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2022-01-10 Author: Flying Fish

   Chapter 3557 Prohibition    “What truth?” Zhang Ruochen said.

   Yuan Sheng had a proud face, and under the white streamer of Guangyan River, the skin on his face was as white as jade wax, crystal clear, how could he look like a prisoner? She said: “Immemorial living creatures are the natural Sovereign of the universe, you bloodline mixed and low-level living creatures are just our servants.”

   “But you servants, taking advantage of the weakness of the master, rebelled, occupied the magpie’s nest, and drove our ancestors to the lower realm, and the sun will never be seen again.”

   “No matter how your ancestors embellished and beautified in the history books, they can’t change their despicable shameless behavior.”

   “Traitor, evil servant eats the master!”

  Yan Wushen a matter of no concern to oneself, looking at the flaming rushing river, strong winds blowing between his sleeves, he has the power of Qi Swallowing Mountains and Rivers. He threw the residual fruit with only the core left, parabolically into the river, and instantly burned into fly ash.

  Zhang Ruochen said calmly: “What is the master and what is the servant?”

   “Immemorial living creature enslaves all souls, feeds all souls as blood and sacrifices, and does not allow all souls to resist? Who doesn’t want to live dignified and upright? Who doesn’t want to stand up?”

   “The order of the universe lies in fairness. The grudge between life and death lies in cause and effect.”

   “If you didn’t endure too much oppression, if you didn’t feel fair, if you didn’t want to survive, who would have the guts to declare war on a powerful Immemorial living creature? Your ancestors are self-rewarding.”

   “You said our ancestors erased the truth, what about your ancestors? Your ancestors, didn’t they erase some of the facts?”

   “It’s a long time ago, I don’t know how many generations have passed, who is right and who is wrong, can we really figure it out? When the same amount of calamity comes, everything will be destroyed, and all right and wrong, grievances, love and hatred will be turned into ashes , no one will ever know.”

   “What you should think about is how to get out of the predicament and how to live with this world. Instead of continuing to fantasize about the glory of Immemorial, you want to be the Sovereign between Heaven and Earth, because you don’t have that strength!” [19459002 ]

   Yuan Sheng stared at Zhang Ruochen with a pair of star eyes.

   was quiet for a while.

  ”pa!pa! Pa…”

   Yan Wushen clapped his hands and said with a smile: “As expected of the master of the sword world, this truth speaks clearly. However, if reasoning is useful, how can there be so many killings in the world? Interest and desire?”

  Zhang Ruochen stared at it.

   seems to be saying, are you demolishing my stage?    “Tell me, why did you enter the Chaotian Que?”

   Yan Wushen walked in front of Yuan Sheng, the shadow of his body covered Yuan Sheng sitting on the ground, his eyes were full of cold light, the “Death Heavenly Book” in his hand flipped with the wind, and bloody words flew out.

   That kind of oppression, like Death God coming.

   Facing this man who was about to search his soul at every turn, Yuan Sheng looked up, looked at him, showing a look of fear, then looked towards Zhang Ruochen on the side, and said, “Aren’t you fair? Just you asking, this What is fair? I also want to know something!”

   “I’m afraid you don’t know, you are a prisoner now.” Yan Wushen said.

   Yuan Sheng said: “Zhang Ruochen, are you saying something? You two, who is in charge?”

  Zhang Ruochen felt a strange feeling in his heart, and found that this woman is not as simple as the surface.

   seems to have no scheming, but in fact he sees the situation very clearly, and can even fight back from the weak spot of his words. Like a blunt knife, it looks like it is not sharp, but in fact it cuts mountains and rivers.

  Zhang Ruochen said: “Why don’t we still search for souls?”

   These words, Zhang Ruochen was not trying to scare Yuan Sheng, but really had this idea, and wanted to see if she was hiding something.

   In fact, Zhang Ruochen had doubts in his heart the moment Yuan Xie did not catch up.

   “Forget it, it’s shameful enough for two big men to bully a woman.”

   Yan Wushen looked towards Yuan Sheng and said: “What do you want to know, just ask Zhang Ruochen directly. He is in… He is in the upper realm, but he is known as the Merry Sword God, plus you already have skinship before, I believe He will definitely have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex and not be as savage as I am.”

   Yan Wushen stepped back, and when he walked past Zhang Ruochen, he whispered sound transmission: “This woman may be clumsy, be careful. You are better at fighting with women. Come on, don’t let me Disappointed.”

   So he noticed it too!

  Zhang Ruochen returned a speechless look, then walked to Yuan Sheng’s side, brought a stone and sat opposite her.

   Putting his elbows on his thighs, he stared at her with admiring eyes. It is indeed devastatingly beautiful, with a different exotic style, slender fingers, slender waist, lips are not bright red, but with a touch of pale-gold, looks extremely soft, full of elasticity and delicate.

   Yuan Sheng’s eyes were cold and he said, “What kind of romantic Sword God, is it a dirty Sword God?”

  Zhang Ruochen coughed twice, waved her fingers, and the Space Law divine rune on her legs dissipated, saying: “Come on, you answer our previous question first. Don’t think about running away, you know my speed .”

   Yuan Sheng stood up slowly, facing the Guangyan River, and said: “Yuan Jie and I went to the sky tower to break the Array inside and clear the obstacles for the twelve tribes to occupy the deserted city.”

  Zhang Ruochen said: “This is not a good reason! Just because you can break the Array of the sky? If it weren’t for the Nine Deaths, Heavenly Sovereign would have broken a hole in the Array that entered the sea of ​​corpses and blood, if it hadn’t followed me and Yan Godless, can you enter the Chaotian Que? Can you reach the Qingxu Hall?”

   “We underestimated the abandoned city and the Chaotian Que. You may not believe it, but this is the truth.”

   Yuan Sheng turned and asked: “What is the Udumbara flower you mentioned in Qingxu Hall?”

  Since he had agreed to her, Zhang Ruochen had his own demeanor, and after considering it, he said: “Udumbara is a rare divine medicine in the world, which can increase the strength of Spirit Power and prolong the life of monks for 300,000 years. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, Yin Xuetian planted Udumbara flowers in the Qingxu Temple.”

   “My second question is, what you said earlier, the upper bound powerhouse that fell on Wujianling, is it Yinxuetian?”

   Yuan Sheng said: “I can’t remember the exact time, but it is indeed hundreds of thousands of years ago, and it is indeed a woman. At that time, five clan emperors were alerted, and she was killed in the infinite. Ling, was divided into five parts, very miserable.”

  Zhang Ruochen couldn’t accept it in his heart. A powerhouse like Yin Xuetian, who was invincible to several Hell World guilds, could compete with the god Heavenly Venerable, but encountered such a catastrophe in the dark abyss.

The strength of the    Abyss of Darkness is so terrifying?   Zhang Ruochen condensed Yin Xuetian’s figure, light and shadow with a divine sense, and said, “Look carefully, but she?”

   “I haven’t experienced that battle, how do I know if it’s her?”

   Yuansheng coldly snorted: “Now it’s my turn to ask! Why did Tianmu leave the deserted city? Is all this a conspiracy?”

   greeted her piercing eyes, Zhang Ruochen said: “So you are so afraid of Tianmu.”

   “Answer me.” Yuan Sheng said.

  Zhang Ruochen said: “It is indeed a conspiracy, just to lead you into the deserted city, and then kill it all.”

   “Liar.” Yuan Sheng said.

  Zhang Ruochen said: “Well, it was just a joke just now, this is not a conspiracy. Tianmu left the ancient and abandoned city, it was compelled by circumstances, and she wanted to rush back to Rakshasa Clan to save me.”

   “There is really no truth in your mouth.”

   Yuan Sheng scolded Yan Wushen and said, “What are you laughing at?”

   Yan Wushen Tao: “Seven Emotions and Six Desires, such is human nature. When I think of happy things, I naturally laugh!”

   “What are you laughing at again?”

   Yuan Sheng stared at Zhang Ruochen with cold eyes.

  Zhang Ruochen shrugged and said casually: “I also thought of happy things! Well, be serious, I have already answered you. Two answers, judge for yourself which one is true. Now you tell me, ten What’s the matter with the prohibition of the Yuanhui?”

   Yuan Sheng said: “The forbidden covenant is the oath of the ancestor of the upper realm and the Great Ming Mountain. The ancestor of the upper realm will not kill a single person in the dark abyss, but the dark abyss Dragon Phoenix or more, within ten Yuanhui, can not set foot on it. world.”

  Zhang Ruochen asked: “When will the prohibition expire?”

   Yuan Sheng rolled his eyes.

  Zhang Ruochen spread out both hands and said: “You ask first.”

   Yuan Sheng pointed to Yan Wushen and said, “I want to know about him. He seems to be very familiar with Chaotian Que!”

   “I can answer you this!”

  Yan Wushen Dao: “The way of my cultivation is the Six Paths of Reincarnation, which is in line with the ancient Qi Refinement scholars, who have been cultivating in Chaotian Que all the year round, and naturally I am very familiar with it.”

   Yuan Sheng bowed his head and thought deeply, and then said: “The prohibition has lost its effect. That’s why we appear in the deserted city.”

  Zhang Ruochen shook his head and said, “If the forbidden covenant has no effect, the people who appear in the deserted city are probably from the Sovereign level clan? Besides, there should be an army of the twelve clans!”

   “Okay! I lied to you, in fact, after ten thousand years, the ban will not work.”

   Yuan Sheng stared at Zhang Ruochen’s eyes and said, “Two answers, judge for yourself.”

   Yan Wushen laughed again, seeing her staring at him, he quickly said: “I thought of something happy!”

   (end of this chapter)

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