GLCS Chapter 24

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    The twenty-fourth chapter is to warm the bed.

    "Where Wu Shao said this, the man is the top priority, the martial arts is the first priority, how can you waste Time on a woman, and Fu caixuan must also admire Wu Shao, this is just to give her a chance to be a woman." !"He Zheng follows the path.

    Wu Zhen has been very impressed and has no approval in her heart. "That's right, paying Shimei is just holding it, so it's hard to say it. If I want her body, she will follow me with a slap in the face!"

    "Wu Shao, would you like to arrange for you?"He Zheng smiled.

    "Well, He Patriarch, if you can help this less, you will definitely be able to do this. The benefits must be indispensable to you!"Wu Zhen called.

    He Zheng's eyes are bright, and he even said: "Wu Shao is relieved, this little person must help you arrange it properly!"

    "Alright!"Wu Zhen couldn't help but laugh, he was already lightly itchy.

    This picture, think about it makes people want blood!

    At the moment, Wu Zhen is no nonsense, hurriedly left from where he left, and then quietly returned to the arrived to pay home.

    As a brother of Fu caixuan, he is naturally paying home.

    "Brother, where have you been, how can you not find you?"Fu caixuan asked Wu Zhen when he came back.

    Fu caixuan is obviously just showering, the hair is still slightly moist, and the body exudes a refreshing scent, which makes people feel fascinated, the body skirt flutters, the attractive figure is unobstructed, the mountains are stacked, almost the eyes are going to be I sucked in.

    Wu Zhen swallowed her mouth, her eyes fixed on Fu caixuan's pretty awkward position, and He Zheng's proposal sounded in her heart. The heartbeat was even more frantic.

    "Brother, what's wrong with you?"Fu caixuan frowned, feeling Wu Zhen was strangely surprised tonight, and her eyes were disgusting.

    "Oh, nothing."Wu Zhen reacted, but he smiled in his heart. "Fu caixuan, when I arrive, I will make you want to die, and you will follow me with my heart and soul, let me have fun!"

    "Yes, but I think the brothers seem to be complicated."Fu caixuan Road.

    "This is the case. I just went out and heard a message. He seems to have confirmed the location of Qin Qi. They intend to fire the mountain and force Qin Qi out."Wu Zhen said.

    "What?"Fu caixuan complexion changed and hurriedly said: "Senior, is this news accurate?"

    Seeing that Fu caixuan is so nervous, Wu Zhen is more distorted, but the complexion has not changed, but solemnly said: "The news is correct, they will burn the mountain tomorrow morning."

    Fu caixuan frowned, but suddenly asked: "How can the brother tell me this news?"

    Wu Zhen complexion was a stiff, and quickly smiled: "before I did misunderstand with Qin Qi, but the sister-in-law did not come back that he did not lie to you, in this case, I can not complain about it?"

    Fu caixuan hearing this, suddenly laughed and nodded: "Brothers can think so naturally best!"

    "Then I will go to rest first. I have something to do with my sister."Wu Zhen smiled.

    Fu caixuan nodded. After Wu Zhen left, the expression suddenly became tense. She had to tell Qin Qi the news, otherwise Qin Qi would be burned.

    Staying up late, Fu caixuan left to pay for the family and went to the wilderness.

    Behind a half-open window, Wu Zhen sneered and saw everything in his eyes.

    Fu caixuan really went to Qi Qi to ventilate the letter, this time, Qin Qi did not live hope!

    "Pay Shimei, don't be stupid anymore, what kind of garbage can care about this time, you will know that he is a waste, will be killed in front of you."

    "But forget it, anyway, you will be my person soon, hahaha!"Wu Zhen couldn't help but laugh.

    Qin Qi fell asleep and slipped, and Shi Shi's entire small and exquisite body was carried into his arms. This is not his wretchedness. Now he is asleep and is dreaming.

    In his sleep, Qin Qi dreams that there is a beautiful woman who is desperately trying to drill into his arms. He is lightly unable to hold it.

    "Hey, hey!"Qin Qi smiled and the saliva flowed to the ground.

    Fu caixuan ventured into the wilderness, and finally walked here, just to see what was inside, and suddenly did not hit a place.

    The wilderness of this night is much more dangerous than the daytime, she can safely come here, it is also good luck, and Qin Qi is good, hū hū sleep, not holding, but also tightly holding ShiShi, simply beast not as good as!

    Fu caixuan 腮 子 鼓 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

    Of course, this is just a slogan. She hurried into the cave and wanted to wake Qin Qi.

    However, Qin Qi is already in her, she has opened her eyes.

    Qin Qi's vigilance is not so low. When Fu caixuan came outside the cave, he woke up, but he noticed that it was Fu caixuan, and that didn't respond.

    "You, you are awake!"Fu caixuan exclaimed.

    "Why are you coming here, shouldn't you want to warm the bed for the little guy?"Qin Qi couldn't help but be happy, and quickly opened his arms to Fu caixuan.

    This is not to blame him for thinking, in the middle of the night, a girl ran over to find him, this situation, are young men and women, dry fire, do not have something to happen?

    "You are dying, you are dying, you still want these!"Fu caixuan shouted.

    DeadQin Qi slightly strange.

    "Sister Wu told me that I had a message. He has already roughly defined your position. They will set fire to the mountain tomorrow morning and force you out!"Fu caixuan nervous way.

    Qin Qi hearing this , complexion suddenly changed.

    "So you can escape quickly, change places to hide, or simply pay home with me!"Fu caixuan Road.

    "I don't think there is a chance."Qin Qi sighed and his eyes gradually became cold.

    What do you mean?Fu caixuan complexion has changed.

    "What he means is that he is going to die here today, to pay for the family, or wait for the next life!"A cold voice rang from the outside of the cave.

    Hear this, Qin Qi smiles, and Fu caixuan is wide-eyed.

    “He Zheng, how could this be!”Fu caixuan trembled in his heart, He Zheng came, to kill Qin Qi, but how could they find it here?

    Is it coming with her!

    "You don't even think about it, such a big wilderness, it is so easy for them to burn me out, and, just last night, it snowed!"Qin Qi sighed.

    Of course, he does not blame Fu caixuan, because he knows that he is doing this, but he can only say that care is chaotic, she is calculated by the mind.

User: depthsfiery, Date: 2019-06-16 00:28:28

At the end, he is still claiming the girl is innocent and looking for excuses, seriously. Very rare to see a person that insists their live is unless and not worth much, so that people can use it for trail and error.

User: depthsfiery, Date: 2019-06-16 00:26:45

Mc is an idiot, female is an idiot, both are too self-important. The girl is selfish and ungrateful, the main character is greedy and careless.