God Emperor Chapter 35023494

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2021-11-24 Author: Flying Fish

  Chapter 3494 Picking Up Corpses

  No one thought that Tianma would come so quickly, including Qiang Shak.

  Dark Abyss and Rakshasa Divine City are separated by an unknown number of light years. Space Wormhole and Transmission Formation have to be used more than ten times before they can be crossed.

   However, when the closer Xutian, Undying Blood Race patriarch, etc. Hell World powerhouse did not arrive, she arrived first.

  red-clothed, white hair.

   She is like appear out of thin air, opposite to Qiang Shak, Ten Yuanhui cultivation, although she has a white head, she still looks very young, astonishing as the morning sun at the beginning of the branch, no Any twilight.

  The white hair is so scattered, like white streams, flowing around her.

  red-clothed is so bright, stained like blood, but it will never make people feel glaring and disgusting. Like maple leaves in autumn and red plums in winter, lonely and arrogant, it is pleasing to the eye.

   When he was young, Tianma was also famous and famous in the world.

   However, when a woman’s achievements are high enough, it will make admirers feel that talking about her beauty is a kind of blasphemy.

   In other words, in their eyes they would only think, “You are also worthy to talk about the beauty of Tianma?”

  Qiang Shaq looked at Tianma on the opposite side. Behind Tianma is the misty Rakshasa Divine City. There are dense buildings in the city, and the temple is only the size of a bean. Many places are burning, collapsing, and there is one after another battle fluctuation.

  He can feel that Space Law is changing.

   rules gather, like a tide, from all directions, layer by layer rushing to him.

  Qiang Shaq has seen half ancestors and ancestors. He was killed from the sea of ​​blood in the corpse mountain. Naturally, he can get an insight into the cultivation base level of Tianma. He sighed: “What a great space attainment, you have a good understanding of the order of space. The use of, is stronger than those who have perfect heavens.”

   The sky is perfect and immeasurable, both can sense the order of space.

  However, it is another difficulty to use spatial order.

  In comparison, it is easier for the sky to be perfect than the immeasurable.

   Tianma relies on the outstanding space order application, each step can fold a piece of Star Domain space, so that it can come here so quickly.

   At the same time, it is also by virtue of the spatial order to suppress Qiang Shak, making it impossible for him to get out easily.

   Tianmao Tankou opened slightly, saying: “In the first battle of Luozu Yunshan Realm, you are the first, tellurium is the second, Thunder Punishment is the third, and the emperor is the fourth. Who is the fifth? I can sense Then, he appears on the long river of time, his breath is very thin, he can blend with space, and he can drift in time.”

  Qiang Shaq was shocked.

   Wherever she thought, she could sense the Thunder Punishment Heavenly Venerable deliberately concealing the heavenly secrets at such a distance. This perception ability has not lost the half ancestor.

  Qiang Shaq laughed heartily, the magic Qi Sea above his head kept pressing down, breaking the suppression of Tianma’s space order, and said: “Why bother with your lips? You should have understood, this seat is absolutely impossible to tell you.”

   Tianma said: “Then another question, who is Kuilianghuang? If you say it, I will give you a decent way to die.”

  Qiang Shaq was angry in his heart. The opponent is not a half-ancestor, but he regards him as a fish on the board. As the supreme four pillars, as the existence of the invincible universe in certain eras, how can he not hate it?

  However, Qiang Shaq knew very well in his heart that he was definitely not her opponent now.

  And the heavens of Hell World are coming.

  Those who have great desires and great courage must have great wisdom.

   can press forward when there is a chance. You can retreat bravely when you know you can’t do it.

  Qiang Shaq holds the Demon God stone pillar, his body is towering like a mountain, laughed heartily: “You can’t sense his true identity, indicating that you are not a half ancestor. Not a half ancestor, what’s the fear of this seat? Fight!” [ 19459002]

The magic Qi Sea above    suddenly changed to dark red, and a large amount of Blood Qi surged out.

  Countless undead crying in the ocean of Qi Sea, some of them are calling out the name “Tianma”. It was when they were about to die, they were praying for Tianma’s shelter.

  At this time, in the sea of ​​demonic energy, the undead and Blood Qi are burning.

  Changshak’s bloodline spouted all over, the double horns turned into crimson, and one after another Heaven and Earth rune escaped, and he laughed fiercely: “Do you know this kind of Divine Ability? This is Heavenly created by Great Demonic God? Venerable Divine Ability, a thousand spirit blood evil spirits, is based on the Soul Spirit of the sentient beings in the Yunshan realm of Luozu.

  Qiang Shaq deliberately angered Tianma, and said deliberately.

   is the strongest attack as soon as it takes a shot.

  Zhang Ruochen felt the Divine Force in his body disappear, and was dispatched by Tianma.

   The two people on the sky are too terrifying. Even with the guardian of the Divine Formation, the Saint Realm cultivator in the city still kneels and cannot stand up straight.

  It is conceivable that if there is no Divine Formation, everyone below the great god in the city will have to bow down.

  This is the trend of Qi Swallowing Mountains and Rivers, overwhelming the might of the world, and is a contest between the strongest figures in the world.

   “Compared to the disillusionment of Star Sea, the breath of Qiang Shak has become stronger!”

  Zhang Ruochen can’t help worrying in his heart. Tianma is indeed famous, but the supreme four pillars in the Demon God of the chaotic ancient times are the real legendary figures, who can be left behind forever.

The two of   Sky Qiong are obviously demons.

   But, one is sullen and angry, and the other is like an immortal.

  It can be seen that the demonic path is by no means an evil way.

There is evil, but people!

  ”hua! ”

Behind   Tianma, seventy-two Demon God stone pillars appeared. Each one was like a Heaven and Earth pillar, and the statues were lifelike, like seventy-two pillars of the world.

  Qiang Shaq, where did you think that Tianma could evolve the 72 pillars of Demon God?   But it was only dumbfounded for a moment, and then the Qianling Blood Shaman was beaten out.

   Tianma hands behind ones back, such as the red Divine Sword, facing the blood evil spirits. Around her body, seventy-two Demon God stone pillars flew with her.


Outside   Rakshasa Divine City, countless stars vibrated, and space tearing created one after another billion-mile-long crack, like a long river of black emptiness, spreading vertically and horizontally.

   Seventy-two Demon God stone pillars collapsed together with the blood evil spirits, but the heavenly grandmother was unharmed, pierced through the sea of ​​demonic energy, and white hair fluttered like a Sword One.

   There is no doubt that even if Qiang Shaq played the strongest means, he would not hurt his grandmother.

   But I saw that Qiang Shak had already taken the way and fled, and he was using spatial order.

One step, a piece of Star Domain!   When he played Qianling Xuesha, he was looking for a chance to leave.

  Tianmao gently shook her head, her arms were slowly raised as white as jade, her fingers grabbed in the direction of Rakshasa Divine City, and said: “Where is the Divine Sword?”

   “zheng! “

   was originally the Divine Sword in the hands of the sword bone, flew out and rose into the sky.

   Tianma grabbed Divine Sword, looked out the distant Star Sea, and slashed with a sword.

  sword light cut through Heaven and Earth and smashed countless stars.

  The gods in the Rakshasa Divine City, I only feel that the entire universe has been split, and the sword light traverses north and south, seeming to be able to cut off the Yellow Springs Star River.

   “A terrifying woman, there is such a character in the demonic path of later generations.”

   Gu Xin took a breath of cold, and immediately rushed to the clan mansion with the Lord Shizhi.

   now must rush to the clan mansion, unite with the Ghost Emperor, open the Divine Formation, and escape from here. Otherwise, when the woman defeated Qiang Shaq and rushed back, they would have no chance of getting out.

  They never thought that Tianma could kill Qiangshaq, after all, Qiangshaq was the supreme pillar and had been restored to an immeasurable level. Even if you lose, you can get away.

   “bang! “

   Qiang Shaq felt the sword light coming from behind him, and immediately turned around and slashed out the Demon God stone pillar.

The sword    crossed several Star Domains, but Qiang Shaq was still unable to block it. The Space Law around him collapsed, and the spatial order constructed by him was defeated.

  He just stopped retreating, and Tianma’s voice sounded in his ears: “Do you know why Luozu Yunshanjie is the number one danger zone of Rakshasa Clan? Because, there is me!”

   “Those who violate Luozu Yunshan Realm will have no way of life.”


Coming from   red-clothed Chengfeng, Divine Sword’s rays of light shined on the world.

  A sword fell, Qiang Shaq’s body armor was torn, blood was flowing like a puff, and his body flew out obliquely.

  Qiang Shak was extremely successful, forcibly changing the time and space, and suddenly, the space storm suddenly rose, trying to force Tianma back.

   But, beyond his expectation, Tianma ignored the space storm and walked in front of him. The 36 Heavenly Demon Chart scenes manifested at the same time as the Seventy-Two Demon God stone pillar method.

   “You…your fellow practitioner 3 Great Demon source?”

  Qiang Shaq was shocked, not believing that apart from Great Demonic God and heavenly demon, the world is like this evildoer.

   After all, the sources of the three Great Demons are the ancestors, and the Tao of any one is enough for a demonic path cultivator to spend a lifetime studying and learning.

   Tianma swings a sword to cut horizontally. It is not a technique or a method, but Qiang Shaq can’t stop it from slicing the Demon God stone pillar.


  sword edge swept across the stone pillar swiftly, extending to Qiang Shaq’s arm.

  Demon blood splattered and dyed the starry sky red.

  Qiang Shaq’s entire arm was chopped off.

   Tianma didn’t give him a chance to extend his arm, walked towards Qiang Shak, and raised her left hand gracefully, a finger pointed with green onion.

  Ripples appeared in the space around the broken arm, like a liquid lake.

  The broken arm sank into the ripples of space and disappeared.

   “Suppress this arm.”

  Zhang Ruochen in the Great Firmament Divine Palace, I heard the voice of Tianma, and still wondering what it means…

  ”hua! ”

In the void outside   Rakshasa Divine City, a long arm of several thousands li lay horizontally there, like a unique star, shrouded in blood fog.

  Rayan Great Emperor stood at the top of a Heavenly Pillar Peak on Ancestral Mountain, looked towards the Great Firmament Divine Palace, and said: “Heavenly used the corpse method to kill Qiang Shak and ask you to pick the corpse. Hurry up. Leave everything in Divine City to me.”

  Two Sirs have retreated and gathered to the clan mansion. The Rayan Great Emperor has completely mastered the Array of Ancestral Mountain.

  Rayan Great Emperor thoughts move, in the distance, the Great Firmament Divine Seal in the Great Firmament Divine Palace, slowly rotating and flying.

  Previously, Ding Zu was suppressed into a blood mist and was included in the Divine Seal.

  Without the restraint of the two Sirs, the Rayan Great Emperor, who re-held the Great Firmament Divine Seal, immediately caused the aura and momentum of the entire Divine City to gather together, and directly killed the clan mansion.

   “Pick up the corpse? That is the arm of the legendary Supreme Pillar. Every drop of blood has infinite benefits, Senior Brother, I will accompany you to pick the corpse!”

  Xuetu felt that the great opportunity was right in front of him, and immediately rushed out of the formation tower.

  ”pu! ”

A strand of Blood Qi from Dingzu condensed into a blood arrow, piercing through the abdomen of Blood Slaughter, and rushing towards his Divine Sea.

  Zhang Ruochen moved over, refining the blood Qi in the blood slaughter body, said solemnly: “Is the corpse so easy to pick? The blood Qi from the ancestors can still kill you, even more how is Qiang Shaq’s. Remnant?”

   “This leg is suppressed by the inner space of Divine Artifact.” Tianma’s voice came again.

  Zhang Ruochen looked up.

  I saw a thigh that was thousands of miles long appeared above Divine City, blood flowing, like a mountain, it was very magnificent.

Obviously    has been sealed once, otherwise, one arm and one thigh of Qiang Shaq would also be terrifying more than the ordinary Divine King god.

  (End of this chapter)

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