God Emperor Chapter 35643556

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2022-01-09 Author: Flying Fish

   Chapter 3556 Immemorial Twelve?    “bang!”

  Buddha Pearl exploded, the Array on the surface of the sea of ​​corpse blood was activated, setting off an azure slaying divide light flame. Divine flame, like thousands of high water waves, swept away directly towards Yuanjie.

  Zhang Ruochen inspired the power of the ancestor boots, took Yuan Sheng and Yan Wushen, burst out with speed, and went straight to the west city gate.

   He didn’t plan to go to the ruins of the Witch’s Temple to help Ancestral God. Who knows if the situation there is more critical?   Yuan Jieyi showed the strength that shocked Zhang Ruochen and Yan Wushen, only to see that he ignored the dividing light flame and passed through the flame without any damage to his body.

   But his speed was a bit short of the ancestor’s boots. Seeing Zhang Ruochen fleeing farther and farther, he condensed Divine Ability.

   “Dark Spirit Road Arrow!”

   He loudly roared, in the dark jungle behind him, the sound of breaking through the air is endless, and the arrows of densely packed are flying out.

   These arrows are like thousands of black dots passing by.

   “It’s over to you!”

  Zhang Ruochen threw Yuan Sheng to Yan Wushen, his speed dropped sharply, and he stopped.

  Yan Wushen caught Yuan Sheng and found that her Divine Sea had been sealed, and her fleshy body was locked by Space Law divine rune, so she didn’t have to be in a hurry, grabbed the belt on her back, carried her, and broke through the air And go.

   Do not forget to remind: “Be careful!”

  Zhang Ruochen fell on the head of a dive corpse of an Insect Race God, looked towards the flying arrow of the Dark Spirit, and felt pressure in his heart, but he was not afraid.


  Shaoyang Divine Mountain flew out, blocking the front like a shield.

In front of   Divine Mountain, Space Distortion.

  ”shua shua!”

  All the arrows of the Dark Spirit Road flew into Divine Mountain.

  Yuan Jieyi secretly admired Zhang Ruochen Divine Ability, but he did not hope that Zhang Ruochen and Yan Wushen would be able to take down Zhang Ruochen and Yan Wushen with the help of dark spirit arrows. Instead, use this to restrain the two and then pursue them.

   “If you choose to stay, you choose to die.”

  Yuan Xie quickly approached Zhang Ruochen, and in an instant, he was close.

   “Go back!”

The   Tai Chi Four Forms Diagram scene went round and round, and the Dark Spirit Dao arrows originally inserted on Divine Mountain left the nest in unison and flew towards Yuanjieyi.

  Yuan Jie had a deeper understanding of this young monk from the upper realm.

   This kind of Divine Ability method is simply heaven defying. It can actually take away the opponent’s Divine Ability and transform it into his own warfare method.

  “bang bang!”

  Yuanjieyi’s fleshy body is so powerful that it is as immortal as it is immortal.

   Only ten miles left!    He took a deep breath, inhaled all the Divine Qi that was in a radius of 10,000 miles into his body, and punched straight towards the Divine Mountain strikes blocking the front.

  Divine Mountain moved away.

  Zhang Ruochen appeared from the back of Divine Mountain, his whole body was wrapped in thunder and lightning, turned into Thunder Qilin, and punched him.


   Two fists collide.

The two Thunder Pearls and Dull Hollow Stones on   Qilin’s glove release the power of Divine Artifact.

  Two Thunder Dragons along Yuan Xieyi’s arm, rushing towards his heart.

The    blunt hollow stone exploded with a billion times the gravity of space, making Yuan Xieyi’s center of gravity unstable, and his figure swayed in mid-air.

   The two fists separated, Zhang Ruochen burst out and went to several dozen li, crashing through seven distant Ancient God corpses, all covered in rancid corpse blood.

   Seeing that Yan Wushen and Yuan Sheng were gone, Zhang Ruochen didn’t dare to stay at all, the ancestor boots flickered and disappeared in place.

  Yuan Xie flew out to hundred zhang and fell heavily to the ground. Looking at Zhang Ruochen who was escaping quickly, he did not rush to chase, but a strange brilliance appeared in his eyes.

   At this time, the sound transmission of Jin Clan’s help entered his ears.

   “If you dare to hurt Yuan Sheng, my Yuan Dao clan will let you die in the lower realm.”

  Yuan Jieyi spit out a divine sound, and then hurried to the direction of the Wudian ruins.

Before   , the fierce battle between Emperor Ancestral God and Wuwei had knocked out many bottomless canyons from the Wudian ruins. At this moment, the stone walls of these canyons are covered with Array Inscriptions.

   A ten thousand zhang high Tianmu with light and shadow, standing on the ruins of the Witch Palace, with white hair fluttering like ten thousand swords flying in unison, chopped Dragon Phoenix monsters in half, and blood spilled in the city.

  The corpses of beasts fell into the canyon one after another.


  Tianmu light and shadow stepped out with one foot, and a ghostly beast comparable to a great god was stepped on and turned into a cloud of soul fog.

   is like a slaughter. There are no monsters that can block the light and shadow of Tianmu.

   One hair can kill Divine Level monsters.

  Emperor Ancestral God had no chance at all, hiding in the dark without showing up.

  Yuan Xieyi rushed to the outside of the Wudian ruins and saw such a scene, without approached, knowing that Jin Clan must have touched the terrifying Kiling Array left by Tianmu, and raised his voice: “Tianmu left a demon, You woke her up, hurry up and evacuate the deserted city. Only the royal family can suppress this demon.”

  Yuan Jieyi stood in the distance, the palm of his hand poured out the rule divide rune.

The    arm swung out, the divee rune intertwined into a 10,000-meter-long Great Hand Seal, slapped it out, and fell to the light and shadow of Tianmu.

   He wanted to temporarily restrain Tianmu Guangying and buy time for Jin Clan monster to escape.


  Emperor Ancestral God is like a beam of light, descending from the sky, piercing the Great Hand Seal with one halberd.

   Then, he activated the Nine Golden Dragons and flew to Yuanjie, thousands of miles away.

  Yuan Xieyi felt the terrifying aura of Emperor Ancestral God, and did not fight him recklessly. He immediately turned into Heaven and Earth Law, and disappeared without a trace in the dark.


The    Nine Golden Dragons hit the ground, destroying a large area of ​​the ancient and abandoned city, and there are ground fissures horrible to see everywhere.

  Emperor Ancestral God fell to the ground and released Divine Soul. He was amazed. He clearly felt that the opponent was in the vicinity, but he couldn’t lock it.

   What kind of means is this?   …

   escaped from the west city gate. Seeing that Yuan Jieyi did not catch up, Zhang Ruochen and Yan Wushen stopped and looked back at the grand and magnificent abandoned city.

  Yan Wushen said with a smile: “These strange beasts underestimate the ancient and abandoned city too! Even if Tianmu has left, just relying on the amount of passive defensive power in the ancient and abandoned city can suppress and kill them. ”

   Yuan Sheng, who was picked up by him, coldly said: “The forbidden contract of the ten Yuan Hui will come soon! When the time comes, the characters of the Sovereign level will lead the army and raze the entire deserted city to the ground, and then walk out of the lower bound.”

   “What forbidden contract?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

   Yuan Sheng said nothing.




   The ancient and abandoned city kept shaking during the battle of gods, and the space shook.

  mountain range Inside the generally tall city wall, the ancient Divine Formation was activated, rushing up one after another beam of light.

  Zhang Ruochen looked solemn and said: “Tianmu was forced to leave the deserted city by the quantitative organization, and the important task of guarding this city should have fallen on Heavenly Sovereign. Unfortunately, now… It seems that the emperor is worried It’s not unreasonable, Heavenly Sovereign doesn’t have the great responsibility of paying for all beings in the world like Tianmu!”

   “These are not issues that we should consider! With our current cultivation base, we can’t take such a big responsibility.”

   Yan Wushen threw Yuan Sheng back to Zhang Ruochen and said, “This is what you want to live! Want to ask, or just search for the soul?”

  Zhang Ruochen thought it was not safe here, so he carried Yuan Sheng into the depths of the dark abyss, walked for millions of li, passed through the black sand, and came to the bank of a big white river before stopping. .

   This white river, viewed with naked eye, is ten thousand zhang wide.

   What flows in the river is not water, but a glowing flame.

   What is even more surprising is that along the two banks of the river, there is actually an area covered by vegetation that is about 10,000 miles wide.

   The plants growing here are all pitch black, only the flowers that bloom are white, and the surface of the petals is covered with flames   Under the vegetation, there are many corpses buried, Human Race, Dragon Clan, all kinds of monsters…, and so on.

   “Here, it should be the Guangyan River among the three rivers recorded in the ancient book!”

  Zhang Ruochen withdrew his gaze from the Guangyan River, threw Yuan Sheng to the ground, and said, “You mentioned the word clan emperor earlier, tell me, how many clans are there in the dark abyss?”

   Yuan Sheng rolled around on the ground, his delicate and beautiful face was full of dust, biting two rows of white scallops, his eyes were full of coldness and murderous aura.

How can    mean half a point to answer? Yan Wushen picked a burning fruit from some plant, not afraid of being poisonous, so he took a bite, walked over, and said, “Search your soul! What do you do with her nonsense? If you can’t bear it Hit hard, I’ll do it.”

   “Twelve tribes.”

   Yuan Sheng wickedly glared at Yan Wushen.

  Zhang Ruochen nod, said: “If I remember correctly in Daming Mountain, the Immemorial living creature who acknowledged allegiance to Mingzu is also the Twelve? So the so-called strange beasts, Immemorial God? Or, is the humanoid beast an Immemorial living creature?”

  Zhang Ruochen heard Cang Jue say something, so he has such a guess.

   “We are not allowed to call us monsters.”

   Yuan Sheng was unable to move, but struggling desperately, the Space Law divine rune that enveloped her body shook and flickered.

  Zhang Ruochen walked over and helped her up.

   “Don’t touch me!” Yuan Sheng coldly said.

   After she sat down, Zhang Ruochen immediately let go of his hand, soothed her, and said, “Okay, I won’t touch you, before… it was all a misunderstanding. I don’t call you a monster…” [ 19459002]

   “Hypocritical, what are you plotting?” Yuan Sheng said.

   Yan Wushen, who was standing on the side, laughed up and said, “You woman who can’t handle a romantic Sword God, still search for her soul!”

   In fact, Zhang Ruochen and Yan Wushen are very clear, Yuan Sheng’s cultivation base has reached the limitless level, Spirit Will is powerful, but it is not so easy to search for souls. If something goes wrong while searching for the soul, it will be even more dangerous if she self-destructs Divine Source, or triggers a divine fire!    Of course, there is a third reason.

  Zhang Ruochen has the identity of “Young Master” after all.

  Although I don’t know what this “Young Master” means, Cangmang and Cang Jue both call him that, and they want to have some connection with Lingyanzi.

   In this way, Zhang Ruochen will not be able to offend the monster to death!    As long as you don’t forge a deadly feud, maybe at the critical moment, there is still room for manoeuvre.

   Yan Wushen mentioned “soul search” one after another, completely scaring her.

   Yuan Sheng was obviously worried about their soul searching, so he compromised and said, “The monster is just the name you imposed on us by the upper world! As time goes by and the years change, your Old Ancestor has erased the truth, but we have impossible, forget the humiliation, and always remember the hatred!”

   (end of this chapter)

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