Emperor disappeared, either fell or was exiled for a long time, the situation like this is definitely not what they want to see.

In the    round, both sides suffer after all, and no one takes advantage.

  Two Sir Even so, Qi Lin, Zongmu Shenzun, Shentu Ghost Emperor and other cultivators, naturally fighting intents are greatly reduced, and they all want to get out before Tianma arrives.

   has not been born for hundreds of thousands of years, but Hell World always has her legend. The more powerhouse the cultivation base, the more you know, the greater the fear of Tianma.

   A thick magic sound came from the universe: “No need to be afraid, she is not a half-ancestor, as long as you master Divine City, it is enough to suppress her. The Great Emperor of Fengdu was killed, why is it difficult to kill her?” [19459002 ]

The real body of   Changshak appeared outside Rakshasa Divine City, with the vast Qi Sea on top of his head, hitting the Demon God stone pillar hard and hitting it with the sea of ​​clouds.


  Divine Formation immediately manifested, the Inscription flashed, resisting the Demon God stone pillar.

In the    family mansion, the Ghost Emperor of Shentu has defeated the four immeasurable Rakshasa Clan, smashing them all.

  Shen Tu Ghost Emperor walked into the Divine Palace and inspired the formation of Divine Formation.

   Suddenly, the Divine Formation was torn apart by a corner.

   “Welcome to the upper column!” Shen Tu Ghost Emperor shouted.

Zhang Ruochen in   Great Firmament Divine Palace, Rayan Great Emperor who set Ancestral Mountain, Langzu, Dao Zun and the others in the clan mansion… All the hearts are sinking.

   Knowing that Tianma was born, Qiang Shaq actually rushed to Rakshasa Divine City.

  Looking back to the Heavenly Venerable battle that broke out in the Luozu Yunshan realm before, everyone speculated that Qiang Shaq’s cultivation base has been restored to Peak?

  This is the supreme four pillars as famous as heavenly demon!

  Once Qiang Shaq enters the city, who can stop it?   However, after waiting for a while, everyone was surprised to find that Qiang Shaq did not enter through the Divine Formation gap.

  Zhang Ruochen frowned, loosened and opened, saying: “Heaven is here!”

  (End of this chapter)

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