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Ling Linglu turned back and looked at the direction of the sound, and could not help but be surprised.

It was a very beautiful sister. It was not expensive to wear, but the temperament was excellent. At first glance, it was not a general-born person.

She seems to have just come out of the old shop on the street, holding an abyss stone in her hand.

That is the abyss stone that has been opened, and the essence of it is gathering, it is really extraordinary!

Look at the essence of the product, this is a medium abyss stone, for the market outside the famous door, it is commendable!

“Sister, what are you talking about?” asked Ling Linglu.

He smiled and said: “Little sister, do you know that the abyss stone, that is, watching the big, the abyss stone of this kind of appearance, is simply a waste stone, which cannot contain essence.”

“This black-hearted boss is simply cheating you this little girl.”

“So?” Lingling revealed his head.

She is a set of things for the will of faith, but there are few other life experiences, which know which side is right.

However, this sister is really beautiful and gives a good impression. She should not lie to her.

“Cough, that’s not good to say so, it is also possible to have the essence, gambling stone, this is a gambling word,” the boss was slightly sly, coughed twice, explained.

However, he did not dare to be tough. After all, he understood that this woman in front of him could not afford to be offended.

Otherwise, let alone set aside here, whether it can live or not, it is a problem.

“The real waste rock, don’t argue with alright, lie to the little girl what kind of thing?” Emei slightly, slightly displeased.

“Yes, yes, what you said is,” the boss should continue to be, no longer dare to talk.

“lord, what should I do?” Linglinglu had no idea and could only look at Qin Qi.

Qin Qi only took a look at the woman at first, and then did not take it anymore. At this moment, Ling Linglu asked, and said: “If you have selected this one, buy it.”

When this was said, some people in the place were wide-eyed and could not believe it!

The boss is don’t think that he has got it wrong.

This still has to buy?

Isn’t that clear? This is a waste rock.

Even though most of the other stones on this stall are waste rock, this piece is also the most wasteful piece of waste rock, and the possibility of containing essence is too small.

This kid, can’t you understand?

“You still have to buy?” It was also a glimpse, and the eyebrows suddenly became heavier.

She has sincerely advised that this person does not appreciate it at all. It is really deserving to be deceived.

“Can’t you buy it?” Qin Qi said.

“Hey!” The sleeves, my heart could not help but anger.

She has not been treated like this.

And she is obviously kind!

This person is really damn!

The people on the side of the crowd are also the belly. This kid is really ignorant.

“How much?” Qin Qi looked at the boss.

The boss suddenly beamed.

This is not his pit, it is this kid who insists on buying it, no wonder he is.

However, this thing has been in his hands for so many years, and he does not want to have any more accidents, but he does not dare to open the price, and even gave a discount, and he rushed to shoot.

Pay the money in one hand and get the goods in one hand.

“Guest, this sale has become, you have to repent, it is useless!” The boss smiled.

Today is not what day, this kind of hoe is blue, this kind of cockroach can meet, it is really abyss to protect you!

“How to open a stone?” Qin Qi asked.

“I see the guest’s Strength realm, how can there be a realm, directly shatter the surface stone shell,” the boss laughed.

I was originally planning to leave, she is really unhappy with this person.

However, seeing Qi Qi is about to open the stone now, he can’t help but stop.

She wants to stay and see this unbelievable kid, look at know, this is a piece of waste stone, what kind of annoyed expression.

Who told this fellow not to listen to her?

All are alive!

Everyone is looking forward to it, that is, among the tall buildings on the street, they are also watching the lively people.

After all, this is a gambling stone, very exciting, and no one wants to miss it.

“Lord, in fact, I think that one is also very good.” Lingling Lu pointed to another stone on the booth, which is very sad.

She feels that she is all in a random election, so that Qin Qi has spent so much money.

Qin Qi just smiled, the strength of the hand trembled slightly, the astral stone of the size of the human head was suspended, and then the stone shell of the first level layer slowly peeled off.

Everyone is holding their breath and watching the first level of the stone shell fall off.

Even the boss and the embarrassed, knowing that this stone is a waste rock, can not help but lightly nervous at the moment.

This may be the charm of gambling.

As the stone shell is steadily detached, the abyssal stone is also shrinking rapidly, and it quickly changes from the size of the head to the size of the fist.

But still no change.

Sure enough, it is a waste rock.

Everyone shook their heads and felt completely wasted Time.

Of course, more is gloating.

“I am also angry. In this kind of waste rock, how can there be a quintessence?” He shook his head and turned away.

Just just turned back.

Surrounding is a burst of exclamation!

“Exit, my God, it really happened!” The boss widened his eyes and cried in an incredible way.

It is the first level stone shell peeling off, a ray of light, began to spill through the thin stone shell!

This is the essence of the essence, which is derived from the divine abyss, a very divine power!

“Impossible!” I can’t believe it when I see this scene.

This well-recognized waste stone actually has its essence?

Is this really a real abyss stone?

And this aura, the purity of the essence inside, even higher than the one she just got.

It is already a good middle class.

Everyone is afraid to breathe at the moment, all staring nervously. After all, what is the appearance, it is necessary to remove all the stone shells to determine.

“Guest, you see if you want to change me, I am professional, there will be no deviation!” The boss could not help but shout.

He is annoyed at the moment, but he wants to let the quintessence of the inside revisit the sky.

He did not lie.

He does have this skill.

Qin Qi, the first person to contact the quintessence, is very likely to grasp the insufficiency and hurt the essence of the arrived.

A little hurt, that is a huge loss!

Qin Qi did not answer, but the action did slow down a bit.

After peeling off the first level stone shell, the essence of the aura has been filled out, this purity, non-common!

“Higher class!” He couldn’t help but groaned and couldn’t help but calm down.

She bit her teeth and said: “Let me come, I can cut the perfect!”

I naturally don’t want to help this nasty fellow.

It’s just that this quintessence is really good, even if it’s not your own, I hope that it will make it perfect.

“Right right, Miss Yan is definitely an expert in this regard!” The boss nodded again and again.

“No,” Qin Qi refused directly, without hesitation.

“You!” I was furious.

I really want to turn around and leave. But in my heart, I want to witness the idea of ​​this quintessence, but she can’t lift her feet. She can only stare at Qin Qi in disgust, and see that the essence is more obvious.

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