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2022-01-11 Author: Flying Fish

   Chapter 3559 The grievance between Immemorial God and the seventy-two-pillar Demon God

  Soul, invisible, condensed with spirit.

  To search for the soul, you must first break Spirit Will.

   This is exactly the case, the monk who was searched for souls, Spirit Will, is damaged, and his future cultivation achievements will be lower. Only by personally beheading the Soul Seeker, can the state of mind be Perfection, and Spirit Will will have the probability of recovery.

  Zhang Ruochen’s Spirit Will is so powerful that even the Queer Emperor can’t break it.

   At the same time, he has no Divine Source, Divine Soul is hidden in Wuji.

   No matter how high Yuan Sheng’s cultivation base is, if he can’t break his Spirit Will, he will never find his Divine Soul.

   Yuan Sheng retracted his five fingers, looked at Zhang Ruochen with an incredible look, and said, “You don’t have a Divine Source?”

   “There is no Divine Source, what’s the surprise? There are many Gods in the upper bound, and they have long since stopped repairing the Divine Source.”

  Spirit Will confronted, Zhang Ruochen was still struggling after all, gasping for breath, and immediately changed the topic, saying: “Actually, I have no hostility to Immemorial living creature, and even I have a certain connection with Immemorial living creature.” [ 19459002]

   “What connection?” Yuan Sheng said.

  Zhang Ruochen wanted to tell the story of Da Zun and Lingyanzi.

   But, suddenly wake up.

  Fengtian once said that the biggest reason why Damingshan and the Abyss of Darkness were not stepped down by Dazun was because of Lingyanzi.

   For Immemorial living creatures, do you think this is a glorious thing?    I am afraid it will feel like a humiliating kiss!    Even if Dazun and Lingyanzi truly love each other.

   One, does Yuan Sheng know the truth?

   Second, Yuan Sheng is so arrogant, can he accept this fact?

   Knowing that Zhang Ruochen is the descendant of Lingyanzi and a human bloodline, will Yuan Sheng be angry and kill him, a low slut who has insulted the Immemorial living creature bloodline?

   Seeing that Zhang Ruochen was suddenly silent, Yuan Sheng said with a smile: “You haven’t thought about it, how can you make up a story? If you want to survive, show your Taoism, if you help this Sovereign break through, Or can let you live.”

  Zhang Ruochen said: “My Taoism, you can’t learn it!”

   “Is it?”

   Yuan Sheng stood tall and straight by the Guangyan River, with graceful style.

  right hand The index finger is like a sword, the nail is sharp, and it is drawn towards Zhang Ruochen’s abdomen.

   She saw that Zhang Ruochen’s “Divine Sea” was in the mysterious fetus and wanted to force him to submit.

  ”Yi! ”

The sharp edge of   ’s fingernails was blocked by Ancestral God Founder’s suit.

   Yuan Sheng walked over quickly, grabbed the corner of Zhang Ruochen’s clothes, and checked carefully. one after another ancestral rule divide rune, manifested on the robe of the gods.

   She couldn’t help but splendid splendor appeared in her eyes, the corners of her mouth rose, and said: “What a treasure! It also contains three attributes of concealment, speed, and defense, and it can also bounce back some attacks. Wonderful, really wonderful.” [19459002 ]

   After a while, Zhang Ruochen’s Ancestral God Founder’s suit was taken off, revealing the Fire God Armor underneath.

   Yuan Sheng saw that Fire God Armor was also extraordinary, so he took it away again.

   So far, there is only one painting of Zhang Ruochen’s upper body.

   A portrait of Shiji Empress wrapped around his body.

   “Stop, take it off and it’s gone! You don’t just want to understand my Tao, I’ll show you.”

  Zhang Ruochen is very clear about Yuan Sheng’s purpose. If she is asked to explore the mysterious embryo, then the more important treasure hidden in the mysterious embryo may not be able to be preserved. She must not be allowed to discover that she is full of treasures, otherwise, she will be looted.

   You can only compromise first.

   Fortunately, Yuan Sheng was attracted by Shiji Empress’s portrait, and was slightly absent-minded, without thinking deeply about the reasons for Zhang Ruochen’s compromise.

   She prides herself on being beautiful, but compared to the woman in the portrait, she is still three points inferior.

   “Who is she?” Yuan Sheng asked.

  Zhang Ruochen said: “You don’t even know her?”

   “What if she is famous in the upper realm, here is the lower realm.” Yuan Sheng said.

  Zhang Ruochen saw that the dark abyss had very little understanding of the real world. Likewise, his knowledge of the Abyss of Darkness.

  Zhang Ruochen said: “She, named Shi Ji, is a half ancestor and the most beautiful woman in the upper world.”

   “Half an ancestor was born in the upper realm?”

   Yuan Sheng was moved, then smiled sweetly, and said, “You don’t have a word of truth in your mouth, you are scaring this Sovereign, right?”

   “What do I scare you for? There are not only half ancestors in the upper realm, but more than one. If you Immemorial living creatures want to attack the upper realm, you’d better think twice before doing it.” Zhang Ruochen said.

   Yuan Sheng pondered, but did not take away the painting after all, and then turned his attention to Zhang Ruochen’s arm and pulled out Qilin’s glove.

   “You…you are the emperor of a family, why are you like a robber?”

  Zhang Ruochen pretended to be angry to numb her.

   Yuan Sheng draped Ancestral God Founder’s clothes on his body, his black robe was wide, and his lithe and graceful figure was faintly discernible.

   Then, she played with Qilin gloves, swiped her fingers on two Thunder Pearls and blunt hollow stones, sealed their Artifact Spirit, and put them on her palm.

   “This Sovereign, even a robber, is ten times, a hundred times stronger than you, the dirty Sword God.”

  Zhang Ruochen said: “It’s the Merry Sword God…Hey, my name is Zhang Ruochen, and I can also be called Ruochen God. Don’t change my title at will.”

   Yuan Sheng looked at him with contempt, and said: “Wrap the portrait of a beautiful woman on her body, so perverted, and said that she is not indecent?”

   “oh la la!”

   Yuan Sheng thoughts move, the thorn vines wrapped around Zhang Ruochen’s legs retreated.

  Zhang Ruochen stood up and used his arms, only to find that the thorny vine tenacious was terrifying and could not be broken.

   Yuan Sheng said coldly: “Show your Tao.”

  Zhang Ruochen is really unpredictable about her character. When she laughs, she looks like an unearthly girl. When it gets cold, it’s like Feng Tianyi, without the slightest emotion.

   has both, charming and charming like a demon, with a deep and scheming side.

   There are also times when you are happy and angry, and you don’t hide your emotions.

  Zhang Ruochen is tall and straight, said solemnly: “Comprehend Taoism does not happen overnight. Many powerhouses from the upper realm will come, and there will be a big crisis in the dark abyss. As Clan’s Sovereign, you need to understand the priorities.” [ 19459002]

   Yuan Sheng couldn’t help but smile: “So, you are a monk of the upper realm, are you trying to leak secrets and help the lower realm to deal with the upper realm? Do you think this Sovereign will fall for your tricks? Liar! A dirty liar!” [19459002 ]

  Zhang Ruochen was not angry at all, and said: “Do you think the upper realm is monolithic? You need to understand that where there are people, there will be fighting and killing. To put it bluntly, there may not be many people in the upper realm, who will put you in the dark. Yuan in the eyes.”

   “Then they must pay the price for their contempt and arrogance.” Yuan Sheng said.

  Zhang Ruochen said: “It’s not contempt, nor arrogance. It’s just because there is no big movement in the ten Yuanhui in the dark abyss, and many people have forgotten you. And the rest of these ten Yuanhui, your strength , should be more powerful than before, right?”

   “You can’t get information from this Sovereign.”

   Yuan Sheng raised his chin and said, “Of course, if you want to inform the monks who broke into the dark abyss, this Sovereign can listen.”

  Zhang Ruochen thought about it, and came up with a plan in his heart, and said: “Even if you are ignorant and inexperienced, you should have heard about the Seventy-Two Pillars of Demon God, right?”

   Yuan Sheng’s eyes suddenly sank, and the chill swept Heaven and Earth, saying: “What do you mean?”

   “Gai, one of the Four Supreme Pillars, was destroyed and entered the abyss of darkness.” Zhang Ruochen said.

   Yuan Sheng said: “This is impossible! More than ten million years have passed since the age of seventy-two Demon Gods. Who can live more than ten million years? Immemorial living creatures are not enough.”

   “The deserted moon was swallowed by him.”

  Zhang Ruochen can already conclude that something must have happened between the seventy-two Demon God and Immemorial living creature.

   It’s normal to think about it. Under the leadership of the Great Demonic God, the 72-pillar Demon God has swept the world. All living creatures of all races are shiver coldly. How could they have not entered the abyss of darkness?    “It seems that the Immemorial God and the Seventy-Two Pillars Demon God have a deep hatred. This is easy to handle!”

  Zhang Ruochen immediately told the story, from the birth of King Feima, to the mutation of the Great Wall of Bei Ze, and then to Gai Mo’s escape from the ghost town of Fengdu, and told in detail.

   In order to convince Yuan Sheng, Zhang Ruochen took out the rib of King Feima and handed it to her.

   “There is indeed life fluctuation, and there is an immortal and immeasurable rule of divide rune.”

   Yuan Sheng looked more cautious than ever after carefully examining his ribs.

  Zhang Ruochen said: “You Immemorial living creatures are too real, just because of a forbidden contract, you really don’t get out of the abyss of darkness, and you don’t even know that Heaven and Earth turning upside down have changed outside.”

   “What do you know? The Forbidden Covenant contains the will of the ancestors. It is an oath engraved in our souls, and no one can break it. Above Dragon Phoenix, walk out of the abyss of darkness and burn to death.” Yuan Sheng said.

  Zhang Ruochen finally came up with useful information, but then frowned again and said, “That’s not right! I’m in the upper realm, and I have seen a ghost… Ghost Immemorial living creature.”

   “This is impossible!” Yuan Sheng said.

  Zhang Ruochen said: “It’s called Cang Jue!”

   “Cang Jue.”

   Yuan Sheng read these two words, his eyes became strange.

  Zhang Ruochen said: “You know him?”

   Yuan Sheng woke up and realized that he had always been led by the human being in front of him, revealing important information about the abyss of darkness, then he laughed and said: “You said that the heavens of the world are in the upper world. , a war broke out with the Seventy-Two Pillars Demon God, and the Upper Realm should have suffered heavy losses, right?”

  Zhang Ruochen said: “The seventy-two pillars of Demon God just woke up, and the Divine Force has not recovered, but was attacked by the powers of the world. Nagai was not only severely damaged by Heavenly Venerable, but also imprisoned in the ghost town of Fengdu for a thousand years. Weak as a limitless freedom.”

   “If the clan emperor can capture him, it will not only clear a big hidden danger for the abyss of darkness. Moreover, he is an immeasurable Peak level character, and if he takes his Tao, wouldn’t it be easier to break through?” [ 19459002]

   Yuan Sheng was persuaded by Zhang Ruochen, but his face was calm, and he said, “What are you thinking about?”

  Zhang Ruochen was extremely aggrieved and said: “I’m already a prisoner, what else can I do? Well, to tell you the truth, I just want to borrow your sword to get rid of Gaimie. Because if he recovers to Peak, right The upper bound will be a huge disaster.”

   “I suddenly knew why Gaiming fled to the abyss of darkness, because there are a large number of Immemorial living creatures here to do blood and soul food, and he can quickly restore the cultivation base.”

   Yuan Sheng said: “He can’t think about it? The hatred of the ancient times, the Immemorial tribes still remember it to this day. The name of the beast he and the Great Demonic God imposed on us is extraordinary shame and humiliation, since he came After the abyss of darkness, this Sovereign will behead him with his own hands, a shame for the ancestors.”

  Zhang Ruochen said: “I can trace the cover to extinction.”

   “Do you have such a great ability?”

   Yuan Sheng’s eyes were full of doubts, and he did not fully believe Zhang Ruochen.

   “I am in charge of the truth, and I have a special way of cultivation. I track the closure of a weak period, and what difficulty is there? But you have to unlock the seal on me first.”

   Even Feng Tian said that the secrets of the Dark Abyss are chaotic and extremely difficult to calculate.

  Gai Mo has escaped to an unknown place, how can Zhang Ruochen be found?

  But, before entering the abyss of darkness, Feng Tian took away a strand of Zhang Ruochen’s Divine Soul. This keeps Zhang Ruochen in touch with her, and can sense her approximate position.

   Leading Yuan Sheng to Feng Tian is the real way to escape.

   Yuan Sheng took back the thorns and vines wrapped around Zhang Ruochen, and warned: “You should know the gap between the cultivation bases between us! If you dare to escape, if you are caught by me, I will cut your legs inch by inch. Interrupted, made into meat balls, and eaten in one bite, it was extremely cruel.”

   Her white teeth were exposed, and she said in a threatening tone, very serious, but Zhang Ruochen didn’t find it so terrifying.

  Zhang Ruochen couldn’t help thinking, did she have any misunderstanding about cruelty and terror?    So, he asked: “Dare to ask the emperor, how old are you? How old are you equivalent to humans?”

   “What do you ask this for?” Yuan Sheng was wary.

   “Just ask casually! You don’t have to guard me like a thief. I’ve said before that I have no hostility to Immemorial living creatures. By the way, Fire God Armor, Ancestral God Founder suits, and Qilin Can the gloves be returned to me?”

  Zhang Ruochen took off the scroll wrapped around his body and rolled it up cautiously, revealing his upper body full of muscular lines, with a captivating charm.

   “Don’t even think about it.”

   Yuan Sheng coldly said: “Lead the way ahead! You’d better be able to find Gai Mo, otherwise this Sovereign will definitely make life worse for you. Three days, I’ll give you three days. This Sovereign is in a hurry to go to Wujianling! ”

  Zhang Ruochen didn’t care at all in his heart, as long as the Sutuowan Silver Tree was not taken away by her, he would have a chance to come back at any time.


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