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2022-01-14 Author: Flying Fish

   Chapter 3562 A soul that cannot be blown away without a suona

  Ziren Ghost Emperor, is the Southern Ghost Emperor of Fengdu Ghost Town, Ghost Clan has several Peak overlords.

   But at this moment, he was extremely depressed.

That junior   Zhang Ruochen, when he was seriously injured, he just suppressed half of his ghost body, and at this moment, he actually caught up again!

The   dignified Ghost Emperor, worshipped by all spirits and respected by all gods, is really unbearable to be so aggrieved.

   “Zhang Ruochen, are you really the emperor who is afraid that you won’t succeed?”

  Ziren Ghost Emperor raised his hand and slapped it out with a palm, making a seal of ten thousand zhang long, the yin wind was like a knife, and the ghost pattern was like electricity.


The    Mirror Stage flew out and collided with the Ghost Qi seal.

  Golden’s Buddha’s radiance illuminates the earth, the seals are broken, and countless Ghost Qi are purified.

   “This child has only broken through the limitless thousand years, and the battle strength has already reached this level?”

   Ziren Ghost Emperor was horrified.

   This is completely different from the feeling that Zhang Ruochen hit him completely unprepared with the ground tripod. At this time, Zhang Ruochen didn’t use the ultimate weapon like the ground tripod, he just fought him head-on, but he could still easily break him Divine Ability.

   But, beyond the expectations of Ziren Ghost Emperor, Zhang Ruochen flew directly above his head, chasing after the coffin of life and death and Yuan Sheng.

  Ziren Ghost Emperor stopped and stared at the direction he left, sneered: “There is a brilliant future, but choose courting death. It’s really sad!”

   “It’s sad that you, dignified Ghost Emperor, ended up like this. Hey!”

   Jie Venerable in a purple robe appeared in front of him.


   There are hundreds of thousands of li from the double coffin of life and death, Zhang Ruochen played Sword Art, controlled thousands of battle swords, and attacked the past.

   Even if it is the Yellow Springs Great Emperor, even if it is the ancestor of the past, you can fight Sword One without fear.

β€ƒβ€ƒβ€œbang bang!”

  The iron chain on the coffin waved, constantly shattering the flying battle sword and turning it into iron pieces.

   Yuan Sheng, who was fleeing in front, couldn’t stop the blood flow in his chest, the Fire God Armor was shattered, and even the Ancestral God Founder’s suit was torn apart. She sensed Zhang Ruochen’s breath, and she was naturally puzzled.

   “Idiot, what are you doing after catching up? Hurry up and leave. After pulling it away, this Sovereign will have its own way to escape.” Yuan Sheng said.

  Zhang Ruochen has sensed the aura of Jie Venerable, and he will not retreat. The sound transmission asks: “Elder Jie, are you sure you will fight the Yellow Springs Great Emperor?”

   Counting hundreds of thousands of li, Jie Venerable suppressed Ziren Ghost Emperor into the Sword Pavilion, and said lightly: “What are you kidding, the old man is just a false god, that is the ancestor. You have seen false gods, Against the ancestors?”

  Zhang Ruochen said: “Well, I overestimate you!”

  Jie Venerable raised his eyebrows, obviously displeased, and changed the topic: “However, the old man has the Divine Source of the Great Reverence, the ancestor of trifling an ancient deceitful corpse, but he didn’t take it seriously.”

  Zhang Ruochen turned black, lost his patience, and said, “Are you going to make a move?”

   “I can’t find a reason to shoot.” Zed Venerable said.

Tens of thousands of battle swords shot by   Zhang Ruochen were all smashed by the coffins of life and death.

   At the same time, the double coffin of life and death suddenly stopped, no longer chasing Yuan Sheng, but flew towards Zhang Ruochen instead.

  The double coffins of life and death are still ten thousand li beyond, it is already cloudy, the air is heavy, Corpse Qi dyes the earth, Yellow Springs emerge out of nowhere, there are graves appearing in the clouds, countless rules like rivers General flow.

   “Is this irritating it?”

  Zhang Ruochen felt the pressure doubled, turned around and ran away.

   However, the speed at which the ancestor boots erupted under the feet was filled with the Rule suppression between Heaven and Earth.


  The two coffins of life and death chased closer and closer, and several iron chains flew out first, pierced through the void, and appeared directly behind Zhang Ruochen.

  The iron chain is like a steel dragon, Ghost Fire is fast and heavy, and Yin Qi is heavy.

   Note that with a cultivation base like Yuan Sheng, it can only block three iron chains.

   With Zhang Ruochen’s current cultivation base, if he is hit by even one of the chains, the Divine Physique will definitely be broken, and the Divine Soul will be severely damaged.

  Zhang Ruochen didn’t expect to rob Venerable at all. After all, the Old Guy was indeed just a false god. After so many years, he realized that the 19th Chongtianyu must have limited battle strength. Side restraint, or it can be done.

   It is almost impossible to say that it is almost impossible to compete with an immortal and immeasurable person.

  ”hua! ”

  After the iron chain entered Zhang Ruochen thousand zhang, the silver brilliance in his palm bloomed, and with a wave of his hand, he knocked out the Suduowan silver tree.

The   Wanfo Forest appeared instantly in the void, with silver trees fluttering in the wind, and a silver Buddha with benevolent eyes.

  Sanskrit sound world shaking, Buddhist text is long and empty.


   A chain of iron slammed into the Ten Thousand Buddha Forest, smashing many silver trees into silver white dust, shaking the Ten Thousand Buddha Forest and Zhang Ruochen in the Buddha Forest and flying out more than a thousand miles .

   However, these iron chains failed to penetrate Wanfolin after all.

   Those smashed silver trees and silver Buddhas quickly regrew.

  Zhang Ruochen is standing in the center of Wan Fu Lin, Spirit Power is out, connected with each Buddha.

   At the same time, Divine Qi poured out, causing Mani beads to fly to the sky, manipulating the mirror platform to sink into the ground, and enhancing the power of the Sutuowan silver tree with these two Buddhist Artifacts.

   After a while, the light and shadow of Yinxuetian and the Sixth Patriarch condensed in the Ten Thousand Buddha Forest.

   Yuan Sheng carried the bloody Bihai Primordial Spear and chased it back, standing on the edge of a ground fissure several dozen feet wide, looking at the silvery Wanfolin, all his emotions were completely replaced by depression and anger.

   That guy…

   There is too much treasure on that guy!

   When Yuan Sheng was thinking about how to break the game, a loud suona sound came from outside.

  I saw, on the horizon, a nine-colored divide splendor rose, and an old man in purple came blowing a suona.

The sound of    suona contained strong Divine Force, which blew away the Yin Qi that enveloped Heaven and Earth, and dissolved the awe-inspiring Ancestral God Founder power.

  The double coffin of life and death was suspended in the position of the hungred zhang off the ground, and the chains that attacked Wan Fu Lin were retracted.

   The skulls at both ends of the coffin are suspended in front, and the piercing whistling sounds from their mouths impact together with the sound waves formed by the suona sound and cancel each other out.

   Not long after, the old man in the purple robe came to the outside of the Wanfo Forest, and when he closed the suona, his figure broke through the space and appeared above the coffin of life and death. Countless purple silhouettes scattered, then overlapped, and fell heavily.

   Immovable Bright King fist!
  The combination of the nine-color dive splendor and the immovable Bright King fist broke the chains that came flying.


The    fist collided directly with the coffin lid, and the shock was like ripples, causing Yuan Sheng and Wan Fulin to retreat.

   The double coffin of life and death fell from the sky and hit the ground.

  The earth sank, and the soil all around rose up quickly, forming a ring-shaped mountain range with a diameter of tens of thousands of miles.

   “This Old Guy dares to call himself a false god in the future?”

  Zhang Ruochen was stunned, how could he have imagined that Jie Venerable would be so outrageous, punching the coffins of life and death into the ground with one punch. Especially after the first ancestor Divine Qi, the first ancestor rule and the immovable Bright King fist are combined, the mighty power seems to be able to split heaven and earth apart.

   “With the help of the Divine Force and the rules of the Bright King, the shackles left by the Bright King were broken, and since then, the emperor has no more restraints.”

   Underground, a thick and long voice sounded.

The sound of    spread westward and left.

  Suddenly, blood light in the western sky soared into the sky, and a beam of light fell from the sky.

In the    beam, the silhouette of Fengtian manifested.

   The moment she landed, the icy Divine Force of death rushed into the ground.


  hundred thousand li The tectonic plate broke and sank suddenly, forcing the coffin of life and death, which was about to leave the ground, to fly out again.

Behind   Fengtian, the gate of destiny as bright as a star manifested.

   The rays of light released by the Gate of Destiny, like hundreds of millions of ropes, entangled the coffin on the coffin, and the soul mist belonging to Zhou Qi Ghost Emperor was entangled and pulled towards her.

   At the same time, several pieces of Divine Artifact flew out of the space around Feng Tian’s body and smashed into the coffin of life and death.

   An immortal battle was staged, the energy aftermath Heaven and Earth turning upside down, within a few hundred thousand li, no cultivator could approach.

  Zhang Ruochen sent a Venerable sound transmission to Jie, saying: “Hurry up and help!”

  Jie Venerable, dressed in a purple robe, with a feather crown and hair, with a sense of dive poise and sagelike features, said: “Who do you help? Help the Yellow Springs Great Emperor to suppress Feng Caiyi?”

  Zhang Ruochen said: “The Yellow Springs Great Emperor is a greater threat. If he restores the cultivation base, who can stop him?”

   “There is no need to restore the cultivation base, he only needs to have 20% of the cultivation base before his death, and he can kill any monk in the current universe.” Jie Venerable said.

  Zhang Ruochen said: “Then you haven’t shot yet?”

  Jie Venerable said with a smile: “But this is an impossible thing! He wants to restore 20% of his cultivation base before his death, which is even more difficult than Feng Caiyi’s cultivation of half ancestors. Therefore, in comparison, Feng Caiyi The threat of wings is greater.”

  Zhang Ruochen said: “You’d better not underestimate the Yellow Springs Great Emperor. He also has the Ancestral God Founder source in his body and the body of Ancestral God Founder. The Remnant Soul also contains the insights of the ancestors.”

   (end of this chapter)

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