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2022-01-12 Author: Flying Fish

   Chapter 3561 Showdown with Yellow Springs   The outer area of ​​the Cloud Ghost Array also has Array Inscription scattered, and it is difficult for ordinary God to approach.

   came to the outside of the array, there were still several dozen li apart, and Yuan Sheng had an extra long jade spear in his hand.

   This spear is named Bihai Hunyuan spear.

  spear’s body trembled, like a tidal wave in the blue sea, waves rising for thousands of miles.

   In this brief moment, Zhang Ruochen finally sensed the change in Yuan Sheng’s imposing manner, as if he was fuse together with Heaven and Earth, as tall and unpredictable as Heaven and Earth. Before, when cleaning up him and Yan Wushen, it was just a small fight.


   She is like the peak of the Dinghai God, and when she waving her arms, the spear pointed out a black glow that ripped apart the sky, and went straight to the array of bones, pennants, and boulders.


  The mud layer of the earth was constantly lifted by the spear wind, and the divine energy of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood collided fiercely with Array.

   A force of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, vented in all directions.

The    boulder kept breaking apart, forming a series of explosions.

The hidden Array Inscription on the    boulder was erased, revealing the true scene inside the Array. In the center of the dark and dense cloud, a cylindrical coffin was suspended ten Zhang high above the ground.

  The coffin is full of chains, and these chains are dragging fast, making a harsh “crash-bang” sound.

   Zhou Qi Ghost Emperor had already turned into a state of soul fog, and was imprisoned by chains and pulled into the coffin. These soul fogs sometimes turned into Zhou Qi Ghost Emperor’s head, sometimes into arms, sometimes into torso…

   But no matter how he struggled, Soul Mist was still pulled into the coffin little by little.

  The fog of soul outside the coffin keeps getting thinner.

The screams of    kept sounding, very mournful.

After   Array lost most of its cover, Yuan Sheng finally clearly perceived the terrifying of the existence in the coffin, and the cultivation base definitely reached the immortal level. What is even more terrifying is that there are ancestors, Divine Qi and rules, flowing around the coffin.

   Although it is thin, it is the power of the ancestors.

   “Go, get out of here quickly.”

   Yuan Sheng flew back quickly, holding a spear in one hand and Zhang Ruochen’s left wrist in the other, and hurried to the distance.

   “Did you already know who was in the Array? Did you deliberately lead me to shoot?” She asked coldly, with a murderous aura in her heart, she wanted to throw Zhang Ruochen into the Array, but she didn’t do that.

  ”hua! ”

At the rear of the   , in the Array, three chains flew out from the coffins of life and death, carrying three Yin Qi as thick as a river, chasing after the two of them.

   “hmph! You go first, don’t think about escaping, the dark abyss is the territory of this Sovereign.”

   Yuan Sheng gave a warning, spit out Divine Force from the palm of his hand, and pushed Zhang Ruochen with one palm, knocking him into the space and appearing to ten thousand li beyond.

  The three chains have chased above Yuan Sheng’s head, she stopped suddenly, raised the spear over her head, and the rules and energy between Heaven and Earth suddenly rushed continuously and gathered on her.

   Yuan Sheng stood tall and straight, wielded a long spear, and retreated while attacking.

The   spear collided with the chains, making a thunderous sound like a coming God, and each spark was as big as a cloud.

Even if the    divine energy escapes to ten thousand li beyond , it has great power, causing the mountains to collapse and the earth to shake.

  Zhang Ruochen stared at Yuan Sheng and the three chains who were fighting here. Thinking of Yuan Sheng’s words just now, he actually had several points of apology in his heart. Yuan Sheng could have killed him just now.

   “Run away quickly, what are you still doing?”

   Yan Wushen’s voice came from hundreds of thousands of li.

  Zhang Ruochen abandoned the distracting thoughts and felt a sense in his heart, saying: “No, there is another person.”

   “There is another who?” Yan Wushen said.

   “There is also a supreme powerhouse hidden in secret.”

  Zhang Ruochen Spirit Power entered the voice and said: “Be careful, there is a powerhouse in the dark.”

   Yuan Sheng’s face changed drastically when he heard this.

   However, she could not be allowed to explore and search, not only three chains were pressed, but even the double coffins of life and death flew out of the Array.

This movement of    double coffins of life and death, the territory of hundreds of thousands of li is shrouded by the dark cloud Ghost Qi, Sealing Heaven Locking Earth, Death Aura seems to run through ancient and modern, making the long river of time Faintly discernible in the void.

   Yuan Sheng felt an unprecedented horror, like an ancestor who came across a long river of time, to crush everything in the universe.

   This kind of psychological shock, oppressed by Divine Soul, few people in the world can resist.

  Zhang Ruochen immediately reminded: “He is not the real ancestor, he has long since fallen, just a corpse and a small amount of Remnant Soul. You are a clan emperor, why should you be afraid? Fight!”

   “Shut up!”

   Being reminded by Zhang Ruochen, Yuan Sheng stepped out of the Divine Soul oppression, and in an instant, the blood in his body took off, fighting intent soaring into the sky.

  Hunyuan spear divine light flashes of the blue sea in her hand, and then hundreds of hundreds of thousands of waves, a jade-green Divine Sea, manifested under her feet, and the waves crashed into the Yin Qi ghost cloud.

   “No matter who you are, this is the abyss of darkness, not the place where you monks from the upper realm should come. After a while, an Immemorial living creature powerhouse will arrive. No matter how high your cultivation base is, you cannot escape.” [ 19459002]

   Yuan Sheng took the initiative, swiped his spear through the chains and clouds, and attacked the body of the double coffin of life and death.

   “Is it so strong? Want to duel with Yellow Springs Great Emperor?”

   Yuan Sheng’s bravery exceeded Zhang Ruochen’s expectations.

   reminded her that she just didn’t want her to become the soul food of the Yellow Springs Great Emperor, thereby enhancing the cultivation base of the Yellow Springs Great Emperor. She’s good, she heard that it was just a dive corpse, so she killed it!   Ancestor’s dive corpse, and part of Remnant Soul, is it so easy to mess with?

   But soon, Zhang Ruochen found himself underestimating Yuan Sheng.

   She is really worthy of her identity as an Immemorial living creature, her fleshy body is so strong that it is almost perverted, and the Ancestral God Founder’s clothing has improved her speed, and she has fought back and forth with the coffin of life and death.

   One person and one coffin collide fiercely in the sky.

   She stabs spear, then waves ten thousand zhang. She waved her fist, and thunder and lightning struck thousands of miles.

  Zhang Ruochen can be seen, in the dark abyss, she has a clear advantage, can continuously mobilize Heaven and Earth Law and Qi of Heaven and Earth, the battle strength is no less than Celestial Court and hell, those who do not reach immortal limitless the gods.

   In the great freedom and immeasurable Peak this realm, she belongs to the level of invincibility, which can be said to be indestructible in half a step.

   And Yellow Springs Great Emperor, when he fought against her, he had to suppress Zhou Qi Ghost Emperor of Dazai Infinite Peak, and his battle strength was limited, which led to the short-lived, evenly matched scene.

  Zhang Ruochen retreated quickly while releasing the power of the Heart of Truth and the Limitless Divine Way to perceive the hider.

   Among the three veteran Ghost Emperors who guarded and destroyed the ghost town of Fengdu, there must be a betrayal. Zhang Ruochen suspected that the betrayer was hiding in the dark.

   “What are you doing, don’t run away, are you emotional? Merry Sword God, if you want to die, this Yan can only leave first, and I will not accompany you.” Yan Wushen sounded transmission again.

  Zhang Ruochen said: “You go first, I have a measure.”


  The two skulls at the coffin head and coffin tail of the double coffin of life and death suddenly fell off, and the Ancestral God Founder light filled the eye sockets, attacking Yuan Sheng from two different directions.

   repelled the skull several times in a row, and Yuansheng retreated step by step, which was already full of dangers.

   She found that Zhang Ruochen was still watching the battle, and immediately shouted coldly: “Get out, do you want to court death?”

   “He shot!”

  Zhang Ruochen’s ancestor boots radiated nine-colored brilliance and rushed out.


  Under the ground under Yuan Sheng, a Ghost Qi beam of light rose into the sky.

In the   Ghost Qi beam of light, a skinny silhouette was wrapped, and his hands quickly formed a seal: “The Twelve Techniques of Requiring Soul!”

   “bang! bang! bang…”

   He appeared too suddenly, and his speed was also speed to the pinnacle. Yuan Sheng, who was trying his best to deal with Yellow Springs Great Emperor, didn’t have time to react, and his body was hit by twelve marks.

  Ancestral God Founder’s clothing, Fire God Armor, including her own dive cloud robes, are unstoppable, spitting a mouthful of blood.

   Ziren Ghost Emperor who attacked her with sneak attack, all six eyes were stunned. Forcibly carrying his twelve Soul Subduing Seal methods, is it just spit a mouthful of blood?

   How strong is this fleshy body?    “courting death!”

   Yuan Sheng stabbed the Bi Hai Hun Yuan spear out of his hand, directly piercing the God Realm world of Ziren Ghost Emperor, penetrating his chest.

   Then, a heavy punch fell on Ziren Ghost Emperor, knocking out half of his ghost body and falling to the ground. With a bang, a large pit with a diameter of thousands of miles was smashed into the ground.

  Zhang Ruochen was already ready, rushed over immediately, summoned the earth tripod, activated the Divine Light of the source, and smashed fiercely at the Ghost Emperor, who had only half a ghost body and a divine body.

   “impudent, it’s up to you… ah…”

  Ziren Ghost Emperor didn’t have time to trigger Divine Qi, lying on the ground, just throws a punch.

   With his cultivation base of the immeasurable Middle Stage, even without Divine Qi, only a punch from the ghost body is not a cultivator of the immeasurable realm of heaven and earth.


  Ziren Ghost Emperor failed to blast Zhang Ruochen away, instead he was half-divided, and was smashed and sank several dozen feet into the ground.



  Zhang Ruochen fell one after another, all with spare no effort, and the power of each strike reached the level of immeasurable Initial Stage.

  Ziren Ghost Emperor wanted to condense Divine Qi and mobilize the rules, but at the chest that was pierced by Yuan Shengyi spear, countless dark Heaven and Earth Law were in chaos, and Yuan Sheng’s Divine Force was destroying his ghost body .

  Zhang Ruochen knew that with his current cultivation base, he could not shatter the ghost body of an old Ghost Emperor. Therefore, when Diding smashed dozens of blows in a row, Ziren Ghost Emperor was about to be smashed. Immediately put him in the tripod.


  Zhang Ruochen, without hesitation, rushed out of the ground and dashed into the distance.

The earth tripod in   ’s hand kept roaring, and the roar of the one after another boxing tripod caused Zhang Ruochen’s arm bones to break!    At the same time, half of the ghost mist of the rear Fang Ziren Ghost Emperor was blasted, quickly condensed into a ghost body, and chased Zhang Ruochen.

   “Little Ruochen, how dare you be the enemy of this emperor?” Ziren Ghost Emperor was furious.

   Note that the half ghost body taken away by Zhang Ruochen is his real body, which contains his Divine Sea and Divine Source.

   “Stop chasing, if true body is provoked, true body will even accept your half ghost body!”

  Zhang Ruochen just finished saying this, the ground tripod in his hand shook violently, the origin of the dive light was flying, and the tripod body seemed to be pierced.

  Zhang Ruochen had to inspire Tai Chi Four Forms Diagram scene, with Divine Mountain, temporarily suppress Di Ding. Then, he released his hand, looked towards the Ziren Ghost Emperor who was catching up, and said, “Come on, fight!”

  tone barely fell , the Mirror Platform, the Time Origin Bead, the Bagua Compass, the Red Dye Tower, and the Mani Bead all flew out.

   is only half-divine, and has lost the Divine Source and Divine Sea’s Ziren Ghost Emperor, the battle strength has fallen to the limitless, and there is no Divine Artifact in his hand, seeing the junior call on the opposite side Out of five Divine Artifacts, the complexion changed and stopped.

  Di Ding oscillates endlessly in the Tai Chi Four Forms Diagram scene, and there is a faint trend that cannot be suppressed.

  Fortunately, Nine Cauldrons does not need the title of the number one Divine Artifact in the world. If it is replaced by another Divine Artifact, Ziren Ghost Emperor must have escaped.

   “Zhang Ruochen, let me help you!”

   Yan Wushen held the Heavenly Book of Death, descended from the sky and landed on the other side of Ziren Ghost Emperor, said with a smile: “We will join forces and we will be able to leave his remaining half-divine body.” [ 19459002]

   “Just by you?”

  Ziren Ghost Emperor baleful aura Ling Yan, his hands pinched into ghost claws.


  The sky was pierced, and a huge black hole appeared.

   Yuan Sheng was bleeding all over and flew down from the black hole, his chest and abdomen were pierced, and his flesh was blurred.

  peng sound , she fell on the ground of ten thousand li beyond, smashing into dust.

  The double coffin of life and death flew out from the black hole, each chain was like tentacles, and the two skulls released the light of Ancestral God Founder, ferocious and terrifying, containing the power of destroying heaven extinguishing earth.


  The double coffin of life and death hit the ground, the territory of thousands of miles collapsed, and Destruction Power swept the four directions.

   Yuan Sheng flew first, dodged the blow, and quickly fled to the distance.

   Taking this opportunity, Ziren Ghost Emperor escaped and chased the direction from which the double coffin of life and death left, said solemnly: “You are enemies with the Yellow Springs Great Emperor, and you are doomed to dead end. , you can keep it!”


  Yan Wushen saw that Zhang Ruochen was unmoved, but stared at the direction where Yuan Sheng and the Yellow Springs Great Emperor fled, and suddenly laughed, saying: “Really emotional? You won’t tell me, you Are you going to save her?”

   “Actually, her heart is not bad, not necessarily an enemy.” Zhang Ruochen said.

   Yan Wushen said: “She searches our souls!”

   “We searched first.”

  Zhang Ruochen said again: “She could have brought the Yellow Springs Great Emperor to our side, let us be a scapegoat, and she could get away. But she didn’t do it!”

   Yan Wushen restrained his smile and said: “Her cultivation base is already standing at the absolute top of the infinite freedom, Yellow Springs Great Emperor is just a corpse, want to kill her easier said than done? Don’t you forget , here is the abyss of darkness, her territory.”

   “What kind of Dao are you cultivating? The Limitless Divine Way, the all-inclusive way, is definitely not like the mother-in-law like now. This time is not the time to save the beauty, to be strong.”

  Zhang Ruochen said: “I have a trump card that can trap the Yellow Springs Great Emperor.”

   “What about after being trapped? She was taken away again? She may not appreciate your kindness.” Yan Wushen said.

   “Before I do something, I often ask myself if I will regret it after I do it. If I leave here, I may regret it, not only because of her kindness, but also because I missed a chance to resolve hatred and grievance with Immemorial living creature. Opportunity. It is more likely to miss a chance to rescue Zhou Qi Ghost Emperor and make good friends with Fengdu Ghost Emperor.”

   “But I know that I am catching up at the moment, whether I can help or not, whether they appreciate it or not, I will never regret it myself.”

   “You are right, when it is time to be decisive, you should not hesitate.”

  Zhang Ruochen’s eyes were already extremely sharp, and he firmed up the decision he made in his heart. Five Divine Artifacts surrounded his body, stepped on the ancestor’s boots, and chased after the double coffin of life and death.

  Yan Wushen stood on the spot and pondered for a long time, and sighed: “Perhaps this is the reason why you have many friends, but I have only one friend of you. You do have the mentality of turning enemies into friends, and this An open-minded state of mind often has an irresistible charm. I hope you are right!”


   An old laughter sounded: “Thinking about saving people is at least better than thinking about killing people. To the living, revive. To the dead, to die. Ruochen, this child, has half the mood of an old man. !”

  A powerhouse arrived?

   Yan Wushen looked around and saw two figures, a man and a woman, appearing on a higher hillside in the distance.

   (end of this chapter)

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