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Folding spaces are not necessarily interconnected, but this is a space inside the ship without a ship. It is completely impossible to be completely independent of each other.


It’s like a cabin, always connected by a channel.


Just want to find it, but it’s not as simple as a skill.


Although Xianli can’t use it now, although the lock armor can still maintain a certain combat power, but do not think about all kinds of additional functions.


Similarly, many types of instruments are also ineffective.


For example, the miniature Xianli radar can be installed on the lock armor. With the function of the radar, it is relatively easy to find the abnormal point of the space.


Now, it is a luxury.


No wonder that when you enter the ghost ship, it is almost impossible to go out. In this case, how do you go out?


For others, realm is not above Da Luo Jinxian, don’t think about leaving.


Unless luck is against the sky, when you come in, it is the folding space that has the exit. Of course, the corresponding one, I am afraid there is no such calm.


Let Qi Kunlun do his best to carry out the show, Qin Qi himself, is also trying to find, with his perception of Ability, with a certain degree of Xianli, the advantage is not small.


So, use the time of half a month directly!


Finally, at the corner of a passage at the bottom of the hull, look for the twist point of the arrived space.


The undulations are so subtle that they can’t be found without the help of Xianli.


“How can we go?” Lu Lingxuan asked, while the heart was happy, there were worries.


“Is there any way for the son?” asked Hongnan.


She has recovered very well recently, at least the sound is no longer so ugly, and it is back to the state of the arrested pre-death.


I have to say that when the vacuum valley is as beautiful as the yellow scorpion, it smells like a heart!


Qin Qi can understand a few points. The first beauty called the social flower, why can you swim between the major forces, this voice is enough to make people crazy.


“I have limited strength, but I can only show a way out,” Qin Qi said.


He is already ready.


When the sword Martial Soul enters the body, the power to break everything can naturally open the point of reversal of this space!


The only thing to consider is that the power is enough. For this, Qin Qi can only go all out.


According to the best position of the different Kunlun mark, Qin Qi One Sword Slash out, accurate arrival pole, no slight deviation.


The sword light falls, the blood is almost dazzling, and the slaughter Sword cooperates with all the ambiguity, directly making this sword into the Void!


Void trembles like a first level water curtain. The point that Jianguang has made is gradually expanding and turning into a size that can be passed by people!


Is this the way to another fold space?


One Sword Slash is on!


Lu Lingqi and Hong Naner are both shaking in the heart.


Qin Qi Just the sword, they also sniffed the fatal threat, not under the fairy field, even able to have such combat power, really amazing!


No, it should be inhuman!


Lu Ling’s eyes lit up slightly, but it was a bit more worship. After all, the pirates were the most advocating of the Expert, and Lu Ling’s pirate group in the North was able to despise the peers. This kind of emotion has never been felt in the peers.


As for Hongnan, there is no face, only a heart, no one can see her thoughts.


However, a social flower from the left and right, her thoughts should not be as simple as Lu Lingzhen at the moment.


“Go, go in!” Qin Qi snorted and quickly crossed the past.


The girl followed and also entered.


Lu Lingqi and Hong Naner naturally did not dare to stay and passed quickly.


And across this door, the eyes are completely different pictures.


It is also a cabin, but also a gold wire, but completely different from before!


Here, it turned out to be black and black, apparently burned once again, and even at this moment, you can smell the smoke!


It’s just that the traces are not formed in the short term. I’m afraid that it’s a long past. Someone has shown great power here and used a terrible fire method!


“I’m afraid it’s not so safe here, be careful.” Qin Qi said.


Lu Lingyi nodded and watched for caution.


Immediately, Qin Qi walked forward and began to explore this heavy space.


As I went forward, the feeling of heat in the air became more and more intense, and all of them were now, isn’t that flame still burning insuffcient!


It’s incredible!


“Don, I can’t move forward!”


It was Hongnan’s opening, and she really couldn’t go any further.


Her blood thorns alliance is a talent, but the power attribute is biased towards the water system and the wood system. Under these high temperatures, it is indeed greatly suppressed.


Not to mention her, Lu Linglu is not very good, if not with the gold Ashura, I am afraid it will not last long.


It’s a girl, it doesn’t seem to be affected.


In this regard, Qin Qi can only sigh the powerful body of Primal Chaos beast!


Qin Qi calculated it silently.


Because he opened up a bit of kidney energy, he can adapt to the harsh environment here faster and better. Even if the temperature in front is doubled, he can bear it.


This is the characteristic of kidney water, not the water in the five elements, but it can also cope with the burning of flame.


Of course, it’s not just flame.


“You should go back to the original position, I will explore on my own,” Qin Qi said.


“It can only be so”, Lu Lingyi nodded, but also no more disagreement.


“You follow them back,” Qin Qi said to the girl.


The girl is obviously not happy, and she is not willing to stay with Lu Lingqi and Hongnan.


It is also strange to say that with the multi-faceted character of Hongnan, she has completely dealt with the relationship with the girl completely. The girl does not care much about her now.


After a while, the girl promised.


Qin Qi is going forward alone.


A little further distance, Qin Qi finally saw the angry fire, is still burning flame!


This flame is dark gold, and it is attached to the gold wire and iron, and it is slowly burning.


Obviously it has been burning from the long past to the present.


It’s hard to imagine that it can burn for so long without destroying.


It is only strange that, with the characteristics of gold wire and iron wood, water and fire do not invade, just like super alloy, it can not burn at all.


And even if there is a flame in the world that can ignite it, the temperature of the flame is not what it is now.


The current temperature is also very high, but want to ignite the gold wire, at least 10,000 times higher than the current!


Otherwise, Jinsi Ironwood is not as precious as this!


“This flame is a bit interesting, different Kunlun, can you find relevant information?” Qin Qi curious.


“This, it may be Xiantian forging inflammation,” different Kunlun Road.


At the same time, relevant information is also presented on the System interface.


“Xiantian forging inflammation?” Qin Qi wondered, looking at the flame introduction of this strange name, the pupil could not help but shrink!


After reading it, Qin Qi couldn’t help but be shocked. “What kind of fairy flame, so a cow?”

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