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Out of the old cabin, there is a dilapidated passageway, surrounded by wooden panels, and it looks like it is not a ship that can sail in the Primal Chaos.


However, these planks are different from common, and there is a faint golden light between the lines, like gold wire flowing.


“These are all gold and iron wood, extremely hard, is a natural shipbuilding material, in the era of escape, alloys and other technologies are not prosperous, mostly for the forging, this wood is so”, Hong Naner Road.


She seems to have a lot of understanding of these.


“Does the red girl understand this?” Qin Qi was surprised. “She is a well-known social flower, even known as the first beauty, what professor academics, what top engineers, and so on, are all around her, wide knowledge, which is common to people?” Lu Lingxiao laughed, not know Whether or not


The meaning.


Hong Naner didn’t think much, and didn’t seem to care. He just laughed: “Lu’s sister has been acclaimed, but she has listened a lot, and she understands it in many ways. It’s not worth mentioning.”


“Is it?” Lu Lingyi smiled and said nothing.


But she doesn’t mean anything. She just wants to remind Qin Qi that this woman is definitely not a good character.


She hasn’t exposed before, and the high position is almost unimaginable, not the height that social flowers can reach.


She can swim between many big forces, and the lord that she sees is more than two hands. It is not the exist of the name, but the fellow of the real hand.


However, Hongnan children can perfectly handle the complicated and woven relationship. They are in the whirlpool, but they keep themselves, even push the boat, and they are strong and strong.


Can this be done with beauty?


Is this smart enough to do?


This is not the case!


Hongnan is in front, Lu Lingyi must sigh not as good as.


And such a woman, finally found out that it is the spies of the dungeon, which is even more shocking!


Even people feel atrrived fear!


A spy, with one person, single-handedly wandering between the top forces and the top figures, and who is more than enough, who dares to let her live?


So the cat slaughter will kill her, it will be so smooth.


If the Expert who once admired this woman was full of fear, how can the cat slaughter be cruel, how strong the grip of the evil can be, and I would like to kill her.


Qin Qi can understand Lu Lingzhen’s reminder, but he does not have the extra feeling. After all, these things, different Kunlun have known him.


“These gold wire irons can be maintained until now, and they have experienced three eras and are immortal. It can be seen that the people who sacrificed at the beginning are so high realm!” Qin Qi praised.


“Yeah, it must be the Expert above the Da Luo Jinxian”, Hong Naner Road.


“Then we can take it?” Lu Ling asked curiously.


Jinsi Ironwood, which is also on the market, is one of the materials for the construction of the mother ship keel. Some of its characteristics can be replaced by superalloys.


Naturally, the freedom of its avenue is preserved, and how technology can develop. Slightly things can’t be replaced after all.


“You can try it,” Qin Qi said.


At the moment, he also tried to take off a piece of gold wire, but this seemingly old wood board is still very strong, Qin Qi’s physical strength is constantly swaying, even can not take a piece!


Even those locations that have been broken can be charged.


Every time Qi Qi forces, the gold wire on the gold wire is slightly lit up, connected to each other, seems to be integrated with the entire mother ship.


Obviously, these are the additions of the array, the prohibition, and the field, etc., which has become a whole and difficult to divide.


“It’s a ghost ship, you can understand it,” Hong Naner said.


It’s not surprising that the ghost ship that can last forever has such a characteristic.


Qin Qi is just trying it out. It doesn’t matter how much he cares about this gold wire. Now he has a certain concept in the heart of this boat, and he will do it.


In this way, the four people followed the passage and walked inside the cabin. Apart from the old and broken passage compartment, there was no accident.


Exploring the imperial ship, the first step is naturally to find a way out. After all, even if there is no way to make a difference, there is no point in it.


In contrast to the design style of the mother ship, Qin Qi can also judge the location of the facilities based on the facilities on both sides of the channel.


In general, they walked to the periphery, and as long as they came to the end, they would naturally find a hatch.


Although know can’t leave easily, but find the way out, always prepared.


In such a place where there is no depth of knowledge, no one will be too troublesome to do so.


However, it is surprising that the ten-day Time was carefully used, and even one door was not found!


And they have already circled the whole circle in the boat without a fairy!


“It seems that we can’t leave through the hatch,” Lu Lingxiao smiled.


They all stopped and didn’t prepare for the continue search. After all, it didn’t make any sense to think about it.


“The problem is that it’s not just the hatch, we haven’t found anything else,” Qin Qi smiled bitterly.


On this road, it is naturally impossible to find only the hatch, and they also pay attention to other cabins and the like.


Especially after the first lap was not harvested, they went around the more complicated passages and searched the cabin almost all.


However, not only the hatch, but also other things are not.


“This legendary ghost ship, is this the case, just a trapped prisoner, nothing?” Lu Ling could not help but complain.


At the same time of disappointment, there are more worries.


This is simply not going out!


Qin Qi Emei, he has tried to force the wall through, but unfortunately, even a piece of gold wire can not be pulled down, so don’t think about destruction.


In the current situation, this non-perfect ship is an empty ship with nothing, just an empty shell, and at the same time, it can’t go out!


“We also didn’t find the cat slaughter, and there wasn’t even a trace of it.”


“Yeah, that fellow has come in, how come there is no trace?” Lu Lingyi also confused.


The ship is big, but it is only so big. It has been turned a few times and it is impossible to find any traces.


“Perhaps, there is such a ship, but there are a lot of folding spaces inside. We are distributed in different spaces, seemingly in a ship, but they don’t interfere with each other,” Qin Qi guessed. .


This is also one of the conclusions that Yi Kunlun has deduced. Qin Qi believes that this conclusion is most likely.


“The ghost ship is indeed not impossible,” Lu Ling said.


Playing space in the fairy world is extremely difficult. It is very difficult to open up a heavy space. If you fold the space, it will be even more amazing!


After all, this is a space that is folded together. From the outside, it is completely coincident. In one place, the space is far more than the space that opens up the same number but does not fold.


This is not a concept at all.


If this is the case, then this boat without a fairy boat is even more amazing than imagined. “I don’t think about it,” we don’t think about it. We can only find it and see where the connection of the folding space is.” Qin Qi spits out an airway.

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