2610. Chapter 2602: The Devil? !

Chapter 2602, the evil spirits? !

At the moment, Xia Ping also gave up the name Aldrich he used before. Anyway, the demons such as Venomous Demon have already died, and no demons know their identity.

Of course, the Extreme Antiquity demon Canary knows, but it also knows a lot, at most, knowing that he is from Carlos Hell that’s all, other things are estimated to be a fog.

Even if Nalalok knows that he has changed his name, it is estimated that it is not the same thing.

He feels that it is better to use his own name in Hell now.

“Fengdu ?!”

Many devil eyes flashed, when they heard the name, Soul deep place instinct swelled, it seems that the name has a huge magic power.

But when you think about it, this feeling disappears quickly and nothing is perceived.

“so that’s how it is, the little devil, your name is Fengdu.”

With a bang sound, in an instant, two tyrannical strengths descended, as if the projections of the two worlds were crushed down, covering the Void in the millions and millions, Space-Time seems to be distorted under the strength of the world. Constantly vibration.

what? !

Many demonic complexions are a change. They perceive this strength of terrifying, Extreme Antiquity, which is definitely the World Strength of Law that Extreme Antiquity can show.

“Tim, Vernal, you guys are doing what the hell, why is emits strength here, if you bring Evil Ghost and konjac to this place, can you afford this responsibility?”

An angry drink came.

In the many devils among, there are also more than a dozen Extreme Antiquity demons, they feel this strength, immediately frowned, could not help angrily shouted, to prevent the action of the two Extreme Antiquity demons.

Although this city is the safest, but not necessarily.

If their strength fluctuations are too large, Evil Ghost and the konjac will also be attracted from other places, in order to ensure the security of this entrance and exit channel.

Many Wudi demons have set the rules in this place, and any Extreme Antiquity demons are not allowed to fight here. If other demons and konjac are brought over, it is a death sin.

After all, they managed to get through a safe channel. If they accidentally made this place the Evil Ghost and the sorcerer’s Headquarters, they would have to waste the skill.

They absolutely do not allow any idiot destruction to this rule.

Sōu sōu sōu ! !

At this time, two sets of silhouettes emerged from Void deep place, which are Dragon-horned Demon and Hidden Demon. The emits on them are like Auras of Complexs, complexion gloomy.

“You don’t want to stop us, this brat and we have hatred, we must explain to him, otherwise Irreconcilable.” Dragon-horned Demon Tim murderous aura, staring at Xia Ping.

Have a hatred? !

Numerous demonic complexion quirky looks at Xia Ping, before this brat provoked the senior Late Antiquity demons such as Rock Demon, and now they have offended the two Extreme Antiquity demons, the bastard ability is not much, the troublesome Ability is unusual.

How long has it been, how big a character has been offended by him, even the Extreme Antiquity demon this guy dare to offend, simply is too long to dislike his life.

“Have hatred? What hatred?”

There is Extreme Antiquity devil curiously asked, a small Late Antiquity demon offended the Extreme Antiquity demons, and also two Extreme Antiquity demons, where comes the guts.

“Hehe, what hate, ask yourself, this bastard doesn’t know what to use, and it has provoked a lot of Evil Ghost and konjac, making us dozens of Extreme Antiquity demons in a mortal situation.”

Dragon-horned Demon Tim gnashing one’s teeth: “If it weren’t for me, I couldn’t do anything about it. I’m afraid I couldn’t do anything about it. I came out from those Evil Ghost and the konjac.

Such hatred, simply is higher than the mountains, deeper than the sea, if you want to stop me, then it is with me Irreconcilable, you several to measure yourself. ”

It murderous aura, and resentment against Xia Ping to the extreme.


Many Extreme Antiquity demons dumbstruck, completely didn’t expect this demon Fengdu has this ability, not only kills dozens of Extreme Antiquity demons, but also makes two Extreme Antiquity demons die, exhausting all means to escape Come out.

What is this Fengdu in the end?

“It’s not me who killed your companions, but the Evil Ghost and the konjac. Why come to me?”

Xia Ping scorned: “Those Evil Ghost and konjac don’t dare to kill, but come to me for trouble. Are you not bullying or hard, or are you so timid Extreme Antiquity? Do you want to face it.

And suddenly met so many Evil Ghost and konjac, just blame you bad luck, and I have any relationship, I also nine deaths yet one life still escaped. ”

He said that this matter has no relationship with himself.

“Fart, still dare to argue, if this matter and you have no relationship, I immediately eat three pounds of stool.”

Dragon-horned Demon Tim anry half dead, complexion red.

“Hehe, always want to mix and drink, eat if you want to eat, don’t always make excuses.”

Xia Ping both hands chest.


Dragon-horned Demon Tim is mad and can’t wait to rush up and tear Xia Ping into pieces.

“Tim, don’t talk to it nonsense, the same devil that’s all, mole crickets and ants, kill him, just vent your anger, right, why bother with it.” Hidden devil Vernal eyes reveal a hint of cool glow, body For the killer demons, it doesn’t want to say so much nonsense at all, and the demons that want to kill are directly hands-on.

“Fern, you don’t act blindly without thinking, you can’t do it here.”

With a bang, I didn’t wait for Vernal, and an Extreme Antiquity demon suddenly appeared behind the slaying devil, and a big hand without speaking was pressed on Vernal’s shoulder. The emits were tyrannical. Strength.

“Earth, you want to make it for you?”

Hidden Devil Finner blinked and immediately felt a heavy pressure on himself, as if all directions of Void collapsed.

In front of this, Earth Roald is one of the strongest Extreme Antiquity demons. It claims to have the same strength as Earth Demon God and Manipulate terrifying.

As long as it stands on Earth, it is the existence of Wudi, a fist and a foot, which has the destruction power of smashing Void.

There are rumors of the devil, this Earth Magic Laird is the most promising to promote Invincible Realm’s Extreme Antiquity demon, even with the Extreme Antiquity devil’s fighting strength can be a few tricks with the Invincible Realm demon.

“I don’t want to be in it, but if you don’t want to kill everyone, don’t start with it.”

Earth Magic Laird indifferently said.

“What do you mean by this sentence?”

Hidden magic Buddha Nail said solemnly, it eyes flashed, I heard that there is something in this Earth, not on the surface.

“If I didn’t guess wrong, this demon should be the luck of the legend among.”

Earth Magic Laird start to talk.

(End of this chapter)

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