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2022-01-11 Author: Flying Fish

   Chapter 3560 Cloud Ghost Array
   After crossing the Guangyan River, you will enter the boundary of the first ridge of the Seven Ridges, “Baling”.

  Baling is a metal mountain, most of which are golden. The peaks stand in great numbers, the cliffs are steep, and I don’t know how many thousands of miles across the territory.

When    came to Baling, Zhang Ruochen could really feel the vastness of the abyss of darkness, and the dive sense could not perceive the limit. Heaven and Earth Law is unique, Five Elements are chaotic, yin and yang are mixed, and once the distance is too far, it is difficult to calculate the secret.

   Along the way, you can see monsters, but they are all low-level.

   Flood monsters, I have seen them once or twice.

   It is indeed relatively easy to escape in such a vast, dark and chaotic world.

  The Abyss of Darkness is very similar to Lihentian, and neither can be inferred by common sense of the real world.

   The difference is that Lihentian is nothingness, a quantity, and the world of Soul Spirit.

  The Abyss of Darkness is the real state, it is matter. It seems that if all the planets in the universe where Celestial Court and hell are located are piled up, a boundless real world like this cannot be formed.

  half a day later, Zhang Ruochen and Yuan Sheng came to a ruined place.

   Hundred thousand li, the earth collapsed, and there were countless earth cracks.

   In the most central place, the earth and rocks melted, forming a golden red lava ocean that was thousands of miles long, and the heat wave was rolling.

   It should be noted that the space of the Dark Abyss is stable, and the material strength is far superior to the outside world. To cause such destructive power, it is absolutely impossible for God to do it.

   Yuan Sheng moved and appeared above the lava ocean.

  A strand of Blood Qi flew out of the ocean, condensed in her palm, turned into a mass of bright red blood, and contained tyrannical energy.

   “What a strong demon, it is definitely the blood of immeasurable living creatures. Unfortunately, there is no Divine Soul idea in it, and the activity has also been cut off.” Yuan Sheng’s expression was solemn and full of worry.

  Zhang Ruochen said: “This is obviously the blood of Gai Mo, you will no longer suspect that I lied to you now?”


   A thorn vine grew out and fell off her palm.

After the   thorn vines fell to the ground, they grew four legs, a head, and ears, turning into a strange black monster.

   “Little Black, bring this blood back to the primal chaos river and give it to the Great Elder. Tell her the old man, the seventy-two pillars of Demon God have recovered, and the abyss of darkness has come to cover.”

After    Yuansheng handed the demon blood to the black monster, he added: “In addition, tell the Great Elder that the Wujianling entered the deserted city to take out the Udumbara flower that Yinxue left in the Chaotian Que, or It’s… for the sake of life.”

   The thorns and vines stalked away, and in an instant, it was gone, and the breath disappeared in Zhang Ruochen’s perception.

   Yuan Sheng then stared at Zhang Ruochen coldly and said, “You may not lie to me, Gai Mie really came to the abyss of darkness. However, there is another powerhouse left here, so Who was Gai Mo injured by?”

   “Are you going to use this Sovereign to kill Gai Xie, or are you going to use that person to kill this Sovereign?”

  Zhang Ruochen knew that Yuan Sheng was alert and cautious, so he must have asked this question, so he was prepared, and said: “If your Excellency does not dare to be an enemy of Gai Mo, just say it, we don’t have to pursue it!”

   “Are you provoking this Sovereign?” Yuan Sheng said.

  Zhang Ruochen said: “I just can’t understand, the dark abyss is your territory, what are you afraid of?”

   Yuan Sheng stared at Zhang Ruochen for a long time and said, “Go, lead the way.”

  Zhang Ruochen secretly relieved, continued to pursue Fengtian’s breath, and at the same time, based on the battle marks left on the ground, calculated the approximate direction of their departure.

   Yuan Sheng walked behind, refining the Ancestral God Founder suit, Fire God Armor, Qilin glove, and said: “You have so much treasure in your hands, shouldn’t your status in the upper realm be low?” [19459002 ]

   “I am the master of the sword world, and my status will never be inferior to your clan emperor.” Zhang Ruochen said.

   Yuan Sheng said: “Then why is your cultivation base so weak?”


  Zhang Ruochen felt a heavy blow and asked: “Doesn’t the clan emperor hate the living creatures in the upper realm? Why is he in human form? By the way, all Immemorial living creatures are in the form of the human ghost Dragon Phoenix. Right?”

   These words seemed to touch the taboo in Yuan Sheng’s heart, and he instantly became cold and angry.

With a wave of   , a dark energy with a strong Heaven and Earth Law fell on Zhang Ruochen.

  Zhang Ruochen crossed his hands, pinched them into fingerprints, and the Tai Chi Four Forms Diagram scene appeared.


  Zhang Ruochen flew out and knocked down a majestic mountain seven hundred miles away, sinking his body under the thick mud and stone.

   Taking advantage of this opportunity, Zhang Ruochen took out the Sudahan silver tree and hid it in the palm of his hand, and was about to shoot it.

   But he found that Yuan Sheng did not catch up, nor did he shoot at him, but slammed into the void with one finger, attacking an unknown area outside the sky.


   Shen Jing vibrated in this barren wilderness, flying sand running stone.

  Zhang Ruochen sensed the aura of Yan Wushen, in an extremely distant place, at least a million li away from them. After being attacked by Yuan Sheng, he immediately fled away.

   Yuan Sheng did not go after him.

   One is that he was too far away, and Yan Wushen escaped very fast.

   Second, in her opinion, killing and destroying is the most important thing at the moment.

   “This guy actually followed, he’s really brave.” Zhang Ruochen said to himself.

   “It’s best to keep up with him, and then take him after you’ve cleaned up the cover!”

   Yuan Sheng’s voice appeared not far away, standing on the top of a pile of gravel, his eyes were extremely cold.

  Zhang Ruochen thought about it carefully, even if he used the Sudawan silver tree, he could only trap her and get a chance to escape. However, the price is to lose this rare treasure!
  Zhang Ruochen didn’t make a shot, and the two continued on the road.

   After walking for another half day, Yan Wushen attacked and harassed many times, trying to help Zhang Ruochen get a chance to escape.

   But Yuan Sheng ignored him at all.

   There is no day and night in the dark abyss, but each place has obvious changes in Heaven and Earth Law. The earth, the air, the sky, all kinds of strange phenomena appear.

After    crossed Ba Ling, they entered a white field.

  The soil is white, the clouds are white, and even the monsters that appear are white…

   “Going further, it’s the second ridge of the Seven Ridges, Baicang Ridge!” Yuan Sheng said.

   The two of them restrained their auras, plus their own cultivation base profound, therefore, they did not disturb the beasts in the surrounding area.

  Zhang Ruochen said: “What connection does the name Baicangling have with Baicang blood soil?”

   “You want to ask about the connection with Undying Blood Race, right? This Sovereign has long sensed the bloodline breath of Undying Blood Race in your body!” Yuan Sheng said.

  Zhang Ruochen said: “It seems that you don’t know anything about the upper realm.”

   Yuan Sheng smiled coldly: “In your later years, many of the heavens in the upper realms come to the abyss of darkness to find opportunities to extend their lives or break through. There are very few who can succeed. Overwhelming majority, they all fell in In this vast land, it has become a research specimen of various ethnic groups. Among them, my ethnic group has a god of the Ancient Era Undying Blood Race!”

   “You know, why do they think that the abyss of darkness has a chance to extend their lives and break through?”

  Zhang Ruochen probed: “Because the abyss of darkness is the source of darkness, and in the depths of darkness, there is the origin of life?”

  Yuan Sheng stared at him like a fool, and said, “Where did you hear these messy rumors? The source of darkness is not the source of darkness, but the source of Heaven and Earth.”

   “To be exact, Immemorial living creature is the ancestor of all living creatures in the world.”

  Zhang Ruochen smiled slightly when he saw her proud appearance.

   “You don’t believe it?”

   Yuan Sheng snorted: “Immemorial living creature is born from Innate, you are all living creatures of the day after tomorrow. However, living creatures of the day after tomorrow are not born out of thin air, they are all inextricably linked with Immemorial living creatures.” [ 19459002]

   “Just like the ancestor of the Undying Blood Race, Yin. He was originally a human being, but he was buried under the white blood and soil before he transformed and came to life. Since then, there has been a new race, Undying Blood Race.”

   “As far as this Sovereign knows, the white blood and soil that has undergone transformation is the greatest existence of the Immemorial Twelve Taichu Clan, transformed by the bones after death. These bones have experienced millions of Ten thousand years, it turned into blood and soil, and it was only by chance that Yin was created.”

   “If I say that the supreme existence of the Taichu family is the ancestor of the Undying Blood Race, is it not an exaggeration at all?”

  Zhang Ruochen said: “How many millions of years have passed? Who knows the truth? All of what you said is probably a story compiled by Immemorial living creatures to maintain their arrogant attitude.”

   Actually, Zhang Ruochen believes that the birth of all races in the world must be inextricably linked with the living creature of Immemorial Era.

   But these also require at least tens of millions of years of Initial Stage derivation. What is the original reason, who knows? There is no traceability at all.

   Yuan Sheng stopped arguing with Zhang Ruochen again, stopped suddenly, and then drew out a black mist from his fingertips, wrapped around Zhang Ruochen’s waist and abdomen, dragged him, and took off rapidly to the south.

   “The direction is wrong, not this side.” Zhang Ruochen reminded.

   “Shut up and restrain your breath.”

  The Avatar of Yuan Sheng’s department transformed into Heaven and Earth Law. At the same time, it stimulated the power of Ancestral God Founder’s clothing, and the black robe flew up, wrapping Zhang Ruochen under the wide black robe, isolating the breath from the outside world .

   “If you dare to act rashly, this Sovereign will kill you immediately.”

   Yuan Sheng’s tone was cold and solemn, he fell on the top of a white rock peak, hid behind the rock and looked into the distance.

  several hundred li Outside, there were thick ghost clouds and black fog, covering a fairly wide area.

  In the periphery of the ghost cloud, there are dozens of high god bones and yin banners, and huge boulders are piled up.

  The Array Inscription of proven is engraved on the    bones, pennants, and boulders.

   In the ghost cloud, there was a tragic cry of one after another. The sound waves formed by the sound, I don’t know how tyrannical destructive power it contains, impacted the Array to vibrate like ripples.

  The ground shook.

  Zhang Ruochen sensed the breath of Zhou Qi’s Ghost King and Yellow Springs Great Emperor, his heart was suddenly shocked, his eyes rolled, and he said, “The ghosts in your Immemorial living creatures actually have such a powerful existence? You are not a family. Why are you still afraid of ghosts, Immemorial living creatures?”

   Yuan Sheng said: “He is not a ghost Immemorial living creature from the lower realm, but a Ghost Clan from the upper realm. Don’t you know him?”

   “The upper realm is vast, powerhouse as clouds, how could I know all of them. But…”

  Zhang Ruochen looked towards the cloudy Array and said: “It seems that an Immemorial living creature has been captured and is about to be swallowed up. As a clan emperor, won’t you help?”

   Yuan Sheng did not perceive the breath of Immemorial living creature, but there was an Array barrier there, and the breath was probably covered up!

  Zhang Ruochen knew that Yuan Sheng was cautious and unwilling to take any risks, so he added a fire and said: “No wonder Immemorial living creatures can’t get out of the abyss of darkness, and even the dignified clan emperors can’t be saved. Everyone is selfish, how can they be the opponents of the upper realm? If it is me, this Sovereign will fight him to the end with only the Ghost Clan powerhouse. I am not a clan emperor. !”

   “Shut up!”

   Yuan Sheng dragged Zhang Ruochen, flew down from the white stone mountain peak, and went straight to the cloud ghost formation.

   “I just suggest you go, don’t take me with you!”

  Zhang Ruochen felt a little regretful and felt that he played too big this time.

   (end of this chapter)

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