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In the vast Primal Chaos sea, there are more than one ghost ship, and now Qin Qi is one of them.


The name “no fairy”!


As the name suggests, there is no immortal exc in this boat, and the end is amazing!


However, this is the fairy world. All the creatures are in the practice of Xianli, the Primal Chaos beast, and the Primal Chaos is used.


In this world of fairy, how can you do it without being immortal?


After all, it was just a wild vision that was destined to be impossible. Just like the inside and outside of the ship, the ancient suppression of all the powers made it impossible to condense.


But it can only suppress the big Luo Jinxian and the following exist.


As long as you surpass this realm, you can counteract the power of this field without a certain degree.


What Qin Qi is doing now is this step.


He is only a fairy, but the practice model has the superiority that others can’t match. What Da Luo Jinxian can’t do, he doesn’t necessarily do it.


Qin Qi quietly runs the Emperor Dragon Road, with the body’s dragon ring vortex trembled slightly, the fairy marks on it sway, like a dragon!


Even the four fairy marks belonging to the realm of the earth fairy have been completely noisy and extended toward an organ in the body.


Of course, with Qin Qi’s current realm, it is impossible to really connect the fairy mark to the organ, which is the level after the big Luo Jinxian.


However, this is not a good thing. Even if it only extends resonance, Qin Qi can exert more strength.


This is why every four scars will separate a large realm.


The Strength gap is reflected in these places.


However, compared to the heart, it is the first organ to be connected to the fairy vine, and the other organ connection order is self-adjusting.


After all, heart is the first, and the rest of the organs are divided into important degrees.


In addition to the heart, there are liver, spleen, lung and kidney.


They each represent the golden wood and fire.


Of course, there are many differences between the Jinmu and the fires here and the Five Elements. It is not just the power of attributes, but the emphasis on them.


For example, the heart is a fire, this fire is not a flame, but a fire of Life. Only this fire can not be burned, and it is extremely prosperous, so that it can move toward a farther future in Xianlu.


The more prosperous the heart, the more potential it has.


Another example is the liver wood, which is similar to the five elements of wood, but only focused on restoring the Ability, regardless of the body or the soul, will have a strong recovery.


So if Qin Qi has requirements for restoring Ability, then the four fairy marks of the realm should be connected to the liver first.


Such as the spleen is the defense of the flesh and soul.


The lung is a gold, but the attacking power of the flesh and soul.


The kidney is water, which is the adaptation of the human body to the environment. This is in line with the heart, and there is no connection with the power of the Five Elements.


“Without the immortality, the field is tyrannical, and the common human or Primal Chaos beasts are hard to adapt to the power of this place and will be completely suppressed.”


“So kidney water is the most important here.” Qin Qi looked at the many practices listed by Yi Kunlun and whispered in his heart.


The four fairy marks of the immortals, the root can not be physically connected to the organs for the time being, but with the body of the force as a bridge, indirect connection, but not impossible.


Of course, this is often the privilege of the big Luo Jinxian realm Expert, and Qin Qi is used first!


“But it is still necessary to first gather the power of Xianli, nor can it be successful.” Qin Qi exhaled and sat quietly, and Huangji Tianlong Road continued to flow in the body.


Gradually, Qin Qi sensed the response given internally by the arived dragon ring vortex, and a sensation of force finally began to condense.


Although rarely, it can’t be compared with before, but in the field of no fairy, it is not easy to do this step.


If Qin Qi’s practice model is special, it is impossible to do so.


In this way, Qin Qi will be aware of the facts, slowly condensing Xianli, naturally to see where the limit is.


“One tenth is not there, and it is relatively thin, but this is a big advantage. If you encounter cats, you should have the power of battle!” Qin Qi flashed a touch of cold.


He now hopes to meet the Sikong cat, and he can’t, but he can kill the other side and grab the big evil spirits!


Eight generations of armor, but a treasure!


Of course, Qin Qi must do all the preparations before he can go out.


On the bottom of the dragon ring, the fairy marks are like a dragon shape, and the four fairy marks belonging to the real fairy are completely noisy, but the body cannot touch the kidneys.


However, at this moment Qin Qi guided Xianli, which was quickly climbed to the top of the fairy mark, and then began to extend toward the kidneys like smoke.


This process is not at all easy, and it often dissipates in half the time, and the connection cannot be completed at all.


However, Qin Qi will not give up, constantly try, use the method of deriving from different Kunlun, plus Qin Qi’s own precise control.


Finally, after three days, the four fairy marks and the kidneys completed the connection with Xianli.


At the moment of completion, Qin Qi feels that the whole person is a change of appear, as if it is integrated with surroundings.


The pressure exerted on him by the immortal field has suddenly decreased a lot, and his own fairy power has also grown!


This is the power of the kidneys.


Kidney is water, this can make people adapt to any environment, not only this non-scented field, the outside Primal Chaos sea, and many bad areas can also be of great help.


Unfortunately, Qin Qi is only indirectly connected by Xianli. If it can connect with the body, the fairy marks are really wrapped around the kidneys. I am afraid that the effect of the immortal field will be minimal.


Of course, Qin Qi will not look down on this boat without a fairy. After all, in addition to the field of no fairy, there must be more terrible power here.


In the step of arriving, Qin Qi felt that it was enough. Even if he gave him more Time, there would be no improvement.


Pour not as good as, go outside and see.


And at this moment, Lu Lingqi and the girl have recovered almost.


“How do you appear the power of Xianli, you should not be able to use Xianli here?” Lu Lingqi asked curiously.


Although Xianli was completely smashed by the field, it was difficult to condense, but the perception was still preserved. Lu Lingzhen felt that the arrival was a little fluctuating, but it was not certain.


“With some small means, not worth mentioning,” Qin Qi smiled lightly.


Lu Lingzhen is speechless.


Is this still a small means?


I am afraid that the Sikong cat can’t do it!


Qin Qi’s shock to her has been unable to describe it in words. It seems that in addition to realm, Qin Qi has to go far beyond him in any aspect.


It is hard to imagine that before Qin Qi actually suffered a loss in her hands.


Fortunately, it is not hostile now!


“What do we do now?” Lu Lingyi calmed down and asked. “Look at what is in the boat,” Qin Qi laughed.

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