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Augu did not expect Qin Qi to ask this question.

Just hearing this question, he was a bit stunned.

who is it?

Aogu brows wrinkled.

He clearly knows who it is, but at the moment, it can’t even think of it, but it is vaguely remembered, it is a famous door.

But who is it?

The specific family name.

I forgot.

Can not remember?

Augu suddenly felt cold.

Who is he.

He is the Dark Supreme, he is the master of the Black Moon performer, living arrived from the ancient times now the lord lord!

How can he forget things that he wants to remember?

Not to mention such an important thing, it is a little bit of something, a little bit of detail on weekdays, as long as he is willing, can recall.

Otherwise, what is the supreme?

However, at this moment, he really couldn’t remember.

And if Qin Qi is not mentioned today, he will not even take the initiative to touch this issue, and will not recall it.

Often, they are all scribbled, and there is such a person.

what happened!

Aogu looked at Qin Qi and said with amazement: “I don’t remember.”

Qin Qi is also a glimpse.

How does he not know, what this situation represents.

This is by no means an active forgetting, but a force that can affect the Supreme, and then let them slowly fade away from this part of the memory.

Unbelievable means!

Qin Qi spits a sigh of relief and said: “It seems that this Heihe River is not as simple as the imagination.”

Ougu nodded with the same feeling, and at the same time, his heart was even more frightened.

Over the years, the long and eternal years, the power of the various ethnic groups against the Heihe swordsman has never had a real understanding, they can hide so deeply.

It is terrifying!

Nowadays, the ambitions of Heihe are gradually being revealed, fearing that they will start to receive alright.

Whether it is the god’s Death, the trap of the dark destiny, or the lock armor and the fairy heart, etc., the Heihe swordsman is more and more not aware of his own fangs.

Because they think that the time is ripe?

“What you mean is that the woman, in fact, is also arranged by the Heihe swordsman, but for what?” Augu Shen Shen, then blinked his eyes, “difficult insuffcient, in order to create a holy redeemer!”

“Accurately, it should be to connect the fairy heart in the abyss!” Qin Qi said.

He believes that this is the key.

As for the Holy Redeemer, this is just a name. Who can connect the fairy heart, whose bloodline is the Holy Redeemer.

And the secret inside, how to do this step, etc., for the time being no one knows.

“What do they want to do!” Augu really wondered what the ultimate goal of the Heihe swordsman was.

The other thing that he didn’t understand was, isn’t it all, as the brilliance of the guardian of the abyss, isn’t it nothing?

How do the Heihe swordsmen think about how to use their long years to cover up their actions.

But even if you hold everyone, you shouldn’t be ignorant of the glory.

Then there is only one possibility.

Glory knows what Heihe did, but he chose silence.

I am afraid, it is the glory of Heihe’s persuasion, but it is impossible for him to help him, so it is only the case that the glory is completely silent!

“The biggest threat to this don’t think in this world is brilliance. It seems that it may not be,” Qin Qi whispered.

To be honest, his current strength is already very strong. This time, the reason also avoids the power of the Heihe swordsman, but it is not too much attention.

Because he is confident that he will not lose.

But now it seems that there can be no slightest sight, no, they will have unexpected terrifying power!

“Now the current situation, fearing that it will change rapidly, the real big action of Heihe should not be far away, and we must be prepared for the black moon.”

“Please also let me put down the mustard and help me to restore the supreme body!”

The development of things has exceeded expectations.

If Oguru is always in such a bad state, then if the Heihe River is in trouble, the Black Moon is afraid that there is not much resistance.

“Yes, but I have a condition,” Qin Qi said.

Having talked with Aogu so much and found all sorts of amazing things, Qin Qi is willing to help Ogu.

Although it is still impossible to fully trust, the possibility of becoming a booster is slightly higher.

“Please tell me,” Augu couldn’t help but excited.

“Yan smoked the dojo will open, I am the key. At that time, you have to help me to recapture the print that belongs to our world!” Qin Qi said.

When I came to this world, Qin Qi knew about why he had sacrificed him at the beginning, and he could not completely open the dojo of Yan.

Because of the lack of key keys.

And that key is in his within the body.

Supreme Majesty!

This is the key left by Yan smoked!

Ogu nodded, this kind of thing does not need to be considered. “This is nature. In addition, we can form alliances, other creations, and we can fight for it!”

“I don’t think there is any plan for the Heihe swordsman, but this is a must-have!”

Qin Qi nodded. By then, there would be no doubt that there would be a big battle. Almost all the powerhouses in the Dark Heavens would gather together.

In this way, the two will work together.

In the past, such cooperation was almost impossible to achieve.

But it is different now.

This will be a win-win situation.

Of course, the reason why Qin Qi promised, the most important thing is still the night.

She has achieved the supreme!

At this moment, the entire black moon is shaking, and a stock of supreme aura, which is shocked out, is extremely strong.

The ancient God color was slightly complicated, and finally shook his head: “It seems to be the same. My feelings with her are more than her. Her way has exceeded me.”

It’s not to be a bitter.

Although the night of the night has not entered the supreme, but for the understanding of the immortal, he has been surpassed.

With such a foundation, surpassing him on realm is just a matter of Time.

It’s embarrassing to live an endless year, but not as good as such a younger generation.

But after thinking about it, this kid is not even more terrible!

After all, even in the eyes of the night, Qin Qi is young and scary.

Today, the younger generation in the dark world is Mephis. Who isn’t long Qin Qi for at least hundreds of years?

Shake his head.

Ogu decided not to think about it anymore, and now he is back to the Supreme is the key!

Qin Qi felt the strong aura fluctuations in the night, and smiled and said: “Your darkness, bloodline is heavy, which gives you great benefits. The previous practice is more smooth.”

“But after the arrived, it will be difficult, because your end point is already doomed, just in the abyss.”

“And we, there is no end!”

Ogu hear this, it is also a long sigh.

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