God Emperor Chapter 35633555

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2022-01-09 Author: Flying Fish

   Chapter 3555 Alien living creature    No matter how high the cultivation base is, it is impossible to break the Array in the sky.

   There is no doubt that the other party has been following them before.

   These silent Qi Restraining Techniques shocked both Zhang Ruochen and Yan Wushen, thinking it was all Heaven Level monsters.

   That’s true, but disaster is imminent!


   Outside the Qingxu Hall, it was shrouded in darkness and a strong overcast wind appeared.

   At the moment when the space was fixed by “Death Heavenly Book”, in the darkness, a beautiful silhouette of dark blue appeared, like a ghost in the night, showing mysterious movement technique, the toes as white as jade, one after another Click on the Heavenly Book paper, drop it on the cornice of Qingxu Hall above Zhang Ruochen’s head, and enter the blind spot.

   “Good means!”

   Yan Wushen was full of admiration, loudly shouted.

  Being able to break the fixed space and ignore the death dive symbol in “Death Heavenly Book”, this is by no means an ordinary Divine King and God Venerable can do.

  sword qi all hit the air and melted into the darkness. Zhang Ruochen also secretly made a subtle sound, and then performed the movement technique and flew to the Qingxu Palace.

  ”Yi! ”

   She disappeared out of thin air!

  ’s pleasant voice with mockery came from all directions, saying: “You two can’t even touch the corners of my clothes, such a cultivation base, entering the abyss of darkness, are you sure it’s not a death sentence?”

  Zhang Ruochen hands behind ones back, his robe fluttering like a battle flag, looking at the wisps of yin wind all around, saying: “Are you a monster or an Immemorial living creature?”

   These words seem to anger the other party!    “courting death.”

  Darkness comes from all directions.

   Invisible Death Aura, straight into Zhang Ruochen’s Soul Spirit.

   Only the chaos of Heaven and Earth Law is surging, and her true body cannot be found.

   “The universe is boundless.”

  Zhang Ruochen’s body blooms with a bright dive light of truth. All Heaven and Earth Law in this space are all revealed, densely packed, intertwined, and can be seen with naked eyes.

  Zhang Ruochen fixed his gaze on one piece of Heaven and Earth Law, pushed his palm out, and pressed it forward.

  ”hua! ”

The   jade tree black moon appeared in front of the palm, emitting a dazzling Light God like a star.

   The Heaven and Earth Law of the Dark Attribute immediately retreated, condensing into a beautiful woman wearing a dark blue robe. There are four white moon stars between her brows, like flowers, her long hair is tied into a ponytail and tied with a purple jade belt.

   The martial robes on his body are like soft armor, with flowing metallic luster, exuding spiritual rain and radiance, which outlines the curves of curvaceous for his beautiful body.

   She is amazingly beautiful, even worse than Wuyue and Moon Goddess.

   But, eyes full of murderous aura, as if Zhang Ruochen had an absolutely irreconcilable feud with her.

   To be precise, it is not just for Zhang Ruochen, but for all living creatures in the world.

   Yan Wushen Dao: “No wonder we didn’t notice, it turns out that you can perfectly integrate with Heaven and Earth Law and become a part of Heaven and Earth Law. Are you living creatures from Heaven and Earth Nurtured?”

  Dark blue warrior woman with bare feet fell back to the ground with arrogance in her eyes, and said: “All living creatures in the world are Heaven and Earth Nurtured, and their bodies are filled with Heaven and Earth Law, but you lowly ones. Living creature can’t be used! Hide itself in the rules and coexist with Heaven and Earth, this is the Great Dao.”

   “Lower living creatures? Brother Ruochen, we are looked down upon by others!” Yan Wushen said.

  Zhang Ruochen said: “Do you want to try her shades?”

   “I am afraid that you, the romantic Sword God, have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex, and do not want to be ruthless.” Yan Wushen said.

  Zhang Ruochen said: “Leave a living! We know too little about the dark abyss, she may be able to tell us something.”

   “You can’t think about it.”

   The dark blue warrior woman spreads her right hand, and a plant that emits pure Dark Aura grows out of her palm, like some kind of thorns, like vines, full of spikes, more and more, completely covering her body .

  As the thorn vines waved, Heaven and Earth Law vibrated violently, forming wisps of sparks.

  Zhang Ruochen spread out his hands, propped up the Tai Chi Four Forms Diagram scene, and enveloped the space.

  Space, time, light, darkness, the four forces fell together, suppressing the dark blue robe woman, preventing her from returning to Heaven and Earth Law.

   That state is so weird that you can’t guard against it.

   Yan Wushen called out Bridge of Helplessness.

   This mottled stone bridge, which contained the power of infinite death, flew out from between his eyebrows and traversed the void, completely freezing the space.

   Then, he turned into a golden body nine feet six, approaching the past.

  “bang bang!”

   Seven hits in a row, Buddha’s radiance splattered, and black’s divine power dissipated.


  Yan Wu Divine Physique sounded Dragon’s roar, and the “swastika” symbol divine talisman was played. The thorns and vines were penetrated, and the woman in the dark blue military robe stepped back again and again, her face slightly pale.

  Yan Wushen’s Buddhist Divine Ability of cultivation has a suppressive effect on her.

  Especially when the “swastika” symbol divine talisman fell, both Heaven and Earth seemed to be spinning, making Divine Qi in her body unable to function.

The    dark blue wupao woman’s eyes were full of resentment, looked towards Zhang Ruochen standing above the Qingxu Hall, and said: “It’s one-on-one, you guys are obviously two-on-one, how can there be any fairness at all? You Remove the suppression of me first!”

  Zhang Ruochen said with a smile: “Your Excellency is so unreasonable! When did we say that we would fight one by one?”

   “You living creatures in the upper realms are indeed despicable and shameless! Well, let’s fight two and see how you die.”

  Dark blue The four stars between the eyebrows of the woman in the dark blue robe flickered, her lips moved, and she whispered something.

   Then, in the direction of the stone gate of Tianque in the distance, four other stars appeared in the dark, with the same flickering pattern as her.

   A breath of swallowing heaven devouring earth rushed towards Qingxu Hall.

   Yan Wushen frowned and said: “Not good, there are more powerful monsters that entered the Chaotian Que. She just used the secret technique to pass the route to the Qingxu Temple.”

  Zhang Ruochen took a look into the distance, and found that the aura that came quickly had a deep cultivation base, Dao Accumulation was unpredictable, and it was the coercion of the soul of the coming God. It definitely reached the level of great freedom.

   “do it quickly, capture her as a pledge!”

  Zhang Ruochen jumped down from the top of the Qingxu Palace, as fast as the Divine Sword from its sheath, and took one finger straight to the eyebrow of the woman in the dark blue robe.

The    dark blue martial robe woman quickly retreated, the thorns and vines in her palm grew wildly, and slammed towards Zhang Ruochen.


The word   Zhang Ruochen was read out.

   As if the words followed the law, all the thorns and vines were broken.

The    dark blue robe woman condensed the Divine Ability, and hundreds of millions of rules were in the palm of her hand, resulting in a fire area that was several thousands li long.

   The palm of your hand is a world!   Unfortunately, with her cultivation base, Zhang Ruochen is approaching within 18 feet, how can there be a half-point chance?

  Her right hand was held by Zhang Ruochen.

  Zhang Ruochen’s other hand pressed against her high and full heart, spit out Sword Intent with her fingertips, and locked the Divine Sea below her heart, making her dare not move any more.

   For this kind of powerhouse, even if the head is beheaded, it will not hurt her at all.

   Only Divine Sea is a weakness!    “bang!”

   Yan Wushen flew back upside down, half of his body smashed into the ground heavily, and his golden body became dim.

   Just now, Yuan Jieyi arrived!    In order to block him, Yan Wushen took the initiative to attack the past, but was sent flying by a punch.

   “Stop!” Zhang Ruochen said solemnly.

  Yuan Jieyi is over two meters tall, also wears dark blue robes, has short hair an inch long, exhales like a Divine Dragon, blood flows like a river in his body, and there is a black Divine Qi halo suspended behind him.

   His eyes fell on Zhang Ruochen, his voice was like thunder, and he said: “Let go of Yuan Sheng, otherwise, die!”

   Yuan Sheng, naturally, is the name of the dark blue warrior woman.

  Zhang Ruochen actually wanted to let Yuan Sheng go, or kill her. After all, his current gestures are unsightly, which is detrimental to the prestige of the master of the sword world.

   However, Yuan Jieyi’s breath was too strong, and he wounded Yan Wushen with a single punch. If he didn’t use the ancestor Divine Qi and the ancestor rules, Zhang Ruochen thought he was not his opponent. And once the ancestor Divine Qi and the ancestor rule are used, the power is too strong, and the Kiling Array in Chaotian Que will be triggered.

  when the time comes, hiding in the earth tripod may not work.

   More importantly, the only way to get in and out of Chaotian Que is to take the road that Yan Wushen explored.

   This road has been blocked by Yuan Xieyi.

   In other words, they cannot escape.

  Zhang Ruochen saw that Yuan Jieyi should be very concerned about Yuan Sheng, and naturally he couldn’t let go, saying: “Your Excellency, the cultivation base is profound, even if we join forces, we will be invincible. However, I have full confidence that when you arrive Destroy her Divine Sea and Divine Source before me.”

   Yan Wushen had a trace of blood hanging from the corner of his mouth, and withdrew his legs from the soil, saying: “They may not have Divine Source! But they have a dark fire, as long as the fire goes out, they will die.”

  Yuan Xieyi did not mean to compromise, his eyes became colder, and he took a step forward.

  Zhang Ruochen looked at him, pressed his finger on Yuan Sheng’s heart, and sank a little.

   “shameless!” Yuan Sheng coldly spat.

   This may be the most embarrassing battle since Zhang Ruochen’s cultivation. Even Yuan Sheng, who is controlled by him, has a look of contempt in his eyes that surpasses the killing intent.

   But in the face of an opponent of the infinite level of freedom, how can you care so much?

   Yan Wushen had a smile on his face, without any psychological pressure, and said: “It’s totally pointless to stay in such a stalemate. If you don’t compromise, I’ll let the two of them get married first! You can also see that, from that step, already not far.”

  Zhang Ruochen looked over and said, “How about we change?”

   Yan Wushen shook his head again and again.

   Divine Qi in Yuan Sheng’s body is running rapidly, and his upper body is blurred, and he is about to change into a Heaven and Earth Law state.

   But, with Zhang Ruochen’s fingertip sword qi spit, Divine Qi stagnated in her body, her cheeks were shy and angry, tenderly snorted, and her virtual body recovered again.

  Yuan Xie was so angry that he couldn’t attack, and said: “Okay, get out of here and go to the deserted city to compete.”

   Yuan Jie had a threatening look in his eyes, and stepped out of Chaotian Que first.

  Zhang Ruochen, Yan Wushen, Yuan Sheng followed closely.

  Zhang Ruochen sound transmission, said: “Why not trigger the Kiling Array in Chaotian Que to deal with him?”

   Yan Wushen showed a bitter look on his face, and said: “Most of the Arrays here are left by those who are perfect in the past, and even have the means of the ancestor. I can really think of a way to trigger it, but I can’t control it.”

   “The Array of Chaotian Que, the deeper it goes, the more terrifying. The Kiling Array at the location of the Qingxu Palace, once activated, can threaten that person, but most of us will die in front.”

   “And you have also seen that the cultivation base has reached his level, fierce on the outside, but delicate on the inside, always guarding us!”

Not long after   , they opened the Array gap along the Heavenly Sovereign and returned to the shore of the sea of ​​corpses.

   The Array gap is further repaired by Array itself, becoming only the size of a pigeon egg, and will soon disappear completely.

   “Release people!”

Behind   Yuanjieyi, countless rules fly out, condensing into a boundless dark jungle.

   “Okay, Zhang Ruochen let go.”

   Yan Wushen finished saying this, took out a Buddha Pearl, threw it into the ocean of corpse blood, and said, “Go!”

   (end of this chapter)

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