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Qin Qi speed is a little slower, but everything is orderly, the stone shell peels off a little, and the last few layers are already thin as transparent.

Today’s precise control is not easy.

Only at this moment no one cares about this, because the essence is to be completely present!

Finally, a black light shines out, all the stone shells are stripped, leaving only the purest essence!

Vaguely, people even look at arriated a vision.

That is the sacred abyss that emerged!

Higher quality, absolute high quality, even has been slightly close to the special appearance!

Who can think of such a small booth, there are no hundred and eighty in the city, can you even have such an abyss stone?

It is the big shop of the old name, every few years, it is possible to make a piece.

“Is this the real abyss stone?” Qin Qi listened carefully to the abyss stone, which was composed entirely of essence, and felt carefully, but unfortunately, there was not much gain.

This thing, if it is useless, Qin Qi is a little unbelief, but what is the use, it seems that in addition to the mysterious and mysterious air transport, it is difficult to say.

But there is better than nothing, Qin Qi will accept it first.

“Your luck, it’s really good,” he yelled at Qin Qi, biting his teeth, and he was slightly bitter.

How can such a person get an abyss stone like this?

“It was her choice,” Qin Qi pointed to Linglinglu.

Then he asked: “You just said that the other one is not bad. Which one is it?”

Lingling Lu pointed one.

Qin Qi bought it without saying anything.

The boss did not hesitate and went straight to the deal.

He is very clear about Qin Qi’s thoughts. Isn’t it just to see that he is so excited today that he wants to make persistent efforts?

The typical gambler psychology, he saw much more.

But who can get the real abyss stone twice in a row?

Still not giving him money.

The boss’s own stall is still clear. How come the essence of it, if there is a probability, he has already developed, used to sell here?

“This kid, greedy, really don’t think that you can have so many luck can squander?”

“Cut, this kind of person looks much more, and finally it is estimated that even this abyss stone will be lost.”

“Hah, that’s right, so people can’t be too greedy. Isn’t it good to stop in time, continue to play, don’t kill him!”

There are many people talking about the surroundings, and of course most of them are not optimistic.

I got a piece that I didn’t know enough, and I could only lose it all in the end.

“I advise you to buy this piece and then close it, otherwise continue to buy, you will have nothing”, and he also said something.

She really doesn’t want to open this mouth.

Just seeing the arrived abyssal stone today, or decided to wake up.

Qin Qi is unreasonable, just starting to open the stone.

Awkwardly annoyed, this is not a small chest, once again rose a few points, it is a sigh of relief, want to kill Qin Qi.

But she still didn’t go.

She is going to watch Qin Qi lose all the way this time, losing nothing!

If you want to get the abyss stone continuously, there is such a probability that everyone will not do this business.

This stone doesn’t have the big one, only the size of the fist, so it opens very quickly.

After a few breaths, the speed of Qin Qi is one of the slowest.

And everyone’s breathing is also a stagnation.

Pristine aura!

The head here really has the essence!

Everyone is discolored.

How can this be.

Open two real abyss stones in succession?

Luck against the sky alright!

“How could this be?”, the boss is also embarrassed.

He has been doing this business for a lifetime and has never encountered this situation.

He only had hundreds of stones in the area, and he actually had two real abyss stones.

This probability is too exaggerated alright!

The oldest stone that sells the most expensive stones is also the probability of this.

That can be measured by the countless expert, and the probability is larger than the average stone.

“This is too…” He grew up with a mouth and couldn’t speak at all.

Is this luck or strength?

Does that little girl have the Ability to see through the abyss?

“Wow!” Lingling Lu smiled happily and danced.

She opened her quintessence and she didn’t mention how happy she was.

After all, this is not a waste of money, but a profit for Qin Qi.

Naturally, you can be happy.

“I really served, two, still want to buy?” The boss sighed and asked.

Ling Linglu looked at Qin Qi, Qin Qi just smiled and said casually.

Linglinglu is shaking her head, she does not want to buy it.

If you are wrong, what to do if you lose money!

Can’t let the lost lord lose money, especially in her loss of money, so that her image in the heart of the lord is not good!

“Little girl, if you look at it, the stone is pleasing to the eye, I will buy it.”

At this moment, I had a heart and mind, and I quickly got together and laughed.

“This stall is gone, and the one next door is very ugly, I feel very good,” Lingling replied truthfully.

“Hey, this little girl doesn’t understand her own value at all.” He shook his head and felt that Lingling was too old to be alive.

How can it be easily disclosed?

And to hear this, the people of the surroundings are all in a honeycomb rushed to the adjacent booth.

It’s just a ugly stone. In the end, it’s not clear.

Unfortunately, there are so many people to buy at this time, and there is a skill to ask, look at that ugly and buy that piece!

In a short while, I actually opened a real abyss stone and could not help but exclaim.

Only Qin Qi has left with Lingling.

They were originally because of the good genius bought the abyss stone, this time is enjoyable, there is no need for continue.

It’s just that Qin Qi is going to do this, and others are different.

A little girl, even a few abyss stones, even contain the essence.

The value of this is hard to estimate.

Qin Qi and Linglinglu did not go far, and they were stopped by a few people, including the beautiful one.

“What’s the matter?” Qin Qi asked.

It’s a smile, it’s beautiful, it’s really a landscape.

“Forgot to introduce myself, my name is 筱筱, this is my brother, Sher, we are all from the Abyss Stone Association,” smirked.

Abyssal Stone Association.

Listening to a very general name, but it is a big deal, the status of the dark world is second only to the institutions that belong only to the parliament.

And if it is a single discussion of wealth, the Abyss Stone Association is the first!

This association was originally developed because of the study of the Abyssal Stone, but after the development, it has already stretched out the tentacles around the dark world, all major classes.

Especially in the trade of dark heavens, the Abyss Stone Association has occupied 50%!

It is hard to imagine how terrifying wealth is.

Enriching the enemy is almost a concept.

And this and Shire, the status of the Abyss Stone Association should not be low, this time, it is about gambling internship.

Although the development of the Abyssal Stone Association is no longer tied to the business of the Abyssal Stone.

But this tradition has not been lost.

Newcomers will conduct internships on gambling stones.

“I don’t know this son, can you sell the abyss stone you just got?” asked with a smile.

The attitude of asking people is not bad.

Qin Qi didn’t care, just asked: “Which piece?”

“If you can, I will have two pieces!”

“Can only sell the second piece,” Qin Qi shook his head.

I didn’t insist on it, and smiled and said: “The son, not as good as, let’s talk while drinking?”

“Qin Qi is a must,” Qin Qi smiled slightly.

“What do you do with him, it’s a waste of Time!” But it was Shir’s mouth, and looked at Qin Qi with a look of disdain.

“Kid, let’s open a price,” Shirdao said.

Qin Qi’s eyes were awkward and said: “I said, only sell one.”

Shi Er is a sneer, said: “Who told you the abyss stone, I mean this little girl!” “Open a price, how much this little girl, I bought,” Shier proudly said.

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