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2022-01-10 Author: Flying Fish

   Chapter 3558 Prey    “Boom!”

   A thunderstorm streaks across the sky.

Above   , the white fire rain falls, the entire world has become a little bit, but there is a dangerous atmosphere in the beauty.

   The fire rain fell to the ground, but it did not go out, but gathered into a small stream and flowed into the Guangyan River.

  Zhang Ruochen held up a Tai Chi Four Forms Diagram, hung it above his head to block the fire and rain, and asked: “You haven’t answered the question I asked at first.”

   Yuan Sheng stared at the Tai Chi Four Forms Diagram above Zhang Ruochen’s head and seemed very interested, saying: “People, ghosts, Dragon Phoenix are all Immemorial living creatures.”

   “Man is the Imperial Family in the Immemorial living creature, and Dragon Phoenix is ​​the noble.”

   “Ghost, is the Heavenly Remnant in the Imperial Family, washed the fleshy body in the black river, leaving only the product of Soul Spirit. In addition, there are some Imperial Family that have fallen in ancient times, and Soul Spirit is in black After returning from the river, I also became a ghost.”

  black river is one of the three rivers in the dark abyss, located at the foot of Daming Mountain.

  Zhang Ruochen has seen it in the ancient book and heard it mentioned by Cang Jue.

  Zhang Ruochen asked: “What is the disabled person?”

   “You have to answer me two questions.”


   Yuan Sheng was satisfied and nodded, said: “The pure-blood Imperial Family of Immemorial living creatures only needs natural cultivation, and when they become adults, they can reach the immeasurable realm. But when they were born, they were verified to be the Imperial of the Heavenly Disabled. Family, you can only be thrown into the black river. If you survive, you can turn into a ghost. If you don’t survive, you will… turn into the water of the black river.”

   At the end, Yuan Sheng had a self-deprecating and painful look in his eyes.

  Zhang Ruochen and Yan Wushen looked at each other, and both could see the shock in each other’s eyes.

   Natural growth, you can reach immeasurable realm as an adult!

  Pure blood Divine Beast grows naturally. After adulthood, at least the pseudo-Divine Level is enough for heaven defying. But compared to the Imperial Family in Immemorial living creature, it’s a million miles apart.

   No wonder Yuan Sheng is so proud and always regards them as low-level living creatures.

   Yuan Sheng said: “Imperial Family’s reproductive capacity is extremely low, and some Imperial Family, a Yuan Hui may not be able to give birth to a child without natural disability. And an Imperial Family woman, the child that can be conceived in her life, does not exceed ten one.”

   “Recently, many powerhouses from the upper bound have come to the lower bound. What is the reason?”

  Zhang Ruochen said: “Because, the prohibition will lose its effect, and the heavens of the upper realm will naturally be arranged in advance.”

   “That’s right, do you think we really know nothing about the ban?” Yan Wushen said solemnly.

   Yuan Sheng asked again: “How are they going to arrange it?”

  Zhang Ruochen said: “Provoking the contradiction of the twelve clans, let you kill each other, so that you are powerless to attack the upper realm!”

   Yan Wushen said: “This is the strategy of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sovereign, he is extremely brilliant. Just wait and see, the dark abyss will be in chaos!”

   Yuan Sheng’s gaze shifted on the two of them, said with a smile: “You really think I’m so easy to deceive?”

   “Aren’t you also lying to us?”

  Zhang Ruochen held up his hands, and the brilliance of truth appeared in his palms, like two Star Seas flickering, and said: “I’m afraid you forgot, how did you find out when you were in Heaven and Earth Law? I’m in charge Truth, you have a few truths, and I know them well.”

   “Really?” Yuan Sheng said.

   Yan Wudivine fruit made a decisive move, dodged and moved laterally, hitting the back of her head with one finger.

The   densely packed regular dive rune, gushing out from the fingertips, impacted her Divine Soul, and performed the soul search secret technique.

  Zhang Ruochen’s eyes were burning, and he looked at her, and the Tai Chi Four Forms Diagram scene above his head revolved, releasing the suppression of time and space.

   “Search my soul?”

   Yuan Sheng had a smile in his eyes, his imposing manner changed, like a Divine Sword unsheathed.

   That smile is full of ridicule.

  ”Not good!”

  Zhang Ruochen The brilliance of truth in both hands shot out together, but, three feet away from Yuan Sheng, was blocked by a layer of black water curtain.

The   black water curtain contains infinite devouring strength, constantly pulling his hands.

   The truth in the palm of the palm dive light, extinguished like a flame.

  Zhang Ruochen sensed an extremely dangerous sign, his legs sank, he immediately fixed his body, stimulated the power of Qilin’s gloves, and wanted to arouse the blunt hollow stone’s billion-times space gravity. However, due to the influence of Power of Darkness, he lost contact with Qilin’s gloves and Dull Hollow Stone.

   So weird!   “bang bang!”

   Yuan Sheng’s body flashed the dive light, which shook the Space Law divine rune away.

   Yan Wushen, who was searching for her soul, was horrified to discover that her own rule, divide rune, was taken away uncontrollably by her.

   wanted to retract his fingers, but found that not only the fingers, but the entire arm was fixed in space. Just like this hand, it no longer belongs to him.

   The two of them had guesses and precautions, but Yuan Sheng’s cultivation base was far beyond their expectations.

  Zhang Ruochen said: “You really have a problem!”

   “How long have you noticed?” Yuan Sheng asked with a smile.

  Zhang Ruochen said: “If you want to follow me silently and enter the Qingxu Palace, you can’t do it with the cultivation base you showed. It’s just that you turned into Heaven and Earth Law at that time, indeed It startled and paralyzed me.”

   “Secondly, Yuan Jieyi cares about you so much, but after you were captured by us, he didn’t chase after you. This is so unreasonable!”

   Yan Wushen manifested Six Paths of Reincarnation behind his back. He tried his best to withdraw his fingers and suppress the loss of the rule of Divine Rune in his body, saying: “Brilliant hunters all appear in the form of prey. We have seen Weak spot, but I don’t believe that your cultivation base is so high that you will be willing to be the prey, so this somersault is not wrong.”

  Yuan Sheng smiled beautifully, touched his red lips, and said: “Because you know Chaotian Que too well! In Chaotian Que, this Sovereign is not completely sure, before you inspire Array, take all you two down .”

  Zhang Ruochen said: “You are worried, we self-destruct Divine Source, right? It is easy to kill us, but difficult to capture us alive.”

   “Yeah, she is the one who really wants to live, she is waiting for us to search our souls, lure us into the bait, and then capture us as easy as blowing off dust. If I am not mistaken, her biggest purpose is to I want to get useful information from us.” Yan Wushen said.

   “What I want to know is your understanding of Chaotian Que. As long as you master your memory, Chaotian Que, the entire ancient and abandoned city, will be in charge of me.”

   Yuan Sheng turned around suddenly, pinched his five fingers into a clas seal, and pressed it on top of Yan Wushen’s head.


  ’s sharp nails, like ink jade, pierced into Yan Wushen’s scalp, and blood flowed out in strands.

   His golden body is unstoppable.

   Between Yan Wushen’s eyebrows, Space Power kept exploding, making a deafening roar.

   The mottled Bridge of Helplessness slowly extends from the center of the eyebrows.

   “A bridge, also want to block this Sovereign soul search?”

   Yuan Sheng laughed again and again, but every laughter shocked Yan Wushen to spit a mouthful of blood, the space between the eyebrows closed, and his eyes became darker and darker.

The   cultivation base gap is too big!    “You ignore me too much!”

Behind   , came the voice of Zhang Ruochen.

   Yuan Sheng glanced sideways, giving birth to a sense of danger.

  ”hua! ”

  Zhang Ruochen’s mysterious womb under Zhang Ruochen’s abdomen, the nine-colored brilliance erupted, the ancestor Divine Qi and the ancestor rules spurted out, condensed into a battle sword, penetrated the black water curtain, and stabbed Yuan Sheng’s vest.

   Even Yuan Sheng could not ignore this sword.

   All the rules and Divine Force are condensed into the vest, forming a boundless Dark Space.

   Exchange space for reaction time.

   She immediately turned around, waved her long sleeves, and shattered the nine-colored ancestor battle sword, turning it into a mist.

  Zhang Ruochen didn’t expect her cultivation base to be so terrifying, she started a little, and was about to hit the silver tree of Sudawan, but found that her eyes were black, her body was hit hard, and she flew out.


  Zhang Ruochen smashed through the earth and plowed out a thousand-mile-long canyon in the black jungle.

   Yuan Sheng was not happy at all. Looking back, he found that Yan Wushen had already seized the opportunity and jumped into the Guangyan River.

  Zhang Ruochen breathed a sigh of relief, immediately activated the ancestor boots, and jumped, trying to distance himself from her.

   “oh la la!”

   As soon as he took off, his legs were entangled by thorns and vines, followed by his waist, abdomen, and neck. Finally, he was pulled down heavily and fell under her feet, covered in dirt.

   “Now, you have tasted this too, how is it? It’s not good, right?” Yuan Sheng leaned over to look at him, said with a smile.

  Zhang Ruochen thought hard about countermeasures and said: “It seems that this time, I am hard to avoid calamity!”

   “You are still useful for the time being! Your Taoism, this Sovereign is very interested, and it has some common ground with our clan’s cultivation method. If you realize it, it may be indestructible.” Yuan Sheng said: “If you don’t want to be swept away, Just tell this Sovereign honestly, the secret of the Udumbara flower.”

   “About the Udumbara flower, I didn’t lie to you a word.”

  Zhang Ruochen was suddenly startled and said: “I understand! The real purpose of your entering the Chaotian Temple should be the Udumbara flower, right? No, it’s not the Udumbara flower, it’s the one who took the Udumbara flower. Are you investigating something? Is there really something wrong with the Immemorial Twelve?”

   Yuan Sheng no longer had a smile on his face, stared at Zhang Ruochen calmly, and said, “The living creatures in the upper realm have evolved to such a degree that they are as intelligent as you two?”

  Zhang Ruochen looked at the thorns and vines on his body and said, “They were all plot against so badly, you still want to be sarcastic?”

  ”You two’s cultivation talent, wit and intelligence, even if you searched all the Imperial Family members of the Twelve Clan, it is difficult to find a comparable one. The only difference between you two is your cultivation base and time!”

   A killing intent flashed in Yuan Sheng’s eyes, and he really wanted to behead Zhang Ruochen at this moment to eliminate future troubles forever.

   However, Zhang Ruochen’s Tai Chi Four Forms Diagram scene, which was derived earlier, made her very excited and saw indestructible hope.


  She stretched out her five fingers from the air, wisps of Darkness Rule, rushed towards Zhang Ruochen’s head, and searched for his soul directly.

   (end of this chapter)

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