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Sikong cats know that the information about this ghost ship has never been circulated.


The related ceremonial materials have all been sealed up by the ancient times. Even if it is the grip of evil spirits, there is no grasp of this.


Is this person really a pirate of the Northern Pirates?


Or to say, it was a rebellion from the ancient times into the northern pirate regiment.


This kind of thing is not impossible. After all, the original creation of the Northern Pirates was due to a traitor who was ruthless!


The expression of the empty cat changed constantly, he recalled everything related to this ghost ship, know now that it is impossible to leave.


He can only choose to enter the ghost ship.


You can see that one side door of the ghost ship has been opened. This is a black hole. It is not a place to walk.


If you choose to leave now, then you will be torn into it, and the consequences, no one know.


Also not as good as, walk in!


Say no, you can also gain something in the ghost ship!


Sikong cat is slightly excited, he has long wanted to explore a ghost ship, but unfortunately there has been no chance, this time, he will look at this ghost ship, is it as mysterious as the legend!


As for whether it can come out, this is completely outside the scope of consideration.


After all, there is no choice.


At the moment, Sikong cat took the initiative to enter the ghost ship, the figure did not enter the hatch, disappeared without a trace.


“Time is not much, let’s go,” Qin Qi exhaled.


He walked to Lu Lingzhen and lifted her up.


“Where are you going?” Lu Lingwei asked.


In fact, until now, she still has a lot of questions. The biggest doubt is what Qin Qi did. It can actually ban all the power in this place.


“Ghost ship”, Qin Qi returned to the road.


“Ghost ship?” Lu Lingyi exclaimed, which is completely beyond her imagination.


Qin Qi helped Lu Lingqi to go to the door of the cabin. As the naked eye saw, it was a huge broken hull. Everything on it was so old, full of traces of the years!


This is a very old ship, the style can even be traced back to the escape era before!


“Oh… it’s really a ghost ship, you, how did you do it!” Lu Ling’s eyes widened, incredible.


The ghost ship is here, the mysterious aura, no one can keep calm.


“Let’s talk about it later, we are advanced.” Qin Qi said.


“Go in?” Lu Lingzhen was shocked and quickly said: “We still run fast, into the ghost ship, when you want to come out, it is almost impossible!”


Lu Lingqi obviously does not understand the ship, but it is also true that how she compares to the boss, it is impossible to understand such details.


“When you look at this ship, you can’t leave anymore. The only way is to leave from the boat,” Qin Qi smiled bitterly.


He also did not want to explain more, and helped Lu Lingzhen to jump out.


Naturally, Qin Qi didn’t want to wait until the black hole-like door voluntarily swallowed them, compared to that, not as good as himself.


The girl followed closely and followed.


Of course, the red Nan, there is only one heart and a skeleton of the soul, a blood thorn is tied to Qin Qi’s leg, and also entered the ghost ship.


Her state is that it can’t resist the devouring of the ghost ship, and she can only walk in.


So, I had to let Qin Qi lend a helping hand.


In this regard, Qin Qi did not mind too much.


Crossed over from the hatch, Qin Qi they came to the inside of the ghost ship.


Unlike the imagination, the ghost ship is quite ordinary.


They are in a simple cabin, even the walls and floors, all of which are woody and not alloyed at all.


Can such a ship really sail in the Primal Chaos sea?


If you don’t know that the ghost ship has been existed before the three major eras, everyone will be deeply worried about its quality.


“This is the ghost ship?” Lu Lingyi whispered, not know what to do.


After all, in her imagination, the ghost ship should not be like this, at least it should be more divine, and what you see should be something you have never seen before.


This is too simple.


Qin Qi is not knowing what the ghost ship is like. At this moment, it is really a disappointing emotion. After all, the ghost ship is so mysterious, it should not be.


Of course, this is also a little bit of emotion. How amazing this ghost ship is, Qi Qi is still know.


It is enough to be shocked by the fact that all the celestial bodies will fail if the hull passes by.


Moreover, Qin Qi perceives it and finds that there is no aura and action traces of the Sikong cat. It can be seen that the Sikong cat has not been here.


It seems that people who enter the door in different batches will appear differently in the ghost ship.


This is also very extraordinary.


For Qin Qi from the lower bound, this does not seem to be a big deal, but Primal Chaos is full of Primal Chaos, Void is extremely solid, and it is extremely difficult to break open, let alone a stable transmission.


Such a portal, in the fairy world, is also a non-common thing, the cost is very terrifying!


“Let’s take a break,” Qin Qi said.


They are all wounded now, Qin Qi and the girls are a little better, it is not easy to recover, but it can’t be said too hard.


Lu Lingzhen is not very good, even if I use the fairy medicine, I have to restore a period of time.


But fortunately, life is saved and there is no danger.


As for the red Nan children.


This is a completely unexpected person.


Qin Qi did not expect that the final situation would evolve into such a situation. This woman who enjoys the reputation of the mother ship is really not simple, but it is a hard-won survival.


Speaking of it, this time the Sikong cat was planted, and it was completely planted in the hands of two of them who survived.


In this way, Qin Qi is also not hostile to Hong Naner. After all, what kind of scorpion spies are placed in the mother ship group is a death penalty for everyone, but it has nothing to do with Qin Qi.


But it doesn’t matter if you have any good feelings.


This woman, who can become a spy, and the ultimate turn, is not a good thing, leaving her is an unstable factor.


Didn’t you see a cat-like person, did you turn over the ship in the gutter?


“Red girl, what is the plan after that?” Qin Qi asked as he recovered his injury.


The current form of Hongnan is a few blood thorns wrapped around a heart. It looks like a thorn is a strange, very scary.


When she heard Qin Qi’s words, she squirmed a few times. A blood thorn broke open a hole and a voice came out.


However, this voice is very ugly. After a while, Hongnan is only adjusted, and finally it can be spoken. “Nan Er has a feeling of disrespect, Wang Gongzi can help the South to restore”, Hong Naner Road.

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