GLCS Chapter 3037

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In the hands of Lin Xingzhou, it is a storage crystal.

This kind of energy storage crystal is not low, it is not a common thing to see, it has its precious place.

Of course, the focus is not on the storage crystal, but on the storage of crystals.

At first glance, you can see that there is a flame in the crystal, but as long as you can perceive it, you can find that the flame in this crystal is not real, but a pure energy!

It’s just that this energy has a very strong Fire Element power, so it looks like a flame.

“It’s a drop of blood!” Lin Zhuijie expressed a move and snorted.

In his eyes, it has been seen that the energy in this energy storage crystal is itself a drop of blood!

However, because the perception is isolated too much through the storage crystal, it is not good to judge who is the blood.

But what is certain is that this blood is inevitable, but it comes from the hands of an Expert!

“This feeling, it won’t…” Lin Qian frowned, and the complexion was slightly lightly difficult to look.

He has already guessed what kind of power is preserved in the stored crystal.

He had heard before, and this castle of stars encountered a strange Primal Chaos beast while performing a Task in the Primal Chaos Sea.

And the alien shaped Primal Chaos beast is the power of the Fire Element!

The alien shaped Primal Chaos is like a flying bird. It has the taste of one of the four saints in ancient times. The aura is similar, and it is very likely that it is the descendant of Suzaku!

However, the realm of the Suzaku descendants is not too high, just staying at the Da Luo Jin Xian.

At that time, it was seriously injured, completely leaked by the stars of the castle, it was a good luck to hurt a heart, and won a lot of blood!

For the Star Castle, it is already a rare creation!

After that part of the blood was transported back to the mainland, it led to the growth of Lin Jinjun and others, thus propping up a new situation!

Otherwise, with the heritage of the Star Castle, I am afraid that today can not compete with the other three veins!

This incident, the Star Castle is concealed very well, after all, with this kind of blood, they naturally do not want to leak the news, so as not to change the appear.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to hold everyone.

For example, this Chiyan Castle, I have heard some news, and even made some plans for this, but I finally failed to gain something.

Today, Lin Xingzhou took out the energy storage crystal and saw the blood of flame in the crystal of storage. How could Lin Qian not know, this is the blood of the descendant of Suzaku! “Linjin County, you are really willing, if I don’t expect it, this blood is from the descendant of a large Luo Jinxian level, its blood, has a great meaning for any practice Fire Element’s exist, you are willing to Put it

Take it out and give it to this girl! Lin Qian Shen Shen.

Lin Jinjun blinked.

Sure enough, the other party already knew that they had the blood of the descendants of Suzaku.

But now, the news is exposed, it doesn’t matter, but it can raise their status!

At the moment, Lin Jinjun smiled and said: “Yes, this is indeed the blood of the descendants of Suzaku. How much is it worth? I believe everyone here is very clear!” “But there is a little bit of Lin Qian, but you are wrong, this thing, for you. It is undoubtedly a very precious Treasure, but for us, there is still a lot of inventory, and it is not a big deal to send a copy on today’s occasion!” Lin Jinjun

Proudly said.

This is naturally half-truthful, and this blood is still in stock, but for them it is still a waste of Treasure!

Of course, this situation, now, can still be recovered when sent out, naturally it does not matter if the heart does not feel bad.

Lin Jinjun deliberately said that it is to make everyone know, although their castles are not as good as the other three, but their foundation is not weak!

And the many people in the world of practice Fire Element, with the blood of this Suzaku descendant, will undoubtedly make those geniuses rush!

This is already Lin Jinjun’s own strength, and I plan to gather talents!

The things in this storage crystal have been confirmed as the blood of the descendants of Suzaku. One Time, the guests are exclaimed, and many people are even brighter and full of desire!

Who doesn’t want to get this hand?

“I didn’t expect it to be the blood of the descendants of Suzaku. This star castle seems to be extremely simple. I have underestimated them in the past!”

“It’s also used to say that the castles of the previous stars are not comparable to the other three veins, but now their Lin Xingzhou can already participate in the battle for the royal family, which shows that the growth of the Star Castle is beyond imagination!”

“Yes, the blood of this Suzaku descendant, can’t be decented, even if it is diluted, for us, the help is huge!”

“It must be, otherwise Linjin County will not be taken out now!”

“It’s good to say, it seems that the Star Castle is a good place to go!” Many guests are moving, attracted by the blood of the descendants of Suzaku!

“I said, is the blood of this Suzaku descendant really so precious?” Some young people couldn’t help but ask.

“Crap, Suzaku! That is Suzaku! What is know? What is one of the Primal Chaos sacred beasts of the ancestral era, the power is thorough, enough to be compared with the great wise, is the only excerpt after the twelve ancestors!”

“And this Suzaku is the master of the Fire Element. It is hard to imagine the accomplishment of one of the fires. In this world, I have been able to surpass Suzaku on the Fire Element, and only one of the twelve ancestors!”

“Suzaku’s blood, just one drop, will make your Fire Element stunned greatly!” A group of people are very understanding, and explained in a row.

“That’s too great. How can this star castle be willing to send this Treasure out?” the young man shocked.

“You heard it clearly. This is the blood of the descendants of Suzaku, not the blood of the Holy Beast. The difference between the two is great!”

“The descendants of Suzaku, although inheriting some of the Suzaku’s bloodline, the rumors on the Fire Element are indeed extremely high, but not so high that it touches the ceiling of the fairy world!” Someone turned a blind eye and explained patiently.

“But in any case, for us, the blood of the descendants of Suzaku is also a rare creation. It can also be seen that the castles of the stars are full of enthusiasm, and even Lin Xingzhou has an unexpected trump card!”

“So, the royal family assessment, this Lin Xingzhou may be able to win?”

“It’s possible, but not necessarily, and the other ones are also very strong!”

“It’s just that, Lin Yixue is not so good. How can she still have a mood to receive gifts? Is this really an ordinary birthday party?”

“It may be the last birthday, how can we do it…”

The appear of the blood of the descendants of Suzaku is indeed a shock to the audience.

Everyone is paying attention!

And the Star Castle is the focus of discussion!

That Lin Jiu Nian, Lin Qian’s complexion are not good-looking.

There is no doubt that the limelight has been completely covered by the Star Castle, and even the scorpio of the sinister grip has slightly changed expression.

Even he did not think that this star castle could actually take out the blood of the descendants of Suzaku.

“It’s not simple, it’s really not easy for you to star the castle!” Sikong slowly said.

“Sikong senior laughed, but it was good luck to get these blood, nothing.” Lin Jinjun’s eyes lit up, so he laughed and laughed.

And the ability to get the praise of the cult of the evil king, there is no doubt, the energy of sitting on this star castle is even bigger than the imagination!

“The blood of the descendants of Suzaku is indeed a rare good thing, even if it is red flame gold can not compare!”

“I didn’t expect that the Star Castle would be so strong, completely overshadowing several other castles, and I believe that the future will be even stronger!”

“I will accept something, big thanks senior!” Lin Yixue opened his heart and quickly collected the storage crystal.

I will not forget to say a few words to raise the castle of the stars, in order to stimulate Lin Han to come up with better baby!

This is an empty glove white wolf, just say a few more words, there is no more profitable business than this!

And when I heard Lin Yixue, everyone’s complexion is a slight change, that is, Lin Zhunjie, they are also speechless.

This kind of vigorous praise of the Star Castle, it is like telling everyone again, then if the Thousand Waters Castle is destroyed, and quickly go to the Star Castle!

Where is this?

This person is his granddaughter?

How long did it stay with Qin Qi? How did it happen?

Lin Jinjun and Lin Xingzhou are also naturally strange, but they only show that Lin Yixue is showing them.

I feel that I must lose, so I will show it first, so that I can attach it to the time.

If it is a good thing, it is a pity that this time, Lin Yixue will not be defeated, but will die.

So everything is pleasing, it’s all in vain.

But at least they have raised their star castles, and it is not bad!

“Hey, the blood of the descendants of Suzaku, this is indeed a big deal, but Lin Jinjun, you can think clearly, this thing is different from the streamer heart mirror and the red flame gold, but it can be used right away!”

“You are really not afraid that she will swallow the blood of the descendants of Suzaku now, and thus Upgrade Strength?” Lin Han snorted.

Lin Jinjun is not don’t think, this kind of thing he certainly has some considerations, how can it make Lin Yixue Upgrade Strength in this critical moment?

If it is a careless, the blood of the descendants of Suzaku touched the power of Zhu Rongxian Taoist stone, then it is really lifting the stone and licking his own feet.

“Reassure, this storage crystal hides the list of my star castles. It is impossible to use the inside for three days. You don’t have to worry about it,” Lin Jinjun said.

Three days of Time.

Everyone is expression fretting.

Since there are three days of buffering Time, there is nothing to worry about. After all, the total time of the Thousand Waters Castle is less than half a day.

Lin Han snorted and said nothing.

“Lin, I am here, what are you preparing for the Desolate Fire City Fort?” Lin Xingzhou carried his hands and smiled. Provocative look to Lin Biao.

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