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Sudden changes, it is difficult to react.

Yuan Shenxiu has Death, Qin Qi Chengxian, there should be no more power between threats and earth to threaten them.

Only at this moment, this change is so amazing, that is, Qi Qi of Cheng Xian, feels a little bit pressure.

And, it’s too strange.

Qin Qi naturally also pays attention to the changes in the arrived Qin Qin.

In this world, is there still two abyss insuffcient?


The fairy heart is beating, and the air machine on the body begins to change drastically. The fog from the abyss wraps her whole person into it, completely in harmony with the sacred abyss!

This kind of feeling, compared with the connection between the gods and the sacred abyss, there is still a strong point, it is a taste of unity.

Is this fairy heart more special, and different from the sacred heart of Yuan Shenxiu?

Qin Qi can’t see through, but the heart has already produced a sense of shock. Although it is not yet what happened, it is impossible to let things go.

After all, no matter how you look at it, this is not a good thing for the undead.

At the moment, Qin Qi vibrates Xianli, and the blood-colored fairy sword in his hand goes straight down, trying to cut off the connection between the undead and the sacred abyss.

However, the sacred abyss is not at the end of the distant earth at the moment, but is really coming here, like a downturn, suppressing heavens and earth.

Qin Qi Even if it is a fairy, it is difficult to easily compete with it!

I saw a lot of faint mist from the deepest place of the abyss, like sandstorms, more and more fierce, swept down the imposing manner, and rushed through Qin Qi’s Jianguang.

Qin Qi slightly frowns.

It’s just that he is now a fairy, and his fighting power is even more than just now.

Just now that one sword can directly kill the Yuanshen show, now, big deal, another sword, the holy abyss will be opened!

Qin Qi at the moment, can’t do this step!

At the moment Qin Qi, the slaughter kendo limit is sublimated, and Sword Sensen will be the strongest sword after becoming a fairy!

Feeling this power, it is the sacred abyss, all trembled slightly.

It feels like possessiveness and feels threatened at the moment.

Extremely fast, two aura emerged, so that Qin Qi could not help but lag.

It is the Lingling dew and the gods.

They are all in the divine abyss at the moment.

Glory is not the last thing that will evolve into this. In his view, the Holy Abyss is the safest place in the world, and naturally hides the two in the abyss.

So that the outside fight will not affect them.

But now, it seems to be the most dangerous place.

The sacred abyss, even with the zero Linglu and the gods of heaven, is to Qi Qin, not allowed him to kneel down this sword!

“How can this be the great abyss!” It is hard to believe that Shining sees this scene.

The sacred abyss is the faith of the dark genus, the source of the dark heaven, and how great its might be.

Even in the face of destruction, it will be treated frankly.

Otherwise, what is great!

Guanghui suddenly discovered that this sacred abyss has already deviated from what he knows. Is it true that the guardian of so many years still does not know the truth of the sacred abyss?

Qin Qi Seeing this, it is not difficult to bite the teeth, this sword is difficult to kneel down.

And taking advantage of this skill, it was wrapped in smog after the death, and it was steadily fluttering toward the sacred abyss. Qin Qi was blocked, but it was difficult to stop.

At most, it is to make the process a little slower.

“What secrets are hidden in this fairy heart!” Qin Qi frowned, and he sensed that the vitality of the fairy heart was being strongly enhanced.

Compared with the body after the death, the agitation is even more surge!

As if, back to the initial body of the arrived!

It is only this fairy tales that originated from a true immortal.

The immortal is manifested in the sacred abyss, representing the abyss, spreading the power throughout the heavens and earth, and this is the darkness that follows.

And after doing all this, the immortal disappeared.

At the moment, the immortal should be sacrificed to the abyss and become a part of the abyss. It is the best proof to dig out this fairy heart and the essence.

Although these are already unspeakable history, they are the form of World at the beginning, only exist in the legend.

But even if it is radiant, from the ancient times, it guards the exist of the sacred abyss, and always believes in the authenticity of these legends.

Difficult insuffcient at this moment, this vision, is that the immortal to return to the world insuffcient?

This is the sacred abyss spontaneously, to expel the foreign enemies?

Qin Qi smashed the sacred show of the dark Ruler, and it was normal to be hostile to the sacred abyss. So, everything can be explained.

But the uneasiness in the glory of the heart is even more intense.

And he is even more surprised by the changes that have taken place in Qin.

Qin Lan is a rebel of the abyss. There is no need to doubt this. At this moment, the power that she is constantly igniting is undoubtedly the abyss of the abyss.

But Qin Hao should not be enough to break this power.

I am afraid, because of the change of the sacred abyss, this forced the power of Qin Qian with the body to erupt completely.

It is the abyss behind Qin Lan, which manifests itself on his own!

This is the confrontation between the abyss and the abyss?

But glory is the guardian of the abyss, even if he is, he has never heard of the dark heavens actually have two abyss!

Not to mention that the abyss behind Qin Lan is similar to the Dark Valley!

It was not a similarity in appearance. After all, the glory did not go deep into the dark valley. It was when he brought the abyss rebel from the dark valley.

The dark valley is different from the sacred abyss, both in scale and form.

But with regard to the Dark Valley, there are indeed many different common things, and it is the glory that cannot be explored.

The ancestor of the Holy Redeemer, the spaceship belonging to the Primal Chaos goddess, fell in the dark valley, and the abyss rebel, also from the dark valley.

Even Yan Yan’s dojos came to the outside of the dark valley.

Everything seems to be saying that the Dark Valley is different.

Unfortunately, no one can explore what is coming.

Now, the aura of the Dark Valley is actually appearing on the abyss of the Qin dynasty!

What secrets are there in the end?

Glory is also unknown.

As for Augu and others, there is only a share of the hairpin, and it is not what happened. I don’t understand what it means!


A loud noise came from the sacred abyss above the scorpio.

A large amount of faint mist was transmitted from the deepest abyss of the abyss. Constantly coincided with the undead, and the power of the Qi Qi was strengthened. The power of Qin Qi was dragged.

The sacred abyss is increasing its efforts to accommodate the undead days!

Enemy with the entire sacred abyss, Qin Qi, who is a fairy, has begun to gradually withstand the pressure, especially in the moment when it is impossible to shoot.

He can only be seen by the abyss after the death of the sky.

This is just a problem with Time.

This will continue to be engulfed by the abyss after the death.

And what happens after that, no one knows.

Not to mention that Lingling and Shentianxiang will still be hostages by then, which is even worse!

Qin Qi gritted his teeth and continued to block the power of the sacred abyss. At the same time, people came to the side of the armor.

“What are you going to do?” asked the perfect woman.

Qin Qi took a deep breath and smiled bitterly: “I don’t know.”

He didn’t know what happened to Dao God’s holy abyss, and he didn’t know what this abyss is behind Qin.

But things are up to now.

He can only fight unknowns with unknowns!

After all, the situation should not get worse!

In this way, Qin Qi no longer hesitates, and the massive Xianli directly flows into Qin’s with the body.

This is the power of a true immortal!

The surge and the vastness are almost impossible to describe in words.

In an instant, there was a drastic change around Qin, and it was supported by such a force. The abyss of Qin Yu’s summon became clearer, and the power gradually began to manifest!

“This…” Gloriously watched this scene.

The abyss behind Qin Lan, the constant solidity, the shape and the sacred abyss no longer differ much, and even more amazing is that his bloodline, along with this abyss.

I don’t know if he, Augu and others, all the dark genus, feel the arrival of the fluctuations from the bloodline.

But this kind of fluctuation is very strange, it is like connecting with two bloodline sources. For a while, I can’t judge which side is the real source!

“This, this, what the hell is going on!” Glory could not calm down.

Only this time, the sacred abyss above that day began to oppress, and that kind of anger and ruin is like trying to stop the general!

In this way, Qin Qi is even more unreserved!

More Xianli poured into the Qin dynasty within the body.

Qin Hao’s closed eyes suddenly opened, countless fairy light beating in it, sacred and extraordinary, and behind her, violently opened a heavens and earth.

Between the heavens and earth, rumbling!

It seems that the earth is roaring.

In the abyss of a valley, it is suddenly leaping and coming. The real body appear is on the scorpio behind the Qin dynasty, and the sacred abyss is pushed away a few times!

Dark valley?

No, such power is by no means the original dark valley can have.

The dark valley at the moment has faded away from camouflage and turned into an abyss!

This is the real abyss insuffcient?

Brilliant body tremors, complexion is even more pale.

If this is the abyss, then what about the legend of the first immortal, what is going on, it must be no longer the truth!

And he, the guardian of the abyss.

Perhaps it is the abyss rebel. The Qin dynasty in front of you is the true abyss guardian!

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