GLCS Chapter 3143

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    ‘s the matter?” Nana asked, she noticed the difference in arrQin Qi.

    “There is a sense of being watched, but it’s hidden, it can’t be locked”, Qin Qi.

    With his current Strength, it will also appear that the other side is not simple.

    However, it seems that the opposing party is not hostile, so Qin Qi is not deeply examined.

    “I have this feeling, too.” Two girls are confused.

    Qin Qi had a problem, and the second girl’s mind was naturally sensitive and not subordinate to Qin Qi.

    Just don’t know what they’re seeing is not the same person.

    “What do you feel?” Qin Qi asked, on the one hand, to look at the cunt who came back from the war.

    “It was very personal, and my father used to look at me in the dark, and it was almost like this.”

    Qin Qi startled.

    It’s not gonna be a day of imprisonment to come here, alright.

    But it shouldn’t be.

    TSW has created a whole new head, and Strength has recovered a lot, but if it goes against the size of the mother’s ship, it is bound to be suppressed by the wise.

    Even if there is cooperation between the mother fleet and King Primal Chaos, the bottom line cannot be touched, and the force at the witch level enters the mother fleet and threatens too much, and no one can tolerate it.

    But it’s not a day of punishment. Who else would it be?


    seems that this battle of the fairy king, perhaps ill, is not as simple as expected.

    It was envisaged that there had been a wave of alarm in the crowd.

    The cunning man, who has come to the spine before, is bleeding out of general fairy power, baleful aura, is amazing, and behind him is more magical phantom appearance.

    See only him with his hands on the throne, and the fairy shock, and the continuance is pouring into the throne.

    Immediately, there was a stronger pressure on top of the spine, as the tide generally flowed towards four sides.

    Many people had to avoid, only Qin Qi and the others, without distinction, but that could also be seen as the Strength gap.

    As for those who do not turn back, they will see themselves, and they will understand that they are indeed extraordinary.

    And Qin Qi, as a former focal point, is now famous, and there are so many people who know him.

    Not to mention, there was a Red Nana who had been in the herd crowd of legendary women.

    Before that, they harvested aura, which was relatively not noticeable, but now everyone sees it.

    While emotions differ, they are full of praise.

    After all, these two are together. It’s a landscape!

    Of course, the two girls are also very visible, but no one knows her, but they want to be a different generation.

    Time, controversy.

    Qin Qi is here, so I’m afraid it’s just for the king’s war, which is different.

    although this is the battle of the fairy king, the expert is out of life, far beyond before.

    But Qin Qi itself is the strongest one.

    He’s coming to the race, so the winner will come down!

    One Time, no one continues to be concerned about Naquhan, Qin Qi and Red Nana, and attracted almost all attention.

    They don’t care about that, Qin Qi.

    It’s not gonna be affected.

    And that Quebhan, the bloody fairy power flowing into the spine, and the spinal bones of the festival came up, straight to section VII!

    Originally, it was enough to get the attention and cheer of all.

    But now, there are few people who are paying attention, and most of them miss the curtain of the seven sections of the spine.

    When the reaction comes, it’s late. Time cheers in twos and threes, but slightly embarrassed.

    Of course, it is more than common to light the seven ridge bones.

    More powerful than before’s green penguin!

    Cuckham recovered the fairy, not coldly snorted.

    He went back to look for Qin Qi, full of fighting intent!

    “Seems to be slightly hostile to you.” Red Nana smiled.

    “blame me for robbing the wind?” Qin Qi touched his head, slightly innocent, but he didn’t do anything.

    Cuckham doesn’t care about this.

    He came back from the land of chaos, where the noble is violence.

    Look who’s upset, that’s the most logical reason.

    fist, take everything down!

    Now, Quentin walked towards Qin Qi, and the imposing way was becoming more alarming, bleeding aura like a wolf cigarette, constantly blowing out.

    Like walking with God and Demon!

    It’s an amazing image!

    All of us are excited up at this moment, and I didn’t think today, in addition to looking at the spine test, there was such an excitement!

    Disputes about who can win!

    “Are you Qin Qi? I’ve heard your name,” Crazy Man, laugh and show up your teeth.

    “It’s me”, Qin Qi nodded, laughing and saying, “Who are you?”

    “My name is Warrior, you don’t know I’m normal, after all these years, I only work on the land of chaos.”

    “But soon, my name will be remembered by the world.”

    “What do you say?” Qin Qi.

    “To defeat you can do it”, the astronomical war said with a malicious smile.

    Qin Qi did appear to be a small coincidence in front of his folded body, and it seems to be completely repressed on the imposing field.

    “I don’t care.” Qin Qi freshly said with a smile, “It’s just that it’s not easy to get back from the land of war, but not even on the game.”

    “Qin Qi, you’re too small to look at me, too small to see the land of chaos!”

    “Do you dont think you can live on the land of chaos, become King’s people, and you can compare those who live in the mother’s fleet?”

    “The hunting of the mountains is not just a little trick, that’s all, like home!”

    “The battle I’ve been through is not at all a level, you understand?”

    He knows Qin Qi’s name.

    Kill the Sky Cat, and the man who plays the power of evil in the hunting mountains can’t move out of the base.

    But what about that?

    The people of the troubled land are proud of themselves and cannot see anything hunting the mountains.

    Compared to the environment in which they live, the people of the mother fleet, but all of them, are the chickens.

    Even if it’s famous, the war is better, it’s clay chickens and pottery dogs.

    Indeed, the cosmology of the war cannot be wrong.

    After all, there have been famous fellow groups in the past, which have led to a vibrant entry into the land of chaos, and dont think can kill the Quartet.

    And the first day he went in, he was killed.

    Such examples are also rare, and it is not surprising that the civil war simply ignores Qin Qi.

    Just take Qin Qi as a pedal.

    He didn’t actually have much hostility to Qin Qi, but blame Qin Qi not supposed to be here, appear in front of him.

    It’s called an impasse.

    And in the land of chaos, just two words are enough to determine a man’s life and death!

    “Honestly, you’re looking for the wrong opponent.”, Qin Qi laughed.

    “Really?” The astronomical war looks at Qin Qi, “so let me see how much you can do!”


    war of the universe fell down, like the gods of the devil fell down, oppressed enough and nobody dared to come near.

    These murderous killing plans are indeed very rare in the mother fleet.

    Qin Qi expression is relaxed, but there’s blood light flowing at the bottom of the eye.

    Blood? God and Demon in the district, can you hold this incomplete Corpse Mountain Blood Sea after Qin Qi?

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