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As a people of the abyss, it is indeed a blessing. It can be a powerful powerhouse and become a powerhouse. But for the supreme pursuit of the supreme peak, it is undoubtedly a kind of sorrow.

Because their origins are in the abyss.

How strong are they, and can they surpass the source of insuffcient?

This may be the reason why no one in the dark heavens can be a fairy.

After waiting for a while, the night of the aura began to shrink, apparently has completely stepped into the supreme realm, and then converged aura.

The next moment, there was one more person in the wooden house.

The night is back.

It is back with the supreme means.

Both Qin Qi and Aogu were really eager to see, and they only had a sigh of relief after the death, and they couldn’t help but scorn.

With her pride, she is naturally dissatisfied with this feeling.

“Many thanks”, the night is not reaching out, returning the indeterminate kernel to Qin Qi.

“Good to say,” Qin Qi smiled.

Then he looked at Augu and said, “I still have something to do. You should prepare as soon as possible. I will come back later.”

Ogu nodded, he would naturally do this kind of thing.

However, he still said: “I also hope that you can stay in the night.”

“Why?” Qin Qi said.

“The night is not the first time you enter the supreme world, the aura is turbulent, that is, the black moon can not be completely blocked, and the outside world must have been aware.”

“But I don’t know who I am hurting, only don’t think this is the power of my emits, and if I know someone who is hurt, I think my Strength will start to recover!”

“They will think that it is Qin Qi who brought you the variables.”

Ogu also said so much.

Qin Qi and the night are not able to understand, that is, the illusion of reality, at least, the Heihe swordsman also had to be vigilant.

Be prepared for the recovery of Augu!

There is nothing wrong with this night, but she did not directly agree, but looked at Qin Qi, “What do you want to do, can you help me?”

“No, I am alone,” Qin Qi laughed.

“Good”, nodding at night.

So, it will be fixed.

On the same day, Qin Qi left the Black Moon Forest with an undead day, and the night was not, but the continues stay in the black moon, and the stable supreme environment that has just been promoted!

“Go directly to the secret research institute of the Abyss Stone Association?” Asked after the death, you can see that the eyes are full of expectations.

She really doesn’t like the feelings of people around her.

“Don’t worry, that fairy heart is definitely yours, but if you can’t integrate it, it’s up to you,” Qin Qi laughed.

“Natural can”, it is also confident flying after the death!

Although it has already broken the cause and effect, it is self-contained, but it is indeed the post-mortem of the banned female corpse after the death of the dead. With this confidence, it should be!

In this way, Qin Qi does not delay, and after breaking the Void with an undead day, according to the coordinates given by 筱筱, from the endless folding Void, find the place where the institute is located!

This is a Void turbulent flow.

It is really difficult for the Abyss Stone Association, and I can find such a place, although it is in the Void turbulence, but it is very stable.

It is like a bare reef in a rushing river, and it will not be swept away by turbulence.

“If there is no ambiguous coordinates, it is not easy to find it here,” Qin Qi whispered, and it is no wonder that the Abyss Stone can hide this secret study so deeply.

Since the Arrived place, Qin Qi does not need to hide anything, so directly break through the Institute’s outer defense system and enter the arrived research institute.

This is a small World, with huge buildings everywhere, and outside each building, there are all kinds of large pipes, made of special materials, which are conveying certain special bodies.

It looks like a factory production line.

About, it is the device used to liquefy the essence.

In such an important research institute, the defensive measures are naturally top-notch. At this moment, Qin Qi forcibly broke through, and the entire research institute has already been alarmed.

There is a powerful aura, coming from all directions, the big arrays everywhere, it is directly open, shining, one after another.

“Who, dare to swear at the Institute of the Abyss Stone Association, I don’t know how to live!”

“Take him, anyone who breaks into this place, no matter who it is, must kill, never leave a living!”

“Open the Fairy Particle Compressor and release the Dark Seonville field!”

“The ultra-outer turbulence cutter starts, cut off the road and absolutely does not allow them to leave!”

Among the institutes, there is a noisy, but the commands are conveyed in an instant, but they are also well organized. It can be seen that they are well-trained people.

It is an elite.

This also shows that the Abyssal Stone Association attaches great importance to this place, and the investment can be said to be boundless!

A lot of equipment and large arrays were opened, and the whole institute instantly became the Longtan Tiger Cave. In addition to the research institute, it was also a huge change. The countless turbulence was like crazy and began to have an irregular impact.

I have to say that the scene is still very shocking.

If you change someone else, even if you are at this level of exist, you will feel a bit tricky.

Unfortunately, Qin Qi is not someone else.

And at this moment, he has no need to hide any power.

I saw Qin Qi step forward.

Step on the foot.

In an instant, the countless array of the entire institute, bursting in an instant, bursting directly, and the lines were all broken.

Then, Qi Qi took another kick.

Xiandao particle compressors, turbulent flow cutters and other devices, directly collapsed, various parts flying, and even caused the big explosion of the fairy particles, huge roaring sounds one after another.

Finally, it is another foot.

Those powerhouses that are thrown are directly struck by lightning, and the body is stiff and falls to the ground!

It is the Longtan Tiger Cave, but it is just a three-legged step.

If you don’t want to destroy the installations of the essence of this place, I am afraid, it is enough!

“Go”, Qin Qi first went forward.

After three feet, the institute has no power to stop Qin Qi.

Together with the fluctuations of Xianxin, Qin Qi has also perceived the awarded.

Originally, the fairy heart was tightly loaded in a closed container, and all the fluctuations were absorbed by a special device stacked on the layer, which did not allow a slight fluctuation.

Unfortunately, Qi Qi’s initial foot has already broken these devices, and the fairy heart naturally has nowhere to hide.

After pulling through the undead days, Zhao Rui is stepping out, the next moment, has come to the core of the institute.

Here, the countless pipeline is aggregated, and then flows into the pipe with only a few finger thicknesses, and under the pipe, it is the fairy heart!

Suddenly Qin Qi of appear, frightened the researchers here, one by one old professor is terrified, how dare to move?

“What is the situation now, has this fairy heart recovered?” Qin Qi went to the fairy heart and asked, while asking.

“Have you regard the fairy heart as your own!”

It was a burst of popping.

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