2609. Chapter 2601 How does this brat survive?

Chapter 2601 How does this brat survive?

“Right, I can’t get in.”

Xia Ping blinked his eyes. He almost forgot that he was just a Gaia clone. He didn’t look at the Resistance of these Restriction Formations. Even if he wanted to break the Restriction Formation of the temple, it would be impossible.

If the trade rushes in, it is estimated that he is no better than some other Extreme Antiquity demons.

“Forget it, remember this place for the time being, and then explore after the next time you come in.”

Thinking of this, he temporarily put this mysterious temple on hold. After all, he can’t do things without any certainty. Otherwise, it is not a treasure hunt, but a death.


In the blink of an eye, time passed for a month.

Xia Ping also searched the treasures around the city, scrutinizing all the Hell material fragments on the ground, and cleaning them up like a cleaning.

Because most of the konjac and Evil Ghost have been attracted to the last time in the temple, so the entire city is extremely safe, and no Monster appears.

This also caused Xia Ping to be undisturbed while searching for the treasure.

Of course, even if you really encounter Monster and Evil Ghost, he will not worry too much about his safety and can completely solve this problem.

“Okay, time is up, go back to the base.”

Thinking of this, Xia Ping is very sorry.

Although after a while, he also looked for a lot of treasure, but the time is still too short, just let him search for a small part of the city that’s all.

However, the feeling of such regrets soon disappeared. After all, he sent clones in this time, and he only explored the situation. After he came in, he made a big deal.


Xia Ping’s figure flickered, and he did not hesitate. He immediately returned from this place and returned to the city temple, which was in front of him. It was also one after another and went in and out of Demon God Ruin’s.

When he came to this temple, he also found a lot of strange demons coming to this entrance, most of them were demons who stayed at Demon God Ruins for more than a few months.

Of course, there are demons with the same batch, first time coming in.

However, after this month’s Demon God Ruin’s baptism, it seems that the demons who came in first time have already died more than 90%, and the familiar faces almost disappeared.

“Hey? This little devil, wasn’t the Block Demon of Rock Demon blocked at the entrance and exit? Isn’t it still dead?” The demon with the same batch as Xia Ping suddenly recognized Xia Ping.

Because Xia Ping was very arrogant at the base before, it made a lot of demons memory deep, they think that such a arrogant demon enters Demon God Ruins, it will die.

In particular, he also offended the senior demon like Rock Demon, which even pretended that he did not die fast enough. Even before he left, it noticed that Rock Demon led a large number of companions and surrounded the demon such as Xia Ping.

Obviously, Rock Demon wanted to find the trouble of this brat, the kind of Irreconcilable. At that time, it thought that this brat would die, and there is absolutely no reason to survive.

But now it actually sees that this brat is still alive, but the demons such as Rock Demon are gone, how to see it is extremely strange.

“Yeah, this little devil has offended Rock Demon, surrounded by a group of demons, and he hasn’t died yet.”

“This is really a big life, how did the in the end do it.”

“It’s really weird. It seems that the companion demons that came with it all disappeared. No one came back. Not all of them died in Demon God Ruins.”

“Damn, this scourge is not dead, but lively, but the other demons are dead, it’s too unfair.”

Many demonic complexions are weird, they break their heads and don’t understand how Xia Ping in the end survives under the siege of so many demons.

“Little devil, didn’t expect you to survive.”

At this time, a Late Antiquity demon came forward and said to Xia Ping: “Before the Rock Demon demons are not going to kill you? How did you survive in the end? And your companions What about the demons of Rock Demon?”

It didn’t turn around at all, asking directly.

“completely died.”

Xia Ping said: “As you said, Rock Demon’s demons tried to scream at the demons, but when they wanted to kill me, suddenly there were a lot of Evil Ghosts surrounding them, and they died. Under the siege of many Evil Ghosts, I took advantage of them when they blocked Evil Ghost and took the opportunity to run.

Fortunately, Rock Demon, their fighting strength is strong and fierce, and I have won a little time for my escape, otherwise I may have died under the group of Evil Ghost.

So, the entire Rock Demon Evil Ghost looks very cruel on the surface, but the key moments are still very reliable, from which they are also good devils. ”

Hear these words, many demons: “…”

Nice my ass!

They are heard, and the bastard is alive, pure luck.

When the demons such as Rock Demon tried to kill it, there were a lot of Evil Ghosts. You know that this city has not been cleaned up by the demons. It has long been the safest city, and there are almost no Evil Ghost and konjac. .

But by chance, there may be some space cracks open, and those Evil Ghosts and konjac may run from other cities to make the devil entering this place dangerous.

This kind of thing to be honest has not been discovered for a long time, but it is good to die, so the probability of one of the millions and millions is actually happening to the demon such as Rock Demon, and simply is the first prize.

It is also because of the blockage of Evil Ghost that Rock Demon and other demons can’t do anything about it to kill this brat.

After all, compared to Evil Ghost, this brat’s threat is just child’s play that’s all.

Devils such as Rock Demon can be used to save their lives, to stop the Evil Ghost, and the desperate move is completely cheaper.

The result is obviously that, this brat is fine, and when the Rock Demon blocks Evil Ghost, the other demons face the entanglement of Evil Ghost and can’t get away.

The result is obvious that the demons such as Rock Demon are completely died. Even the dozens of companions around Brat are dead in this place, just leaving it alive.

My mother, this God is too unfair, why let this bastard live, the other demons are dead, what kind of bullshit luck in the end.

Their mouth corner twitched, and the demons such as Rock Demon died too badly, too bad luck.

“What’s your name?”

Some Late Antiquity devil curiously asked, it eyes flashed, instinct feel that this demon is a bit unusual, so many demons are dead, only this brat can survive, it is enough to prove the devil is unusual.

Such demons are also qualified to let them know the name.


Xia Ping slightly smiled.

(End of this chapter)

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